My main collecting interest has always been field gear and small personal items. These things always breathe the period since they are the items the regular soldier had to do with. I specialize in these items and strive to offer nice and interesting items.
The items offered here are all guaranteed original and unaltered period pieces produced before May 1945 unless stated otherwise.

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  • Wehrmacht issue hand operated air raid siren


    Unissued Wehrmacht issued hand cranked air raid siren. Standard vehicle item that is extremely scarce to obtain in complete or working condition. This is the first one I’ve ever found in this complete condition. The sirens comes with the original cloth dustcover, the sling AND the belt loop. The belt loop is only the second one I’ve ever seen. The original paint finish on the zink/aluminum based hardware still retains up to 95%. Together with the completeness I’d say it is in unissued condition. The piece is nicely dated 1940 and is maker marked JURK. Incredibly scarce item that would nicely compliment any equipment or vehicle collection!

  • Mint Chocolate brown LBA marked Luftwaffe mapcase L Ritgen 1939 Karlsruhe


    Very nice mint Luftwaffe mapcase marked L Ritgen 1939 Karlsruhe. Textbook pre war construction with chocolate brown pebbled leather and aluminum hardware. Hard to upgrade!

  • Early issue fur covered rucksack or Tornister


    Nice early war fur covered rucksack or Tornister. A very nice example in near mint condition. Actually very nice to find one in this condition. Still retains the backstrap and is nicely named on the main straps.

  • Late war Heer/Waffen-SS M44 rucksack


    A mint late war M44 Sturmgepäck. This rucksack is in very good condition and would be a nice addition to any equipment collection. The black leather is in good supple condition.

  • Late war MG42 ammunition carrying bag


    Late war red lined cloth MG42 ammunition carrying bag. Typical late war construction in combat used condition. The bag is made with typical red lined cloth and steel based hardware. The bag is a roomy fit for a MG34 ammunition box, more snug with a late war steel example. This type most probably also doubles as a grenade carrying bag. Very nice late war ammunition bag!

  • Stunning named and unit marked NS66 M35 double decal Heer combat helmet with 1935 Schuberth liner


    Exceptional named and early pre war 1935 dated M35 double decal Heer helmet marked NS66 indicating production by Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte. The skirt of the helmet is bears the lot number E10 which is one of the lowest lot numbers I’ve encountered. The non-reinforced early pattern Schuberth liner is dated 1935 on the band ánd the round marking on the leather. The helmet retains its originally attached liner and chinstrap marked G. Schiele Loburg 1937. The rim on the helmet is the typical early production with the hand rolled rim. The rear skirt of the shell retains multiple unit markings. One being 11./J.R.10 indicating 11. Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 10. The other marking is also named to Oberschütze Panitz 5./J.R.101. Both these units took part of the Polenfeldzug in 1939 and the Westfeldzug in 1940. The helmets exterior bears two Heer decals with the national three-color partially period removed as ordered in 1940. The helmet retains up to 90% of its original factory paint.

    The helmet was recently recovered in household clearance in the area of Dresden which perfectly matches the unit marking inside the skirt. Infanterie regiment 10 was renamed into Infanterie Regiment Dresden in 1935. The helmet has never been in a collection before – very hard to find a real early war combat helmet like this one which both survived the Polenfeldzug in 1939 and the Westfeldzug in 1940! A perfect helmet for a 1940 combat mannequin, this helmet is really a nice textbook example of a pre war combat helmet, this helmet has it all!

  • US 29th ID EM wool shirt ID’d to Staff Sgt. John W. Delehanty wounded on D-Day


    Stunning original EM Wool shirt ID’d to Staff Sergeant John W. Delehanty, F. Company, 2nd Battalion, 115th Infantry Regiment. He landed and was wounded in action on Dog Red, Omaha Beach on D-day. Very nice shirt with a great history and a great base for further research!

