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  • Wehrmacht issue blanket


    A original German army issue blanket. These blankets where issued and used members of the Heer and Waffen-SS. The importance of blankets in a war is very underestimated and where more then often the only comfort a soldier would have.

    This blanket is in used condition, it has a few repairs and holes and the ends are fraying a bit. None the less, this is a original Wehrmacht issue blanket that would be perfect for a personal effects display and very nice correctly folded or strapped onto a Tornister or Rucksack!

  • Second pattern folding shovel with cover in good used condition


    A very nice second pattern shovel carrier with folding shovel marked cqr 1943 indicating production by Lederwerk Sedina Joachim Schell, Sportartikelfabrik, Finkewalde Bez. StettinThe shovel is marked dpb indicating production by Wilh. Förster, Eisen- u. Stahlwarenfabrik, Oberbrügge i/Westf.. A nice set in good condition!

  • Long gasmask strap marked DA37


    Very nice pre war long gasmask strap marked DA37. Hard to find spare in good condition.

  • Kradmelder dustgoggles


    A very nice original pair of dust goggles in used condition. Textbook pair as seen on the two original photographs.  A nice pair of goggles to add to a helmet.

  • Complete 6×30 Dienstglas binoculars marked CAG


    A very nice black painted 6×30 Dienstglas or army issue binoculars. These where issued to all branches in the Wehrmacht. The binoculars retain their original tan paint up to 95% and can easily be graded near mint. The binoculars are marked CAG K.F. indicating production by Swarovski. Extremely hard to find a pair with this amount of paint.

  • EM equipment belt unit marked 1./Pz.Abt.103


    Nice original equipment belt unit marked 1./Pz.Abt.103. Very hard to find unit marked equipment, especially from the armoured units!

  • Panzer assault badge in bronze AS in triangle


    Nice original Panzer assault badge or Panzerkampfabzeichen in bronze. The badge is nicely marked AS in a triangleTypical crimped ball hinge pin – a textbook badge in very good, near mint condition.

  • Classic three-tone camouflage gasmask canister


    A very nice original three-tone camouflage gasmask canister. The canister retains its original camouflage paint up to 75% and is in very nice vibrant condition. The canister still retains the original strap, spare lenses, filter and mask. A classic camouflage gasmask canister with the typical colours. Really a stunning piece that would easily be matched to a three tone camouflage helmet!

  • Field repainted SE64 M35 double decal Heer helmet


    Stunning SE64 M35 double decal Heer field repainted camouflage helmet. Textbook early campaign helmet named to Unteroffizier Kessler. The helmet comes with its originally placed liner and shortened chinstrap. The shell is marked SE64 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. The helmet is a textbook example of a unmolested 1940 campaign helmet with non reflective camouflage paint painted over the apple green factory paint.

  • Minty tropical Coconut canteen marked HRE 43


    A unissued coconut canteen marked HRE 43 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The canteen is near mint condition together with its matching cup.

  • RZM pattern Waffen-SS cufftitle Westland


    Stunning and rare cuff title for the SS-Standarte-Westland or SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 10 Westland in very good condition. Nice second pattern RZM style construction. This is one of the rarest cufftitles to find, especially in tunic removed condition

  • 1940 dated M31 Heer Zeltbahn


    Very nice lightly worn 1940 dated Heer M31 Zeltbahn. Still retains most if not all originally sewn buttons and three black ropes. Very hard to upgrade!

  • Stone mint M40 Luftwaffe trousers


    A stone mint pair of Luftwaffe M40 trousers or Fliegertuchhose. The trousers are a good mannequin size and still retain most if not all of the nap on the wool. The garment is maker marked E Knoch Mönchröden. A stunning pair in stone mint condition that would look great on a mannequin and is truly impossible to upgrade.

