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  • Large and thick Reichsmarine issue blanket


    Nice and thick original Reichsmarine issue blanket. The blanket is in good used condition with lots of nap remaining. Some small moth damage but mostly in very nice condition. The blanket is nicely dated 1929. The Reichsmarine consisted of ‘just’ 15.000 men at its high point and its items are very rare!

  • Waffen-SS issue EM/NCO M43 keilhosen


    Scarce original pair of Waffen-SS M43 Keilhosen for enlisted man and non commissioned officers in good worn condition. The trousers retain most if not all of their originally sewn buttons and full leg ties. There is a well-executed period repair on the front of the trousers under the left front pocket. The trousers are otherwise in good, used condition. The inside of the trousers are nicely finished with herringbone rayon material typical for Waffen-SS issue garments. The cut is typical for Waffen-SS issue Keilhosen with straight cut pockets and the back reinforcement ending at the side seams. Not to be confused with Heer/Kustenartillerie trousers! A textbook Waffen-SS M43 Keilhosen, much harder to find then a pair of Erbsentarn camouflage trousers!

  • Waffen-SS issue EM/NCO breeches


    A nice pair of unissued Reiterhose made from rough Italian wool. A affordable and issued pair of Waffen-SS issued EM/NCO breeches. The garment has most if not all of its originally sewn buttons and is in unissued condition. There are one or two holes and a faulty stitch. Otherwise, imo, mint!

  • Sumpftarn non reversible parka trousers with suspenders


    Stunning condition non reversible hard edged ’43 Sumpftarnmuster pattern camouflage parka trousers. Complete with their original rayon based camouflage braces original to the parka.

  • Stone mint M40 Luftwaffe trousers with factory tag


    A stone mint pair of Luftwaffe M40 trousers or Fliegertuchhose. The trousers are a good mannequin size and still retain most if not all of the nap on the wool. The garment still retains its original factory paper tag indicating production by August Sauer Uniformfabrik. Inside nicely size marked and LBA(S). A stunning pair in stone mint condition that would look great on a mannequin and is truly impossible to upgrade.

  • Late war M44 trousers


    Rare late war brown wool M44 trousers in good used condition. The garment is still in its salty original condition with lots of character. The garment retains most if not all of its originally sewn buttons and most importantly the M44 trouser belt. Hard to find late war M44 trouser in a good size and a nice brown colour!

  • 1945 dated M44 tunic


    Lightly used condition Heer M44 Feldbluse with restored original insignia. The garment is in nice original condition with most of the nap in the late brown wool still remaining. The garment is a medium size, a good fit for old hindsgaul mannequins. The garment has restored original insignia. This ’45 dated garment has no provisions for shoulder straps, it seems they have been removed. Some 1945 dated M44 tunics I’ve seen where issued without them. A nice original M44 tunic in good, lightly used condition!

  • Dutch made M36 field blouse for a Leutnant Der Artillerie


    A nice original M36 field blouse made in Amsterdam, 1940. Fully made from course Dutch wool and with its original insignia. The garment has moth damage which is typical to this coarse Dutch wool. The wear in the collar area indicates this garment was surely worn in the field. A very nice worn display tunic for a nice price!

  • Complete late war Gebirgsjäger Anorak


    A very nice and minty late war Gebirgsjäger anorak set consisting of a Windbluse and Windhose. These reversible camouflage garments are waterproofed and meant for the Ski- und Gebirgsjäger. These garments are hard to find in good condition, especially the trousers. The jacket has one small hole on the back but is otherwise in unissued condition. I’ve added some pictures of these garments in wear. A nice complete uniform in a nice mannequin size that would instantly dress a combat display!

  • Sumpftarn reversible parka trousers


    Late war reversible Sumpftarn parka trousers. The camouflage pattern featured is the early style so called ‘ hard-edged Sumfptarn ‘ with nice contrast and strong colours. The trousers are a good large mannequin size.