  • Q64 M40 single decal Waffen-SS helmet


    A original single decal Waffen-SS M40 helmet. This helmet is marked Q64 indicating production by Quist. The helmet has its original Waffen-SS Q runic decal that is textbook to this helmet. The decal still remains up to 60% of its original coverage. The helmet retains its original liner and partial chinstrap. The liner and split pins on the helmet are original to the helmet and have never been removed. The helmet is a textbook example of a combat worn Waffen-SS helmet!

  • Heer/Luftwaffe hooded ’44 Sumpftarn sniper smock


    Textbook original ’44 Sumpftarn sniper smock. Late war smock designed for wear and use by Scharfschützen in all branches of the Wehrmacht. The smock is in lightly worn condition and has a number of small holes and one repair on the sleeve end which are typical for a thin garment worn in densely wooded areas. The garment is a nice and textbook example of a late war camouflage smock. At one point the pockets where sewn shut. The smock is a nice size fitting most if not all mannequins. The smock is complete with both of its drawstrings and has shortened sleeves. A very nice lightly worn smock with strong and vibrant colours which would be very hard to upgrade for a combat mannequin!

  • Wehrmacht issue blanket


    A original German army issue blanket. These blankets where issued and used members of the Heer and Waffen-SS. The importance of blankets in a war is very underestimated and where more then often the only comfort a soldier would have.

    This blanket is in used condition, it has a rip and the ends are fraying a bit. None the less, this is a original Wehrmacht issue blanket that would be perfect for a personal effects display and very nice correctly folded or strapped onto a Tornister or Rucksack!

  • US 29th ID Ike jacket ID’ed Rieser Joseph 29th ID


    A very nice original ID’ed Ike jacket to Joseph J Rieser, ASN 33053172, 29th ID. The Ike jacket shows the original wartime sewn 29th ID insignia. Rieser was decorated with the Combat infantry badge, European Campaign Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Army of Occupation Medal. The garment was found together with the overseas cap which is equally marked with the laundry code to Rieser. Very nice display piece to a famous US infantry unit and a nice base for further research!

  • Rare bakelite 6×30 binoculars marked Dienstglas CXN


    One of the rarest bits of German army equipment. A stunning pair of 6×30 Dienstglas binoculars marked CXN indicating production by Emil Busch. The binoculars have clear lenses without scratches. The binoculars still retain all of their zinc fittings and bakelite. The binoculars are nicely adjustable. They have the Strichplatte and the sight is nice to use! Two of the metal rings on the bottom are missing. They are fitted with its original strap that is affixed with two tan rivets to two sets of bales on the reverse of the main body. There is a crack in the lower hinge but the binoculars are still serviceable and look great on display! I have added two pictures of these type of binoculars in use. Bakelite binoculars can be seen on the left hand side of the picture worn by the Unterscharführer in Kampfgruppe Knittel at the Kaiserbaracke crossroads. The straps are original and exactly the type of rivets that should be on this binocular. Very nice for a late war combat mannequin!

  • Stunning pair of late war M44 lowboots


    A stunning(!) pair of M44 Schnürschuhe in mint condition. These where the last model of footwear introduced in 1944. The boots are still in a very nice deep black colour. The boots are in a good mannequin size and are in absolutely unworn condition. These where first issued late in 1944 right in time before the Ardennes Offensive. A textbook M44 pair, in good unworn condition!

  • Complete tropical A-frame in mint condition


    Stunning mint condition tropical A-frame complete with all three(!) straps. Nicely maker marked and in perfect condition. Very hard to upgrade!

  • Gaberdine Heer M43 EM field blouse in mint condition


    A killer gaberdine M43 field blouse in near mint condition with full wartime sewn insignia. The tunic has not been shortened, nor has its pockets been sewn flat. The breast eagle and Kragenlitzen are the original factory sewn examples and has never been removed or restored from the tunic. Gaberdine EM tunics are very rare as most where converted to officers tunics. The tunic would be easily paired with a gaberdine Keilhosen that are easily findable. The garment is a small to medium size. The garment retains all of its originally sewn buttons but is lacking a pair of collar hooks.  Otherwise a killer stone mint and incredibly rare tunic!

