Below are some useful links that may be of interest to collectors, history enthousiasts and re-enactors. You can click on the name of the website to open it in a new tab. If you would like to have your link added,  send me a message.

Militaria Dealers


Militaria Plaza
This is the website of my friend Jim who has a great website with a nice variety of original militaria and on top of that is a great and honest guy to deal with! He is the go-to guy for german combat uniforms and insignia!

Handpainted mannequins
A new(!) website ran by my friend Otto who is next to being one of my best friends a excellent mannequin painted I would whole heartedly suggest getting your mannequins customized by. He also has a very large supply of vintage Hindsgaul mannequins perfect for militaria displays! Sure worth a visit! 

Clements Militaria
Michel runs two websites, one for reenactors and one for collectors. He focusses mainly on American and British infantry and airborne items.

Historia mannequins
If I want to recommend a mannequin business I would for sure start with Historia mannequins. This webshop sells mannequins in small sizes with characteristic heads. They are a very good base to use as is and even better when they are painted. If anyone would like a mannequin for small uniforms I would suggest ordering one through this webshop!

My friend Jeroen runs a nice website specializing specialising in insignia, headgear and paperwork from all fighting nations during the second world war. I warmly recommend any collector to take a look at his website!

A new website of another Dutch collector who is very passionate about equipment like me. He has some nice condition items with a lot of character!

This new webshop ran by my good Friend Karol Liszyk is loaded with mainly KM items. Besides being a cat lover, Karol is one of the worlds leading experts in Kriegsmarine Militaria. After having dealt with Karol over 10 years without any troubles I warmly suggest any collector to purchase from Karol with a hassle-free experience. Please take a look at his website!

From period toys to equipment to miscellaneous items, EA-Militaria offers you a wide variety of Original German items. Make sure you take a peek and keep updated with their weekly updates.

The Quartermaster Store
My friend Henny has a website that offers a wide range of militaria from all nations. Next to world war 2 militaria he also has a wide arrange of world war one items!

Narvik Militaria
Narvik militaria is run by my friend Ron from my hometown of Bergen op Zoom. He specializes in German medical items. All sorts of nice small hard to find details for medical pouches and surgical rooms, one should have a look at this webshop!

KP Emig 
Geschichte zum Anfassen – Klaus Peter Emig has many accroutrements from buttons to radios from shoe laces to helmets. A nice wide variety can be seen offered on his webshop!

Mario is the man for the finest in cloth and metal insignia. Shoulder boards, cuff titles and badges. All very well described and photographed. One of the best addresses for the finest insignia!

Matthijs le Clercq is a passionate collector and the go to guy of the Dutch persoonsbewijs and has just started with his webshop. He also runs the website where he showcases his large collection. A nice and broad assortment on his webshop with loads of small personal items!

Militaria Antiques Stockholm
Specialises in tunics, groupings and cloth headgear. Probably the biggest dealer in Sweden! Surely worth a visit!

Lux Military antiques
Surely one of the most important recently developed websites. Filled with high-end collectibles, mostly stuff the average collector can only dream of!

Offers a great selection of WW1, WWII & Modern Day military antiques. If you are looking a good reputable source for military antiques please check them out.

One of the biggest Czech militaria dealers on the internet. Has a wide variety of items from small to top shelf. Definitely worth a look!

My friend Randy Greer specializes in nice original helmets. A passionate collector who knows his stuff. Can only say he always has nice and rare items.

A small webshop ran by my friend Patrick who specializes mainly in Commonwealth cloth insignia. All of the items are clearly photographed and in good condition. If you are looking for that one shoulder title you should visit his shop!

My friend Chris runs this small UK-based webshop with a passion for militaria. He offers a wide arrange of items from both world wars and many different nations.

One of the biggest US based vendors specializing in tunics, caps and helmets mostly. Lots of really nice cloth can be seen and studied on this website!

