My main collecting interest has always been field gear and small personal items. These things always breathe the period since they are the items the regular soldier had to do with. I specialize in these items and strive to offer nice and interesting items.
The items offered here are all guaranteed original and unaltered period pieces produced before May 1945 unless stated otherwise.

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  • Gaberdine issue M43 recon tunic in good condition


    A very nice, large sized, M43 tunic in Gaberdine material for a Aufklärungs Unteroffizier or NCO in a recon unit. The tunic has been period converted with a dark green collar and green shoulderstraps. The tunic bears one set of loops for a award and has the originally sewn ribbons for a Eisernes Kreuz and a Kriegsverdienstenkreuz. The tunic also bears a shadow of a Demjansk shield on the left sleeve that could easily be restored! The breast eagle is handsewn but in my opinion, is period added for a smarter appearance. Gaberdine M43 EM/NCO tunics are very hard to find!

  • Late war Presstoff / vinyl equipment belt


    A very nice original belt sized 105 centimeters suitable for most mannequins! The belt is a late war type designed to save raw materials. The belt has been made of the typical material used for shovel carriers and so on. Nice late variation belt!

  • Early Luftwaffe breadbag dated 1941


    A nice original breadbag complete with the strap. Inside one of the leather straps is missing. The breadbag is in very nice condition complete with the early belt reinforcement loops.

  • Berichtigungslatte 34


    A late war EM34 Berichtigungslatte in original tan paint. This is a accessory for the Entfernungsmesser 34. 

  • Late war bi-color tragegurt 34


    These straps where issued to MG crews and assisted in carrying the MG34 and MG42 ammunition boxes. The material is strong and in good used condition. These straps are hard to come by and would display nicely with a pair of ammunition boxes.

  • Late war Zeltbahn with bakelite buttons marked 0/0501/001


    A nice late war zeltbahn with bakelite buttons marked 0/0501/001. The Zeltbahn is in good used condition and has some missing buttons and a small holes. A rare Zeltbahn to find with good vibrant colours!

  • Late war white speckled enamel M42 messkit


    A nice late war M42 messkit in enamel finish. Inside a interesting white speckled finish can be observed, something new for me!

  • Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in Blurred Edge camouflage


    Possibly the rarest of Waffen-SS Zeltbahns is this type in Blurred Edge or Rauchtarnmuster camouflage. The Zeltbahn is in strong used condition and has some clear wear to it. There are a few holes here and there, there are a few buttons missing.

  • Late war breadbag produced from captured materials


    A nice late war breadbag with a unusual middle support hook from a Czech pre war breadbag. A nice rare late war breadbag in good used condition!

  • Patronenkasten 34 or MG34 ammunition box


    A nice pre war ammunition box for the MG34 machinegun with most of the original blue paint. A very nice, untouched MG34 ammunition case!

  • Waffen-SS plane tree 3/4 Zeltbahn


    A very nice Waffen-SS Zeltbahn with nice colours. The Plane tree overprint is a nice and rare camouflage type. The Zeltbahn is in good used condition and nicely marked Warei Patent 1943. The Zeltbahn has a few holes and repairs with most of its originally sewn buttons. Other then that it’s a very nice display piece and would very nicely decorate a mannequin!

  • Steel late war MG42 ammunition box


    Late war tan Patronenkasten 41 in very good original condition with most of the original tan paint remaining!

  • Straight legged issue M40 Langhosen Lago Wien 1940


    A nice pair of M40 Langhosen in good, lightly used condition. The wool still retains most of the nap in the wool. Nicely marked Lago Wien 1940. The trousers have some missing, some period resewn buttons. The size is nice and big, good for most mannequins! The trousers have some small wartime modifications enabling the wearer to use a belt in stead of suspenders and some other small modifications. A few small moth holes but otherwise a great pair for a mannequin, priced competitively!

  • Tan camouflaged MG34 and MG42 ammunition box


    A very nice tan camouflaged ammunition box for the MG34 and MG42. As the Germans occupied Czechoslovakia they took over most of their military stocks including weapons and equipment. This box for the Czech ZB 37 machine gun or MG 37 (t) originally had a slope welded inside to stack the ZB ammunition properly. This slope was removed by the Germans and the leftover holes filled in prior to a tan repaint.

    A rare box to encounter in very good condition with most of the wartime tan camouflage!

  • Juwel 33 petrol stove


    A very nice Juwel 33 stove with most of its original wartime field grey paint and all of its accesoiries. Hard to upgrade and probably working piece with all sorts of spares. I have not filled or tested it but as far as I can see I don’t see why it shouldn’t. Nice personal equipment item!

  • Set of light brown K98 pouches marked 0/0396/0027


    A nice brown set of K98 pouches marked 0/0396/0027. These pouches are in very nice supple, unissued condition and complete with all individual dividers.

  • Enwell WH issue torch dated 1943


    A textbook Wehrmacht issue torch in nice used condition. Nicely dated 1943 and executed in field grey paint.

