My main collecting interest has always been field gear and small personal items. These things always breathe the period since they are the items the regular soldier had to do with. I specialize in these items and strive to offer nice and interesting items.
The items offered here are all guaranteed original and unaltered period pieces produced before May 1945 unless stated otherwise.

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  • Brown K98 frog LBA(S) 1938


    A nice brown Luftwaffe bayonet frog maker marked and dated 1938. The leather is dry and should be dressed. Otherwise it is undamaged and would probably be very nice once treated. Hard to find pre war LBA(S) marked Luftwaffe bayonet frog in good condition!

  • Heer/Waffen-SS pullover shirt


    Rare Heer/Waffen-SS pullover shirt. Typical type pullover shirt or Diensthemd. The shirt is made from a grey grey coloured material with paper buttons. Nice medium size. Rare and textbook Heer/Waffen-SS shirt in good used condition!

  • Waffen-SS plane tree 5/6 Zeltbahn


    A nice original plane tree 5/6 overprint Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in strong used condition. Nicely marked with number 5 and a manufacturer stampThe Zeltbahn retains its colours and contrast and some of its originally sewn buttons. The Zeltbahn shows wear and some damages. A very strong used Waffen-SS plane tree zeltbahn with holes and damages. Not the nicest, but a original plane tree zeltbahn priced to sell!

  • German period issue scarf


    A nice and typical issue scarf in rough grey wool. Most probably issued together with a sweater, socks and gloves. Hard to find period cold weather item!

  • LP34 flare gun marked 237 1940


    A very nice LP34 in working condition. The LP34 still has the original anodization finish and never has been repainted. The finish still remains for 75%. The grips are a nice black bakelite. The LP34 is marked 237 1940 which indicates production by Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabriken Bernhard Berghaus.

    These flare guns are legal and free to own without permit in the Netherlands for everyone over 18 years of age. Please conduct your local laws before purchasing this product. I can only ship this item within the Netherlands.

  • Brown pre war tall jackboots


    A nice textbook pair of pre war tall brown jackboots in good light worn condition. The soles retain all of their hobnails and steel heel pieces. Nice pair for a mannequin!

  • Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse


    Nice original unissued Fliegerbluse with all factory sewn insignia for a flight or Fallschirmjäger. The Fliegerbluse is unissued condition with all of the nap remaining in the wool. The blouse has a few moth damages on the back where the belt would sit. Otherwise a perfect Fliegerbluse for a Fallschirmjäger!

  • Kriegsmarine M38 gasmask with microphone attachment


    Rare Kriegsmarine gasmask with microphone attachment. The mask and its filter are named to Graf. Inside the mask is marked with the Kriegsmarine Acceptance stamp. Hard to upgrade complete gasmask with all accessories and markings you’d like to see.

  • Sanitäter pouch contents


    Nice lot of items issued with Sanitäter pouches. Hard to find military issued medical accessories and nice to fill a pouch. The contents are void of any medical substances!

  • German period national flag


    Nice original flag in mint condition 85 x 115 cm. One small damage. Stitched on both sides.

  • MG34 / MG42 barrel carrier or Laufschützer 43


    A very nice original Laufschützer 43, a barrel carrier designed to carry both the MG34 and MG42 barrels. The barrel carrier comes with its originally attached sling in full length. The paint still retains up to 80% on this piece and it would be very hard to upgrade this piece. Most barrel carriers on the market have replaced slings, been repainted or even stripped and blued postwar. This one is a fully untouched late war example in very good original condition!

  • Waffen-SS M40 mantel made by 242


    A stunning original M40 Waffen-SS Mantel or overcoat in near mint condition. The mantel is not to be confused with the Heer/Army type; this cut of Mantel is different in shape, cut, marking and is specifically made for the Waffen-SS. The eagle has been removed from the sleeve, other then that its a nice untouched near mint condition Waffen-SS M40 Mantel. There are several small moth holes on the bottom of the coat. These overcoats are very scarce! The mantel is marked 242 which is a specific waffen-ss producer. These overcoats are very scarce!

  • Kriegsmarine marked P08 Luger holster Vogels Köln 1939


    A scarce original P08 Luger holster with Kriegsmarineacceptance stamp. The holster is nicely marked Vogels Köln 1939 on the back with in addition a Waffenamt and a Kriegsmarine acceptance stamp. Kriegsmarine P08 holsters are very scarce!

  • Mint M44 breadbag


    Mint late war M44 breadbag in mint condition.

  • Brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holster


    A very nice brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holsterThe holster is in good lightly used condition. Inside its nicely named to Hirsch followed by a gun serial number.