Militaria Hunter
David Meriaux is a fanatic collector and dealer in fine WW1 militaria. Of all militaria, World War One artifacts are some of the rarest and hard to find items in good condition. Having survived not one, but two world wars!

Gaston has been collecting medals, awards and tinnies for ages. He is your Go-To guy if you are looking for interesting awards or medals of all nationalities. Next to being a great dealer he’s a really nice guy and organizes the militaria fair in Houten which is a must see fair in the Netherlands. Please take a look on his website!

My friend Mark Hofstede is a honest collector and seller of German world war two paperwork, thé guy to go to if you are looking for Soldbucher, Wehrpasser, award-documents or pictures !

Epic Artifacts
This American based website is ran by my friends Dave Wyatt and Ryan Joyce. They are very knowledgeable on badges, daggers and helmets. A nice wide arrange of high end items that would be hard to upgrade. A epic website I’d warmly recommend my customers to visit!

Ran by Michael Baskette and Sean Greene. A nice wide array of mostly German and Russian militaria. Next to having nice items it’s always a pleasure to deal with my friend Sean who I have made many great deals with! Sean is also very knowledgeable on German helmets and runs the facebook group German Helmets of the Second World War <- a great group!

Selles Military Antiques
A Normandy based website with many museum quality uniforms and equipment. There are a lot of high-end Fallschirmjäger items to be found here. A great website which I would recommend to visit!

Rocksteady militaria
A great website focussing mainly on relics found on the eastern front. Run by a very enthusiastic guy who really has a big heart for relics. These relics are mostly in dugup condition, found on famous battlefield sites all over Europe and Russia. If you are looking for a piece of vivid history that was actually found on a battlefield Bas Bravenboer is your guy!

Circa 1941 or Circa1941 on instagram is a relatively new website with a very nice arrange of German and US helmets, parts and accoutrements. All items are very nicely photographed and all items shown clearly show the quality that is carried throughout the page. A neat webshop!

Frontkampfer45 is run by my friend Patrick who I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with many times. A great guy with a nice range of great quality German optics, edged weapons, field gear and weapon accessories. From my experience over the years with Patrick I can only see nice things to come!

Wartime Relics
A company focussed on restoration, repair and the trade of world war two vehicles and accessories. Next to expert restoration and maintenance for your world war two vehicle they also have a great line of spare or replacement parts meant to expand the lifetime of your vehicle. A great website to have a look if you drive a vehicle!

William Kramer runs this website with a wonderful inventory. Mostly focussing on awards, insignia and edged weapons. I have done many deals with Billy in the past and would recommend anyone to take a look at his extensive inventory!

General Assault Militaria
This new website mostly focussed on combat badges and general German world war two awards is run by my friend Job who is highly knowledgeable on this very specific and difficult subject. A honest guy who surely is some of the biggest experts in the badge collecting society. I can’t say anything else then I’d advise then badge collectors to have a look at his website!

Marvins Military
Marvins Military is a new webshop ran by my friend Marvin Lechner. He’s mostly specialized in allied items with lot of nice equipment and headgear!

HB militaria is run by Gijs who grew up within a small  distance of where I was born. Neat little webshop with potential to growth!

A website dedicated in supplying the reenactor and collector with buttons, pocket litter and small original items of the second world war. Neat website designed by the talented Daan who surely has got an eye for finding world war two period pocket litter!

Wolfgang Historica
Wolfgang Historica is a newly launched online Militaria Webshop and specializes in Photographs (III. Reich Personalities, Knight’s Cross Holders and other High Award Holders, Portraits), Postwar Signatures, Paper Documents (such as ID’s, Award Documents, Postcards) and material from Military, Paramilitary and Political Organisations of the Third Reich, ranging from 1929-1945.

Fortitude Militaria
A French website that is run by the same people that own and run the great museum at Ambleteuse which is a must-see! The owners have a long reputation for quality both in the museum and the webshop and for sure have a big inventory list. Nice website!