  • Late pattern EM issue Panzer wrap


    Stunning and rare late war EM Panzer wrap in unissued condition. Nice rich wool, rayon lined example for a Panzer EM. The wrap is nicely made and with all of its buttons. The Wrap is still in the original length and is without tailor done alterations. The breast eagle and chevron are handsewn. The garment is unworn but the back(only) appears to be lighter due to exposure to UV light. These Panzer wraps are very rare because the armored corps made up only a small percentage of the whole Wehrmacht. The high amount of losses in the Panzer units is another reason remaining original examples are scarce. The collar tabs are said to be late war examples but in my opinion they are reproductions with original skulls. They are hand sewn on and I’ll leave them on for the buyer to decide.The garment is a textbook original in a sea of fakes! The garment would be a centerpiece in any uniform display and one-looker original panzer wraps like this one are very, very scarce!

  • Luftwaffe M40 trousers


    A nice unissued pair of Luftwaffe M40 trousers. The trousers are a nice mannequin size and still retain most if not all of the nap on the wool. There are a few minimal moth nips on the bottom which is normal for these garments after being stored for so long. A great pair in unissued condition that would look great on a mannequin!

  • Combat worn non reversible Sumpftarn parka


    A very nice obviously combat worn non-reversible Sumpftarn parka in salty condition. The parka is a nice desirable size 2. The jacket has a few replaced buttons, a few holes and some obvious wear. If you’re looking for a combat jacket – this is it!

  • Waffen-SS M42 plane tree 1/2 camouflage smock


    A stunning original Waffen-SS plane tree 1/2 overprint smock in mint/unissued condition. The smock is a typical M42 type 1 smock with straight pockets. The pockets are lined with field grey Drillich material with blurred edge pocket flaps. The garment is typically sewn on the sides with a double needle seam and the rest finished with a single needle machine. The rayon drawstring is woven through handsewn holes. All of the foliage loops are fully intact. The sleeves are finished with hand screened 5/6 plane tree. The elastic on the sleeves and waist is still in functional condition and has never been removed or replaced. The smock does not have any damages or holes. The camouflage print is strong and full of contrast and the colours very vibrant. The smock would be a prime piece in any camouflage collection and would be very hard to upgrade.

  • Kriegsmarine / Küstenartillerie heavy fur lined Wachmantel


    Heavy fully lined Kriegsmarine or Küstenartillerie guard coat or Wachmantel in very good condition. This garment was recently discovered in a cloth processing plant and has never been in a collection before. It’s missing one button on the shoulder and has a few moth holes. Otherwise a very nice garment in lightly worn condition. The coat is fully lined with thick sheepskin creating a very good insulation for the sometimes arctic temperatures at for instance many of the Küstenartillerie batteries in Norway. Hard to find!

  • Waffen-SS plane tree 5/6 Zeltbahn


    A nice original plane tree 5/6 overprint Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in strong used condition. Nicely marked with number 5 and a manufacturer stampThe Zeltbahn retains its colours and contrast and some of its originally sewn buttons. The Zeltbahn shows wear and some damages. A very strong used Waffen-SS plane tree zeltbahn with holes and damages. Not the nicest, but a original plane tree zeltbahn priced to sell!

  • Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse


    Nice original unissued Fliegerbluse with all factory sewn insignia for a flight or Fallschirmjäger. The Fliegerbluse is unissued condition with all of the nap remaining in the wool. The blouse has a few moth damages on the back where the belt would sit. Otherwise a perfect Fliegerbluse for a Fallschirmjäger!

  • German paratrooper Splittertarn smock


    A nice original and combat worn German paratrooper smock or Knochensack marked Rudolph Hubert & Cie 1.A B.42. Manufactured from heavy twill material with parts out of Grünmeliert smock material. One period repair to the back skirt. The smock retains all of its period sewn buttons and rust free press studs. The zippers are marked Elite and are all in functioning condition. The smock retains nice and vibrant colours with a nice light use just perfect for a combat mannequin. The breast eagle is resewn but original. The smock is a very nice large size fitting for most if not all mannequins. This smock was surely worn during the war and has loads of character. Hard to upgrade original Fallschirmjäger Knochensack in honest worn condition!

