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  • M31 Kochgeschirr marked MKL 42


    A very nice late war M31 Kochgeschirr marked MKL 42. This messkit is interesting because it has a original wartime field repaint as can be often seen on helmets! This maker mark is only scarcely encountered!

  • Mica Wirtschaftkasten personal effects box


    This “Mica Wirtschaftkasten” was one of the most luxuous pieces of private purchase pocket litter. This set was commonly gifted to sons going to war, bought by officers or bought at barracks stores. This kit basicly had all the items a soldier would need to keep clean and organised. The Mica is a basic set of period personal items and was designed to fit inside the M31 messkit.

  • Stunning M40 64 Zimmerit textured Normandy camo helmet


    Truly a stunning textured three tone Normandy camouflage helmet. The helmet is a real stunner; named, loads of patina, vibrant colours and a Luftwaffe decal peaking through the paint! The helmet is a size 64 but it does not have a readable maker marking. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap and is in untouched condition. The short part of the chinstrap is loose but comes with the helmet. The helmet retains up to 90% of its thick wartime applied camouflage paint. The thick textured vehicle camouflgage paint is often referred to as Rautarn or even Zimmerit and is topped with a stunning three-tone Normandy camouflage pattern that also covers the skirt of the helmet internally.

    If you’re looking for a killer camouflage helmet that will tick all your boxes this is it!

  • Late war brown combat belt marked 0/0353/0087 1943


    Late war equipment belt in brown leather. Nicely marked 0/0353/0087 and dated 1943. Typical modern mannequin size and in good supple condition!

  • Lightbrown Y-strap for Luftwaffe


    Nice light brown lightweight Luftwaffe Y-strap in good condition. Hard to find!

  • Cavalry Carbine holding belt


    Rare late war brown leather carbine holding belt or Karabinertragevorrichtung nicely marked qdv 44 and RBNR. These belt loops where worn on the back between the bayonet and the breadbag. One of the hardest accessories to find with a cavalry display. Rather impossible really!

  • Stunning untouched Heer infantry crusher or Feldmütze Alter Art


    Stunning example of a untouched Heer infantry crusher, Feldmütze Alter Art or Knautschmütze. These caps where incredibly popular with officers during the war. The cap is in great, untouched with a great patina all over. The cap can be formed to fit on a mannequin display but is otherwise folded flat as a envelope. The crusher bears the Waffenfarbe of the Infanterie. These caps are getting increasingly difficult to find and this one is definitely the nicest one we’ve had on offer. A great example!

  • M36 Pair of Heer Pionier EM shoulderstraps


    Nice pair of M36 Heer EM shoulderstraps for a Pionier in very good condition.

  • CZ 27 holster marked oub

    Sale! 150.00 100.00

    Typical black late war holster for the CZ27 pistol in very good condition. Nicely marked oub inside the flap which is a unknown late war producer.

  • Map plotting board


    Rare Presstoff map holder and plotting board. Typical construction marked with Waffenamt and 3106.

  • K98 bayonet frog EZGJ 1944


    A original and supple K98 bayonet frog marked 0/1250/0011 EZGJ 1943 in good unissued condition. Hard to find accessory!

  • German reissued Italian messkit


    The Italian army messkit (Gavetta Modello 1930) was a commonly seen item within the German army. Prior to re-issue in the German army they where mostly painted green by the Germans. This Italian messkit is the best one I’ve ever seen!

  • Matching pair of K98 ammunition pouches 0/1032/0001 Carl Clauberg & Co, Solingen


    A nice matching pair in very good condition. The pair is maker matching marked 0/1032/0001 and Carl Clauberg & Co, Solingen. The pouches are complete with all internal dividers.

  • Complete Heer breadbag with strap


    Nice mint example of a Heer breadbag complete with strap.

  • M31 canteen marked C&C.W. 40 named Hauptmann


    A very nice M31 canteen marked C&C.W. 40 indicating production by Colsmann & Co, Werdohl. The canteen is nicely named to Hauptmann Scholl. Hard to upgrade all matching canteen in near mint condition!

  • Complete 6×30 Dienstglas ddx


    A very nice 6×30 Dienstglas complete with strap and bakelite rain guard marked ddx indicating production by Voigtlaender u. Sohn AG, Braunschweig.  The binoculars are in good clear condition with the rangefinder or Strichplatte still retaining in the right reticle. A nice piece in good condition!

