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  • Dark brown issue jackboots or Knöbelbecher


    A very nice matching pair complete with their original heel irons in a nice size of 25 1/2 with a width of 4. The boots are missing their hobnails which seem to have been removed a long long time ago. A perfect pair for a mannequin!

  • Clean pair of winter felt boots


    A great pair of late war felt boots. Typical eastern front footwear worn and issued with the reversible, non reversible and charkov parkas. The pair is a nice large 29 which translates to a modern EU 43. They are in great condition, perfect on a mannequin! Hard to find a great pair in this condition and size!

  • German army marching boots


    A nice pair for a mannequin. Although issued and worn together, there are small differences between the boots. The boots are a nice pair for a mannequin in a nice medium size.

  • Extremely rare M33 Reichswehr EM/NCO jackboots


    Extremely rare pair of M33 EM/NCO Reichswehr marching boots or Schnallenstiefel. These where discontinued in 1935 but still in use in the early stages of the war. Many pictures of the invasion in Czech, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and France show these boots in wear. The leather is in good supple condition and the soles are really unworn. The boots are a nice average size that will fit most if not all mannequins. A truly rare pair of boots in good condition, very hard to find!

  • Matching pair of Rieker made officers boots


    Hard to find matching pair of genuine officers boots made by Rieker which was one of the large boot manufacturers for the German army during world war two. The boots are in good used condition and are marked inside just like the issued military boots produced by Rieker.

  • Pair of Gebirgsjäger boots


    A nice pair of Gebirgsjäger boots in good used condition with a pair of original laces. The size is a nice average size, not too small or big. A nice pair to finish a mannequin with!

  • First pattern felt overboots


    Rare first pattern felt overboots dated 1941. A good mannequin size and in good, unissued condition. One of the boots has a whole in the shaft.

  • Late war mixed material gaiters


    A nice late war matching pair of Gamaschen to be worn on top of the M37 Schnürschuhe. Nice mint pair with brown leather – hard to upgrade!

  • Late war mixed material gaiters


    A nice late war matching pair of Gamaschen to be worn on top of the M37 Schnürschuhe. Nice mint pair with brown leather – hard to upgrade!

  • Perfect pair of issue cavalry riding boots


    A perfect pair of issue riding boots or Reitstiefel. The pair is in mint unissued condition and retains its wartime applied soles and heels. This mint pair would be perfect for a cavalry or combat officer display!

  • Mint M37 gaiters


    Perfect pair of Heer/Waffen-SS gaiters to be worn on top of the M37 lowboots. Hard to find in this condition without major rust on the buckles. All straps are nice and supple.

  • Polizei Gamaschen marked B.A.W. 42


    A very nice pair of gaiters or Gamaschen for Polizei troops. These are meant to be worn above the M37 Schnurschühe.

  • 4 pairs of original Wehrmacht shoelaces


    Strong and usable wehrmacht issue boot laces from 1943. These are 100cm long and made of a synthetic ersatz material in stead of the regular leather or cotton laces of that time. The ends are tied dow by metal tips to stop fraying. Allthough these are period laces they are very strong. This is a original bundle of 4 pairs, a great original spare to have when you run into a nice pair of shoes without laces. These are original Wehrmacht issue laces, I included a picture of the original label of the box these came out of.

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Showing all 13 results