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    Rare headphones for the Erdsprechgerät

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    Stunning M18 transitional single decal Heer helmet. The helmet retains up to 85% of its original finish and decal. The helmet comes with its original factory installed reinforced aluminum liner. The helmet is a very nice and textbook transitional that would be very hard to upgrade!

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  • Untouched battle damaged KIA M42 camouflage helmet from Zevenbergen


    Untouched M42 camouflage helmet recently found in a barn in Zevenbergen, The Netherlands. The helmet was found last december when a farmer cleared his barn in Zevenbergen and listed this and 4 other helmets on a Dutch online selling platform. Other items found where 4 helmets and 40 cases of 7,92 ammunition. The helmet was picked up short after the battles around Zevenbergen around the Moerdijk bridgehead. The helmet has a bullet or shrapnel damage to the back of the helmet which is embedded in the front of the helmet. The interior of the helmet is corroded which is a typical feature for a KIA helmet. The liner has partially rotted away due to bad storage and blood soaking. A typical KIA helmet with provenance to the Netherlands which would be hard to upgrade.

  • Matching K98 pouches marked 0/0675/0122


    Very nice original matching K98 pouches marked 0/0675/0122. 

  • German army issue Marschkompass “A”


    A nice issue compass “A”. The compass comes with its original cord and is in working condition. The compass is with the letter “A” on top indicating production after may 1944 and a clockwise 64 Mills direction. A very nice compass in good condition.

  • M36 Pair of Heer Artillerie EM shoulderstraps


    A great original set of shoulderstraps intended for a Kanonier (EM) in a Artillerie unit. A nice set in very good condition.

  • Tan straight E-tool cover marked fuq 1943 with straight e-tool


    A stunning original Tan straight E-tool cover with E-tool. The cover is nicely marked fuq 1943 indicating production by Cottbusser Lederwarenwerk Curt Vogel K.G., Cottbus. The cover is in good original condition with supple leather without any issues. The Shovel is matching to the cover and marked REX 1943 indicating production by Schwarzwälder Unternehmen der Schmiedetechnik, Baiersbronn – Friedrichstal. The E-tool is nicely matching to the cover and fits nicely without stress. A stunning set and very hard to upgrade!

  • Heer EM M42 field blouse


    Nice original Heer EM M42 field blouse in very good condition. Still retaining most of the nap in the wool and not shortened or tailored. The blouse has a neatly restored set of machine sewn Einheitslitzen and machine resewn breast eagle.

  • First model Luftwaffe dagger by Carl Eickhorn

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    Very nice first model Luftwaffe dagger by Carl Eickhorn, Solingen. The piece is constructed with aluminum details still retaining up to 99% of the silver/gold wash. The dagger is not sharpened and retains the full length unmessed with blade. The leatherette covering the sheath is still in very good condition same as the wire and grip. Superb early Luftwaffe dagger!

  • Hassia flashlight


    Near mint Hassia flashlight in near mint condition. Very hard to upgrade!

Showing all 11 results