  • Mint Luftwaffe side cap marked RBNr. 0/678/5015


    Textbook and mint Luftwaffe sidecap marked RBNr. 0/678/5015. Dated 5/43 and in a good mannequin size 56. The sidecap retains its original wartime factory sewn insignia. Very hard to upgrade textbook example!

  • Mint US M1943 field jacket Pece & Pizzo, 1943, 40R


    Mint condition US M1943 field jacket, maker marked Pece & Pizzo and dated Oct. 11 1943. The jacket is a good large mannequin size 40R. On the front the jacket still retains the cutter tag. There are two damaged buttons, otherwise a perfect M43 that’s impossible to upgrade!

  • Award document wound badge Normandy A.R. 276


    Nice original award document for wound badge to Kanonier Günter Erler, 12 Kompanie Artillerie Regiment 276. The 276 Infanterie Division took part in the heavy battles in Normandy and this one was awarded due to wounds received between Tilly and Villers Bocage, Normandy on 17.7.1944.

  • Heer M43 Keilhosen in mint condition


    A very nice mint example of a pair of Wehrmacht Heer M43 combat trousers or Keilhosen. In good mint condition with all its original sewn buttons. The wool is in great condition without repairs and still has most of the nap and full contrasted field grey color remaining. The trousers are in mint condition with absolutely zero issues. A great pair for a mannequin that is very hard to find in this perfect condition and size!

  • Exceptional Gebirgsjäger M36 EM field blouse in mint condition


    Exceptional M36 EM field blouse with full originally sewn insignia for a Obergefreiter in Gebirgsjägerregiment 100. The blouse is in full mint condition without any damages or alterations. The blouse is a very nice large size fitting most if not all mannequins. The blouse comes with a rare and wonderful set of cyphered pre war shoulderstraps for Gebirgsjägerregiment 100. The garment retains all of its period sewn insignia; a set of pre war generic Kragenlitzen, a Obergrefreiter chevron and Gebirgsjäger Edelweiss. This is really a stunning textbook EM M36 tunic in mint condition, surely the best one I’ve ever had to offer!

  • Waffen-SS dot pattern uniform in Erbsentarn camouflage marked Betr. Ra.


    Outstanding unissued M44 dot pattern Waffen-SS Erbsentarnmuster camouflage tunic marked Betr. Ra. The blouse is a nice unissued example with all originally sewn buttons and strong contrasting Erbsentarn colours. Nicely marked Betr. Ra. indicating production by Betriebswerk Ravensbrück (Texled). The garment is a true depot queen in mint condition!

  • Lufwaffe NS66 M42 three-tone Normandy camouflage helmet with ghost decal


    Stunning three-tone Normandy camouflage helmet with a ghost decal. The helmet is in good used condition and nicely marked NS66 indicating production by Nickelwerke Schwerte. The helmet retains up to 90% of its original three-tone Normandy camouflage paint with a ghost Luftwaffe decal clearly visible through the paint. The colours are strong and vibrant. The leather liner and chinstrap are original to the helmet. A great example of a three-tone Normandy camouflage helmet in very good condition.

  • SE64 Luftwaffe M35 reissue helmet named Oberstleutnant Krichler


    Stunning and uncommon Luftwaffe reissue helmet. The helmet is marked SE64 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. The helmet retains its original non-reinforced liner and LBA marked chinstrap in great condition. The helmet is a typical but rare Reissue example with a rough overpaint masking the pre war blue paint and decals. The rough reissue overpaint is topped off with a decal and naming in the skirt of the helmet. The helmet is unit marked to 1. Kompanie Flak Regiment 29 5. Batterie inside the dome and underneath the leather. The helmet is named to Oberstleutnant Krichler in the skirt of the shell.  The helmet would be a very nice base for further research for Oberstleutnant Krichler which is a very high rank! Very hard to find a Luftwaffe reissue helmet, this is the first and best one I’ve seen!

