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  • NS68 M42 single decal Heer helmet


    A stunning single decal NS68 single decal M42 Heer helmet. Still retains up to 95% of the original Huber Jordan u. Koerner decal which is the textbook factory decal for NS helmets. The helmet retains 99% of the original textured factory applied paint. The helmet has a big 60 size liner which is original to the helmet. The helmet is a great example of a minty exceptionally large helmet. Inside the dome the dome stamp is still clearly visible and the skirt of the helmet is nicely named to Vinken.
    Over the general production only 5% where made in size 68 which makes it a rare size to find, especially in this minty condition. If you’re looking for a rare and large sized M42 Heer helmet this is it!

  • SE66 M35 single decal Kriegsmarine helmet in seagreen camouflage


    Stunning factory single decal M35 Kriegsmarine seagreen camouflage helmet. Nicely marked SE66 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. The lot number is 49## which is a typical range for a M35 SD KM. The helmet still retains its original chinstrap which is nicely Kriegsmarine marked and dated. The seagreen paint still covers up to 90% of the helmet and still retains its vibrant minty colour. The Kriegsmarine decal is partially painted over and nicely shows through the camouflage paint. Strong golden tones can be seen – surely not a Heer decal! Factory single decal M35 helmets are rare to find, specially Kriegsmarine and especially in such a nice seagreen camouflage paint! Can’t be upgraded.

  • Leather MG34 tool case with spider sight marked fuq 1944


    A very nice, lightly used MG34 tool pouch in leather with its original MG34 spider sight. The pouch is nicely marked fuq 1944 indicating production by Curt Vogel, Cottbuss. The pouch has one small faulty stitching, other then that its in great condition!

  • Clean 10 liter Trinkwasser


    A nice and usable 10 liter Trinkwasser water carrier in stunning condition. This is most probably the cleanest and nicest Trinkwasserkanister I have seen so far. The canister is marked HRE indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen.
    These carriers where first introduced around 1941 probably due to the hot climate in Italy and Africa. These are becoming hard to find and are a good and secure way to take drinking water to the front. This one still has most of its original paint and stencils and is in very good condition!

  • Presstoff 10×50 binocular case in good condition


    A nice Presstoff binocular case for the 10×50 issue binoculars or Dienstglas. Maker marked and dated 1944 inside and in good as found condition!

  • Tragegurt 34


    These straps where issued to MG crews and assisted in carrying the MG34 and MG42 ammunition boxes. The material is strong and in good used condition. These straps are hard to come by and would display nicely with a pair of ammunition boxes.

  • Speckled brown bakelite 6×30 Dienstglas container


    A nice speckled brown bakelite 6×30 binocular case. Later in the war when the Germans ran out of pigment for bakelite they switched over to different fillers. Sawdust was one of the filling materials used, creating a interesting speckled finish. The brown bakelite dienstglas containers where mostly found with tan 6×30 binoculars. The case is in very good, undamaged condition and has a very aesthetic and vibrant dark brown colour which would nicely attribute a late war uniform setup.

  • Rare brown Splittertarn pattern M31 zeltbahn


    Rare brown pattern Splittertarn Zeltbahn. These Zeltbahns with brown colours where only made for a short period, probably for a trial run. It retains most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. Otherwise it is in very good condition with nice strong colours! These brown pattern Splittertarn Zeltbahns are hard to find and this one is the best one we’ve ever acquired!

  • Battle damaged M35 SE64 double decal field repaint helmet


    A nice and typical example of a battle damaged M35 helmet. The helmet is a standard apple green double decal M35 Heer helmet with a field repaint typical for the 1940 campaign. The helmet retains 99% of its original camouflage paint which covers the thricolor decal but leaves the eagle bare to the eye. The helmet is marked SE64 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap which are original to the helmet. On the top of the dome a large hole can be seen that was most probably inflicted by a bullet coming from the front. The hole surely seriously wounded anyone wearing the helmet at that time and the light blood staining in the leather shows this. The liner is nicely named K. Hefner. A very nice battle damaged M35 helmet in great – as found – condition!

  • Heer / Waffen-SS M43 field cap


    A textbook M43 field cap that has been stripped of its insignia. Finished in mid war German made wool with a full rayon lining. The caps retains two of its period sewn buttons of which one seems a period replacement. The cap bears a ghost of a trapezoid type insignia used by both the Heer and Waffen-SS. The cap is in nice lightly worn condition and would easily be restored with worn insignia. The cap is roughly a size 57 which is a great mannequin size!

  • minty late war Y-strap


    Mint late war piece – can’t be upgraded!

  • MG gunners Umbral goggles


    A stunning mint tinted goggles as used and issued to MG gunners. Rare two find complete set with spare ear straps, case and original manual!

  • NS64 Three-tone M42 Three-tone camouflage helmet


    A stunning M42 single decal Luftwaffe helmet in three-tone Normandy camouflage. Marked NS64 indicating production by Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte. The helmet still retains up to 95% of its original three-tone Normandy camouflage paint. The Luftwaffe decal nicely peaks through the paint and is in equal great condition. Inside the helmet is named Gefreiter Richter in the neck of the helmet in paint and pencil marking. This same name is on the leather liner. The liner and chinstrap are in strong used condition and original to the shell. They have never been removed from the helmet. The helmet used to be a part of the Baugnez 44 museum in the Belgian Ardennes. I’ll share a picture of it in the museum to the buyer. The vibrant camouflage paint on this helmet is really stunning and full of contrast. This is really a classic three-tone Normandy camouflage helmet in stunning condition. If you’d only need one Luftwaffe camouflage helmet – this is it.

