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  • Stunning light brown M37 lowboots marked W. Käumlen


    Stunning textbook pair of M37 lowboots or Schnürschuhe in perfect condition. Beautifully matching set with both boots marked W. Käumlen on the sole. The size is a nice 27 1/2 – 7 which would roughly correspond with a modern size 42. The boots retain their original laces and most of the hobnails and both heel irons. Impeccable pair which would be impossible to upgrade!

  • Late war M37 gaiters


    Late war gaiters or Gamaschen in good worn condition. Nicely ,marked RB-Nr. 0/0560/0514.

  • M37 Gamaschen marked R&K 1942


    Typical M37 gaiters or Gamaschen marked R&K 1942.

  • Pair of m37 pattern gaiters or Gamaschen


    Textbook late war examples.

  • Pre war tall issue Luftwaffe issue EM/NCO jackboots


    Textbook pre war Luftwaffe issue EM/NCO jackboots unit marked Fliegerhorst Westendorf Fl. Herst-Komp. III which is in Wesendorf, Niedersachsen. The jackboots are a nice large size and are in good worn condition. Very hard to find in good condition!

  • Wehrmacht issue socks size 2


    A pair of unissued Wehrmacht issued socks. Maybe the hardest part to find for a German mannequin display; the socks are most if not always beat up, repaired or fully worn out. These socks are unissued and a scarce opportunity to buy a pair of original Wehrmacht issue socks. I have found one original bundle of 10 pairs of socks. Once these are sold; I will most probably not find another bundle! The price is for one pair; I will send you a pair that is like the one pictured from the pictured bundle. There is some minor moth nipping but nothing that I would regard as problematic for display. The size is a II which is large and fits most if not all mannequins. The socks still retain their stretchy characteristic and would easily apply to any mannequin. The socks are the finishing touch for any Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS or Luftwaffe mannequin and otherwise impossible to find!

Showing all 6 results