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  • M31 Messkit marked L&SL 44

    A nice L&SL 44 marked M31 messkit with most of its original factory paint.

  • Polizei Gamaschen marked B.A.W. 42

    A very nice pair of gaiters or Gamaschen for Polizei troops. These are meant to be worn above the M37 Schnurschühe.

  • Rare left facing heer buckle complete with belt in near mint condition

    A great original buckle in the rare transitional variant with the eagle facing the left. The buckle comes together with the belt it was found on that is in the same condition. The inside of the belt has some minor moth damage. The belt and buckle are otherwise in mint condition. The left facing buckle was only made between January and March 1936. A rare and desirable set that is a must for every specialized collector!

  • Three-tone Normandy camo m42 helmet

    A great one looker three-tone “Normandy” camouflage M42 helmet in good condition. The helmet retains up to 85% of its original Normandy camouflage. The helmet has its original liner and chinstrap which are in good supple condition. The Heer decal has been scratched off. Normally with decal this helmet would easily cost double the money. A great original camouflage helmet in good condition, priced to sell!

  • Waffen-SS Wachmantel in good condition

    A late war Waffen-SS Wachmantel in good used condition. A lot of these mantels can be seen in pictures of the Ardennes offensive worn by members of Kampfgruppe Hansen and in and around La Gleize. These mantels where specifically made for the Waffen-SS and lack the french cuffs the Heer types have. The mantel shows a lot of wear and age and would make a great addition to a late war Waffen-SS combat mannequin!

  • Nice complete leather Y-strap marked RB-Nr. 0/0443/0038

    A nice complete leather Y-strap marked RB-Nr. 0/0443/0038. The Y-strap is in good supple condition. A nice and honest Y-strap in very good, used condition!

  • Tropical rucksack in very good condition

    A mid-war tropical rucksack in very good condition. It shows a little age but mostly its just in unissued condition. The rucksack retains all straps, flaps and metal fittings. Hard to upgrade!

  • Tropical Y-strap marked Franz Spitz 1942

    A very nice 1942 dated tropical Y-strap in lightly used condition. Made by Franz Spitz in Vienna in 1942. The fabric is strong and is complete with all straps, loops and buckles. One of the loops on the auxiliary straps is made out of leather which is original to the piece! A interesting variation made out of various materials, perfect for a combat mannequin!

  • P38 Softshell holster marked CXB 4

    A very nice soft-shell P38 holster in mint condition. Marked CXB 4 indicating production by Moll, Lederwarenfabrik, Goch, Rheinland. This soft-shell holster would be very hard to upgrade and is in perfect condition!

  • Q64 M40 single decal Luftwaffe helmet

    A nice Luftwaffe M40 helmet in very good condition with most of the factory paint remaining. The helmet has a originally applied decal with an error which occurred in the factory. This “so called” crooked eagle variant occurred more often on these Q m40 helmets. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstraps nicely maker marked and dated 1941. A nice variation of a helmet in very good condition!

  • Straight handled shovel marked dpb

    A nice used condition straight handled shovel marked dpb indication production by Wilh. Förster, Eisen- u. Stahlwarenfabrik, Oberbrügge i/Westf. . A textbook WH shovel with a small damage on the wood but other then that in nice used condition!

  • Tropical rucksack made with British webbing parts by Wirtschaftsamt Litzmannstadt

    A mid-war tropical rucksack made with British webbing parts by Wirtschaftsamt Litzmannstadt. It shows a little age but mostly its just in lightly used condition. The rucksack retains all straps, flaps and metal fittings. Hard to upgrade with very interesting captured materials recycled into the construction of this rucksack!

  • Near mint equipment belt made by Otto Koberstein, Landsberg

    A very nice early belt marked Otto Koberstein, Landsberg. The belt has a aluminium buckle and is a nice size 90. The belt also has a nice unit marking!

    A great early belt in very good condition from a nice collectible maker Otto Koberstein!

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    NS64 M40 single decal heer helmet

    A used condition Heer m40 helmet marked NS64 indicating production by Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte. A honest helmet with the original chinstrap and a nice portion of the original decal and paint remaining. The stitching in the back of the liner is damaged but other then that the helmet looks nice. Priced to sell, a nice first helmet!

  • Oak B reversible camouflage mittens

    A nice set of Oak-B camouflage mittens with a nice misprint on the thumbs. The mittens are fully reversible to white and in mint condition. Hard to upgrade!

  • Superb Heer M43 EM/NCO field cap

    A truly superb M43 EM/NCO field cap or Einheitsfeldmütze. The cap is nicely marked RBNr. 0/0454/0941, dated 1944 and in size 57 which is a great average mannequin size. The cap has all the details that one would like to see on one of these textbook caps! The BeVo trapezoid is originally sewn to the piece and has never been removed from the piece. Finding a cap like this is very hard, especially in mint condition like this one.