  • German army issue Marschkompass “A” marked CXN


    A nice issue compass marked CXN indicating production by Emil Busch A.G., Rathenow’The compass comes with its original factory cord and is in good working condition. The compass is with the letter A on top indicating production after may 1944 and a clockwise 64 Mills direction. The compass is near mint, with full original paint remaining!

  • Luftschutz reissued Czech M34 helmet


    Rare pre war Czech M34 helmet that was reissued in the Luftschutz. The helmet is in very good condition with over 95% paint and decal. The liner is also in lightly worn condition and nicely named to Frau G. Schäfer in the dome. The helmet has its single Luftschutz decal applied to the side in mint condition. These helmets are very rare, especially a blue one in good condition!

  • K98 ammunition pouch J. De Valk, Amsterdam 1942


    A very nice and minty K98 pouch marked J. De Valk Amsterdam 1942. Very hard to find a Dutch made K98 pouch!

  • Bakelite 6×30 rain/dust cover


    A very nice bakelite rain/dust cover for the 6×30 Dienstglas. Hard to find spare in great condition. The bakelite has no cracks and the leather is good and supple.

  • Rare Presstoff container for the Bakelite 6×30 dienstglas marked CXN 4


    Very rare late war Presstoff container for the Bakelite 6×30 Dienstglas. Nicely marked CXN 4 in mint/unissued condition. Hard to find case!

  • Wehrmacht issue fur by Wirtschaftsamt Litzmannstadt


    A nice fur issued Heer fur hat in good used condition. Nicely dated 1942 and size 55 which is a common size for the time period. The cap is in good condition and the fur still retains most of its hairs. Nice for a eastern front mannequin! Made in the Ghetto of Lodz, Poland which the Germans renamed into “Litzmannstadt”.

  • US 29th ID M41 field jacket ID’ed R. Lonie 29th ID


    Stunning original US M41 field jacket ID’ed to Robert Lonie, enlisted in Newark New Jersey on 18 March 1941. Lonie served with the 29th Infantry division. Lonie had the ASN 32063479 which is marked inside the jacket. The garment features the wartime sewn insignia with the 29th Infantry Division. The jacket is in good worn and unwashed condition. Very nice original untouched field jacket with a great history and a great base for further research!

  • Mint M31 messkit marked HRE38


    Perfect pre war M31 messkit marked HRE 38 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The messkit retains its original factory paint up to 99% and would be impossible to upgrade.

  • M40 pattern Heer breadbag


    Very nice Heer M40 pattern breadbag. This pattern made in the light green cloth but made with the leather reinforcement at the belt loops was only made for a short period in 1940.

  • Mint Wehrmacht Artillerie Rucksack


    Nice mid war cavalry backpack, the overall condition of the backpack is excellent. Complete with the leather carrying straps. Nicely marked with Martin Forker Withen/Sa 1942. Hard to upgrade.

  • Late war Heer/Waffen-SS rucksack in mint condition


    A very nice unissued late war rucksack. This rucksack shows no signs of use at all. A great unissued rucksack!

  • First pattern Waffen-SS grey reversible parka trousers


    A nice early first pattern mouse grey wool Waffen-SS pattern reversible parka trousers. The garment is in good used condition with some damages and staining. The garment features most of its originally sewn buttons. The garment is a large size and by no means to small for a modern mannequin! A nice set of combat worn parka trousers for a first pattern grey Waffen-SS parka !

  • Late war issue Presstoff officers belt in mint condition size 95


    Very rare original late war officers equipment belt made completely out of Presstoff. Very rare to find a Presstoff made officers belt, perfect for a late war officers display!

  • Wehrmacht Model (Fu.) B Throat Microphone


    Wehrmacht Model (Fu.) B Throat Microphone or Kehlkopfmikrofon. The set is complete with it’s original wire and plug. Nice complete set in very good condition, hard to find piece of equipment!

