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  • Pre war Waffen-SS/Political marked RZM M6/43/39

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    A very nice Prewar RZM M6/43/39 marked messkit in mint condition. Unlike many tall prewar RZM messkits in black, this Messkit is executed in Feldgrau indicating production for the Waffen-SS. Nicely named on the back to Helmut Dittrich.

  • Black pre war M31 messkit marked HWP 34

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    Black M31 Kochgeschirr marked HWP 34 indicating production by Hermann Wuppermann, Pinneberg. The messkit retains up to 95% of its original factory paint. The top loop for the strap is the first open model. One of the rarest manufacturers/types of messkits in near mint condition!

  • Pre war Reichswehr era Messkit marked SMM 28


    A very nice pre war messkit marked SMM28 indicating production by Süddeutsche Metallwarenfabrik, Mussbach in 1928. This is the first inter war period messkit I’ve found. It still retains up to 80% of its original grey paint.

  • M1910 messkit marked RZM M6/2/40


    This tall, pre war model was most probably made and used by the Waffen-SS. Nicely marked RZM M6/2/40 and HRE indicate production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen in 1940The usual prewar political models for the HitlerjugendAllgemeine-SS and SA where finished in a black paint. This one, being produced in Olive paint was most probably produced and used by the Waffen-SS as can be seen on many wartime pictures. Nice condition!

Showing all 4 results