A new website ran by my friend Alexander van Kleeff who offers a wide range of world war two militaria. He offers items for every wallet which is a very nice variation to most webshops. Having done many deals with Alex and I can only say I think he’s a honest guy and a joy to deal with.  His website gets updated every Saturday morning with new items! 

This website is ran by my friend Ronald who is a very knowledgeable collector of fine Waffen-SS cloth and camouflage items. I have known him for at least 14 years and I’ve always had pleasant deals with him. His website has a very nice range of quality Waffen-SS collectables and I’d warmly recommend every serious collector to check out his website!

Invasion Stripes Militaria
A relatively new and Normandy based webshop with a wide base of various German, British and American militaria. A nice website with many been-there items which might not be mint, but carry a history!

Corridor Collectibles
A new website ran by my long time friend and military ID and paperwork expert Floris. After 20+ years of collecting on a high level he finally decided to take this passion a step further. A great guy to deal with that I can warmly recommend to any paperwork enthousiast!


Research websites

WW2 US Medical Research Centre
A great in depth website by my friends Ben Major and Alain Betens documenting the American medical equipment and supplies. Ben built my website and what shall I say? Without him this site would not be so nice today!

This website is a compilation of many original German war photographers pictures. Sorted in albums that are either of one roll of film or a single photographer. The albums show all the pictures, so not just the ones that made it into the press. In this way one can have a in depth view on the daily life of the German soldiers. Nothing is left out and that is wat makes this website so interesting. Please take a look at the vast quantity of original pictures that have been painstakingly documented by my friend Drew on his website!

Der Erste Zug
A great website with many articles about German uniform items, tactics, mannerisms and much more. I always recommend this website to beginning collectors and reenactors since it has a very wide research base on most aspects of the German army soldier during world war two. Definitely worth a read!

A great website for the collector of German weapons and the accompanying equipment. The website discusses many of the specialized equipment for the MG34 and MG42. This comprehensively made in depth website is a must see for people interested in the MG42 and it’s equipment!

Claus Espeholt
Claus has made a nice documentation on G43 pouches, G43 and MP44. He has many pictures and in depth detailes described both in text and pictures.

Projekt 1944
This website was launched back around 2008 when living history was still a “new” thing in Europe, or it was at least for me. I’ve worked together with them on quite some occasions doing living history photoshoots. The website has many interesting photo series made with original items explaining how they where used in a story line. The stories on the website are interesting to read and give a lot of background information on the shown items, uniforms and units!
This website made by Tom has a great introduction on German equipment. Most if not all basic equipment items are shown complete with the correct way of wear and use. If you ask me what website inspired me most to make my own, it might be mp44.

A comprehensive website designed around all the accecoires on the MP40 submachine gun. It nicely describes the different types of MP40 pouches and makers. Other rarely known accessories are also documented in depth on this website! A must see for collectors interested in MP40’s!

German WW2 Helmet
Jan from Norway has just created a nice reference website with many helmets locally found in Norway. It is a good reference page with mostly locally acquired or out of the woodwork helmets. A must see for helmet collectors!

Rg 34
This website is a must-see for enthousiasts of the German cleaning kits or Reinigunsgerät 34! It has a wide arrange of information of all different models, manufacturers and variations.

German Helmet Vault
The German helmet vault is a newer website concentrated purely on German helmets. It’s very detailed and shows a wide arrange of different helmets in good condition. It has a lot of information!
This website was one of the first well designed, highly detailed information websites regarding German Helmets that I encountered about 10 years ago. A good source of information for both the novice and experienced collector!

A nice informative website about the Gasplane with many original examples!

Project ’44
A website visualizing the progress from the Canadian first army from D-day onwards 87 days during the full battle of Normandy. This website shows a map overview with individual units both Canadian and German in a day to day map. A great tool to work with when one would like some unit research. Please keep an eye on the website which will be updated regularly!

