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  • Straight E-tool marked Dahlmann & Sohn 1944


    Straight E-tool in used as found condition. Nicely maker marked for Dahlmann & Sohn 1944.

  • Blue Luftwaffe Gamaschen


    Hard to find matching pair of Luftwaffe Gamaschen or gaiters to match a nice pair of M37 Schnürschuhe

  • Complete Z.M.P. with Presstoff pouch


    A very nice complete Zielschablone mit Planzeiger complete with all 2 of the grids. Hard to find complete set, with a pouch nicely executed in Presstoff in mint condition!

  • P38 hardshell holster marked CWW 1943


    Nice original P38 hardshell holster marked CWW 1943 indicating production by Carl Weiss, Lederwarenfabrik, Braunchweig. 

  • Waffen-SS plane tree 1/1 overprint zeltbahn


    A very good condition plane tree 1/1 overprint Waffen-SS Zeltbahn. This particular example has nice strong colours, two period zig-zag stitched repairs and most of its originally sewn buttons and would be hard to upgrade!

  • Straight E-tool marked Dahlmann & Sohn 1944


    Straight E-tool in used as found condition. Nicely maker marked for Dahlmann & Sohn 1944.

  • Tripod for trench optics or Scherenferhnrohr 14


    Small expendable tripod for the artillery trench periscope. The pouch is dated 1943. Interestingly the material of the pouch is the typical late war “red lined” material as also used on MP44 pouches.

  • Gebigsjäger boots in stunning unissued condition


    Superb unissued pair of Gebirgsjäger boots. This is simply the best pair I’ve ever seen. The pair is matching and unissued and a very good mannequin size. Not too big and not too small. If you need just one pair; this is it!

  • Early 6×30 Dienstglas marked Voigtlander


    Niet early pattern 6×30 Dienstglas with its original strap marked Voigtländer Dienstglas. Early example with the Waffenamt marked bridges.

  • Stunning 6×30 issue binoculars with bakelite case marked ddx


    A stunning set in good clear condition and marked ddx indicating ddx indicating production by Voigtlaender u. Sohn AG, Braunschweig.They still retain the reticle in the right eyepiece and come with all the straps. The case is just as the binoculars in near mint condition. Very hard to upgrade set!

  • Battledamaged 6×30 Dienstglas marked CAG


    Stunning and in my opinion unique battle damaged(!) 6×30 Dienstglas binoculars. The binoculars retain a small shell fracture in the middle portion of the right ocular. These binoculars are worn on the chest; if worn at the moment of impact it’s plausible it saved the life of the wearer. The binoculars retain their original tan paint up to 75%. The binoculars are marked CAG indicating production by Swarovski. The binoculars are in working condition. A stunning item that would be very hard to upgrade!

  • German helmet liner 66/59 1943


    Nice original German helmet liner marked 1943 for a size 66 helmet shell in the large head size 59!

  • German helmet liner 62/55 1943 B&C litzmannstadt


    Nice original German helmet liner marked B&C Litzmannstadt 1943 for a size 62 helmet shell.

  • Marschcompass with the matching carrying strap CLK 41


    A very nice and matching compass with the matching marked CLK 41 strap.

  • Tropical Coconut canteen marked HRE 43


    A textbook coconut canteen marked HRE 43 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The canteen is in very good condition together with its textbook aluminum cup.

  • Heer/Luftwaffe hooded ’44 Sumpftarn sniper smock


    Textbook original ’44 Sumpftarn sniper smock. Late war smock designed for wear and use by Scharfschützen in all branches of the Wehrmacht. The smock is in lightly worn condition and has a number of small holes and one repair on the sleeve end which are typical for a thin garment worn in densely wooded areas. The garment is a nice and textbook example of a late war camouflage smock. At one point the pockets where sewn shut. The smock is a nice size fitting most if not all mannequins. The smock is complete with both of its drawstrings and has shortened sleeves. A very nice lightly worn smock with strong and vibrant colours which would be very hard to upgrade for a combat mannequin!

