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  • Mid war M31 canteen marked CFL 43


    A textbook mid war M42 canteen. Nicely marked CFL 43 indicating production by Carl Feldhaus Aluminium-und Metallwerke, Lüdenscheid with a red painted flask and a pigskin strap with a rollerless buckle!

  • Superb late war M42 canteen with gaberdine cover marked ESB43


    A stunning unissued canteen marked ESB 43 indicating production by Eduard Sommerfeld, Berlin. The Canteen has a very nice light brown leather strap in good supple condition. The cover is nicely made out of loosely woven gaberdine and still retains its 3(not 4!) press studs. Perfect mid to late war canteen that’s impossible to upgrade.

  • Large tropical M31 canteen marked MN41


    A nice matching large tropical canteen marked MN42 indicating production by Metallindustrie GmbH. Neunkirchen-Saar (MENESA).

  • Mint tropical Coconut canteen marked HRE 43


    A nice coconut canteen marked HRE 41 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The canteen is in very good condition together with its matching cup. Hard to upgrade textbook coconut canteen.

  • Canteen filling funnel


    A unusual, late war canteen filling funnel. These funnels where used in field kitchens and together with the 5, 10, and 18 liter aluminium “Trinkwasser” drinking water containers to fill canteens. These funnels had the capacity of exactly one standard 0.8 liter canteen. They are wide enough at the top for a 5, 10 or 18 liter drinking water  container to easily poor. It is used by holding a finger underneath the small hole underneath the funnel and then filled to the top. The funnel is then placed above a canteen and the finger is removed. The canteen will be filled quick and without spillage! The funnel is made out of enameled steel like many of the late war canteens. A nice unusual item!

  • Small M31 canteen marked ESB42


    Small canteen meant for Weibliches Personal. These small canteens are very hard to find in good unissued condition like this one. Nicely marked ESB42 indicating production by Eduard Sommerfeld, Berlin.

  • M31 Labeflasche 1 liter medical canteen marked cfl 42

    Sale! 200.00 150.00

    A nice ESB 41 marked M31 Labeflasche in unissued condition. The canteen, strap and cover are nicely marked cfl 42 indicating production by
    Carl Feldhaus Aluminium-und Metallwerke, Lüdenscheid
    . The canteen is in unissued condition with pigskin leather. The long strap is original to the piece and is made out of two different parts of leather. This is not a repair but a late war necessity. A great midwar medical canteen in great condition!

  • M31 Labeflasche marked HRE40

    Sale! 200.00 150.00

    A nice HRE 40 marked M31 labeflasche in unissued condition. Its nicely marked HRE 40 on the cup indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The canteen is in good unissued condition!

Showing all 8 results