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  • Nahkampspange document grouping to (Pz) Pionier Wilhelm Hauber


    Excellent large document grouping to Unteroffizier Wilhelm Hauber, serving in Pionier Battalion 666 and Panzer Pionier Abteilung 57. Hauber was a well decorated man with 7(!) award documents to his name. The grouping consists of documents for the Nahkampfspange in Bronze signed by Poibie, Eiserne Kreuz 1. Klasse signed by Otto von KnobelsdorffEiserne Kreuz 2. Klasse signed by General der Artillerie Maximilian de Angelis, Sturmabzeichen signed by General der Artillerie Maximilian de Angelis, Die Medaille Winterschlacht im osten signed by Lugel, Verwundetenabzeichen im Silber, Verwundetenabzeichen im Schwarz signed by Poibie. Of these signatures General der Artillerie Maximilian de Angelis and Otto von Knobelsdorff were both Ritterkreuzträger. The group also comes with his Hauber’s Schiessbuch. Nice and attractive grouping that would leave lots of possibilities for further research!

  • Imperial post card lot


    Interesting lot of first world war post cards with interesting stories on the back.

  • Rare Fallschirmjäger Soldbuch FJR10, FJR27


    Rare original Luftwaffe Soldbuch to Gefreiter Josef Gaiser serving as a Fallschirmjäger in Fallschirmjäger regiment 10 and 27. He enlisted 23.8.1943. He served  with Fallschirmjäger regiment 10 from 22.1.44 to 29.2.44 at the Anzio and Nettuno front. Later he was transferred to Fallschirmjäger regiment 27 which fought at Pommern, Oderfront and Berlin. He was wounded from shrapnel 4 times, with the last one being fatal. He died 25.5.45 in Bad Bramstedt. A good soldbuch for further research!

  • Fallschirmjäger parachute packing book or Fallschirm-Pruffschein


    Fallschirmjäger parachute packing book or Fallschirm-Pruffschein

  • Fallschirmjäger parachute packing book or Fallschirm-Pruffschein


    Fallschirmjäger parachute packing book or Fallschirm-Pruffschein in very good, unissued condition.

  • Rare original pattern book Uniform-Maßschneidern für die Wehrmacht – Fritz Hiddemann


    Rare original pre war German uniform pattern book. This A4 sized book has a load of illustrations and information showing how to cut, sew and finish uniforms. This handbook was in every tailor shop or factory that produced uniforms for the German army. The patterns inside range from the basic Luftwaffe, Heer and Kriegsmarine uniforms to SS black uniform tunics. There are multiple diagrams illustrating the wide variation of rank and trade patches in the Heer, Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe. There are several copies for sale online and one original for 8000 euro. This is a very rare original example in complete condition!

  • Rare NSKK poster Ook Gij behoort bij ons


    Rare  and 81 x 61,5 cm large Dutch poster reading Ook Gij behoort bij ons Meldt u bij de NSKK Gruppe Luftwaffe Nadere inlichtingen Verleenen De werfbureau Lange Vijververberg 10, Den Haag. Desirable and rare poster with vivid colours!

  • Rare poster Koenraad van den Arbeitsdienst

    Sale! 450.00 350.00

    Rare and 130 x 76cm large original poster reading Meldt U aan bij gemeentehuis, Arbeidsbureau of aanmeldingen bureau van den N.A.D. zegt Koenraad van den Arbeidsdienst. Desirable original poster with vivid colours!

  • Stunning grouping to Generalleutnant Heinrich Nickel


    Extensive grouping to Generalleutnant Heinrich Nickel. The grouping is a vast collection of over 100 maps, photographs and personal memorabilia to his wartime experiences. The grouping has a large number of maps which most were drawn into by Nickel with dates, tactical and unit markings. There are maps from world war one, when he served as a Leutnant. There are a large number of maps of the 1940 campaign and the eastern front, which are mostly drawn into with dates, tactical and unit markings. This is a true goldmine for a historian or collector; these maps are a testimony to the battles fought and a direct source for detailed information.