This website built and maintained by my friend Nick is a extensive blog about the battles in and around the German town of Prüm and the surrounding area of the Schnee Eifel during February and March 1945. The website has a very great base of research in text and image. Nick went to great lengths to gather documents and information around the battle and has a great knowledge on the battlefield! The website has a very nice photograph database!

A very in depth explanatory website explaining the use of the infamous RBnr. or Reichsbetriebsnummer. A must see with a great database!

Recommended Museums

Normandy Victory Museum
A great museum right in the middle of the D-Day invasion beaches. This museum covers the battles between Carentan and Saint Lo, having a large number of vehicles and mannequins; both German and American. There is also a nice section of the pre war and occupation era and there is a nice selection of large, life size dioramas you can walk right through. The museum is a joint cooperation between multiple collectors with many high end items; vehicles, helmets, uniforms and a lot of very poignant relics! 
There is also a great restaurant which is also to be recommended!

Located next to Malmedy it has simply the best German uniform and equipment collection in the world. Most if not all of the items are unique to the region or in mint condition. All of this is presented on highly realistic mannequins painted by my friend Raoul brink or in display cases that have been very aesthetically filled. I have visited this museum plenty of times and if you want to study original equipment from up close, this is the place to go!

This museum is another must see when you are in the Ardennes. Like the museum in Baugnez, the quality is very high. This museum, mainly focussed on original items found in and around La Gleize, has some very unique pieces on display. All of this is presented on highly realistic mannequins painted by my friend Raoul brink or in display cases that have been very aesthetically filled. The original Mapcase from Jochen Peiper, amongst many other unique items, can be seen here.

This museum, located in the south of the Netherlands has a immense collection displayed on very lifelike sillicone mannequins. If you want to see a LOT of items you really need to go there. The museum is literally stacked with original items in good to mint condition.

Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster
The German Panzermuseum in Munster is one of the major museums in the world when it comes to German armourer vehicles and tanks. It houses many vehicles from motorcycles to tanks. A must see for the German vehicle enthousiast!

Oorlogsmuseum Ossendrecht
This museum is one of the biggest private collections in the Netherlands. The collection was started by the owner Jan de Jonge who was born in 1943. He spent his whole life collecting artifacts and runs one of the most impressive museums in the Netherlands.

Museum 40-45 Amay
This small museum ran by the Dutch collector Ad Marijnissen. Truly a collector museum with a endless lot of artifacts on display with many mannequins. The museum is located in a theatre that was originally built in 1938. Contact the museum for opening times as it is not always open!

Manhay History 44 museum
The MHM44 museum tells the story of the battle of Manhay from 23 December until the liberation of the last villages on January 7th 1945. A great new museum that was opened in 2018 and is still pretty new. The base of the museum evolves around a historic building and a very advanced Waffen-SS camouflage collection with great dioramas that for sure is worth a visit!

Atlantikwall Museum Hoek van Holland
This Dutch based museum is located in a series of bunkers near the Dutch coast line. These German built bunkers where a part of the Atlantikwall and are a very visual part of history that you can still visit today. The museum shows a series of professionally restored bunkers and many locally found artifacts. A very interesting museum!

Reenactment groups

3. Kompanie Panzergrenadier regiment 60 ” Der Windhund “
This is the primary group I reenact with. The guys in this unit, past and present, are close friends of mine and I’ve travelled all over Europe together with them. We focus on a accurate impression right into the details and enjoy tactical and full immersion events most.

Fronthistoriska Föreningen (FHF)
This Swedish living history group is simply one of the best living history groups around. Their focus on details is amazing. Their knowledge on the portrayal of the late war Panzergrenadier is very intense. We work together with them a lot during international events. Great photo’s on their Facebook page too!

