My main collecting interest has always been field gear and small personal items. These things always breathe the period since they are the items the regular soldier had to do with. I specialize in these items and strive to offer nice and interesting items.
The items offered here are all guaranteed original and unaltered period pieces produced before May 1945 unless stated otherwise.

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  • Large and thick Reichsmarine issue blanket


    Nice and thick original Reichsmarine issue blanket. The blanket is in good used condition with lots of nap remaining. Some small moth damage but mostly in very nice condition. The blanket is nicely dated 1929. The Reichsmarine consisted of ‘just’ 15.000 men at its high point and its items are very rare!

  • NS64 M42 Heer camouflage helmet


    A nice and honest NS64 M42 camouflage helmet. The helmet retains up to 65% of its white winter whitewash which has severely darkened due to combat use. The helmet is marked NS64 indicating production by Nickelwerke Schwerte. The helmet retains its ‘thin wing’ Heer decal by Huber Jordan & Koerner.  A perfect camouflage helmet for a Battle of the Bulge themed mannequin!

  • Rare Gebirgsjäger rucksack waist strap


    A very rare Gebirgsjäger rucksack waist strap in good, unissued condition. This piece is virtually always missing from all Gebirgsjäger rucksacks and impossible to find as a spare!

  • Waffen-SS issue EM/NCO M43 keilhosen


    Scarce original pair of Waffen-SS M43 Keilhosen for enlisted man and non commissioned officers in good worn condition. The trousers retain most if not all of their originally sewn buttons and full leg ties. There is a well-executed period repair on the front of the trousers under the left front pocket. The trousers are otherwise in good, used condition. The inside of the trousers are nicely finished with herringbone rayon material typical for Waffen-SS issue garments. The cut is typical for Waffen-SS issue Keilhosen with straight cut pockets and the back reinforcement ending at the side seams. Not to be confused with Heer/Kustenartillerie trousers! A textbook Waffen-SS M43 Keilhosen, much harder to find then a pair of Erbsentarn camouflage trousers!

  • Waffen-SS issue EM/NCO breeches


    A nice pair of unissued Reiterhose made from rough Italian wool. A affordable and issued pair of Waffen-SS issued EM/NCO breeches. The garment has most if not all of its originally sewn buttons and is in unissued condition. There are one or two holes and a faulty stitch. Otherwise, imo, mint!

  • Late Litzmannstadt made Rucksack with captured British material


    Late war Heer/Waffen-SS rucksack made from captured British webbing parts. The rucksack was made in the infamous ghetto of Litzmannstadt. Nicely named inside Wirtschaftsamt Litzmannstadt. The rucksack is a nice compilation of small details; from the blue edge to the British rope and Lee Enfield sling used on top. A nice late war rucksack, for sure the best I’ve had so far.

  • Early rubberized Gascape in unissued condition


    Nice typical rubberized gas cape pouch with a pressed paper Gasplane marked B.H.P. The Gasplane is in good unissued condition and comes with the factory wrap around.

  • Mint late war Y-straps


    Perfect late war Y-strap marked RBNR on the O-ring cover. A very nice and textbook example. Nice with blue metal front hooks.

  • Taktisch richtiges Fahren mit Schützenpanzerwagen Merkblatt 75/10 Guderian 1944


    A stunning original manual by Guderian on the tactical movement and usage of the German armored personnel halftracks or Schützenpanzerwagen. A very rare manual that was printed in 1944 and distributed to Panzergrenadier units. These manuals where mostly kept in vehicles and are therefor very scarce to find. The manual is in very good condition and is very hard to find!

  • M44 messkit marked MN 45


    A nice M44 messkit marked MN45 indicating production by Metallindustrie GmbH. Neunkirchen-Saar (MENESA) in 1945. The messkit still retains up to 95% of its original paint. The lid is a slightly different tone but original to the messkit. The mess kit comes with its rare last model insert!

  • Pair of m37 pattern gaiters or Gamaschen


    In very good condition. A little dirty but unissued !

  • Stunning woodwork ET64 M35 Kriegsmarine camouflage helmet found in Hoek van Holland


    A stunning woodwork ET64 M35 Kriegsmarine camouflage helmet found in the Batterie Vineta, Hoek van Holland. The helmet was picked up by a boy right after the war and has only been in one collection ever since. The helmet is in great condition with over 90% of the tan camouflage paint remaining. The original ET Kriegsmarine decal is still 100%, partially obscured by green camouflage paint. The decal has the thin black border around the eagle and the swastika has a strong, deep golden tint as would be expected of a Kriegsmarine decal. The tricolor decal has been removed, as per regulation in 1940. The back skirt is nicely named to Hernez on top of the lot number 4936. The helmet is a great example of a Coastal Artillery camouflage helmet and it would be very hard to upgrade. Especially with the provenance of the helmet being picked up from a certain (and famous) Coastal Artillery Battery Vineta in Hoek van Holland, the Netherlands. This helmet would be a prime piece in any coastal artillery collector!

  • Straight E-tool marked H 1944


    Hard to find wartime straight E-tool marked 1944 H. The E-tool is in good strong condition with clear markings and original finish.

  • Mint Heer belt and buckle


    A perfect mint late war set! Unmarked buckle by Bruder Schneider, Wien.