  • ET62 Luftwaffe single decal M42 helmet


    Luftwaffe single decal M42 Stahlhelm marked ET62 indicating production by Eisenhüttenwerke-Thale. The helmet retains most of its original paint and decal up to 90%. The helmet retains its original size 55 liner.

  • M31 messkit marked AWF40


    A nice early messkit marked AWF 40 indicating Alwin Wagner, Metallwarenfabrik. The first time I’ve seen this maker, a rare variant to encounter! The messkit retains up to 80% of its original field grey paint and is in very good condition and comes with a original supple strap.

  • Straight E-tool marked with IDEALSPATEN logo


    A nice original E-tool marked with the logo from IDEALSPATEN.

  • Mint Italian camouflage Heer/Waffen-SS M31 Zeltbahn


    A stunning and rare Telo Mimetico camouflage M31 Zeltbahn as issued to Heer and Waffen-SS units. The Zeltbahn is in near mint condition and retains most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. A very rare Zeltbahn!

  • Large tropical M31 canteen marked MN41


    A nice matching large tropical canteen marked MN42 indicating production by Metallindustrie GmbH. Neunkirchen-Saar (MENESA).

  • Named tropical canteen W. Schmidt marked MN42


    Nice original named tropical canteen marked MN42 indicating production by Metallindustrie GmbH. Neunkirchen-Saar (MENESA). 

  • Rare Petrix 646 torch


    Petrix 646 torch in very good lightly used condtion. This torch was designed for para- and military purposes prior to the war. Featuring a compass and multiple filters and a lightbulb that can be focussed. The torch is in great condition and would be a nice and rare addition to the specialized torch collection!

  • Named ET66 Luftwaffe single decal M42 camouflage helmet


    Unique Luftwaffe single decal M42 camouflage Stahlhelm marked ET66 indicating production by Eisenhüttenwerke-Thale. The helmet has a nice large size 66 liner and a shortened chinstrap which is original to the helmet. The helmet retains its original camouflage paint and decal up to 90%. The helmet has a typical dark green camouflage paint that can be found a lot on helmets found in the Netherlands. The dark green camouflage paint has been dabbed onto the helmet and has multiple fingerprints in the paint. The helmet is nicely unit marked and named inside II Flak 21 H. Mackart. The helmet is a great example of a original camouflage helmet in great condition!

  • Pioneer EM M34 side cap


    A nice original Pioneer EM side cap in unissued condition. Nicely maker marked and dated 1941 and a good size 56. The cap comes with all of its wartime factory sewn insignia.

  • M36 NCO shoulderstraps for Unteroffizier Infanterie


    Typical original pair of M36 shouldestraps for a Unteroffizier der Infanterie. Nice worn condition and hard to find!

  • Short handled pioneer shovel with presstoff cover evg43


    A original short handled pioneer shovel with carrier. The shovel and its carrier are both in very good original condition. The shovel carrier is nicely marked marked evg 43 indicating production by Max Oswald, Lederwaren-und Reiseartikel-Fabrik, KarlsruheThese short handled shovels where what the pioneers carried into the field, the long handled shovels have the same blade but are originally meant for vehicles. The short handled E-tool comes with the original presstoff cover in very good condition. These short shovels and their short covers are very hard to find!

  • Mint pre war M31 breadbag


    Hard to upgrade stone mint pre war grey breadbag. Most probably made during the Reichswehr era.

  • Colt 1911 lanyard

    Sale! 60.00 30.00

    Nice minty original Colt 1911 lanyard in unissued condition.

  • Tank Destruction Badge in Silver by Moriz Hausch A.-G. Pforzheim


    Tank destruction badge in silver or Sonderabzeichen für das Niederkämpfen von Panzerkampfwagen durch Einzelkämpfer. Nice original example made by Moriz Hausch A.-G. Pforzheim. A nice badge with character and in obvious uniform removed condition. A nice badge with lots of character in original ‘as found’ condition!

  • M40 pattern breadbag with brown leather


    Nice M40 breadbag in good used condition. This model was only produced for a short period between the grey pre war model and the model without the belt loop reinforcements. Nice example!

  • Matching K98 bayonet S/176G 1935 production


    A mint bayonet marked S/176G indicating production by P. Weyersberg in 1935(!). The bayonet has not been sharpened or reblued and has a minty look to it with most of the original finish remaining. A very nice pre war bayonet with very wooden grips!

  • Complete Kartenwinkelmesser 140 in pouch Gebr. Wichmann


    A nice complete set marked Gebr. Wichmann m.b.H. 18732. These where used to read angles on maps in a 6400 mills scale. Hard to find, especially with the original leather pouch!