  • Pre war compass marked FZG


    A very nice pre war compass marked fzg indicating production by Feinmechanik GmbH, Kassel. A rare maker for compasses!

  • Unissued K98 bayonet frog marked RFNr. 0/0494/0008


    Nice original bayonet frog marked RFNr. 0/0494/0008 in unissued condition!

  • Scarce cutout Waffen-SS officers flatwire sleeve eagle


    Extremely scarce textbook Waffen-SS officers flatwire sleeve eagle. The eagle has been cutout of a officers tunic and still retains the sleeve material on the back. The eagle is period neatly sewn with very small, nearly invisible stitches which is textbook application for any expensive officers garment. Very hard to find a original Waffen-SS flatwire sleeve eagle!

  • Matching K98 bayonet marked 43 cqh


    A very nice matching bayonet marked 44 cqh indicating production by Clemen und Jung,Solingen. cqh marked bayonets are very rare. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 6428 and has nice clean red bakelite grips.

  • Stunning pair of lightbrown lowboots


    Stunning and perfect pair of textbook M37 lowboots. The boots retain their original laces and all hobnails and both heel irons. Impeccable pair from my on collection!

  • Mint condition Heer M44 field tunic


    Superb original M44 field blouse for a Heer infantry EM. The tunic is mint, and retains all of its originally factory sewn insignia. The base material is a late war German wool and lined with grey rayon. The size is a medium fitting modern mannequins. The breast eagle is period factory sewn through the lining. The Litzen are also factory sewn, no traces of previously sewn examples. The tunic has not been shortened or tailored in any way. The tunic has multiple size markings; the usual sizes but also a additional stamp indicating the wearers height. The original factory red chalk markings for the buttons and holes are still visible. The tunic comes with a nice matching pair of late war EM shoulderstraps. More then likely this tunic was never ever worn! This is a superb and mint M44 field blouse, a typical garment as issued and worn by members of the Heer in the Wehrmacht. Every detail is textbook and finding a better example would be impossible!

  • Near mint 6×30 Dienstglas binoculars marked CAG


    Superb tan painted 6×30 Dienstglas or army issue binoculars. These where issued to all branches in the Wehrmacht. The binoculars retain their original tan paint up to 95% and can easily be graded near mint. The binoculars are marked CAG indicating production by Swarovski. Extremely hard to find a pair with this amount of paint. Extremely nice pair that is perfect if you just need one !

  • Mint Heer EM M42 tunic manufactured by Reitz


    Mint and textbook M42 Heer field blouse for a enlisted men in a Infanterie- or Grenadierregiment. The garment is nicely maker marked ReitzThe garment retains all of the nap in the wool and is easily classed mint. The garment retains its original breast eagle period factory sewn zig zag through the lining  and Einheitslizen. The garment has no damages, alterations or modifications and is in perfect condition. The size is a good medium fitting most if not all modern mannequins. This is a superb and mint M43 field blouse, a typical garment as issued and worn by members of the Heer in the Wehrmacht. Every detail is textbook and finding a better example would be impossible!

  • Heer M43 Keilhosen in good worn condition


    Nice combat worn Heer M43 Keilhosen in good worn condition. Made from a smooth German wool, nicely dated 1944. Hard to find pair in used, not abused condition. The trousers are lightly tailored to the soldiers personal preferences. Perfect for a combat mannequin!

  • Issued Luftwaffe pilots boots


    Nice original pair of issued fur lined flying boots for the Luftwaffe.

  • Rare Heer transitional M44 breadbag


    Rare Heer transitional M44 breadbag with buttoned belt loops. Not a M40, not a M44 breadbag but a rare transitional model.

  • Leather Y-strap named H. Küser


    Textbook mid war Heer/Waffen-SS Y-strap named H Küser.

