My main collecting interest has always been field gear and small personal items. These things always breathe the period since they are the items the regular soldier had to do with. I specialize in these items and strive to offer nice and interesting items.
The items offered here are all guaranteed original and unaltered period pieces produced before May 1945 unless stated otherwise.

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  • Three tone Normandy camouflage M35 helmet SE62


    A very nice untouched M35 camouflage helmet. The helmet is nicely repainted during the war in the classic three tone “Normandy” colours. The camouflage still retains up to 80% of its original coverage. The colours on the helmet are hard to photograph but very obvious in hand. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap that are original to the helmet. The helmet was originally found in the woodwork in France. A nice untouched camouflage helmet!

  • MN42 tropical canteen with brown bakelite cup


    A nice matching large tropical canteen marked MN42 indicating production by Metallindustrie GmbH. Neunkirchen-Saar (MENESA). The cup is made out of a nice brown bakelite, not to be confused with the standard black cup. The last pictures show the difference with a normal black cup which is easier to see in hand! Hard to upgrade matching example with a brown bakelite cup!

  • Mint late war belt and blue Heer Noelle & Hueck buckle


    A perfect mint late war belt with a late blue buckle marked N. & H. L. indicating production by Noelle & Hueck, Ludenscheid. The belt is nicely RBNR marked and size 90. The belt and buckle are both in amazing mint condition and would be impossible to upgrade.

  • Steel green tunic belt hooks


    A perfect mint set for a mid to late war Heer or Waffen-SS M40,M41,M42 or M43 tunic in green paint. Hard to find spare set, especially in green paint!

  • Daimon 2201 torch


    A very nice Daimon 2201 torch in near mint condition. The torch is complete with both bulbs and seems in working condition. Hard to upgrade period torch!

  • Pre war short gasmask canister


    A very nice short pre war Gasmask with canister. The gasmask, canister and straps are all in good condition. Inside the canister I found a oval aluminum tag on a string with the number 340 which corresponds to the number stamped on the lid. A interesting pre war gasmask in very good condition, very hard to upgrade!

  • Late Bruder Schneider Heer buckle in original factory wrap


    A mint blue Heer buckle by Bruder Schneider in the original factory wrapping. These buckles where wrapped in used newspaper against scratching. First time I see a mint buckle still in its original factory wrapping!

  • Rare pre war 5l gasoline container


    Prior to the Jerrycan being invented and issued these small triangular gasoline containers where typical. Easily seen on early and pre war pictures strapped on the back onto motorcycles and other vehicles. The container is in near mint condition with 99% of the zinc finish and paint. Hard to upgrade in this minty condition and perfect accessory for any pre 1942 vehicle!

  • Pre war straight E-tool marked RH 35


    Pre war straight E-tool marked RH 35 and a Waffenamt. Hard to find pre war straight E-tool in good used condition!

  • M43 Drillich tunic in untouched condition


    A very nice M43 field tunic made from HBT linnen or Drillich. It comes with its original factory applied Litzen and breast eagle. The jacket is a nice medium size and marked  0/0150/0041 which dfers to the maker M. Michovius, Uniformfabrik, Cottbus. The jacket has been worn in the field and still has dirt in the pockets and stains on the elbows and the back. The tunic has multiple small mud/dirt stains. The jacket was found on the attic of a Belgian hospital around 20 years ago together with 3 other identical HBT m43 tunics from the same maker with the exact same insignia configuration.

  • Mid war German helmet net


    Mid war German helmet net made of rough, brown string. Unlike the late war variant this mid war type is hard to find! The helmet net would easily compliment any German army helmet. This early type of camouflage net is very hard to find!

  • Tan Presstoff MG42 tool pouch by OaZ


    A rare tan Presstoff MG42 tool pouch marked OaZ 4. The pouch is in good condition with all straps and D-ring intact. The pouch is complete with the full internals. Very hard to find complete with internal dividers!

  • Late war steel blue tunic belt hooks


    A perfect mint set for a mid to late war Heer or Waffen-SS M43 tunic in blue paint. Hard to find spare set!

