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  • Late war Heer M43 Wachmantel


    Late war Heer M43 Wachmantel in coarse Italian wool. Textbook piece in good lightly worn condition. Some minor repairs and moth damage. Otherwise a great Mantel which would nicely compliment any late war display.

  • Late war battle damaged Heer M42 mantel


    Heer M42 pattern overcoat with period modified collar. The Mantel is a great example in good used condition. The left front hip has a small hole, which has also gone through the liner pocket which is evenly discolored with a small blood stain and indicating a bullet or shrapnel impacted the wearer. Unique late war mantel with a obvious and visible damage.

  • Waffen-SS issue EM/NCO M43 keilhosen


    Scarce original pair of Waffen-SS M43 Keilhosen for enlisted man and non commissioned officers in good worn condition. The trousers retain most if not all of their originally sewn buttons and full leg ties. There are several period well-executed period repairs on the trousers. The trousers are otherwise in good, used condition. The inside of the trousers are nicely finished with herringbone rayon material typical for Waffen-SS issue garments. The cut is typical for Waffen-SS issue Keilhosen with straight cut pockets and the back reinforcement ending at the inside leg seam. Not to be confused with Heer/Kustenartillerie trousers! A textbook Waffen-SS M43 Keilhosen, much harder to find then a pair of Erbsentarn camouflage trousers!

  • Late war pullover


    Late war coarse wool pullover in good condition as issued and worn by many Waffen-SS and Heer troops. These turtleneck jumpers where very popular amongst all branches. The pullover is very stretchy and can easily be applied to most modern mannequins without hassle.

  • Late war Italian pullover


    Hard to find Italian pullover as issued and worn by many Waffen-SS and Heer troops. These turtleneck jumpers where very popular after the Italians capitulated and can be seen worn from June 1944 until the end of the war. The pullover is very stretchy and can easily be applied to most modern mannequins without hassle and comes in size 3. There is some moth damage; but nothing that would not be masked from any uniforms worn on the top.

  • Waffen-SS camouflage parka in Telo camouflage material


    A nice original Waffen-SS fur lined parka in Italian Telo Mimetico camouflage material. The parka is in good worn condition and has a repair to the pocket and signs of wear. The fur is in good condition. A nice original late war Waffen-SS parka in good worn condition!

  • Late war Heer M43 Keilhosen


    Textbook M43 Keilhosen in good used condition. These trousers have a nice light wear on a coarse late war wool. The trousers retain all factory sewn buttons and lining material. The bottom of the trousers have a set of period added metal eyelets for the tie straps.

  • Pre war issue Heer EM/NCO breeches


    Textbook early Heer EM/NCO breeches dated 1939 in good worn condition in a typical medium size.

  • Heer EM M43 field blouse with matching shoulderstraps


    Textbook Heer EM M43 field blouse with matching shoulderstraps in Italian wool with white rayon piping. The field blouse comes with full factory sewn insignia; a triangular m44 style breast eagle which has been zigzag sewn and a pair of straight sewn Einheitskragenspiegel with no signs of previously attached insignia. The garment is a killer EM uniform with a nice light wear showing the weave of the wool. The jacket is lined in grey rayon and is complete with the belt support straps. The shoulderstraps are made out of the same Italian wool as the base garment with white rayon piping. The garment is not shortened or tailored and would be a perfect base for a 1944 combat mannequin!

  • Privately purchased Luftwaffe Breeches


    Textbook privately purchased Luftwaffe breeches in good worn condition.

  • Issue Kradmelder gloves


    Textbook German Kradmelder gloves or gauntlets. These motorcycle gloves where worn in summer and winter and are wide so normal gloves could be worn inside.

  • Luftwaffe M40 trousers in good worn condition


    Textbook Luftwaffe M40 trousers in good worn condition. The trousers are a nice medium size that would fit most modern mannequins. The trousers are a nice match to a Fliegerbluse in worn condition.

  • Mint Luftwaffe Field Division smock in Splittertarn B


    Stunning mint original Luftwaffe field division smock. The breast eagle is factory machine sewn to the garment. Textbook large sized garment with superb and vibrant colours to the print. There are a few rust stains to the back of the garment; otherwise its downright perfect and impossible to upgrade!

  • Mint M39 Steingrau Heer trousers


    Mint pair of M39 trousers for use in the Heer in the Steingrauor stone grey colour. The pair retains all of its originally sewn buttons and retains 100% of the nap in the wool. Guaranteed the best pair on the market today. The trousers are in mint condition with zero issues and a good medium size!

  • M40 pattern uniform collar


    Very nice early war collar for a Heer M40 tunic. The collar is in good unissued condition and it retains remnants of the Heer Kragenlitzen. This collar would be a nice finish to a mannequin with a parka, mantel or SS camouflage smock without a full tunic underneath.

  • Untouched M43 pattern hbt Drillich tunic


    Beautiful and untouched Heer M43 Drillich field blouse. Textbook example in untouched condition with fully factory sewn insignia and wartime attached Artillerie EM shoulderstraps. A real combat tunic in good condition!