  • Heer/Waffen-SS M42 CKL 64 helmet in unissued condition


    A very nice unissued M42 helmet marked CKL64 indicating production by Eisen- u. Huettenwerke, Thale, Harz. The helmet retains its original paint for 99%. The helmet was recently found during household clearing in Germany and has never been in a collection before. The helmet is still dusty and uncleaned, easily cleaned with a soft brush to reveal its stone mint paint finish!

  • Q66 M35 Rautarn camouflage helmet


    Stunning example of M35 Q66 marked Heer/Waffen-SS camouflage helmet indicating production by Quist. The helmet is externally completely covered in thick concrete paint. The named leather liner and chinstrap are original to the helmet. The helmet is a killer example of a wartime camouflage helmet with thick concrete paint completely embedding the liner pins. The decals are both overpainted but visible through cracks in the paint. The helmet is named to Stabsarzt Schneider – one of the highest ranks in the medical department of the Wehrmacht. This would be a impeccable helmet for any helmet collector, impossible to upgrade and textbook Rautarn camouflage helmet!

  • Stone mint Heer/Waffen-SS M40 trousers


    Stone mint pair of M40 trousers for use in the Heer or Waffen-SS. The pair retains all of its originally sewn buttons and retains 100% of the nap in the wool. Guaranteed the best pair on the market today. The trousers are in mint condition with absolutely zero issues.

  • Mint untouched coastal artillery EM field blouse


    Stunning untouched Coastal artillery field blouse for a Kanonier der Küstenartillerie. The garment retains fully originally wartime sewn insigniaThe garment is in mint condition and retains its original paper factory tag. The garment retains all of its originally sewn buttons. The garment is a very nice and very hard to find original Coastal artillery field blouse for a Kanonier der Küstenartillerie. Perfect and unique piece for any Kriegsmarine or Küstenartillerie collector!

  • Waffen-SS reversible winter parka in Blurred Edge camouflage


    Near mint original and extremely rare Waffen-SS reversible parka in blurred edge or Rauchtarnmuster camouflage. The parka retains most if not all originally sewn buttonsThe garment is only lightly worn if at all with a handsewn repair to the collar/hood which I photographed. The garment is executed in a very nice bright and typical Waffen-SS blurred edge camouflage pattern. The garment is a nice large size which will fit most if not all mannequins. Rarer then the spring colored oak parka – possibly the rarest Waffen-SS winter garment to find!

  • Luftwaffe M31 breadbag


    Textbook Luftwaffe M31 breadbag complete with its original strap.

  • Mint Heer M42 mantel


    Scarce mint original Heer M42/M43 mantel with the typical large collar. There are no repairs or damages, the mantel is in stone mint condition. These mantels are the most generic ‘battle of the bulge’ winter garment seen. Perfect for a Ardennes mannequin and near impossible to find in this condition.

  • Complete M38 gasmask in unissued condition


    A very nice complete M38 gasmask in unissued condition. Very hard to find with 99% of its original factory paint. Complete with all straps and accessories it should come with. Some light rust on the top but unissued and very hard to upgrade.

  • Coastal artillery gasmask with microphone attachment


    Rare Kriegsmarine communition gasmask with microphone attachment.

  • MG34 spanner bsw


    Nice original MG34 spanner marked BSW indicating production by Berliner-Suhler Waffen-und Fahrzeugwerke / Gustloff-Werke . This tool is a standard component from the MG tool kit!

  • Stone mint 1945 dated Heer Splittertarn Zeltbahn


    Stone mint late war Heer Splittertarn Zeltbahn marked Reichsbetriebs-Nr. 0/0954/0004 and dated 1945(!). The Zeltbahn is a very nice unissued example retaining all original sewn buttons and all three guide ropes. Simply the best Heer Splittertarn Zeltbahn I’ve ever had the pleasure to offer!

  • Gebirgsjäger boots in used condition


    A very nice pair in good used condition. Still in dusty ‘as found’ condition. A nice combat worn pair in a large size that fits most if not all modern mannequins.

