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  • Enamel M42 messkit AWC


    A very nice enameled M42 messkit marked AWC indicating production by August Schubert Hammerwerk Bitterfeld. The messkit comes with the textbook A-frame messkit strap with 3 loops.

  • Tall pre war aluminum M1910 messkit HRE 39


    Pre war tall M1910 messkit maker marked HRE39 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter Esslingen.

  • Pre war Waffen-SS M31 messkit marked RZM M6/1/39 RZM


    A very nice pre war M31 messkit marked RZM M6/1/39. The messkit still retains up to 90% of its original field grey paint. These RZM quality messkits where issue to all sorts of political organizations. This short M31 model is a typical military messkit. This M31 messkit was most probably made and used by the Waffen-SS. The usual prewar political models for the HitlerjugendAllgemeine-SS and SA where finished in a black paint and are of the large M1910 model. This one, being a short military model produced in Feldgrau was most probably produced and used by the Waffen-SS.

    A nice messkit for a early SS-VT setup and very rare to find!

  • Speckled grey enameled M42 messkit


    Rare grey speckled enameled steel M42 messkit. Typical production with the green painted handle. Very nice variation for the messkit collector!

  • German reissued Italian messkit


    The Italian army messkit (Gavetta Modello 1930) was a commonly seen item within the German army. Prior to re-issue in the German army they where mostly painted green by the Germans.

Showing all 5 results