    A superb cap!

  • Petrix 679LK

    A nice Petrix 679LK Torch in good condition. The strap on the back is made of Ersatzmaterial. The torch is in good condition and it seems that all the buttons are in good working condition.

  • Tan vinyl G43 pouch marked ros 1944

    A tan vinyl G43 magazine pouch. This pouch is marked ros 1944 indication production by E. G. Leuner, Bautzen. A nice G43 pouch in very good condition!

  • Late war Bekleidungstasche 31

    The Bekleidungstasche 31 was a standardized piece of equipment meant to carry a spare uniform pieces. Bags like these where often carried into the field and mostly kept together with the Rucksack. A nice late variation without rollers on the buckles and marked with a RB number. It is in very good, unissued condition and all the leather is supple on this bag.

  • Xylo DRP German flashlight

    The first time I encounter this one! A hardwood made flashlight to save raw materials. The Xylo is marked D.R.P. and comes complete with the original manual in the original factory box. A nice little display piece!

  • Awesome DAK grouping to Josef Kuwan, 21. Panzerdivision

    A very nice DAK grouping to Josef Kuwan, a Gefreiter in the 21. Panzer division captured in Tunis. This grouping consists of his mapcase with bullet/shrapnel holes, his Soldbuch with many entries, his wristwatch, his wallet, his drivers licenses and many POW documents.

  • Stunning named NS64 m42 woodchip camouflage helmet

    A stunning “out of the woodwork” named M42 Woodchip camouflage helmet. The helmet is marked NS64 indicating production by Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte. The helmet has been painted over in a rough field gray paint with woodchips through the paint for extra texture. This paint can also be seen on parts of the liner. The inside is dusty and is still in untouched, as found condition. The name Clahsen can be seen on the inside. These helmets with wood chip camouflage are really hard to find and this one is a stunning, one looker example!

  • Named three-tone “Normandy” camouflage M40 helmet

    A truly stunning classic named three-tone Normandy camouflage helmet in used condition. The helmet is marked NS64 indicating production by Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte. This helmet has a blood stain in the left side of the liner which can also be seen on the inside of the rim, where the metal inside has rusted more then the rest of the helmet. The helmet is named two times. One time a ink marking on the liner to Obgf.(Obergefreiter) Saüter, and later in the rim of the helmet after he was promoted the painted marking Uffz.(Unteroffizier) Saüter.

    A stunning named Normandy camouflage helmet in good untouched condition!

  • Subtle two tone camouflage gasmask ID’ed to Arnhem related unit

    A nice original brush painted gasmask canister with a name and unit stamp inside the lens compartment. The named unit is that of Grenadier-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Bataillon 6 which was hastily moved to the Arnhem area under operation “Alarm Küste”. More information about this unit can be read here. The canister is nicely brush painted with medium and dark green camouflage paint and still retains most of this characteristic paint. A nice set complete with straps and mask, ID’ed to a interesting unit that saw action in Arnhem!

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    Latewar blue buttons for the M44 tunic

    These buttons are the late simplified type made for the m44 tunic. These buttons are hard to find loose, let alone in good condition with 99% of their original paint remaining. The price is for ten buttons including worldwide shipping!

  • Rubber equipment belt

    A nice unusual equipment belt, made out of rubber! This belt is a rare type and only the third I’ve encountered. A nice and interesting belt for the belt and buckle collector!

  • Prewar political/private purchase messkit

    A nice prewar black messkit in good condition. These messkits where widely used by the Hitlerjugend, SA and the early Waffen-SS. The messkit has a name scratched on the lower half. A nice unusual messkit in good condition!

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    Philips Bi-Jou hand dynamo torch

    A nice small private purchase torch in good working condition. The more luxurious version of the green Knijpkat. Made by Philips in Vucht. A nice small torch in a period handmade pouch!

  • Wif Signal 1136 torch

    A nice Wif Signal 1136 flashlight in very good condition. It still retains most of its original wartime paint and all buttons and leather straps are in good condition.

  • Brush painted single decal ET66 M40 Heer camouflage helmet

    A nice brush painted single tone camouflage helmet. The helmet is marked ET66 which indicates production by Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale. The helmet is in good condition and retains most of its wartime brush applied camouflage paint and decal. The helmet shows a lot of character and is nicely named to Jakob Beer. A nice m40 helmet in very good condition with a nice unusual brush applied camouflage!

  • Pre war RZM marked Tornister

    A nice prewar RZM marked tornister executed in field gray canvas. The Tornister is nicely named to Arpad Molnar. These Tornisters where used by all sorts of political organizations but also by the SS-VT in 1940.