  • Q64 M40 three tone camouflage helmet


    Stunning Q64 M40 three-tone camouflage helmet with vivid colours. The helmet is nicely marked Q64 indicating production by Quist. Textbook Normandy three-tone camouflage pattern helmet in very good condition. The helmet retains up to 90% of its original three-tone Normandy camouflage and is one of the best specimens I’ve seen so far. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap. The liner and its three matching pins is original to the shell which is obvious through the overpaint that is in the inner rim of the helmet which also covers the top of the liner band. The split pins retain remnants of the camouflage paint but are mostly bare due to their base material. This is a typical treat to the early nickel coated split pins. They are however original to the helmet! The helmet is really a great example of a Normandy camo helmet and would be very hard to upgrade. If you are looking for a stunning great condition three-tone camouflage helmet – this is it!

  • Matching M31 Labeflasche marked MN41


    A very nice matching large sized M31 Labeflasche marked MN41. All of the parts are marked MN41 indicating production by Metallindustrie GmbH. Neunkirchen-Saar (MENESA). The cup is made out of a nice dark brown bakelite, not to be confused with the standard black cup. Some minor moth damage to the felt, but nothing to serious. A very nice minty canteen!

  • Waffen-SS Dot44 HBT camouflage tunic marked 393


    Stunning mint Waffen-SS M44 Erbsentarn Tarnfeldbluse or Dot 44 camouflage tunic. The garment is in stone mint condition with its originally zigzag sewn sleeve eagle. The colours of the pea dot camouflage are all strong and vibrant. The tunic retains all of its mint and originally sewn buttons complete with its tan glass buttons on the cuffs and bandage pocket. The garment features all of its originally sewn green tunic buttons marked CTD. The collar is a unusual large model which is typical for this manufacturer. The garment is mint and can’t be upgraded.

  • Mint Labeflasche with straps CFL 39


    A stunning mint CFL 39 marked M31 Labeflasche in unissued condition. The canteen, strap and cover are nicely marked CFL 39 indicating production by
    Carl Feldhaus Aluminium-und Metallwerke, Lüdenscheid
    . The canteen is in stunning mint unissued condition with smooth and supple leather. The long strap is original to the piece and is made out of two different parts of leather. Nicely marked Sanitätspark Babelsberg. Truly the best one I’ve had so far!

  • Untouched German reissued Italian messkit


    The Italian army messkit (Gavetta Modello 1930) was a commonly seen item within the German army. Prior to re-issue in the German army they where mostly painted green by the Germans. The messkit is complete with its original strap which has always been together. It shows age and lots of patina and would be a nice addition to a combat display!

  • Luftwaffe chocolate brown LBA(S) marked equipment belt


    Nice pre war belt with dark brown leather. The belt has a lot of unit markings typical for this type of belt. The size is around 90/95 centimeters. Hard to find a pre war Luftwaffe marked belt!



  • Mint Luftwaffe M31 breadbag


    A minty Luftwaffe breadbag with its original strap. Nice pre war pattern with leather reinforcements in mint condition!

  • Chocolate brown Luftwaffe Y-strap


    Nice pre war chocolate brown lightweight Luftwaffe Y-strap. Full of unit markings, a interesting piece in very good condition!

  • Luftschutz Gladiator helmet


    A nice original Luftschutz gladiator type helmet in good condition. The original decal still retains up to 90%.

  • Pair of brown K98 ammunition pouches


    Nice pre war brown pair of K98 ammunition pouches. Not maker matched, but found together. Hard to find a pair of unblackened K98 pouches. All internal dividers are intact and the leather is supple.

  • Rare late war Tragegurt 34 from recycled materials


    A late war pattern Tragegurt 34 made out of recycled materials woven into a strap. These straps where issued to MG crews and assisted in carrying the MG34 and MG42ammunition boxes. These straps are hard to come by, especially the late war woven types like this one. This is a very desirable strap this material and is in great condition.

  • Italian camouflage Heer/Waffen-SS M31 Zeltbahn


    A very nice and rare Telo Mimetico camouflage M31 Zeltbahn as issued to Heer and Waffen-SS units. The Zeltbahn is in good used condition but lightly faded. A very rare Zeltbahn!

  • German army Sanitäter medical recognition vest


    Super rare German army medical or Sanitäter red cross recognition vest. These vest where issued and worn by Sanitäter and Krankenträger to be easily recognized in battle. The vest is in good worn condition and has several bloodstains. Hard to find in used condition!

  • M44 messkit marked MN 45


    A nice M44 messkit marked MN45 indicating production by Metallindustrie GmbH. Neunkirchen-Saar (MENESA) in 1945. The messkit still retains up to 85% of its original paint. The lid is a slightly different tone but original to the messkit. The mess kit comes with its rare last model insert!

  • Tropical Coconut canteen marked HRE 42


    A nicely used coconut canteen marked HRE 42 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The canteen is in good used condition together with its dark brown(!) bakelite cup. Hard to upgrade textbook coconut canteen – with a brown cup!

  • Rare G43 pouch marked RBNr.


    A rare ammunition pouch marked RBNR. This pouch did not come from the hoard find of G43 / K43 pouches that flooded the market. Original G43 pouches that do not come from the Ukranian army stock are rare! The pouch is in very good condition and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Luftwaffe yellow piped EM/NCO visor


    A stunning yellow piped EM/NCO visor cap in great, near mint condition. The cap is nicely unit marked inside the sweatband. The cap is in near mint condition and would be very hard to upgrade.

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