  • M31 canteen with green bakelite cup MN42


    Nice original M31 canteen marked MN42 with textbook green bakelite cup.  The green bakelite cup is in very good, undamaged condition. Very hard to upgrade.

  • Tropical rucksack with internal liner and carrying straps


    Tropical rucksack complete with a removable internal liner and its issue carrying straps. First time I see one complete like this.

  • Tan colored 10×50 Panzer Dienstglas


    Killer pair of 10×50 power tan colored Panzer Dienstglas. The lenses are somewhat dirty but clear. The hinge is in good working condition and both oculars are adjustable. The binoculars retain up to 90% of their original tan colour. The binoculars is nicely marked bmj indicating production by Hensoldt Wetzlar. Rarer variant with Dienstglas markings on the body.

  • EU-Deactivated P38 CYQ complete with mint holster KKD 1944


    Nice and fully matching numbers original Spreewerk made P38 deactivated to the new EU specifications with proofmarks and certificate. The P38 can be cocked and has a moving trigger and hammer. The magazine is detachable and nicely marked P38. The grips are lightly used but undamaged. A very nice near mint holster marked KKD 1944 indicating production by Wilhelm Stern, Lederwarenfabrik, PosenVery nice completely matching display piece!

  • Pre war M31 messkit marked EEF 39


    A nice pre war M31 messkit in good used condition with most of its original paint. It is nicely marked EEF 39 which is a uncommon maker: Ewald Eigenbrod Aluminium-und Metallwarenfabrik, Freiling.

  • Stone mint Heer/Waffen-SS M40 trousers


    Stone mint pair of M40 trousers for use in the Heer or Waffen-SS. The pair retains all of its originally sewn buttons and retains 100% of the nap in the wool. Guaranteed the best pair on the market today. The trousers are in mint condition with absolutely zero issues.

  • Equipment belt marked Lohmann Werke Bielefeld 1942


    Textbook mid war style equipment belt marked Lohmann Werke Bielefeld 1942 in unissued condition.

  • Heer/Luftwaffe hooded ’43 Sumpftarn sniper smock with veil


    Nice original ’43 Sumpftarn sniper smock with face veil. Late war smock designed for wear and use by Scharfschützen in the Wehrmacht. The smock is in light worn condition and has a number of small holes which are typical for a thin garment worn in densely wooded areas. The smock is a nice large size 2 fitting most if not all mannequins. The smock is complete with both of its drawstrings and sleeve ties. A very nice surely combat worn smock with strong and vibrant colours and complete with its original face veil!

  • Krim campaign shield


    Nice original Krim campaign shield in combat worn condition. Unlike many of the mint examples on the market this one was surely worn on a combat uniform with multiple wartime repairs.

  • Matching K98 bayonet marked J.Sch. 1939 with green tropical frog


    Hard to upgrade matching bayonet with textbook green tropical frog marked J. Sch. 1939 indicating production by Jetter und Scheerer. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 4721 b and has nice clean bakelite grips. The bayonet is in very good unsharpened, matching (!) condition and comes with its nice green tropical frog. One of the best DAK bayonets I’ve had to offer in a long time!

  • Pre war k98 bayonet F.W. Höller 1937


    Very nice matching k98 bayonet marked F. W. Holler in 1937. The bayonet is in stunning condition, with 99% of its original blueing intact. Very hard to upgrade!

  • Minty M40 Heer tunic with factory sewn insignia


    A stunning Heer M40 EM Feldbluse in near mint condition. The green Einheitslitzen are period factory sewn to the collar. The early breast eagle is period factory handsewn. The garment was most probably kept for walking out and has zero damages or alterations. The garment is made by Adolf Schuster Kleiderfabrik Neugersdorf. This is really a stunning and textbook EM M40 tunic in near mint condition that would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Soldbuch Kampfgruppe Bahr, Divisions Gruppe Von Hake – Berlin, Elbe 1945


    Late war Soldbuch of Jäger Hildebrandt. The soldbuch was handed out on the 1st of April 1945. At this time Jäger Hildebrandt served in the Genesenden-Kompanie-Grenadier Ersatz und Ausbildungs battalion 467, with was located in Stendal near the Elbe river. He was awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen im Schwarz and Kriegsverdienstkreuz II Klasse mit Schwerter on Hitlers birthday in 1945.  Very hard to find late war Soldbuch for a Berlin battle veteran!

