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  • First world war issue canteen cup marked Nickelwerk 12 – I.R. 155.


    Very nice first world war issued canteen cup in very good condition. The cup is nicely marked Nickelwerk 12 which would indicate that this cup is produced in 1912! The cup is nicely unit marked I.R. 155. which indicates Infanterie-Regiment 155. Very nice and interesting first world war issue canteen cup which is unit ID’ed!

  • Early style canteen cup marked EEF 34 – D.R.P. Srb. (Saarbrücken)


    Very nice early aluminium drinking cup which would go together with pre M31 pattern and political or HJ canteens. This example is nicely marked EEF 34 which indicates production by Ewald Eigenbrod Aluminium-und Metallwarenfabrik, Freiling in 1934! The cups is also marked with D.R.P. Srb. which indicates this cup was issued to the Deutsches Reichs Post (German postal office) in Saarbrücken. Very nice early and interesting cup!

  • M42 canteen marked SMM43/44


    Excellent late war M42 canteen in very good condition. The flask itself is marked SMM 44, the cup is marked SMM 43, this seems to be a factory mismatch because a lot of untouched SMM canteens have this feature. SMM itself indicates production by Süddeutsche Metallwarenfabrik, Mussbach. Textbook M42 canteen with steel painted cup and green painted flask!

  • Large medical canteen marked G&CL 43


    Textbook M31 Labeflasche marked G&CL 43 indicating prodution by Gehardi & Co, Lüdenscheid. Hard to upgrade canteen in very good condition!

  • Large medical canteen marked CFL35


    Textbook pre war large 1L canteen or Labeflasche in complete matching and unissued condition. All the parts (flask, harness, cap, hook, cup and cover) of the canteen are nicely marked CFL 35 which indicates production by Carl Feldhaus Aluminium-und Metallwerke, Lüdenscheid in 1935. The canteen is a typical early example with high quality materials in near mint condition!

  • M31 canteen marked HRE42 with pebbled leather straps


    Excellent M31 canteen in very good condition. The canteen is marked HRE 41 / HRE 42 which indicates production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingenthe difference in the dates is IMHO a factory mismatch made in early 1942 with left overs from late 1941. The cup features initials on the top which reads: R G, which could be the initials of a first and last name. The straps are made out of pebbled leather which is rather unusual for an early 1942 manufactured example. Very nice example!

  • Unissued pre war M31 canteen marked AEM.A 37


    Unissued pre war manufactured M31 canteen in very nice condition. The canteen is unissued but the bottom strap at the stud has been broken at one side which should be handled with care! The canteen is nicely marked AEMA 37 which indicates production by Annweiler Email-u.Metall-Werke in 1937, early examples from this manufacturer are rather rare. Lovely unissued example with a small damage which is luckily not disturbing in a display!

  • M31 canteen Hungarian POW art


    Interesting early M31 canteen which has been turned into an art piece. Sadly the cup and flask aren’t matching but they seem to be together for a long time! Interesting is the HRE 1935(!) marked flask which indicates production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen in 1935. The aluminium flask itself is simply changed into a colorful art piece! The design is very interesting and colorful. The art piece is dated 7-2-1946 and marked “Emlék Salzburgból” which is Hungarian and would translate to “Memorial from Salzburg”. Most likely done by a Hungarian POW (prisoner of war).

  • Textbook M42 canteen CFL43/44


    A very nice matching M42 canteen with a black strap in good supple condition.  Nicely marked CFL 43/44 indicating production by Carl Feldhaus Aluminium-und Metallwerke, Lüdenscheid, the year difference is most likely a factory mismatch because the canteen is in unmeshed with condition! Excellent M42 canteen in the textbook configuration with a steel cup!

  • Rare unissued M31 canteen marked W.A.L. 39 with Vet art


    Unissued pre war M31 canteen. The canteen and all of its parts are nicely marked W.A.L. 39 which indicates production by Westfalische Aluminium Industrie, Junger & Co., Lüdenscheid in 1939.This canteen itself is already an excellent example, to make it even nicer this example has been covered in Vet art with some of the countries the veteran has been. The cup reads: Belgian (Belgium), Holland (The Netherlands), Polen (Poland), Serbien (Serbia), Russland (Russia), Frankreich (france) 1939-1948. Very interesting example with beautiful Vet art!

  • M31 tropical canteen marked e.m.k. 42


    Nice original “tropical” M31 canteen in good, field used condition. This example comes in a configuration with a black bakelite cup which is sadly cracked as can be seen in the pictures. The flask itself is nicely marked emk 42 which indicates production by Aluminiumwerke Göttingen, GmbH. in 1942, this is one of the rarer to encounter manufacturers out there! Very nice example from a rare maker with webbing straps!

