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  • Waffen-SS plane tree 1/2 overprint zeltbahn


    A very used condition plane tree 1/2 overprint Waffen-SS Zeltbahn. This particular example has nice strong colours, most of its originally sewn buttons and many repairs.

  • Pre war hand screened SS-VT Plane tree 5/5 with green and brown anodized buttons


    Very rare 1939 dated hand screened SS-Verfügungstruppe plane tree 5/5 Zeltbahn. This pre war pattern plane tree is in very good condition and retains most if not all of its originally sewn green and brown anodized buttons. The Zeltbahn is in untouched condition and shows one stain in the middle. This is a typical stain from using when the Zeltbahn was rolled up and worn on the equipment. The Zeltbahn is nicely marked Warei Zeltbahn D.R.P. 1939 and Warei Petent Reichert Walter Reichert Berlin NW 40. Rare pre war SS-Verfügungstruppe Camouflage items are some of the rarest and most searched for items! Would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Late war Gasmask canister straps


    Nice complete set of the long and short strap. Typical late war material as used with the ‘ebd’ marked straps.

  • M38 gasmask named Am Preussen


    Nice named gasmask with partial strap. The gasmask is in as found condition named Am Preussen with a traceable feldpostnumber. A nice canister with research potential!

  • Presstoff Straight E-tool carrier marked jmb 1943


    A nice original Presstoff E-tool carrier in very good condition. The leather is supple and it can easily be displayed on a mannequin. Nicely maker marked jmb and dated 1943. Textbook mid- to late war variation made out of Ersatzmaterial!

  • Late war Riveted Y-straps ID’ed Anton Muschel KIA 1.9.44


    Late war Y-strap with riveted fittings named to Gefreiter Anton Muschel killed in action 1st of September 1944, just north of the Festung Brest. 

  • Mint carrying straps for large food container


    Scarce mint leather strap for the large Wehrmacht issue food container. Impossible to find spare when you have the food container!

  • Rare late war riveted Y-strap marked RBNr. 0/0576/003


    A nice original Y-strap marked RBNr. 0/0576/003. This Y-strap is a rare latewar “riveted” variant. On multiple places rivets are used in stead of stitches. Another interesting feature is the angle on which the auxiliary D-rings on top are sewn. These are typical features for this maker but sadly the RBnr. can not be traced. The Y-strap is named Brack or Brach. A very rare late war Y-strap in good used condition.

  • Straight leather E-tool carrier marked gyc 42


    Hard to find leather straight E-tool carrier in unissued condition. The leather is plyable and complete with all straps. One of the better early carriers I’ve been able to offer.

  • Tan painted camouflage gasmask canister Res. Flak-Abt. 247 Soldat Lammers


    Hard to find original tan painted camouflage gasmask canister. Named inside to Soldat Lammers and unit marked Res. Flak-Abt. 247 . The canister still retains up to 85% of its original tan camouflage paint. Hard to upgrade tropical camouflage gasmask canister!

  • Pioneer saw marked jln 1942 with rubberized carrier


    A very nice pioneer handsaw marked jln 1943 indicating production by Deutsche Lederwerkstaetten GmbH, Pirmasens. The blade is in good condition with all the teeth intact. This pioneer saw comes with the textbook rubber(!) scabbard dated 1942. A very nice example with a rare rubberized carrier!

  • Luftwaffe blue camouflaged gasmask canister


    A blue camouflaged Luftwaffe gasmask canister. The container retains it blue Luftwaffe paint up to 90%. It is very hard to find a Luftwaffe blue gasmask in this condition!

  • Dark green rough camouflage gasmask canister named to Freiwillige Luz


    A nice original brush painted gasmask canister named Freiwillige Luz and feldpost number painted inside and out.
    (1.8.1943-23.3.1944) 21.10.1943 1. Kompanie Panzerjager-Abteilung 
    am 30.12.1943 Panzerjager-Kompanie 353
    (1.8.1943-23.3.1944) 3.2.1944 Stab u. 1.-3. Kompanie 
    Panzerjager-Abteilung 353
    (1.8.1943-23.3.1944) 7.2.1944 Stab u. 1.-2. Kompanie 
    Panzerjager-Abteilung 353
    (1.8.1943-23.3.1944) 22.3.1944 Stab, 1.-2. Kompanie u. 
    (Fla.)Kompanie Panzerjager-Abteilung 353
    (1.8.1943-23.3.1944) 24.3.1944 Stab u. Einheit 
    Panzerjager-Abteilung 353
    (7.11.1944-Kriegsende) 27.12.1944 Stab Panzerjager-Abteilung 719
    (7.11.1944-Kriegsende) 9.2.1945 Stab u. 1.-2. Kompanie 
    Panzerjager-Abteilung 719.