  • Oak A reversible winter hood or Kopfhaube


    A nice original reversible winter hood issued together with the Oak A reversible winter parka. In very good, lightly used condition. Size mark reads 55 but is actually a size 57, fits on most modern mannequins!

  • Lightweight Y-straps marked 1/0343/0022


    A nice and minty pair of lightweight Y-straps as issued to KavallerieLuftwaffe and Kriegsmarine personnel. Nicely maker marked 1/0343/0022. Hard to upgrade!

  • Rare reversible blurred edge camouflage mittens


    Possibly the rarest of Waffen-SS Wendehandschuhe is this type in Blurred Edge or Rauchtarnmuster camouflage. The mittens are fully reversible to white and in mint condition. Superb set that is incredibly hard to find!

  • Early gasmask strap set


    Nice early/pre war gasmask strap set. Complete set with the long and short strap in matching type and condition.

  • Skin decontamination flask with rare carrier


    A rare Hautentgiftungsmittel box with all contents. Rare to encounter with the red pressed paper box with cotton swabs and the flask!

  • Waffen-SS M42 oak leaf camouflage smock


    A stunning original Waffen-SS oak leaf camouflage smock in mint/unissued condition. The smock is a typical M42 type 1 smock with straight pockets. The pockets are lined with field grey Drillich material with camouflaged pocket flaps. The rayon drawstring is woven through machine sewn holes. All of the foliage loops are fully intact. The elastic on the sleeves and waist is still in functional condition and has never been removed or replaced. The camouflage print is strong and full of contrast and the colours very vibrant. The smock would be a prime piece in any camouflage collection and would be very hard to upgrade.

  • Mint matching K98 bayonet marked 44 asw in phosphate finish


    Exeptional mint matching bayonet marked 44 asw indicating production by E. & F. Horster & Co. Solingen. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 786 and has clean red bakelite grips. The bayonet is a very late example externally phosphate finished. One of the best bayonets I’ve found!

  • Impressive photograph lot of U-BOOT engine overhaul in Bremen


    Impressive photograph lot of 6 large sized photographs showing a U-Boot getting a new 680HP WUMAG engine in Bremen. Very hard to find original U-Boot photographs in a very large size of 13x13cm!

  • Late war MP44 ammunition pouch


    Typical second model MKB42/MP44 magazine pouch in obviously combat worn condition. One of the first types of ammunition pouch to be produced for the MP44 constructed fully out of recycled materials. The leather and canvas on the pouch was recycled showing many old stitch holes. These pouches where worn by members of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS and a nice example where the troops at the famous Poteau ambush which wears exactly this type of pouch. The pouch is maker marked FUQ 1944 indicating production by Curt Vogel, Cottbuss. The pouch was recently found in a household clearing in Germany and would make a great addition to a combat mannequin!

  • US liquid vesicant gas detection paint


    Very nice original original can of US gas detection paint marked Paint liquid vesicant detector M5 type 2 Cincinnati Ohio. These paints where used by American troops to camouflage equipment but also used on WD motorcycles. The paint inside is still liquid. The can was found 25 years ago from a small lot in Normandy.

  • Luftwaffe embroided breast or cap eagle


    Nice original Luftwaffe embroided breast or cap eagle. Size is measured in centimeters. Nice used condition!

  • Normandy death card 10.7.44 in Caen possible 12th SS PzDiv


    Death card of Anton Pommer, Soldat in a Artillerie Regiment. Anton was killed 10.7.1944 south west of Caen in the vicinity of Carpiquet and Hill 112. Anton Pommer was most probably a member of the 12. SS Panzerdivision Hitlerjugend.

  • Mint pre war K98 ammunition pouches marked LLG Saar 1939


    Exceptional pre war matching pair of K98 ammunition pouches marked LLG Saar 1939. Mostly made with aluminum hardware and with over 99% of its original black leather finish. Simply the best pre war set of K98 ammunition pouches that I’ve ever seen – impossible to upgrade and I bet you won’t find another set like this any time soon!