  • EF66 M35 Single decal Heer helmet


    Rare M35 helmet produced to M40 specifications! This M35 helmet was produced in 1940 during the switchover to the M40 type helmet. Hence it was produced with one decal and a dull and slightly textured finish. These helmet where only produced for a few months and are not to be confused with a reissue type helmet. The helmet is in very good used condition with 80% of the decal remaining. The helmet is complete with its original untouched steel liner. A great and rare helmet in a nice and desirable size!

  • Pre war Fargel & Possmanith compass


    Rare pre war compass by Fargel & Possmanith ; one of the rarer makers to find. Hard to find pre war compass by Fargel & Possmanith in good working condition!

  • Wiktorin H42 petrol stove


    A very nice Wiktorin H42 stove with most of its original wartime field grey paint and all of its accesoiries. Hard to upgrade and probably working piece with a small assortment of spares. I have not filled or tested it but as far as I can see I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. Nice personal equipment item!

  • Late war gasmask canister


    Very nice complete late war gasmask. The canister is in very good condition with most of its original paint. The straps are a interesting late war set with a late war wire hook. The gasmask is a size 4 in black rubber with blue fittings and contrasted lenses. The Gasmask is complete and in very good condition, hard to upgrade!

  • Dutch Waffen-SS poster dated 1942


    Rare original Dutch Waffen-SS poster dated 1942. The poster is large (108 x80cm) and in good condition with strong colours. There are some minor damages and tears in the folds. But still a very nice original Dutch Waffen-SS poster that would very nicely display in a collection!
    The poster reads:

  • Waffen-SS plane tree 3/4 Overprint Zeltbahn


    A stunning plane tree 3/4 overprint Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in mint condition. Nicely marked RBNR. The Zeltbahn retains its bright colours and contrast and all of its originally sewn buttons. The Zeltbahn shows minimum to no wear and has only one minimal hole in the fabric. It is a true stunner and must have for the Waffen-SS camouflage collector! Can’t be upgraded!

  • Scarce original Waffen-SS smock drawstring


    A scarce original Waffen-SS Tarnjacke drawstring. Typical flat woven rayon construction. Full length 130 cm. Downright impossible spare to find that was used in all types of Waffen-SS Tarnjacken from pre war to 1945!

  • US McCord M1 helmet with Lieutenant bars


    A very nice and salty M1 helmet by McCord with its original Lieutenant bars. The helmet is in salty, uncleaned condition. The shell is marked 288 and retains its original Fixed bale chinstrap loops. The liner is a type 3 westinghouse variant with press studs for the liner band. A nice and salty M1 helmet with liner and Lieutenant bars!

  • Leather equipment belt cqr42 size 85


    A very nice and supple leather equipment belt marked cqr42 in size 85. The marking cqr indicates production by Lederwerk Sedina Joachim Schell, Finkewalde Bez. Stettin.

  • Pre war Luftwaffe mapcase Flak Regiment 5


    A very nice pre war Luftwaffe map case in light brown leather. The mapcase is dated 1935 and is unit marked to Flak Regiment 5. Nice pre war mapcase!

  • Mint late war breadbag with strap


    A very nice and mint late war Heer/Waffen-SS breadbag complete with strap.

  • Perfect pair of issue cavalry riding boots


    A perfect pair of issue riding boots or Reitstiefel. The pair is in mint unissued condition and retains all of its wartime applied hobnails and heels. This mint pair would be perfect for a cavalry or combat officer display!

  • Skin decontamination flask with rare carrier


    A rare Hautentgiftungsmittel box. Rare to encounter square variant with the red pressed paper box with the original label on the flask!

  • Late war Heer M44 rucksack


    A mint late war M44 Sturmgepäck. This rucksack is in very good condition and would be a nice addition to any equipment collection. The black leather is in good condition.

  • Late war A-frame pouch


    A nice late war A-frame pouch in good used condition.

  • 6×30 Dienstglas binocular case strap


    Hard to find spare 6×30 Dienstglas case strap in mint, unissued condition.

  • Leather equipment belt marked RBNR size 85


    A very nice late war equipment belt marked RBNR and size 85.

Showing 1–30 of 230 results