Die Soldaten
Another great group doing many photo studies and recreations. Together with the two above mentioned groups they are some of the most innovative and leading groups in the world.
Formed from members of the respected ‘GD Panzerfusilier’ Regiment reenactment group.  The group’s objective is to recreate as closely as possible the sights and sounds  of a German infantry section in the field during the period 1943 – 45. This is achieved through the use of both original and reproduction uniforms and equipment researched from wartime photographs and documents. Their Facebook page is full with good pictures!

American patrol
A small but great dutch reenacting group with mostly young members trying to take living history to another level. They have a very high level of authenticity with a wide number of impressions. If you see them, say hi to L.J. Johnson for me (not before his morning coffee!).

17th Armored Engineers
This is a Dutch based US reenacting group which have been around for a long time. They have a wide line of vehicles ranging from bicycles to armored cars. A group that attends many events and that I have enjoyed many events with. Great guys that just launched their new website with loads of research and pictures on the 17th Armored engineers battalion of the 2nd armored division.

A Dutch based re-enactment group depicting Grenadier regiment 726, 716. Infanterie Division. Their goal is to accurately depict the drafted young German Landser stationed on the French coast. A nice group run by people I’ve known for ages with the right mindset for research and immersion!

Reenacting and living history suppliers 

At The Front
The one stop shop run by my friend Rollin who goes great lengths to reproducing items for living history purposes. Next to this he has a few excellent articles on his website on original uniforms and equipment.

In Trenches
Chris Pittmann is one of the most knowledgable people I know in Soldbucher and other personal items from the period. He reproduces stamps, soldbucher and other paper forms. He is the go to guy if you need a filled in Soldbuch for reenacting!

Kriegsende Militaria 
Kriegsende focusses mostly on pocket litter, the small items every reenactor should carry in his pockets. He has some nice small items that (even in Europe) are becoming hard to find.

McFarthingbowls Reenactmentshop
My friend Tim van Deutekom runs this reenactmentshop very dedicated for a long time. Also he is thé man if you need costumes for films or documentaries. He has many many interesting items and arguably the best reproduction kragenlitzen available to mankind!

Rob van Meel military reprints
My good friend Rob reproduces all sorts of manuals for all sorts of vehicles, weapons and armies. He carries some of the most obsolete manuals of some of the rarest motorcycles, tanks or trucks. If you want to restore a vehicle and struggle to find parts numbers or just want to know how to disassemble your prized possession I would highly recommend sending him a message. He will most likely have the manual or tell you where to find the information.

Militaria platforms;
There are several new emerging platforms for militaria collectors and traders. These platform have formed due to the dissapearing of many interesting collector groups on facebook. These platforms are made by collectors, for collectors. 


Kolekto – collection inventory app
Kolekto is the world’s first cloud-based collection inventory app written and managed by collectors, for collectors. In addition to managing your entire collection with custom attributes, asset tag management and much more, Kolekto also provides the entirely free Kolekto Marketplace. Buy and sell your militaria online completely for free.

Militrade Platform
Thé social media platform that is recommended for militaria collectors. This is made by a passionate collector for other collectors to use. Without modern social media platform who are often needlessly removing or censoring pictures of insignia. This is a platform that will be a great base for any militaria collector. You can find the Militrade app in the App Store or Google Play store.

Gielda Militariów
Gielda Militariów is a Polish based platform for collectors and dealers to sell military items. A birth child of the large group on facebook which was deleted after 25+ thousand members; this is the new large Polish platform for militaria classifieds that I recommend any Polish collector to keep an eye on. A great place to sell your collectibles if you’re Polish!

A relatively new website that lets you offer items under their webshop software. Some of my friends such as Sander Arfman sell their inventory there. I’m looking forward what this platform has to offer in the future!

Collect Military antiques
Is a large platform which lists LOADS of militaria dealers. This is a nice list of militaria dealers who all have a degree of quality. I am thrilled to be on here but its also a nice base to scroll through thousands of items if you’re looking for that one item!