    Next to the maps there are two personal kit boxes, a number of unit made ashtrays with interesting motives, his first ánd second world war Erkennungsmarke, his double claw belt and a map containing a large number of mostly unpublished photographs.

    This is a great grouping for any serious collector or historian and would be very hard to upgrade!

    Please note; shipping outside Europe should be considered expensive; it would take several boxes and most probably cost 250 euro and will be charged after. Pickup is preferred, can be delivered to most BENELUX militaria fairs.

  • Unique document grouping to Zugführer Fritz Lausberg, KIA Stalingrad


    Unique document grouping to Feldwebel u. Zugführer Fritz Lausberg, killed in action 23.8.1942 at the first day of the battle for Stalingrad. He served in Panzer Jäger Abteilung 371 as a Zugführer. He was awarded the EKII, EKI and Sturmabzeichen post mortum. The grouping has a large album with his letters, photographs and messages sent to the family after his death. A extensive grouping in very good condition for a Feldwebel in a Panzerjäger Abteilung, killed in action on the first day of the battle for Stalingrad.

  • Rare poster Neemt dienst als Wachtman


    Rare and 79,5 x 55 cm large original poster reading Neemt Dienst als wachtman in Nederland. Vrije kost en inwoning, kleding en geneeskundige hulp. Bij gehuwden zijn ook de familieleden tegen ziekte verzekerd. Grondsalaris per dag f 4.50 Kindertoeslag voor elk kind beneden 16 jaar f 0.34 Bovendien inzetgeld dagelijks f 1.65, bij ongehuwden per dag f 1,- Vraagt nadere inlichtingen Wachabteilung Zeist. Desirable original poster with vivid colours!

  • Paper grouping to Franz Struck in Pz. Gren. Regt 64


    Nice original grouping to Panzergrenadier Gefreiter Franz Struck who served with Schw. Schutzen Regiment 64 and was awarded the Panzerkampfabzeichen in bronze.

  • Manual: Zeichnung und Skizze by Luitpold Kamm, 1935


    Very nice period manual: Zeichnung und Skizze or “drawings and sketches”. The manual is written by Leopold Kamm in München in 1935. Nice example with a number of tactical lessons!

  • Manual: Sa. Fi. or Sandkastenfibel


    Nice original German army issued tactical booklet/manual or Sa. Fi. “Sandkastenfibel”. Original and interesting example!

  • Manual: Das buch vom Deutschen Unteroffizier


    Very nice period book: Das buch vom Deutschen Unteroffizier or “The book from the German Corporal”. This book was given to a Unteroffizier within I.R. 37 (Infanterie-Regiment 37), most likely when he became an Unteroffizier. Nice period book!

  • Rare Waffen-SS Postcard ‘Der Fuhrer’


    Rare postcard showing the ‘victory parade’ of the 1940 campaigns for SS-Regiment Der Führer.

  • Complete set of J. Vincx & V. Schotanius’s – Nederlandse Vrijwilligers in Europese Krijgsdienst part 1 to 4


    A only scarcely encountered complete set of J. Vincx & V. Schotanius’s – Nederlandse Vrijwilligers in Europese Krijgsdienst. One can find part one to three, but part four is extremely hard to find and contains many pictures and information regarding the Wiking division. The books are in very good condition without damages complete with the original paper backs. A scarce opportunity to buy the whole set, a great documentation on Dutch volunteers in the Waffen-SS!

  • H. Dv. 240 Schießvorschrift 1937


    Nice Heer issued shooting prescription or Schießvorschrift – (H. Dv.) Heeres Dienstvorschrift 240. This example is for the use of the rifle, light machine gun and pistol. The guide is published in 1937 and is in good condition.

  • Group of 9 Ausbildungstafeln für die Infanterie


    Excellent big group of 9 training booklets for infantry troops. All the booklets are original and dated! The group is consisting out of the following parts: Ausbildungstafeln für die Infanterie 1, Ausbildungstafeln für die Infanterie 2, Ausbildungstafeln für die Infanterie 6/6A, Ausbildungstafeln für die Infanterie 8/8A, Ausbildungstafeln für die Infanterie 9/9A, Ausbildungstafeln für die Infanterie 12/12A, Taktische Zeichen des Heeres 13/13A, Ausbildungstafeln für die Infanterie 14 & Ausbildungstafeln für die Infanterie 15/15A. There are some real interesting parts which are great for Research or information such as Taktische Zeichen des Heeres 13/13A!

