Medical equipment

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  • Wehrmacht issue bandage dated 1944


    Wehrmacht issue bandage dated 1944

  • Sanitäter pouches


    Nice lightbrown Sanitäter pouches in very good, unissued condition. One of them is marked dny 1941 indicating production by Karl Bollmann & Co., Lederwarenfabrik, Tuttlingen. There are a few scissors inside the pouch.

  • Late war wooden verbandkasten


    Later in the war the German vehicle first aid kit or “Verbandkasten” was made out of wood in stead of steel. Most of these don’t have a label on the inside and are executed in field gray paint. This one is in very good condition with over 90% of the period paint remaining. The spray painted letters on the front are very aesthetically pleasing and would nicely compliment a medical display!

  • Rare and complete medical wound tag booklet


    Rare to find complete Wundzettel book. These paper tags where to be worn on the uniform when wounded. Hard to find in complete condition, this booklet is a important part of the Sanitäter equipment!

Showing all 4 results