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  • Textbook 1940 dated brown issue jackboots


    Excellent set of early war production (1940) issue jackboots or Knöbelbecher in an aesthetic bright brown colour. The sole clearly shows the marking 40 which indicates that this matching pair of jackboots was produced in 1940. The boots are not or hardly worn and only show some minor traces of age, the boots are complete with all of its wartime applied metal hardware on both the soles. The boots retain their very nice bright brown colour which would look perfect on any mannequin. The issue jackboots come in a nice large size 29 1/2 which translates roughly to a modern European size 44+ which would easily fit most if not all modern mannequins! Excellent pair of textbook 1940 dated brown issued jackboots!

  • Unissued pair of late war Gebirgsjäger boots


    A killer pair of late war Gebirgsjäger lowboots in unissued condition. The pair is matching and complete with its original laces, original hobnails and cleats to the soles. This is a typical late war construction with as an interesting features the black white pulling straps, which are normally only encountered on early contraction low boots! These boots were especially designed for mountain troops but later in the war these were sometimes issued to Heer, Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS units as well, simply perfect for a late war combat mannequin of any kind! For sure one of the best pairs I have ever offered!

  • Stunning light brown M37 lowboots


    Textbook, stone mint pair of M37 lowboots in perfect condition. These boots have been in my personal collection for several years; definitely one of the best pairs I’ve ever owned. The leather is supple, the hardware is all without oxidation; the textbook woven laces, the textbook half sole construction finished with wooden pegs and sunken steel heel irons. The boots are in size 26 which is around a size 40. Textbook and perfect pair; impossible to upgrade.

  • Pair of issue felt winter boots


    A combat used pair of mid to late war felt boots or Filzstiefel in pretty hard used but usable condition. Typical eastern front footwear worn and issued with the reversible, non reversible and Charkov parkas. The pair is a nice large size which will most likely fit all  of the modern sized mannequins. The felt issued boots are in great, and combat used condition which would look perfect on a mannequin in an eastern front display!

  • Stunning light brown M37 lowboots marked W. Käumlen


    Stunning textbook pair of M37 lowboots or Schnürschuhe in perfect condition. Beautifully matching set with both boots marked W. Käumlen on the sole. The size is a nice 27 1/2 – 7 which would roughly correspond with a modern size 42. The boots retain their original laces and most of the hobnails and both heel irons. Impeccable pair which would be impossible to upgrade!

  • M37 Gamaschen marked R&K 1942


    Typical M37 gaiters or Gamaschen marked R&K 1942.

  • Pair of m37 pattern gaiters or Gamaschen


    Textbook late war examples.

  • Wehrmacht issue socks size 2


    A pair of unissued Wehrmacht issued socks. Maybe the hardest part to find for a German mannequin display; the socks are most if not always beat up, repaired or fully worn out. These socks are unissued and a scarce opportunity to buy a pair of original Wehrmacht issue socks. I have found one original bundle of 10 pairs of socks. Once these are sold; I will most probably not find another bundle! The price is for one pair; I will send you a pair that is like the one pictured from the pictured bundle. There is some minor moth nipping but nothing that I would regard as problematic for display. The size is a II which is large and fits most if not all mannequins. The socks still retain their stretchy characteristic and would easily apply to any mannequin. The socks are the finishing touch for any Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS or Luftwaffe mannequin and otherwise impossible to find!

Showing all 8 results