  • Tripod for trench optics or Scherenferhnrohr 14


    Small expendable tripod for the artillery trench periscope. The pouch is dated 1943. Interestingly the material of the pouch is the typical late war “red lined” material as also used on MP44 pouches.

  • Mint condition M42 hbt field blouse


    Simply cant be upgraded! A mint original Drillich hbt M43 Feldbluse or field tunic in near perfect condition. There are some minor damages to the sleeve, please take a look at the pictures! All originally sewn insignia. All buttons present. No stains and a very nice large size for a mannequin!

  • Complete gas warning flag set


    Complete set of gas warning flags with 15 flags and tape. Hard to find complete set with its original cloth pouch marked gdn. 

  • Waffen-SS Erbsentarn HBT M43 combat trousers


    A stunning late war Waffen-SS Erbsentarn Keilhosen or dot 44 HBT camouflage trousers. In mint condition, without damages. Manufactured later in the war showing signs of last ditch production. One button hole and the leg straps have never been installed. The camouflage on this pair of trousers is very bright with strong colours and don’t show any fading. These would be a perfect(!) colour match to the Erbsentarn tunics marked 0/0793/0101.

  • MP38 u. 40 magazine pouch marked DKK 42


    A nice original MP38 u. MP40 pouch in combat used condition. The pouch is nicely manufactured in different tones of blue canvas and has a interesting construction with blue coloured flap covers in the construction. The pouch is nicely marked dkk 42 indicating production by Friedrich Offermann u. Söhne, Lederwarenfabrik, Bensberg. If you want a uncleaned, combat used MP40 pouch in good condition this is it!

  • Blue Luftwaffe paratrooper k98 bandoleer


    A nice original mid war blue Fallschirmjäger bandoleer in good used condition. A small damage to one of the flaps, other then that a nice used example!

  • Stunning M40 SE64 Luftwaffe textured Normandy camo helmet


    Truly a stunning textured three tone Normandy camouflage helmet. The helmet is a real stunner; named, loads of patina, vibrant colours and a Luftwaffe decal peaking through the paint! The helmet is marked SE64 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap and is in untouched condition. The short part of the chinstrap is damaged but would still be easily fixed without further damage with a spare or a piece of wire. The helmet is named to Obergefreiter Hohmann. 

    If you’re looking for a killer camouflage helmet that will tick all your boxes this is it!

  • Battle worn German paratrooper jump smock


    A fantastic third pattern paratrooper jump smock or Knochensack in combat worn condition. The smock is complete with original factory sewn breast eagle on a Grünmeliert base and all originally sewn buttons. The smock was a war trophy to a US soldier who brought it home after the war. After that it has been in a single collection for a very long time. The garment is in uncleaned, unaltered condition which is a rare condition to find. There are some small holes and two, in my opinion period “depot” repairs with zigzag stitching. The inside of the smock has some stains in various tints of brown. The press studs are lightly rusted or in working condition. Two of the zippers are in working condition, two are damaged through time. On the back portion a small 3 is stamped, inside, on the back of the left top pocket a faint RBNR can be seen. The size is a medium, which would fit most old hindsgaul mannequins easily. Other then the mint condition smocks on the market or those without insignia, this one is a actual battle worn smock that still retains the character of war. The smock is a perfect example of a smock that saw action.

  • Steel M42 messkit marked WJ43


    A very nice M42 Kochgeschirr marked WJ43. The messkit is painted red oxide covered externally finished in olive paint. The messkit retains up to 95% of its original brown finish.

  • Eastern volunteer shoulderstraps for ROA


    A nice pair of shoulderstraps for a eastern volunteer in the ROA or Russian Liberation Army. These where worn by “volunteers” who joined the Wehrmacht as early as directly after the opening of the Ostfront and the invasion of Russia. Their numbers grew to a staggering 0.5 million in the end of 1941 only to grow bigger during the duration of the war. These Russian troops where stationed all over the third Reich; a mere 20.000 where captured by the Americans in the weeks after D-day. The shoulder boards are in very good, only lightly worn condition. Found together!

  • Steel Waffen-SS beltbuckle marked RZM 155/40 ᛋᛋ Type 4


    A nice original Waffen-SS belt buckle marked RZM 155/40 ᛋᛋ indicating production by Assmann & Sohne, Lüdenscheid. The buckle is marked under the prongs which was only done for a short period in 1940. This was the final and 4th type of Waffen-SS belt buckle by Assmann in 1940. The buckle is in good combat used condition.

  • Heer/Waffen-SS breadbag


    A nice and mint M40 breadbag in olive material. Nice with all buttons, supple leather bits. Textbook item!

  • Mint M37 gaiters


    Perfect pair of Heer/Waffen-SS gaiters to be worn on top of the M37 lowboots. Hard to find in this condition without major rust on the buckles. All straps are nice and supple.

Showing 1–30 of 249 results