  • Mint late war M42 canteen


    Mint late war M42 canteen with phenolic resin cup. The canteen is a textbook late war example that would be impossible to upgrade. Textbook unmarked example.

  • Late war 1L Labeflsche marked CFL 44


    Nice late war 1L capacity canteen or Labeflasche in good used condition. The small aluminium cup is nicely marked CFL 44 which indicates production by Carl Feldhaus Aluminium-und Metallwerke, Lüdenscheid in 1944. These late war produced 1L Labeflasches from 1943 or lather are rather rare to encounter. Nice original example in overall good condition!

  • M42 enamelled canteen with rough green finish marked AEMA 43


    Excellent late war enamelled M42 canteen in configuration with a bakelite cup and brown leather straps. The canteen itself is a beautiful blue/blackish enamelled example finished with a rough green paint which is a way of manufacturing only encountered by AEMA. The felt cover and the brown leather straps are all marked AEMA 43 indicating production by Annweiler Email-u.Metall-Werke in 1943. The brown leather closing strap is a bit fragile but still functional. Excellent late war variation canteen!

  • M42 canteen cup marked L&SL 43


    Textbook M42 canteen cup in good used condition marked L&SL 43. Hard to find as a spare!

  • Unissued pre war canteen strap


    A rare spare part for all M31 canteens. I have found a small(!) batch of unissued canteen straps in undamaged and supple condition. The straps never made it to the canteen factory as witnessed by the absence of a screwcap. These straps were often made by separate manufacturers then the canteen producer who made the metal parts of the canteen. The strap is supple an perfect to complete a canteen with a broken or missing strap; a hard to find spare because it’s a pre(!) war example with all aluminum hardware. I am sure that this is a great opportunity to acquire a example for your canteen, or a spare for a future purchase; you will be hard pressed to find another!

    I have 8 matching unissued examples. The price is for 1, and you will receive a unissued example in the condition pictured!

  • M31 canteen CFL40


    Nice M31 canteen in salty, as found condition. The aluminium flask is nicely marked CFL 40 which indicates production by Carl Feldhaus Aluminium-und Metallwerke, Lüdenscheid in 1940. The canteen is complete with a bakelite cup which seems to be original to the canteen which is in uncleaned as found condition.

  • 1L Labeflasche marked MN 42


    Nice large 1L canteen or Labeflasche in very good condition. The canteens flask itself is nicely marked MN 42 which indicates production by Metallindustrie GmbH. Neunkirchen-Saar (MENESA) in 1942 and comes in configuration with a black bakelite cup dated 1944! Nice canteen in good condition!

  • Textbook M42 canteen marked smm 43


    Textbook late war M42 canteen in good used condition. The canteen is a textbook M42 example with the steel cup. The canteen is nicely matching maker marked smm 43 which indicates production by Süddeutsche Metallwarenfabrik, Mussbach. Nice late war canteen!

  • Late war M42 canteen


    Nice textbook late war M42 canteen in good used condition. The canteen flask itself is marked but sadly not clearly readable. The canteen comes in its textbook configuration with a nice black late war bakelite canteen cup which is nicely marked gfc 1944 which indicates production by Julius Posselt, Gablonz an der Neisse, Reichsgau Sudetenland. 

  • Rare (!) orange bakelite canteen cup F7/K


    Incredibly rare original orange bakelite canteen cup. This is a rare opportunity to buy original orange bakelite canteen cup. This example was certainly MPD code marked just like the other examples but the markings are completely faded because of the time in the ground. The MPD code F7/K indicates production by a still unknown maker and the usage of urea resin (which is a certain type of Bakelite) with an organic filler material. The bakelite surface is affected by the time in the ground and thereby lost some of its smooth surface. The cup only has some minor discolorations which could probably be cleaned some more. Beautiful original and very rare example!

    This cup was found in Berlin recently together with 12 complete and 5 damaged cups. They were dug up underneath remnants of a concrete floor together with other canteen cups and butterdishes. In 15 years of collecting I’ve only found one example for my personal collection: this is only the second time I’ve been able to acquire one. I have kept 3 cups for my personal collection, other then these there are no other orange cups on the market today that I am aware of. Rarer then most Knights Crosses.

  • Black aluminum canteen cup marked HRE 37


    Black aluminum canteen cup marked HRE 37

  • M42 canteen marked CFL 44


    Nice M42 canteen in hard combat used condition. The flask itself is marked CFL 44 which indicates production by Carl Feldhaus Aluminium-und Metallwerke, Lüdenscheid in 1944 and comes in configuration with a 1943 dated bakelite cup. Nice hard used example with a few repairs which would still look great on a mannequin.

  • M42 flask marked FWBN 43


    Steel M42 flask complete with its cap in good condition. The flask is nicely marked FWBN 43 indicating production by F.W. Brockelmann Aluminiumwerk GmbH KG, Neheim/Ruhr. 

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