  • 1 liter Gebirgsjäger(!) Labeflasche


    A scarcely encountered Gebirgsjäger specific 1 liter capacity canteen or Labeflasche. These canteens where fitted with a carabiner hook on the back so that it could be worn on the carrying sling but also on the breadbag.  These 1 liter Gebirgsjäger Labeflaschen with both the harness and the hook are very hard to find!

  • Scarce pre war first pattern Waffen-SS helmet cover in Lateral camouflage


    Scarce original pre war first pattern Waffen-SS Lateral camouflage pattern cover in combat used condition. The cover retains all vibrant colours in the Lateral camouflage pattern. The cover is photographed on a size 62 shell and a size 64 be a snug fit fit. The cover is in good used condition and unlike many “mint” oak covers flooding the market today – this is a actually worn piece with loads of patina that is very hard to find. The cover is a lovely original example in as found condition!

  • Combat worn US webbing set with duct tape


    Stunning set of US combat equipment. All in equal combat worn condition. Most if not all items have been personalized. The suspenders where duct taped at the ends. The Carlisle pack also has remains of Duct tape. This is a very nice combat worn US equipment set with most if not all parts left behind in the ETO.

  • Three matching equipment straps J. De Valk Amsterdam 1941


    Scarce mint set of three original equipment straps made by J. De Valk Amsterdam. Foreign made uniforms and equipment are highly sought after, especially Dutch made items!

  • Ammunition carrying frame for 5cm light mortar


    Rare to find complete rack for carrying the leGrW 36 or 5cm mortar grenades. Nice to find complete rack with all straps that are often missing. These racks are often seen with Norwegian paint covering the metal but this one still retains all of its wartime paint. Hard to find a better one in good used condition!

  • Classic three-tone Normandy camouflage gasmask canister


    A very nice original three-tone or Normandy camouflage gasmask canister. The canister is nicely named to Wolak Johann. The canister retains its original camouflage paint up to 75% and is in very nice vibrant condition. The canister still retains the original strap, spare lenses, filter and mask. A classic Normandy camouflage gasmask canister with the typical bright colours. Really a stunning piece that would easily be matched to a Normandy camouflage helmet!

  • Complete short handled wire cutters with large leather case


    Very nice pre war short handled wire cutter case with short handled wirecutters. The case is in very good, unissued condition. The leather cases are rare to find, especially in very good, unissued condition. The bottom of the case is marked 4.Kp indicating use by 4. Kompanie.

  • Battle damaged brown leather mapcase


    A very nice brown leather mapcase with multiple bullet and or shrapnell damages. The pouch is in good used condition. For sure a battle-worn mapcase!

  • Wehrmacht Detonator type 39 or Glühzündapparat 40


    Very nice original Wehrmacht detonator or Glühzündapparat 40 in very good, working condition. This Glühzündapparat 40 is the wartime pattern that was issued with the large pioneer charge satchel. These small sized detonators work on a smaller distance then the normal leather cased detonators who are considerably bulky and heavy. Unlike its bigger brothers this one was carried in hand, without accessories a external pouch! Out of all wartime blasting devices, this one is the rarest!

  • Late war mixed material gaiters


    A nice late war matching pair of Gamaschen to be worn on top of the M37 Schnürschuhe. Nice mint pair – hard to upgrade!

  • Luftwaffe M40 pattern breadbag


    Nice M40 pattern breadbag in very good, lightly used condition.

  • Late war RBNR chinstrap


    Nice original late war chinstrap marked RBNR and dated 1944. Perfect for a M42 helmet!

  • Photograph lot with 41 photos of Flak 30, 38 and Flakvierling on Atlantikwal Holland/Belgium


    Nice photograph lot consisting of 41 photos most probably taken on the Dutch or Belgian coast. The photographs show the 2cm 30, 38 and Flakvierling guns.