  • Rare 1939 dated A-frame with aluminum hardware in unissued condition


    A stunning 1939 dated A-frame in unissued condition. The A-frame is complete with its pre war pouch and messkit strap. The leather straps are made of supple brown leather. A-frame is nicely dated 1939 as is the pouch. The first batch of A-frames like this one was only made in a small trial batch and issued to some of the troops for the 1940 campaign. The A-frame is in perfect condition and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Smooth black leather mapcase dtc 43 with contents


    Rare smooth black leather mapcase in good condition. Nicely marked dtc 43 and with some nice period contents.

  • Published CKL64 M42 three-tone camouflage helmet


    A textbook three-tone Normandy camouflage M42 helmet as used by Heer and Waffen-SS. The helmet is in good used condition with vibrant colours. The helmet retains its original liner and (broken) chinstrap that have never been removed from the helmet. The helmet is pictured and published in the book Tylisz, D. (2011) Normandy 44 – German helmets. The helmet retains up to 80% of its original camouflage paint and is a typical example of a original three-tone Normandy camouflage helmet!

  • Q68 M35 reissue shipboard grey camouflage helmet


    Typical M35 shipboard grey reissue helmet. The helmet is marked Q68 indicating production by Quist. A great example of a shipboard grey camouflage helmet with 85% of the original camouflage paint still remaining. Under the shipboard grey helmet one can see a green and textured paint finish which indicates the helmet was reissued two times. Also the former decal can easily be spotted right through the paint. The helmet is fitted with a late war M31 liner which has a newspaper sewn inside for insulation. The liner was marked with Kopierstift to the name Stockinger. The chinstrap was found on the helmet and is most likely a locally made replacement strap. The helmet is a great example of a reissue helmet finished in shipboard grey which was a colour attributed to coastal artillery personnel!

  • Early rubberized gas cape with cover


    Textbook original Gasplane in great condition with its early type rubberized cover.

  • Q64 M35 double decal Heer helmet in apple green paint from 1936


    A stunning 1936 dated apple green M35 double decal Heer helmet. The helmet is nicely marked Q64 indicating production by Quist with the lot number 5140. The helmet retains up to 85% of its original apple green paint inside and out. The helmet has not two but 4 decals applied stacked on top of each other. This could be one of the earliest re-issue helmets. The helmet retains its original rare 1931 (!) dated single band Schuberth type liner. This was a scarce liner of the first batch of M31 liners for the M35 helmet. The dome of the helmet shows a nice and clear dome stamp dated 1936. The Chinstrap is also original to the helmet and nicely dated 1937. The helmet is in very good condition and would be very hard to upgrade. Finding a M35 helmet with apple green paint and stacked decals is very hard!

  • Sumpftarn non reversible parka trousers with suspenders


    Stunning condition non reversible hard edged ’43 Sumpftarnmuster pattern camouflage parka trousers. Complete with their original rayon based camouflage braces original to the parka.

  • Rare pioneer leather pickaxe carrier


    Scarce original and rare pickaxe carrier in leather. Early variant with light wear and complete with the carrying loop! Scarce bit of field gear in lightly used condition with supple leather! Super scarce!

  • MP38 u. 40 magazine pouch in very good condition marked Otto Koberstein 1942


    A great original MP38 u. MP40 pouch in good imo unissued condition. This one has only seen storage wear and is complete with all straps in very good condition. The pouch is nicely marked Otto Koberstein Landsberg 1942. A nice original MP40 ammunition pouch in very good condition!

  • 6×30 Dienstglas binocular case strap


    Hard to find spare 6×30 Dienstglas case strap in very good and supple condition.

  • Stone mint M40 Luftwaffe trousers with factory tag


    A stone mint pair of Luftwaffe M40 trousers or Fliegertuchhose. The trousers are a good mannequin size and still retain most if not all of the nap on the wool. The garment still retains its original factory paper tag indicating production by August Sauer Uniformfabrik. Inside nicely size marked and LBA(S). A stunning pair in stone mint condition that would look great on a mannequin and is truly impossible to upgrade.

  • Stunning named early tropical camouflage gasmask canister


    Stunning brush painted tropical camouflage gas mask canister. The canister is dated 1942 and is named to Rudolf Körner. The gas mask is complete with all of its original contents. The original tan camouflage paint still retains to 90% of the canister and this would easily be the best one I’ve found in a long time! The canister would very nicely attribute to a Afrikakorps or Italian theater mannequin! A stunning original tan camouflage gas mask that would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Late war grey webbing equipment belt


    A nice late war grey equipment belt marked RBNR inside the leather tongue. Hard to upgrade piece in a good mannequin size!

  • Late war M44 trousers


    Rare late war brown wool M44 trousers in good used condition. The garment is still in its salty original condition with lots of character. The garment retains most if not all of its originally sewn buttons and most importantly the M44 trouser belt. Hard to find late war M44 trouser in a good size and a nice brown colour!

  • Late war mixed material gaiters


    A nice late war matching pair of Gamaschen to be worn on top of the M37 Schnürschuhe. Nice mint pair with brown leather – hard to upgrade!

  • 1945 dated M44 tunic


    Lightly used condition Heer M44 Feldbluse with restored original insignia. The garment is in nice original condition with most of the nap in the late brown wool still remaining. The garment is a medium size, a good fit for old hindsgaul mannequins. The garment has restored original insignia. This ’45 dated garment has no provisions for shoulder straps, it seems they have been removed. Some 1945 dated M44 tunics I’ve seen where issued without them. A nice original M44 tunic in good, lightly used condition!

Showing 1–30 of 388 results