  • Reversible Sumpftarn parka trousers E. Reitz Antwerpen


    Original reversible parka trousers made by E. Reitz Antwerpen. The trousers are in good worn condition with wear and tear and a period modification which added approximately 15cm of Splittertarn material to the bottom effectively lengthening the trousers.

  • Summer Heer Dress tunic for a Major der Panzergrenadier Lehr


    Beautiful summer dress tunic for a Major der Panzergrenadier Lehr with Aguliette. Textbook example in light worn condition. The garment comes with full removable insignia. The shoulderboards are a nice set of privately purchased matching examples for a Major der Panzergrenadier Lehr. The breast eagle is in good condition with functional pin and retains its original silver finish. The garment is a beautiful display tunic with very rare shoulderboards!

  • Rare Waffen-SS M40 pattern overcoat


    A original M40 Waffen-SS Mantel or overcoat in good used condition. The mantel is not to be confused with the Heer/Army type; this cut of Mantel is different in shape, cut, marking and is specifically made for the Waffen-SS. The eagle has been removed from the sleeve and shows a nice ghost, other then that its a nice untouched condition Waffen-SS M40 Mantel. There are several small moth holes. These overcoats are very scarce! The mantel is marked in the back which is exactly how it should be. These overcoats are very scarce!

  • Heer Pionier Leutnant field blouse


    Beautiful late war Heer field blouse for a Leutnant der Pioniertruppen. The garment is in unissued condition but has traces of being stored in a closet for 75 years with some minor moth damage. The garment comes with wartime sewn insignia with the eagle coming semi detached. The garment does not show any traces of previously applied insignia. Nice garment in a typical late war mixed wool.

  • Stunning Oberleutnant blouse made in Breda, the Netherlands


    Stunning field blouse for a Oberleutnant der Infanterie named Wagner. The garment is a beautiful example fully made out of Dutch Kamgaren. The garment retains its fully wartime sewn insignia and received a period promotion to Oberleutnant at some point using two different rank pips. Inside the breast pocket is a small label indicating the producer Louis Simons from Breda, the Netherlands who kept producing post war. The garment is a good medium size for most modern mannequins. The left breast pocket is adorned with a set of award loops and one for a ribbon bar. Beautiful example!

  • Reworked Heer M43 Gaberdine EM tunic for a Hauptmann der Infanterie


    Typical tailored and converted EM M43 gaberdine tunic for a Hauptmann der Infanterie. The garment has been shortened, the pockets sewn flat and have pleats added. The breast pocket is adorned with multiple period sewn award loops. The garment retains its original insignia for a Hauptmann der Infanterie with the collar tabs resewn. The garment is a typical shortened and tailored example for a experienced officer!

  • Stripped EM M44 field blouse


    Stripped late war EM M44 field blouse in used condition. Typical late war construction with recycled wool and buttons in the Einheitsfarbe. The garment has been cleaned at some point coloring the paper buttons and some of the lining material in a light purple tone. The garment would be a perfect base for restoration.

  • Issue Kriegsmarine blue deck trousers


    Textbook Blue wool Kriegsmarine trousers in good used condition. The trousers are a good medium to large size which is rare to find for navy uniforms!

  • Private purchase M38 Heer officers sidecap


    Nice original Heer M38 Heer sidecap in very good condition. The cap retains its wartime sewn insignia and leather reinforcement. The cap is a good size 56.

  • Late war non reversible ’43 pattern Sumpftarn parka trousers


    Superb near mint late war non-reversible hard-edged ’43 pattern Sumpftarn parka trousers. The garment has very nice and strong colours and is nicely maker marked. The garment is a size 2 which is a perfect mannequin size.

  • Unit marked untouched M36 Heer NCO tunic to a Unteroffizier in Artillerie Regiment 42


    Stunning unit marked M36 tunic for a Unteroffizier der Artillerie Regiment 42. The garment retains all full wartime sewn insignia and is modified to the wearer. The garment has pockets moved, waist and length tailored and period added cyphered shoulderstraps for a Unteroffizier in Artillerie Regiment 42. The Unit is a good medium size and is nicely maker, size and unit stamped inside. The left breast pocket retains a set of period sewn loops for a award. The garment was sourced directly from the woodwork in Germany a few years ago and has only been in one collection ever; some of the original pocket litter still retains inside the pockets. A very nice garment that would be a choice display piece!

  • Mint unissued issue EM Polizei trousers

    Sale! 950.00 750.00

    Perfect, mint condition Polizei trousers dated 1943. Good mannequin size and is complete with all wool nap and buttons.

  • Scarce original Waffen-SS smock drawstring


    A scarce original Waffen-SS Tarnjacke drawstring. Typical flat woven rayon construction. Full length 145 cm. Downright impossible spare to find that was used in all types of Waffen-SS Tarnjacken from pre war to 1945!

  • Aluminum tunic belt hooks


    A perfect mint set for a pre war Heer or Waffen-SS M36 or M40 tunic in aluminum. Hard to find spare set, especially in aluminum!

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