My main collecting interest has always been field gear and small personal items. These things always breathe the period since they are the items the regular soldier had to do with. I specialize in these items and strive to offer nice and interesting items.
The items offered here are all guaranteed original and unaltered period pieces produced before May 1945 unless stated otherwise.

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  • Luftwaffe M31 breadbag in near mint condition


    Nice 1940 dated Luftwaffe breadbag in good unissued condition. The breadbag has a nice strong blue colour and light brown leather details.

  • Two tone Camouflaged gasmask ID’ed Normandy KIA


    A very nice original camouflage gasmask canister Id’ed to Hans Voggenreiter who was born 7-11-1925 and killed in action on 28-6-1944 in Normandy. Hans Voggenreiter was a Gefreiter in Grenadier Regiment 957. Hans Voggenreiter is buried in Orglandes, Normandy. The exact location on the burial site is: Block 15 Row 3 Grave 99.

    This unit saw heavy action in Normandy and was destroyed in the Falaise pocket. The exterior of the canister still sees around 80% of its original camouflage paint with bright colours. The Canister is a nice one looker original and has some very nice Normandy provenance. The Feldpost number refers to the following units, but most importantly the latter Reserve-Grenadier-Bataillon 468 which is the replacement battalion of the 363 Infanterie Division which was destroyed in the Falaise gap

    Feldpost Number :
    (28.4.1940-14.9.1940) 2. Flughafen-Betriebs-Kompanie Stuka-Geschwader186,
    (27.1.1942-14.7.1942) gestrichen,
    (15.7.1942-24.1.1943) Stab u. 1.-4. Kompanie Reserve-Infanterie-Bataillon 468,
    (1.8.1943-23.3.1944) 3.7.1944 Stab u. 1.-4. Kompanie Reserve-Grenadier-Bataillon 468,
    (24.3.1944-6.11.1944) 30.6.1944 gestrichen

  • Rare late Waffen-SS Erbsentarn pattern Panzer trousers


    A very nice original late war pattern pair of Waffen-SS Panzer trousers in Erbsentarn camouflage. These trousers are a typical late war garment, made out of various mixed materials. The trousers are in good used condition and feature a few wartime repairs. The trousers are a medium size, imo good for modern day mannequins. The trousers are mostly made from smooth cotton finished with hbt / linnen fabric on the details. This is a very rare, desirable pair of trousers, perfect to combine with a Waffen-SS panzer wrap and probably the rarest Waffen-SS camouflage item we’ve had the chance to offer!

  • Gebirgsjäger boots in a nice large size


    A very nice pair of Gebirgsjaeger boots in good unused condition. Hard to find in this condition! Large size, great for big mannequins!

  • German issue mosquito net or Mückennetz


    A very nice wartime mosquito net in good condition. It is nicely made in the typical textbook light green colour and large enough to fit over a helmet.

  • 6×30 Dienstglas with strap


    A nice original German army binoculars with original strap. The Strichplatte and the Dienstglas marking are both still present. A nice original Dienstglas at a sharp price!

  • Rare late war Tragegurt 34 from recycled materials


    A late war pattern Tragegurt 34 made out of recycled materials woven into a strap. These straps where issued to MG crews and assisted in carrying the MG34 and MG42 ammunition boxes. These straps are hard to come by, especially the late war woven types like this one. This is a very desirable strap this material and is in great condition.

  • Lichtbron K98 frog marked LAGO 1938


    A nice light brown k98 bayonet frog marked LAGO 1938. The bayonet frog comes without bayonet but is supple!

  • Mint condition RZM 822/38 ᛋᛋ marked buckle with original paper tag


    Impossible to upgrade original Waffen-SS belt buckle marked RZM 822/38 ᛋᛋ complete with original paper factory label. The original factory frosting is clearly visible on the exterior. A excellent A-grade buckle from my personal collection!

  • K43 / G43 ammunition pouch marked fuq 1945


    Nice variant in thick vinyl. This pouch is marked fuq 1945 indication production by Curt Vogel, Cottbuss. A nice G43 pouch in very good condition!

  • Straight E-tool with tan presstoff carrying case marked jwa 4


    A very nice original straight E-tool with a tan presstoff carrier marked jwa 4 indicating production by Moritz Stecher, Lederwerk, Freiburg. The E-tool and its carrier have always been together and are both in very good, used condition. The carrier retains all leather straps and loops and is supple. The shovel is strong. A good set!

  • Matching K98 bayonet marked 41 CVL with brown leather frog


    A matching K98 bayonet marked 41 CVL indicating production by Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co. of Solingen. The bayonet is unsharpened and matching. It is in good used condition with some dents on the scabbard. Still a nice honest bayonet complete with a nice brown frog.

Showing 1–12 of 206 results