    The named unit is that of Panzerjager-Abteilung 371 which was founded in Beverloo, Belgium. In the combination with the rank of Freiwillige It would suggest that it could be of a Belgian volunteer. The canister is nicely brush painted with dark green camouflage paint and still retains most of this characteristic paint.

    This ensemble was photographed on Omaha Beach on the 5th of June 2019.

  • Gasmask canister in Three-tone Normandy camouflage named to Obgf. Wilkens


    The gasmask is nicely painted in the typical three-tone Normandy camouflage. The container still retains up to 85% of its original camouflage paint and retains its original straps, mask and accessories. Inside the gasmask is named to Obergefreiter Wilkens. The gasmask is a typical example for camouflage patterns coming from Normandy. The Gasmask inside carries the same number as the canister and is original to the piece. Very hard to upgrade and scarce original Normandy camouflage gasmask with potential for further research.

    This ensemble was photographed on Omaha Beach on the 5th of June 2019.

  • Feldgendarmerie gorget found in the Netherlands


    A stunning original field police gorget or Feldgendarmerie Rinkragen found in Brielle, the Netherlands. The gorget was discovered a few years ago when a house was being demolished in Brielle, The Netherlands. Hidden between two walls it didn’t see sunlight in over 70 years. The piece has only been in one collection before. Hard to find in good used condition like this one. The luminous paint still lights up in the dark. The Gorget is a nice mid to late war example with a wool back and is nicely maker marked on one of the metal pins on the back. Very hard to find in this condition and a centerpiece in any Feldgendarmerie display!

  • Late war tropical equipment belt RBNr. 0/0675/0122


    Late war tropical equipment belt in near mint condition.

  • Late war 4-panel Waffen-SS Oak zeltbahn


    Late war unissued Zeltbahn in Waffen-SS Oak camouflage. The Zeltbahn is nicely made up out of different colours of camouflaged material, typical for a late war manufacture. What makes this zeltbahn rare is that its of a late war “4 panel” construction. That means that on both far ends of the left and right side a extra triangle is sewn on. The material is stunning and vibrant and looks like the day it was made. The zeltbahn retains most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. A very nice original late war Waffen-SS Zeltbahn.

  • Late war tropical Y-straps marked 0/0676/0038


    A very nice late war pattern tropical Y-strap in lightly used condition. Marked 0/0676/0038 on the centre O-ring cover. The fabric is strong and is complete with all straps, loops and buckles. The rearstrap is of typical construction with woven holes but has a interesting leather end piece. This is a original factory variation! A interesting variation made out of various materials, perfect for a combat mannequin!

  • set of two equipment D-rings marked 0/0560/0156


    A nice set of two brown leather D-rings marked 0/0560/0156

  • Canvas Y-straps in combat used condition


    Nice webbing Y-strap in combat used condition. The Y-strap has a lot of patina and would nicely attribute a combat mannequin!

  • Mint Lightweight Y-straps M. Thielermann


    Perfect mint lightweight Y-straps used by cavalry and Luftwaffe troops. The best example I’ve ever had the pleasure of offering!

  • Tan presstoff straight E-tool carrier marked fkx 43


    A very nice original Tan Presstoff straight E-tool carrier marked fkx 43 indicating production by Gustav Sudbrack, Lederwaren u. Gamaschenfabrik, Bielefeld. The E-tool carrier retains its original straps in brown leather in good condition. Unlike many of these on the market today this one has no repairs or restorations!

