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  • MG34 Petroleum-kasten 1940


    Nice original case for Oil and Gasoline canisters as issued with the MG34 machine-gun. The case is fully in its original wartime paint with a white stenciled P on top indicating Petroleumkasten. Hard to find early ammunition can nicely dated 1940!

  • MG34 ammunition box used as Sanitäter Verbandkasten


    Rare late war MG42 ammunition box used as Sanitäter Verbandkasten. Still retaining up to 90% of its original paint and red crosses. Rare to find box especially in this stunning condition!

  • Stitched K98 ammunition pouches marked 1/0666/0018


    A nice matching pair in untouched, uncleaned condition. Undamaged, with all dividers inside the partitions intact. Nicely marked 1/0666/0018 and dated 1944. Nice uncleaned pair!

  • Luftwaffe wrist Compass Armkompass 39


    Nice Luftwaffe wrist compass or Armkompass 39 (AK39). The compass is in very good working condition with its often missing original strap. The base material of the compass is in good, clear condition. Hard to upgrade!

  • Late war unissued helmet chinstrap 0/0750/0100


    Mint late war helmet chinstrap nicely marked 0/0750/0100.

  • Grey Wehrmacht undershirt


    Nice original undershirt in very good unissued condition with paper buttons. The shirt is a nice average mannequin size and would nicely attribute a combat display!

  • K98 grenade launcher pouch


    A leather pouch for the K98 grenade launcher with its original sling. Nicely marked CXB 42 indicating production by Moll, Lederwarenfabrik, Goch, Rheinland.

  • Minty M31 Splittertarn Zeltbahn RBNr. 0/1007/159 1944


    A very nice minty Splittertarn M31 Zeltbahn in unissued condition. Nicely marked RBNr. 0/1007/159 1944The Zeltbahn is free of damages and has most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. The colors are nice, bright and full of contrast. Hard to find in this condition!

  • Rare enameled M42 messkit by Deutsche Emailwarenfabrik (DEF)


    Messkits and canteens enameled in these colours are attributed to be made by the Deutsche Emailwarenfabrik (DEF) run by Oskar Schindler. Messkits and canteens, unmarked, in these specific colours have been found in the old factory storage of the former DEF.  There are several other makers of enameled steel canteens and messkits but they all carry different characteristic features such as markings or specific colours. No other maker utilizes these light gray and blue colours and lacks markings. The light blue “wash” on top of the enamel is one of the typical features.

  • Chocolate brown k98 ammunition pouch Karl Ackva 1938 LBA(S)


    Chocolate brown K98 ammunition pouch marked Karl Ackva 1938 LBA(S). Nice original Luftwaffe issue k98 ammunition pouch in chocolate brown leather!

  • Nice US uniform ensemble


    Nice lot consisting of a few nice US uniform items. A nice base for a US mannequin with all parts nicely wartime dated or marked. The sizes are good fitting most modern mannequins. A nice set for a sharp price.

  • Battle damaged M35 SE64 double decal field repaint helmet


    A nice and typical example of a battle damaged M35 helmet. The helmet is a standard apple green double decal M35 Heer helmet with a field repaint typical for the 1940 campaign. The helmet retains 99% of its original camouflage paint which covers the thricolor decal but leaves the eagle bare to the eye. The helmet is marked SE64 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap which are original to the helmet. On the top of the dome a large hole can be seen that was most probably inflicted by a bullet coming from the front. The hole surely seriously wounded anyone wearing the helmet at that time and the light blood staining in the leather shows this. The liner is nicely named K. Hefner. A very nice battle damaged M35 helmet in great – as found – condition!

  • Complete Heer belt and buckle E Schneider 1941


    A nice matching belt and buckle in good used condition. The buckle is nicely marked ESL 41 and E Schneider 1941 on the tab.

  • M1 fixed bale helmet with Westinghouse liner


    A very nice US M1 helmet complete with its original liner. The helmet shell is nicely marked and the shape of the shell indicates production by McCord Radiator and Manufacturing Company of Detroit. The seam on the helmet shell is on the front and the bales are of the Fixed Bale type. The helmet liner is marked with a W indicating production by Westinghouse. A nice and honest M1 helmet in good condition.

  • Stunning untouched mint Heer M42 tunic


    Simply a suberb Heer EM M42 Feldbluse or field blouse. The garment is un unissued condition, and in contrary to most tunics on the market it features its original factory, and most importantly textbook wartime (zigzag) machine sewn insignia. The garment retains up to 99% of the nap in the wool and all of its originally sewn buttons. The garment is not shortened, tailored or modified in any way shape or form. If you are looking for a stunning Heer tunic, look no further!

  • Stengun MKIII – EU Deactivated


    Nice MKIII Stengun deactivated in 2019 following the EU-Deactivation guidelines with certificate. A undervalued Commonwealth submachine gun in very good used condition with its original sling.

    Shipping within the Netherlands is possible. Other then that, pickup is a must!

  • Pre war chocolate brown Luftwaffe equipment belt LBA(S)


    Rare pre war LBA(S) marked Luftwaffe equipment belt in chocolate brown leather. Hard to find early belt with the hidden stitch for the buckle attachment tongue!

  • First pattern folding E-tool with carrier dated 1940


    Nice first pattern folding E-tool with E-tool both maker marked and dated 1940. Nice unissued set that would be hard to upgrade!