    With the Soviet and Allied forces advancing towards Berlin, Jäger Hildebrandt was transferred to Kampfgruppe Oberstleutnant Bahr, which was part of the Divisionsgruppe Von Hake as Grenadier-Regiment Von Hake. A hastily formed unit which fell subordinate to the XXXXI Panzerkorps. The Kampfgruppe Bahr/Grenadier regiment von Hake was made up from several units like a Flak battalion from Hannover, Gren.E.A.Btl. 467 from Stendal and a battalion of the Hundeschule Rathenow. On the 22nd of April the Panzerkorps fell under the leadership of the 12th Army, commanded by General der Panzertruppe Walter Wenck, and was sent east of the Elbe river to attack towards Berlin, and relieve the units trapped in and around the city. The main effort of the 12th army was to attack towards Potsdam and the trapped 9th Army at Halbe. Initially the attack surprised the Russians and the German forces gained some success, reaching as far as Schwielowsee near Potsdam. The Divisionsgruppe Von Hake however was sent further north to the area of Neuruppin and northwest of Havelberg to face the Russian 47th Army. An attack by the XXXXI Panzerkorps which was intended to push towards the city of Berlin didn’t stand any chance, instead they broke through at Kyritz on the 1.5.1945, on 2.5.1945 another Soviet attack broke trough the Panzerkops lines at Friesack and Fehrbellin. What was left of the Divisionsgruppe von Hake tried to withdraw to the bridgehead at Tangermünde and thus escape Russian captivity.

  • Dienstglas binocular case strap


    Hard to find spare 6×30 Dienstglas case strap in very good and supple condition. This long piece is always missing, whilst the short piece mostly still retains to the case. Impossible to find as a spare!

  • Late war Waffen-SS hand screened denumbered plane tree 5/6


    Rare late hand screened plane tree Zeltbahn without numbers. The Zeltbahn is in used condition but has one period repair and a few holes. The Zeltbahn looks great rolled up on a mannequin or as a backdrop. The material retains nice vibrant colours and contrast. Rare plane tree variant!

  • Late war Bekleidungstasche 31


    Mint late war Bekleidungstasche 31 with recycled materials. Very nice late war variant with internal support straps repurposed.

  • Rare bakelite 6×30 Dienstglas CXN


    One of the rarest bits of German army equipment. A stunning pair of 6×30 Dienstglas binoculars marked CXN indicating production by Emil Busch. The binoculars have clear lenses without scratches. The binoculars still retain all of their zinc and bakelite without any serious defects. There is one small hole in the bakelite body behind the strap. The binoculars are nicely adjustable. They lack the Strichplatte and the sight is slightly double and a bit dirty but good enough to use! They are fitted with a adjustable strap that is affixable to two sets of bales on the reverse of the main body. The straps are original and exactly the type that should be on these binoculars, which is the rarest accessory to find for these binoculars and always missing. The binoculars are complete with the original issued case marked CXN 4.

  • Rare MP44 pouch marked jwa 44


    A rare original MP44 pouch in combat used, as found condition. This pouch is marked jwa 44 indicating production by Moritz Stecher, Lederwerk, Freiburg. Even during the war these mag pouches where scarce and veteran accounts often note that they received just one magazine and often no pouch.
    The pouch is to be worn on the right side and can easily be combined with a holster or mapcase. The holster was found in a abandoned house in Liepaja which is located in the area known as Kurland. This pouch has never been in a collection before and would make a great addition to a combat mannequin!