  • Hollow early Infantry assault badge Schickle


    A very nice and early original Infanterie Sturmabzeichen by Schickle. Very nice hollow and early Tombak (!) example with most of its original silver finish remaining!

  • Infantry assault badge in silver marked S.H.u.Co. 41


    Very nice and minty original Infantry assault badge marked S.H.u.Co. 41  indicating production by Sohni Heubach and Co. / Idar Oberstein. 

  • original bundle of 23 original wool Luftwaffe breast eagles


    Rare opportunity to acquire a original factory bundle of 23 Luftwaffe breast eagles in mint condition. These eagles are perfect for restoring uniforms or display as is.

  • Late war issue Presstoff officers belt in mint condition size 90


    Very rare original late war officers equipment belt made completely out of Presstoff. Very rare to find a Presstoff made officers belt, perfect for a late war officers display!

  • Rare Presstoff container for the Bakelite 6×30 dienstglas marked CXN 4


    Very rare late war Presstoff container for the Bakelite 6×30 Dienstglas. Nicely marked CXN 4 in used condition. Hard to find accessorie!

  • Gebirgsjäger snow goggles in original box


    A nice set of boxed snow goggles in mint unissued condition. These goggles where used by Gebirgsjäger in snowstorms.

  • K98 ammunition pouch marked RBNR


    Nice original K98 ammunition pouch marked RBNR and retaining all of its internal dividers. I can’t make out the marking exactly but it looks to say 0/0750/0712.

  • Rare Gebirgsjäger rucksack waist strap


    A very rare early Gebirgsjäger rucksack waist strap in good, unissued condition. This piece is virtually always missing from all Gebirgsjäger rucksacks and impossible to find as a spare. This is a very early example with a aluminum buckle which I’ve never seen before!

  • Black bakelite butterdish


    A nice original black butterdish with the late fine thread. It opens in a quarter of a turn like it should and is in great condition without cracks or damages. It is marked on both parts.

  • Orange bakelite butterdish


    A nice original orange butterdish. It opens in a quarter of a turn like it should and is in great condition without cracks or damages. It is marked on both parts.

  • Bakelite Zeiler 3450 Torch


    A Zeiler 4350 flashlight. A very nice issued bakelite flashlight in a attractive brown bakelite colour.

  • Rare webbing sling for the Wehrmacht hand sirene


    One of the hardest accessories for the Wehrmacht hand Sirene to obtain. This sling goes through the slot in the siren’s base for the wearer to sling it over his shoulder whilst operating the device. Incredibly rare strap to obtain!

  • Late war enamel M42 messkit


    A nice late war M42 messkit in enamel finish. Inside a interesting grey speckled finish can be observed. A very nice late war messkit!

  • EF66 M35 Single decal Heer helmet


    Salty and untouched M35 helmet produced to M40 specifications. This M35 helmet was produced in 1940 during the switchover to the M40 type helmet. Hence it was produced with one decal and a dull and slightly textured finish. These helmet where only produced for a few months and are not to be confused with a reissue type helmet. The helmet is in very good used condition with 80% of the decal remaining. The helmet is complete with its original untouched steel liner. If you like salty and untouched helmets, this one is for you!

  • Nice pair of Heer M40 shoulderstraps for Feldwebel u. Oberfähnrich


    Rare pair of Heer Feldwebel u. Oberfähnrich shoulder straps in good and matching condition. Very hard to find a pair of shoulderstraps in this rank of Offiziersanwarter!

  • Mint US Tanker jacket in size large


    Exceptional mint US tanker jacket in size Large. Very hard to find in mint condition, especially size Large. Best one I’ve seen yet, perfect for a mannequin!

  • Mint tropical equipment belt


    Nice mint tropical equipment belt. Nice match to any tropical buckle!

  • US Tanker trousers


    A very nice mint 1942 dated US tanker trousers in LARGE size. Perfect for a mannequin!

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