  • Waffen-SS equipment belt Croupon ᛋᛋ 48/68 RZM with 822/38 buckle


    Hard to find pre war Waffen-SS equipment belt marked croupon ᛋᛋ 48/68 RZM. The belt is in good supple condition and a nice size 90. The belt comes with a nice original aluminum 822/38 marked buckle in equally good condition. Hard to find Waffen-SS issue equipment belt!

  • German paratrooper Splittertarn smock


    A nice original and combat worn German paratrooper smock or Knochensack marked Rudolph Hubert & Cie 1.A B.42. Manufactured from heavy twill material with parts out of Grünmeliert smock material. One period repair to the back skirt. The smock retains all of its period sewn buttons and rust free press studs. The zippers are marked Elite and are all in functioning condition. The smock retains nice and vibrant colours with a nice light use just perfect for a combat mannequin. The breast eagle is resewn but original. The smock is a very nice large size fitting for most if not all mannequins. This smock was surely worn during the war and has loads of character. Hard to upgrade original Fallschirmjäger Knochensack in honest worn condition!

  • Brown P08 Luger holster marked Karl Bücker 1940


    A textbook brown P08 Luger holster in very good condition. Nicely marked Karl Bücker, Waldbrol 1940.  The holster is complete with all loops, straps and buckle. The leather is supple and not dry. Hard to upgrade this brown holster!

  • Long handled pioneer wire cutters pouch Robert Larsen 1937


    A very nice original carrier for the pre war long handled wire cutters in very good, lightly used condition. Nicely marked Robert Larsen Berlin 1937. Very rare to find, and perfect to match with a wire cutter!

  • Brown pre war Luftwaffe mapcase L.B.A. (S)

  • Luftwaffe belt and buckle Schmole Comp 1941


    A nice belt and buckle set in good used condition. The buckle is nicely marked SC 1941 and the tab Schmole & Comp. 1941 Menden. 

  • Wehrmacht M43 combat trousers in mint condition


    A very nice mint example of a pair of Wehrmacht Heer M43 combat trousers or Keilhosen. In good mint condition with all its original sewn buttons. The wool is in great condition without damages or repairs and still has most of the nap and full contrasted field grey color remaining. The size is large and would fit most if not all mannequins. The leg ties are mostly intact. A great pair for a mannequin that is very hard to find in this perfect condition and size!

  • FN Hi Power pistol holster marked ftc 1942


    A very nice original leather holster for the FN made Hi Power pistol or Pistole 640(b). The holster is marked ftc 1942 indicating production by Frost & Jähnel, Breslau 1, Schlossohle 7/9. The holster is in very good condition.

  • US Mounted canteen


    A nice original mounted canteen as used by cavalry and airborne troops during world war two. The pouch is in good, lightly used condition.

  • USAAF B-4 Mea West Life Preserver


    A very nice original B4 Life Preserver in good used condition. The vest shows a lot of soiling and wear. Complete with all straps!

  • Complete Kartenwinkelmesser 140 in pouch


    A nice complete set marked CWU indicating production by Georg Kremp, vorm. Aktiengesellschaft für Optik und Mechanik, Wetzlar-Lahn. These where used to read angles on maps in a 6400 mills scale.

  • Rare M31 canteen marked HJB 42


    Nice matching M31 canteen marked HJB 42. It is unclear who manufactured the canteens marked HJB but they are very rare. Hard to upgrade rare maker canteen in very good condition!

  • US Corcoran jumpboots


    Hard to find minty pair of US jumpboots by Corcoran. The pair is nicely named to William M. Fuller and is in good, unworn condition. This pair was probably kept as “best dress” to be worn with a Class A or Ike jacket. The pair retains its original laces but they have broken at a few places. They can however still be laced up for display. A great minty pair!

    William was born in Johnson City, NY on July 30, 1923. He served his county for 26 years as an Air Defense Officer, including seven years as a Senior Paratrooper, with the 82nd (All-American) Airborne Division earning three battle stars in World War II in the Battle of the Bulge, the Ardennes, the Huertgen Forest and Central Germany. In the early 50s, he served with the 11th Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, KY. During the Korean Conflict, 1951-1952 he earned four battle stars. Other decorations included the Army Commendation Medal and the Belgian Fourraguerre. Following military retirement in 1968, he became a real estate broker.

  • US Colt holster BOYT 44


    A nice original Colt holster in good used condition. Nicely marked BOYT 44.

  • US M-1943 folding E-tool in transitional pouch


    A nice US M1943 folding E-tool in good unissued condition with a transitional case.

Showing 1–30 of 323 results