  • Luftwaffe yellow piped EM/NCO visor

    Sale! 475.00 400.00

    Yellow piped EM/NCO visor cap in great, used condition. The cap is made by Rahm & Kampmann 1939. The cap is in strong used but untouched condition and retains a lot of patina.

  • Brown bakelite 6×30 Dienstglas case


    A very nice red brown bakelite case for the 6×30 Dienstglas. The case is complete with leather support straps on the back and a grey rubber pull strap. The case is in very good clean condition.

  • Minty mid war Luftwaffe breadbag


    Minty mid to late war Luftwaffe breadbag in unissued condition.

  • Light brown holster marked hjg 1941


    A very nice light brown holster marked hjg 1941 indicating production by Kimnach u. Brunn, Fabrik fuer Heeresausruestung, Kaiserslautern. The holster is most probably for a 7,65 pistol and in very good condition.

  • MG34 sling


    Nice original MG34 sling in good supple condition. Would easily compliment any MG34.

  • M40 pattern breadbag


    Nice M40 breadbag in good used condition. This model was only produced for a short period between the grey pre war model and the model without the belt loop reinforcements. Nice example!

  • Stunning woodwork camouflaged M38 paratrooper helmet grouping


    Exceptional woodwork find camouflaged M38 paratrooper helmet from Musselkanaal, the Netherlands. This helmet and other items where worn by a Fallschirmjäger in the Netherlands. The items are all found together in a house in Musselkanaal. The story comes directly from the previous owner who owned the group for over 70 years is that a young Czech paratrooper in 1945 seeked refuge from the war with civilians after fierce battles. The civilians in Musselkanaal took him in and dressed him in a blue coverall with wooden shoes to hide him from the Germans and the NSB neighbour. They burnt his uniform but kept the helmet, mapcase, pocket book, holster and fighting knife. Because of the language barrier they called him “Loekie”. Loekie lived with the family for over a year in hiding and left just after the war. Loekie was most probably member of the 6th or 8th Fallschirmdivision. The helmet and group are exactly how they where found on the attic when the house was passed down from father to son.

    The helmet is marked CKL68 indicating production by Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale. The helmet retains its original liner and personalized chinstrap. The helmet is in good worn and untouched(!) condition with a nice and vibrant handpainted camouflage pattern. All 4 bolts are original to the helmet and are covered in paint. The aluminum bolts are The helmet retains its original named size 57 liner and its personalized chinstrap. The chinstrap was modified during the war. One of the rear bolts is a wartime replacement.

    The mapcase is a standard Luftwaffe pattern brown mapcase with aluminum buckles. The boot knife or Luftwaffe Stiefelmesser is nicely marked “S”. The (empty) holster is a privately purchased holster for a small calibre pocket pistol. The pocketbook comes with a few notes that I’m unable to decypher but comes with a number of feldpost numbers. The group comes with a small correspondence with the finder of the group, who can also vet the story.

    The helmet and grouping is a spectacular example of a named group with provenance. It is especially rare to find a original camouflaged M38 helmet in good used condition, let alone as a group. This group would be impossible to upgrade – if you want a camouflaged helmet that was worn during the battles in the Netherlands this is it!

  • Textbook Splittertarn helmet cover


    A nice original combat worn and textbook Splittertarn cover. The cover is photographed on a size 64 helmet shell. These helmet covers where issued to a lot of different units later in the war but one of the most prominent early adaptors was the Grossdeutschland division. Scarce to find a original Splittertarn helmet cover, especially in good worn condition!

  • 48 Star US Flag Arm Brassard


    These arm brassards with the 48 star US flag where issued and worn by paratroopers on D-day and after during market garden. Hard to find!

  • Orange bakelite butterdish


    Also referred to as a salt dispenser. Nicely dated 1942. A hard to find variant in very good, lightly used condition!

  • Minty Late war Waffen-SS Oak camouflage zeltbahn


    A stunning minty fresh late war Waffen-SS Oak camouflage Zeltbahn. The zeltbahn is a stunning late war example with most if not of all of its originally sewn buttons. There are a few small holes in the Zeltbahn, otherwise its a near mint example.  If you are looking for one with nice strong colours, this is it!

  • P08 Luger holster marked dtv 42


    A textbook P08 Luger holster in very good condition. Nicely marked dtv 42 indicating production by C. Otto Gehrckens, Leder- u. Riemenwerke, Pinneberg. The holster is complete with all loops, straps and buckle. Hard to upgrade piece!