  • Mint US army MP handcuffs by Harvard Lock Company NY


    A mint and boxed set of US army handcuffs as issued to military police troops. You can find these in the GI collectors guide volume 2, page 133. Hard to find item!

  • Q64 M35 double decal Heer helmet with rare leather carrying rig


    A stunning 1936 dated apple green M35 double decal Heer helmet complete with its rare pre war leather carrying rig. The leather carrying rig is typical of construction with a heavyweight steel carabiner. The carrying rig is paired to the helmet was used early in the war by motorized and cavalry units where helmets would have been clipped onto horse saddles or vehicles. These straps are very scarce and hard to find. The helmet is nicely marked Q64 indicating production by Quist with the lot number 5140. The helmet retains up to 85% of its original apple green paint inside and out. The helmet has not two but 4 decals applied stacked on top of each other. This is be one of the earliest re-issue helmets. The helmet retains its original rare 1931 (!) dated single band Schuberth type liner. This was a scarce liner of the first batch of M31 liners for the M35 helmet. The dome of the helmet shows a nice and clear dome stamp dated 1936. The Chinstrap is original to the helmet and nicely dated 1937. The helmet is in very good condition and would be very hard to upgrade. Finding a M35 helmet with original leather carrying rig and stacked decals is very hard!

  • Personalized mint Navy M1 fixed bale helmet


    Scarce minty personalized M1 fixed bale helmet by McCord. The helmet shell is decorated at the front with 16 and MOMM 1/C on the back. MOMM 1/C indicates Motor Machinist Mate 1/C first class which was a navy rank. The Firestone liner is a ’42/’43 example with bare A-washers. The helmet is a spectacular example of a personalized US M1 Fixed bale helmet. The helmet retains in very good minty condition and would be very hard to upgrade.

  • Mint M42 canteen marked SMM43


    A stunning M42 canteen marked SMM43 indicating production by Süddeutsche Metallwarenfabrik, Mussbach. The canteen is unissued and would be very hard to upgrade.

  • LP34 flare gun marked DUV 41 with original issue holster


    Nice original LP34 flare gun with its issue holster and cleaning rod. The LP34 is marked DUV 43 which indicates production by Berlin Luebecker and is in full working condition. Complete Presstoff holster with its original cleaning rod. The pouch is nicely marked fuq 1941, and the cleaning rod is marked GL38. The set is in very good lightly used condition. Hard to find complete set!

    The flare pistol is in good working condition and free to own anyone older then 18 in the Netherlands. I will not and can not export this piece outside of the Netherlands.

  • Minty M31 Splittertarn Zeltbahn Rudolf Jäger 1942


    A very nice minty Splittertarn M31 Zeltbahn in unissued condition. Nicely marked Rudolf Jäger 1942. The Zeltbahn is free of damages and has most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. The colors are nice, bright and full of contrast. Hard to find in this condition!

  • Document and picture grouping to ᛋᛋ-Unterscharführer Heinrich Laspe div. Wiking/Westland/G.v.B

    Stunning paper document and picture grouping to ᛋᛋ-Unterscharführer Heinrich Laspe who served in various SS units such as Wiking, Westland and Götz von Berlichingen. Drafted in 1940 but transferred to the Waffen-SS early in 1941. Heinrich Laspe fought in the begin and during the Russian campaign as a member of Wiking 4./ᛋᛋ A.A. 5 s.Gr.W.Zug or 4. Kompanie ᛋᛋ Aufklärungs Abteilung 5. Laspe took the time to write down most of 1941 and 1942 in great detail. In addition to these written testimonials there are over 180 pictures illustrating his time in the Waffen-SS. Laspe is seen in many of the pictures of which a lot show awards, guns, buildings, camouflage uniforms and other interesting things. The picture set alone would be a great base to a book or further research! The grouping additionally comes with a portrait made in Paris in 1944 and a manual for the Gr.W. 34. The grouping has two award documents to Laspe, one Verwundetenabzeichen and one for the Nahkampfspange who he both earned during the battles in Normandy with Götz von Berlichingen. Also it comes with a period made birthday card that reads; Die Besten glückwünsche zum Geburtstag gefeiert an Der Invasionsfront. A great grouping with loads of interesting pictures from the front lines, a exceptionally stunning set!!

  • Large medical Sanitäter or Artzt case


    Large medical Sanitäter case or Arzttasche in heavily used condition. Nicely marked erg 6/41 and complete with the back support straps. Nice for a diorama setup!

  • Matching K98 bayonet E. PACK&S 1939


    Matching k98 bayonet marked E. PACK&S 1939 indicating production by E.Pack & Sohn. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 3122 b and has nice clean bakelite grips. The bayonet is in used and matching (!) condition.

  • Complete M31 helmet liner size 64/57 dated 1943


    Nice original M31 helmet liner complete with its originally attached strap and a set of three used split pins. Hard to find original liner in good, used condition.

  • NS66 single decal Luftwaffe M42 helmet


    A simple, untouched single decal M42 helmet in excellent condition. Marked NS66 indicating production by Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte. Inside a minty liner complete with its original domestamp. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. A stunning original helmet with a size 58 liner.

  • Late war M42 bayonet frog


    Scarce late war M42 bayonet frog. Originally designed to go with the folding E-tool, this bayonet frog was later in the war introduced to spare more raw materials on bayonet frogs. The frog is nicely marked R.B.Nr. The leather on the frog is supple. Hard to find late war frog!

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