  • Y-straps manufactured from British webbing in Wirtschaftsamt Litzmannstadt


    These Y-straps are made in the Ghetto of Lodz, Poland which the Germans renamed into “Litzmannstadt”. They are made using parts of captured British equipment items. These British equipment items where left in 1940 when the British Expeditionary Force evacuated to the United Kingdom. The Germans sent these for recycling and a lot of work was put in disassembling every British equipment piece and recycling the individual parts into German army equipment. Y-straps, breadbags, A-frames and rucksacks are a few of the items made in Litzmannstadt. A very rare pair of Y-straps!

  • Scarce Luftwaffe signal mirror or Blendspiegel


    Super rare Luftwaffe survival signal mirror or Blendspiegel. The mirror is in very good condition complete with its original cover. The decal rates up to 95% on the mirror. These mirrors where a standard item within the Luftwaffe survival equipment and are incredibly hard to find or never available on the market.

  • Leather A-frame strap


    Rare leather A-frame strap in good used and supple condition. Hard to find spare for any A-frame!

  • Rare webbing Y-straps for cavalry troops dated 1942


    Possibly the rarest of webbing Y-straps to find, this variant is especially designed and made for Cavalry troops to carry the Packtasche on the back. Only the second one I have ever seen, let alone was able to offer. Incredibly scarce piece!

  • Leather A-frame strap


    Rare leather A-frame strap in good used and supple condition. Hard to find spare for any A-frame!

  • Late war unfinished M31 Zeltbahn


    Nice late war Zeltbahn in very good condition. This example never had grommets installed!

  • Tan Italian shelter quarter


    A very nice late Italian shelter quarter in mint condition.

  • Female M31 Brotbeutel with small canteen for Helferinnen


    A very nice M31 canteen and breadbag for Helferinnen in the Wehrmacht. Rare to find complete!

  • Waffen-SS Oak camouflage zeltbahn in good used condition


    A very nice oak zeltbahn in very good condition. Missing some buttons, some minor repairs that would be expected of the age! Other then that a nice Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in good used condition!

  • Rare Splittertarn Zeltbahn with rotating button holes


    Rare late war M31 Splittertarn Zeltbahn with rotating button holes. This Zeltbahn was produced in a small experimental batch between May and July 1944. The Zeltbahn is in very good condition with most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. The Zeltbahn has a few small stains but is otherwise in very good used condition. One of the rarest Zeltbahns to find!

  • Unissued brown Gebirgsjäger rucksack strap connectors.


    Nice original set of Gebirgsjäger carrying strap connectors. These are virtually missing from most if not all Gebirgsjäger rucksacks and connect the carrying straps to the ammunition pouches.

  • Luftwaffe wrist Compass Armkompass 39


    Nice Luftwaffe wrist compass or Armkompass 39 (AK39). The compass is in good and working condition with its often missing original strap. The base material of the compass is in good, clear condition.

  • Mint Heer breadbag with strap


    Nice mint example of a Heer breadbag complete with strap.

  • Unissued straight E-tool cover marked gxc44


    This is a very nice and unissued straight shovel carrier marked gxc44 indication production by Adam Reinhold, Sattlerwaren Fabrik, Oberursel (Taunus). This is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Field repainted Petrix 677


    Very nice field repainted Petrix 677 flashlight in good used condition. Interesting detail is that this one has a nice green field repaint, as common with helmets and gasmask canisters. First time I see it on a flashlight though. Nice personal item.

  • Luftwaffe tropical camouflage gasmask


    Stunning Luftwaffe tropical camouflage gasmask. Nice and typical Luftwaffe camouflage canister with one blue grey overpaint and one in light tropical tan paint. The canister still retains up to 75% of its original wartime camouflage paint and comes complete with its original straps, mask and filter. A great piece for a southern front or Afrika display!

  • Pre war Czech shovel with cover


    A nicely 1937 dated Czech straight E-tool. The complete stock of Czech uniforms and equipment was taken in by the German army at the beginning of the occupation in 1938. A large portion of these shovels was straightly re-issued into the Waffen-SS which up till 1940 could not rely on the issue of equipment through the OKW. Hence you can see these a lot of pictures of the Waffen-SS in the early campaign. These shovels where used and issued within all branches of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS from 1940 onwards. I’ve included a few pictures of these shovels in German use.