  • U-boot Kriegsmarine Ditty box


    Small wooden Ditty box. These small wooden boxes where issued to every sailor in the Kriegsmarine serving on a ship. These small boxes where used to keep personal effects and kept locked. This was one of the only spaces that sailors had on a ship! The box is nicely named and ID’ed u.n.7419 which indicates it was used in a U-Boat!

  • M31 messkit marked V.A.L. 39


    A nice early messkit marked V.A.L. 39. It is unknown to which maker the mark V.A.L. belongs. The first time I’ve seen this maker, a rare variant to encounter! The messkit retains up to 80% of its original field grey paint and is in very good condition.

  • Mint condition P38 softshell holster marked gxy 1944


    A very nice P38 softshell holster marked gxy 1944 indicating production by Gebr. Klinge, Lederwarenfabrik, Dresden-Loebtau in 1944. The holster is in mint condition and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • German issue mosquito net or Mückennetz


    A very nice wartime mosquito net in good condition. It is nicely made in the typical textbook light green colour and large enough to fit over a helmet.

  • Rare issue FF33 field phone battery


    The battery is in good used condition and is the rarest accessory of the Wehrmacht field phones. Nicely dated 1941 and Waffenamt marked.

  • Fallschirmjäger bandoleer marked Anton Kiefer 1942


    A very nice mint condition Fallschirmjäger bandoleer marked Anton Kiefer 1942. The bandoleer is in very good unissued condition with all press studs and pockets in tact. Hard to find original Fallschirmjäger from the maker Anton Kiefer !

  • Mint set of tropical equipment straps marked key 1942


    Hard to upgrade matching set of tropical equipment straps marked cky 1942 indicating production by Landeslieferungsgenossenschaft Nordmark für das Sattler- und Tapezier-Handwerk e.G.m.b.H., Hamburg. 

  • Waffen-SS Dot44 HBT camouflage tunic


    A very nice Dot44 or Erbsentarn camouflage HBT combat tunic. This tunic is in very good condition and has nice strong and vivid colours. The sleeve does not show signs of a sleeve eagle being removed. The size is a good medium and good for modern mannequins. The tunic is not visually maker marked. The garment is lined with the typical SS HBT rayon and finished with a set of tan glass(!) buttons on the front and cuffs. Stunning combat worn original Waffen-SS camouflage tunic!

  • M44 Heer Panzergrenadier field blouse with factory sewn insignia


    Late war Heer M44 field blouse for a Panzergrenadier. The tunic is in good unissued condition with minimal storage wear. The garment retains most of the nap in the wool. All the insignia are factory sewn without alterations. The garment retains all of its originally sewn buttons. The shoulders are adorned with a set of late war EM M43 pattern Panzergrenadier shoulderstraps. The garment is a medium size good for most modern or vintage mannequins. The garment has some storage wear and a few repair but is otherwise a stellar unissued example. Hard to upgrade!

  • Pre war gasmask canister in unissued condition


    Stunning pre war gasmask in its original canister in near mint condition. Nicely dated 1936 and complete with its original straps.

  • Late war EM Luftwaffe combat hbt tunic


    A nice original late war Luftwaffe EM hbt combat tunic. The tunic comes with its original factory sewn breast eagle and machine sewn collar tabs. The shoulderstraps are red rayon piped examples for Flak.

  • Super rare ET70 M35 Kriegsmarine helmet with size 63 liner


    Super rare ET70 M35 Kriegsmarine helmet with size 53 liner. The helmet is in great untouched condition with over 90% of its original factory paint. The helmet retains its original ET pattern Kriegsmarine decal up to 95%. The helmet retains its original liner with typical early ET rivets that have never been removed or modified. Inside the dome of the helmet is a clear dome stamp. Size 70 helmets are the rarest size ever made. These helmets where highly exceptional during the war and had to be ordered from the factory as they where not made in batches. It is simply the rarest sized helmet out there, especially rare being Kriegsmarine. One of those helmets you know you’ll never find another one!

  • Steel Luftwaffe belt buckle by Assmann


    Nice original Luftwaffe belt buckle by Assmann & Sohne. Hard to upgrade original belt buckle!

  • Us enameled canteen Vollrath 1942


    Rare US army issue enameled canteen marked US VOLLRATH 1942. 

  • Lightbrown P08 Luger holster DLU 1940


    A very nice light brown P08 Luger holster marked DLU 1940 indicating production by E. Lüneschloss Solingen. A excellent holster in a stunning colour and condition.

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