  • Brush painted gasmask canister

    A nice original brush painted gasmask canister with a name inside the lens compartment. The canister is in good condition with most of the wartime brush applied green camouflage paint.

  • M42 messkit marked SMM 42 with aluminium insert

    A nice and near mint M42 messkit with over 95% of its original paint remaining. A interesting feature is the latewar aluminium insert. It is unclear why this was inserted in some of the late messkits. It is only seen on some of the 44 or 45 dated messkits. A rare m42 messkit in near perfect condition!

  • Waffen-SS beVo collar tab in perfect condition

    A perfect Waffen-SS collar tab for enlisted men and nco’s. This type of BeVo collar tabs or Kragenspiegel was first introduced in 1943 and worn by enlisted men and non commissioned officers in the Waffen-SS.

    A nice original Waffen-SS collar tab in mint condition! The price includes worldwide basic flat rate shipping, signed for and other shipping options can be selected on checkout!

  • Stunning ET62 m35 winter camo helmet

    A very nice one-looker winter camouflage m35 ET62 helmet. The helmet is in salty but original condition. The helmet has a factory apple-green paint job with two decals. On top of this a winter camouflage was applied during the war and on top of this a “reissue” paintjob with a decal. The helmet is in “untouched” original condition and is named U. Mack. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap dated 1937. A stunning wintercamouflage helmet in salty and original condition!

  • NS64 M40 geometrical camo helmet with whitewash

    A salty but real geometrical camouflage helmet with whitewash remains. The helmet has a factory green paint job topped off with a geometrical camouflage pattern of green and brown. On top of this there is a large area still covered with original whitewash. The helmet was found in Norway last year. The helmet is marked NS64 indicating production by Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte. The helmet is in salty condition but a rare original whitewash and geometrical camouflage!

  • SE64 M35 single decal Kriegsmarine helmet named G Diekmann

    A very nice M35 single decal Kriegsmarine helmet in very good condition. The helmet still retains most of its wartime paint and a very large portion of the golden Kriegsmarine decal. The helmet is nicely named to G Diekmann in the rim of the shell, a name label on the liner and written with pencil on the leather. The helmet is marked SE64 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. .The helmet still retains its original chinstrap which is nicely maker marked and dated 1942. Around the rivets on the helmets you can still see the remains of a period whitewash. The helmet is in really good shape and rare with the golden Kriegsmarine decal. a nice addition to any helmet collection!

  • Belgian made Heer M43 EM field cap

    A very nice Belgian made M43 field cap in good unissued condition. This cap is a nice big size 59 and comes with the factory sewn trapezoid insignia. I’ve only ever heard of 5 of these caps in existence, a truly rare and exciting cap!

  • Luftwaffe belt buckle made by Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid

    A very nice Luftwaffe belt buckle made by Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid. This buckle still retains up to 95% of its original paint. The buckle has a nice leather tab on which the manufacturer and date is stamped although this is hard to read. A very nice Luftwaffe buckle in very good condition!

  • Awesome Wehrpass grouping for a halftrack driver in a Panzergrenadier unit

    A awesome Wehrpass grouping of Johann Wirtz, a halftrack driver and Unteroffizier in Panzer Grenadier Regiment 1. The grouping consists of a Panzerkampfabzeichen in Bronze award document, his driver licenses, a brief compilation from his wartime experiences and a certificate of training with several weapons such as the MG. 42, MG. 34 and the Opel Maultier. He was wounded on 2.7.41 through a piece of shrapnel in his right hand. He was awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz, Panzerkampfabzeichen in Bronze and the KVK 2nd class with swords. The Panzerkampfabzeichen in Bronze comes with the award document signed by the Generalleutnant der 1. Panzerdivision. A nice and interesting Wehrpass grouping in very good condition!

  • Pre war Reichswehr buckle

    A nice prewar Reichswehr buckle in very good condition. These buckles where issued until 1936 and where in some cases still in use during the war. A uncommon buckle made from Alpacca!

  • Tropical Heer belt buckle with canvas tab marked H.A. 41

    A very nice tropical belt buckle marked H.A. 41 indicating production by Hermann Aurich in 1941. The buckle retains up to 90% of its original wartime applied paint and still retains the originally sewn canvas tab on the back. A very nice tropical buckle in very good condition which is very hard to find nowadays!

  • Late war breadbag with blue webbing straps

    A very nice late war breadbag in unissued condition. Its been made in a interesting manufacturing type where blue webbing is used for the D-rings and loops on the front. A unique, late war breadbag in very good condition nicely marked RBNr.0/0750/3572!

  • Mid to late war Heer belt buckle by Brüder Schneider, Wien.

    A very nice mid to late war belt buckle in near mint condition. The belt buckle has via phosphate treated set of prongs and still retains up to 99% of it’s original paint! A very nice Heer belt buckle that would be hard to upgrade!