  • Waffen-SS Plane tree 5/5 M31 Zeltbahn


    A stunning Waffen-SS hand screened plane tree 5/5 Zeltbahn in great condition. The Zeltbahn retains most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. The colours are nice, bright and full of contrast. The Zeltbahn has one or two small damages but is otherwise gradable near mint. The Zeltbahn would be a awesome backdrop for any collection or a nice addition to a A-frame. It is a true stunner and must have for the Waffen-SS camouflage collector!

  • Light brown bakelite butterdish dated 1944


    A deep chocolate coloured butterdish in good condition. The bakelite is free of cracks and is a nice light brown colour. The butterdish opens in a 1/3 turn as it should and dated 1944.

  • Pre war Straight E-tool dated 1938


    Scarce 1936 dated straight E-tool in good used condition. Very hard to find a pre war example!

  • M31 Splittertarn Zeltbahn Warei Patent 1941


    A very nice original M31 Zeltbahn in good used condition. The Zeltbahn is nicely marked Warei Patent in the corners and dated 1941. Warei was the first producer for the M31 Zeltbahn and typically double marked.

  • Scarce late war Waffen-SS Oak zeltbahn with rotating(!) button holes


    Stunning and extremely rare late war Zeltbahn in Waffen-SS Oak leaf camouflage. The Zeltbahn is nicely made up out of different colours of camouflaged material, typical for a late war manufacture. What makes it so rare is that this Zeltbahn was produced in a small experimental batch between May and July 1944 with not normal but rotating buttonholes. The material is stunning and vibrant and looks like the day it was made. The zeltbahn no longer retains its buttons. A very nice original late war Waffen-SS Zeltbahn that I’ve never seen a second one of!

  • Scarce pre war straight E-tool marked FW H 1938


    Very nice and nowadays hard to find pre war straight E-tool marked FW H 1938.

  • Mid war ammunition carrying frame marked bvk 1943


    Nice mid war ammunition carrying frame in very good unissued condition. The frame is complete with all straps and buckles in perfect condition. The rack retains up to 99% of its original factory paint. All webbing is in good undamaged condition. A great and textbook example that would be very hard to upgrade. For sure the best example I’ve had to offer!

  • Unissued M38 gasmask in original factory box with spanner and manual


    Scarce pre war gasmask in its original factory box, manual and spanner. Impossible to upgrade!

  • Textbook late war Waffen-SS m43 EM/NCO field blouse


    Very nice original late war Waffen-SS M43 EM/NCO field blouse in coarse captured Italian wool. Textbook construction with zigzag rayon lining and two holes for belt hooks. The garment retains all of its originally sewn buttons and a ghost of a once factory sewn sleeve eagle. The garment was never worn and never had any other insignia applied to the garment. There are one or two small moth nips but otherwise the garment is in unissued condition. The garment has not been shortened or tailored in any way. Normal and typical size fitting most modern mannequins. Perfect and textbook garment to restore to ones personal taste.

  • Tropical A-frame with matching bag Ehrhardt & Kirsten 1941


    Nice matching A-frame with original A-frame bag marked Ehrhardt & Kirsten Taucha-Leipzig 1941. The A-frame is a bit dusty but in unissued condition and complete with all straps.

  • Rare webbing Y-straps for cavalry troops


    Possibly the rarest of webbing Y-straps to find, this variant is especially designed and made for Cavalry troops to carry the Packtasche on the back. Only the second one I have ever seen, let alone was able to offer. Scarce piece in mint condition!

  • Rare untouched single button Polizei Bergmütze


    Scarce untouched Polizei single button mountain cap or Bergmütze. The cap is in very good, lightly worn condition with factory applied insignia and a nice patina all over. Very hard to upgrade this original issue police mountain cap!

  • Enameled canteen cup AEMA 44


    Rare enameled canteen cup marked AEMA 44 indicating production by Annweiler Email-u.Metall-Werke, Annweil. Rare to find spare!

  • Late war gasmask canister straps


    Nice late war coarsely woven gasmask canister straps in good condition.

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