    A great unusual spade with cover in great condition perfect for a mannequin!

  • Rare Splittertarn Zeltbahn with rotating button holes marked 0/0578/0026


    Rare late war M31 Splittertarn Zeltbahn with rotating button holes nicely marked Reichsbetriebsnummer 0/0578/0026. This Zeltbahn was produced in a small experimental batch between May and July 1944. The Zeltbahn is in very good condition with most if not all of its originally sewn buttons and one or two small damages. The Zeltbahn has a few small stains but is otherwise in mint/unissued condition. One of the rarest Zeltbahns to find!

  • Unblackened mapcase dated 1942 with rubberized(!) divider


    Very nice brown leather mapcase dated 1942. The nice and highly interesting part on this mapcase is that the internal divider is not made from cardboard, Presstoff or rawhide but it is made from a Rubberized material. Unique mapcase.

  • Straight presstoff E-tool with carrier marked eue


    A nice original Presstoff shovel and carrier in lightly used condition. Marked eue/42 indicating production by Otto Reichel, Jnh. Rudolf Fischer, Lederwarenfabrik, Lengefeld. Hard to upgrade nice example with brown and black leather. The E-tool is nicely marked ekz indicating production by Rich. Henkel, Werkzeugfabrik, Viernau/Thüringen. A rare maker!

  • Bakelite Wehrmacht Morse telegraph key


    Bakelite Wehrmacht issue morse key for use with radios and field phones. Nice piece in good working condition!

  • Nice 1942 dated Pioneer saw with leather scabbard


    A very nice pioneer handsaw in good used condition made by Marke Steigo. The brown leather scabbard is nicely marked epf  indicating production by Königs- u. Bismarckhütte A G’, Huettenwerk Falvahuette in Schwientochlowitz, Kreis Kattowitz.
    The saw is in good condition with all the teeth intact. The saw still functions great!  This pioneer saw comes with the textbook leather scabbard dated 1942. The saw would make a awesome addition to a pioneer display and is really in very good condition!

  • Complete Kartenwinkelmesser 140 in pouch Gebr. Wichmann


    A nice complete set marked Gebr. Wichmann m.b.H. 18732. These where used to read angles on maps in a 6400 mills scale. Hard to find, especially with the original leather pouch!

  • Minty mid war Luftwaffe breadbag


    Minty mid to late war Luftwaffe breadbag in unissued condition.

  • Orange bakelite butterdish


    Also referred to as a salt dispenser. Nicely dated 1942. A hard to find variant in very good, lightly used condition!

  • Pre war short gasmask ID’ed to F. Reibstein SS-Totenkopf


    Rare and exceptional pre war short gasmask canister with its original straps, mask and ID paper. The small paper ID tag inside the lid reads F. Reibstein 31110 – the latter indicating the Feldpostnummer to the SS division Totenkopf. It is very hard to find SS-ID’ed items and especially in this condition. The canister and its gasmask are both in very good condition.

    (Mobilmachung-1.1.1940) 2.(Funk-) Batterie
    (28.4.1940-19.9.1940) 2. Batterie SS-TK-Nachrichten-Abteilung
    (28.2.1941-29.7.1941) 2. Kompanie SS-TK-Nachrichten-Abteilung
    (8.9.1942-11.3.1943) 2. Kompanie Nachrichten-Abteilung
    SS-Panzergrenadier-Division TK.
    (12.3.1943-7.9.1943) 2. Kompanie SS-Nachrichten-Abteilung
    (8.9.1943-22.4.1944) 7.2.1944 2. Kompanie Nachrichten-Abteilung 3
    (3. SS-Division)
    (23.4.1944-24.11.1944) 29.7.1944 2. Kompanie
    Panzer-Nachrichten-Abteilung 3 (3. SS-Division).

  • Minty M44 breadbag marked RB-Nr. 0/0750/0072


    Mint late war M44 breadbag in mint condition with brown leather nicely marked RB-Nr. 0/0750/0072.

  • Pioneer tool pouch made from Presstoff


    A nice and rare original Pionier tool pouch in very good condition. The pouch is completely made out of Presstoff and has a leather carrying strap.

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