  • Wehrmacht M43 combat trousers in mint condition


    A very nice mint example of a pair of Wehrmacht Heer M43 combat trousers or Keilhosen. In good mint condition with all its original sewn buttons. The wool is in great condition without damages or repairs and still has most of the nap and full contrasted field grey color remaining. The size is large and would fit most if not all mannequins. The leg ties are mostly intact. A great pair for a mannequin that is very hard to find in this perfect condition and size!

  • Heer tropical pullover shirt

    Sale! 600.00 400.00

    Rare Heer tropical pullover shirt. Typical Afrikakorps type pullover shirt or Diensthemd für Tropen. The shirt is made from a olive coloured cotton with olive coloured paper buttons. The shirt has buttonholes for shoulderboards. Ink stamped in the collar area and in a nice large size. Rare and textbook tropical shirt in mint condition!

  • Mint condition reversible Splittertarn parka


    Minty original reversible Splittertarn parka marked 0/0584/0006. The nice thing is that the wind flap on the front is made from Sumpftarnmuster and that it is in mint condition. The garment retains most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. Most of these reversible parkas are in strong used, abused or modified condition and not in a factory new condition like this one!

  • Aluminum tunic belt hooks


    A perfect mint set for a pre war Heer or Waffen-SS M36 or M40 tunic in aluminum. Hard to find spare set, especially in aluminum!

  • Rare Heer twill wool M43 EM tunic

    Sale! 1,350.00 1,000.00

    A late war twill wool M43 Heer field blouse in good used condition. This is a rare variant M43 tunic made of a rough twill wool. The tunic is a nice large size and in good used condition. The tunic comes with machine sewn Litzen and a handsewn breast eagle. The tunic hasn’t been shortened or repaired and is marked F44. Rare late war combat tunic in great condition!

  • M40 pattern HBT or drillich combat trousers


    Medium sized M40 type field combat trousers in HBT or Drillichmaterial in good used condition. The front has a damaged part on the top that would be obscured by a jacket on a mannequin. Otherwise in very nice lightly worn condition that would nicely compliment a mannequin!

  • Steel green tunic belt hooks


    A perfect mint set for a mid to late war Heer or Waffen-SS M40,M41,M42 or M43 tunic in green paint. Hard to find spare set, especially in green paint!

  • M43 Drillich tunic in untouched condition


    A very nice M43 field tunic made from HBT linnen or Drillich. It comes with its original factory applied Litzen and breast eagle. The jacket is a nice medium size and marked  0/0150/0041 which dfers to the maker M. Michovius, Uniformfabrik, Cottbus. The jacket has been worn in the field and still has dirt in the pockets and stains on the elbows and the back. The tunic has multiple small mud/dirt stains. The jacket was found on the attic of a Belgian hospital around 20 years ago together with 3 other identical HBT m43 tunics from the same maker with the exact same insignia configuration.

  • Late war steel blue tunic belt hooks


    A perfect mint set for a mid to late war Heer or Waffen-SS M43 tunic in blue paint. Hard to find spare set!

  • Scarce original Waffen-SS smock drawstring


    A scarce original Waffen-SS Tarnjacke drawstring. Typical flat woven rayon construction. Full length 130 cm. Downright impossible spare to find that was used in all types of Waffen-SS Tarnjacken from pre war to 1945!

  • Late war steel blue tunic belt hooks


    A perfect mint set for a mid to late war Heer or Waffen-SS tunic in blue paint. Hard to find spare set!

  • Late war Italian made double button Heer M43 field cap


    A original Italian made late war double button Heer M43 field cap. One of several collectible and rare to encounter variants. This variant, with machine sewn embroided insignia is made fully out Italian made materials. The buttons, fabric and insignia are all Italian made. A rare to find original M43 field cap!

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