  • Complete wartime EM34 Range Finder in full original tan paint


    A complete wartime EM34 or Entfernungsmesser 34 in complete condition. These where issued with all sorts of artillery pieces and machine guns. They where used to zero in these heavy weapons to shoot accurately on long distances. The range finder comes complete with all the accessories it should have and is expected to be issued with. All carrying straps, slings, covers and even the adjustment tool are there. The optics are clear and give a nice 11 times magnification. The set is still in this pristine condition and is in the full original colour. It has always been stored well! The set is complete with tripod , range finder and cover and the Justierlatte. It is hard to find a complete range finder as they are often incomplete let alone in its full original tan colour!

  • Coastal artillery gasmask with microphone attachment named F. Weidmann


    Rare Kriegsmarine gasmask with microphone attachment. The mask is named to F. Weidmann. Hard to upgrade complete gasmask with all accessories you’d like to see.

  • Short pre war gasmask canister strap


    Typical pre war piece with three hole construction. Hard to find!

  • Lightbrown P08 Luger holster Karl Ackva 1939


    Superb light brown P08 Luger holster marked Karl Ackva, Bad Kreuznach 1939. A excellent holster in a stunning colour and condition.

  • Gebirgsjäger equipment bag with blue label


    Very nice original Gebirgsjäger equipment pouch. These where used and carried inside the Gebirgsjäger rucksack. The colored labels indicated what was carried inside.

  • Gebirgsjäger equipment bag with light green label


    Very nice original Gebirgsjäger equipment pouch. These where used and carried inside the Gebirgsjäger rucksack. The colored labels indicated what was carried inside.

  • Gebirgsjäger equipment bag with green label


    Very nice original Gebirgsjäger equipment pouch. These where used and carried inside the Gebirgsjäger rucksack. The colored labels indicated what was carried inside.

  • Gebirgsjäger equipment bag with red label


    Very nice original Gebirgsjäger equipment pouch. These where used and carried inside the Gebirgsjäger rucksack. The colored labels indicated what was carried inside.

  • Rare metal Zeiler torch

    Call for Price

    One of the rarest of Zeiler torches made from thin steel metal. First time I’ve ever seen it!

  • Wehrmacht Detonator type 26 or Glühzündapparat 26


    Very nice original Wehrmacht detonator or Glühzündapparat 26 in very good, working condition. Hard to find in good working condition, complete with both keys and leather bag.


  • Wehrmacht issue hand operated air raid siren


    Unissued Wehrmacht issued hand cranked air raid siren. Standard vehicle item that is extremely scarce to obtain in complete or working condition. This is the first one I’ve ever found in this complete condition. The sirens comes with the original cloth dustcover, the sling AND the belt loop. The belt loop is only the second one I’ve ever seen. The original paint finish on the zink/aluminum based hardware still retains up to 95%. Together with the completeness I’d say it is in unissued condition. The piece is nicely dated 1940 and is maker marked JURK. Incredibly scarce item that would nicely compliment any equipment or vehicle collection!

  • Early issue fur covered rucksack or Tornister


    Nice early war fur covered rucksack or Tornister. A very nice example in near mint condition. Actually very nice to find one in this condition. Still retains the backstrap and is nicely named on the main straps.

  • Late war Heer/Waffen-SS M44 rucksack


    A mint late war M44 Sturmgepäck. This rucksack is in very good condition and would be a nice addition to any equipment collection. The black leather is in good supple condition.

  • Late war MG42 ammunition carrying bag


    Late war red lined cloth MG42 ammunition carrying bag. Typical late war construction in combat used condition. The bag is made with typical red lined cloth and steel based hardware. The bag is a roomy fit for a MG34 ammunition box, more snug with a late war steel example. This type most probably also doubles as a grenade carrying bag. Very nice late war ammunition bag!

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