  • Fallschirmjäger deathcard KIA 22.10.44 Holland


    Rare coloured deathcard for Fallschirmjäger Alois Irl, KIA 22.10.1944. He is buried in Ysselsteyn, the Netherlands.

  • Large Panzer portrait photograph


    Excellent postcard sized portrait of a Panzer crewman in his early pre war Panzer Wrap

  • Wehrpass to Wilhelm Schmieg Luftwaffen-Bau-Bataillon 8./VII


    Nice original Wehrpass to Wilhelm Friedrich Schmieg serving in Luftwaffen-Bau-Bataillon 8./VII.

  • Wehrpass named Johannes Fröhmer Westfeldzug 1940


    Wehrpass to Johannes Fröhmer who fought in the 1939 and 1940 campaigns in various Artillerie and Grenadier units. He was promoted to a Gefreiter and later to a Obergefreiter and was awarded the Iron Cross second class and the wound badge in silver.

  • Large lot of Dutch wartime foodstamps


    Large lot of Dutch wartime foodstamps in original paper envelope. Instant collection!

  • Der Dienstunterricht im Heere Ausgabe für den Schützen der Schützenkompanie


    A nice original Reibert manual. These manuals where private issue in the 1940’s and a very popular item. These manuals are very thorough and they talk over every single aspect the German soldier was taught in. The book contains German history, Drills, Mannerisms, squad formations, weapons handling, shooting and maintenance, airplane recognition, horse riding, ranks, how to behave/write/talk, heavy weapons and so on and so on.

    They where brought out in different versions, this one being the variant for the “Schützen der Schützenkompanie” or simply riflemen. The manual counts 332 pages and is in readable condition.

  • German medical manual Krankenträger und Sanitätskompanien


    German wartime manual for the organization of the Krankenträger und Sanitätskompanien. Nice original manual with unit formation information that would be a nice base for further research.

  • Fernmeldetechnik im Heere H. Dv. 125/3


    Nice Heer issued telecommunication technology guide or Fernmeldetechnik im Heere – Heeres Dienstvorschrift 125/3. The guide is published in 1939 in is in good condition.

  • German mapcase block note marked Stenogramm heft


    One of the rarest mapcase accessories; a original paper block note for map sketching and message noting. The block note has 50 lined pages and is in mint unissued condition. I have a small stock; you will get one in mint condition as the pictured examples.

  • Heer Sturmgeschütz/ Panzergrenadier portrait postcard size


    Great original large portrait picture on a postcard size 13x19cm. The soldier is seen wearing the field grey wrapper with insignia for Sturmgeschutz/Artillerie or late war Panzergrenadier. Very hard to make out the exact Waffenfarbe on a black and white picture.

  • Original private pictures 5×7 cm ‘ Feldzug Im Westen ‘


    Interesting original private pictures. Great set images typical to the invasion of France in 1940 better known as the Feldzug im Westen. Nice details such as a captured castle with swastika flag, field graves, French POW’s, horse drawn columns and more.

  • Original SS Panzer portrait pictures


    Nice original Panzer portrait pictures. 7x9cm and 5x8cm.

  • Original private pictures 5×8 cm ‘ Feldzug Im Osten ‘


    Interesting original private pictures. Great set images typical to the invasion of Russia in 1941 better known as the Feldzug im Osten. Nice details such as Panzers about to attack, a snowed in bunker and columns of Russian prisoners. Pictures are nicely written on on the back with places, dates or details.

  • Original picture of Seyss-Inquart and Rauter


    A nice original picture of Reichskommissar in der Niederlande Arthur Seyss-Inquart and Generalkommissar für das Sicherheitswesen Hanns Albin Rauter. Size 6,5 x 9 cm.

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