  • POA Volunteer Sleeve Shield

    A very nice unissued shield made in BeVo. These shields where worn by Russian volunteers in the Russian liberation army or Русская освободительная армия. The shield is in unissued perfect condition. A nice addition to any insignia collection!

  • Mint condition MP40 pouch

    A very nice mint condition MP40 pouch. This is truly one of the nicest CLG pouches I have ever encountered and would make a nice addition to the collector of equipment. The pouch features some interesting details as described in the full description.

  • Nice heer belt with buckle in good condition!

    A nice and honest heer belt in good condition. The belt buckle is nicely maker marked J.C. Maedicke 1941 Berlin. The buckle is in very good condition with the leather tab and was originally found in the Dutch town of Bergen op Zoom 4 years ago. The belt is in nice supple condition but was added to the belt at a later point making a great set!

  • Nice late war breadbag marked 0/0750/3572 with rayon straps

    A very nice and uncommon breadbag marked 0/0750/3572 with rayon straps in stead of leather/canvas. A very nice variation for the specialized equipment collector in mint condition!

  • Mint condition M44 breadbag

    A nice mint condition M44 breadbag. It is RB numbered on the back but this is hard to see. This is a common feature for these late war breadbags. The breadbag is made from various mixed materials giving a nice mis matched look. A nice mint M44 breadbag!

  • G43 pouch marked ros 1944

    A nice original G43 pouch in used condition. The pouch is marked ros 1944 which indicates production by E. G. Leuner, Bautzen. 

  • Late war Y-straps with simplified backstrap

    A nice pair of late Y-straps in very good condition. It features a latewar backstrap and the late simplified front hooks. The Y-strap is nice and supple and imo unused. It is not visibly maker marked but a very nice late war piece

  • Luftwaffe Hkp64 M40 helmet with original helmet net

    A nice Luftwaffe m40 helmet with original helmet net (Tarnnetz) . The helmet is in good condition with over 85% of its wartime factory paint and decal. The helmet has two hooks on the front and the back on which a helmet net is applied. The hooks where on the helmet when I bought it but the net was added by me. The Net is original and in very good unissued condition. It has some slight rust on one of the hooks as can be seen on the picture. The helmet is in good condition and a nice combination with the rare issue German helmet net!

  • Private purchase officers sidecap with picture and insignia grouping

    A very nice and attractive grouping to a Leutnant in a Infanterie unit. The grouping consists of a private purchase Schiffchen or sidecap with shoulder boards, collar tabs and a few period photographs. The Schiffchen is in good used condition with original applied insignia. The collar tabs and shoulder boards are in tunic removed but good condition. The pictures show a Leutnant of a Infanterie unit with a dueling scar or Schmiss on his cheek. A great grouping that would look a great in a display case!

  • Unissued tropical M43 tunic

    A very nice unissued tropical M43 tunic. It is unworn, near perfect condition and a nice medium size for a mannequin. The tunic still has the original paper manufacturer tag and is nicely RB numbered inside. The collar litzen are nicely factory sewn but the breast eagle is in my opinion restored.

    A very nice tropical tunic that would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Kriegsmarine buckle – JFS 1942

    A very nice original belt buckle of the Kriegsmarine marked JFS on the buckle and Josef Feix & Söhne – 1942 – Gablonz on the tab. Hard to upgrade original Kriegsmarine belt buckle!

  • Mint late war belt

    A very nice late war equipment belt in mint condition. Nicely marked 0/0374/0142 indicating production by J.Schmalzeder Erben, Dresden. A nice belt to complete a nice buckle with!

  • 1938 dated Luftwaffe Zeltbahn unit marked 5. Kompanie Kampfgeschwader 355

    A very nice 1938 dated Luftwaffe zeltbahn with unit markings to 5. Kompanie Kampfgeschwader 355. The zeltbahn is in used condition but finding a Luftwaffe marked zeltbahn is rare!

  • Unissued Afrikakorps breeches

    A very nice pair of Afrikakorps breeches in unissued condition. They are a nice mannequin size and they are executed in ribbed cotton. The trousers where made by Bergen and stored in the depot of Erfurt in 1941. A very nice pair at a affordable price!

  • Hitlerjugend belt and buckle marked

    A nice ensemble of a Hitlerjugend belt and buckle. The buckle is nicely marked RZM M 4/23 indicating production by Dr. Franke & Co. The belt is named to Wilhelm Baumann.

    A attractive set in very good used condition!

  • 1941 dated M31 Zeltbahn made by Anton Jöring K.G. Bekleidungswerk

    A very nice 1941 dated M31 zeltbahn with all ropes and most buttons. It is nicely maker marked Anton Jöring K.G. Bekleidungswerk and made in 1941.

    A nice early zeltbahn in good condition with nice and vibrant colours!

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