Cloth headgear

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  • Superb Heer EM/NCO M43 field cap marked 0/0560/0461


    A suberb original Heer EM/NCO M43 field cap marked RB-Nr. 0/0560/0461. The cap is a desirable size 56 and in stonemint condition. The cap retains its factory sewn trapezoid machine sewn at the top, folded over and machine sewn down the sides. The buttons are also factory sewn. The cap does not show any signs of actual wear. The nap of the wool is still present 100%. A nice and textbook detail in this cap is the stitching lines in multiple colours, running all over the place like it should in a late war manufactured garment. Surely the best Heer M43  cap I’ve had to offer in stone mint condition!

  • Superb Luftwaffe single button M43 EM field upgraded officers cap


    Superb untouched Luftwaffe single button M43 EM field cap which has been upgraded from EM to Officers by hand sewing a thick silver cord to the top. The cap is in nice slightly used condition. The cap retains its original factory sewn insignia and button. This cap would be a centerpiece to any cap collector, a unique example!

  • Luftwaffe yellow piped EM/NCO visor


    Yellow piped EM/NCO visor cap in great, used condition. The cap is made by Rahm & Kampmann 1939. The cap is in strong used but untouched condition and retains a lot of patina.

  • German issue mosquito net or Mückennetz


    A very nice wartime mosquito net in good condition. It is nicely made in the typical textbook light green colour and large enough to fit over a helmet.

  • Stunning Sturmartillerie crusher visor cap by Alfred Krebs


    A stunning Sturmartillerie officers crusher visor cap by Alfred Krebs. The cap is in great, near mint condition with most if not all of the nap in the wool. The cap is a nice size 57/58 that would fit most modern mannequins. These caps where modeled after the very popular Alter Art crusher caps but are most probably manufactured later in the war. Unlike normal officers visor caps this cap does not and never had a chinstrap! The visor is made of a rigid pressed paper construction. The cap retains both of its bullion insignia of which the eagle is resewn to the piece. Otherwise the cap is in original condition without restorations. The cap has its original label Alfred Krebs Mützen-Werkstätte Halle A/S Gr. Ulrichs. 10 Telefon. 35759. The cap would be a great addition to a Stug wrap display as these caps where highly preferred by armoured vehicle crews. Hard to find cap in great condition!

  • Heer EM field upgraded officers sidecap


    A stunning and mint Heer sidecap which has been upgraded from EM to Officers by hand sewing a thick silver cord to the top. The cap is in mint condition and is a nice big size 60. Nicely dated 1940, this cap was manufactured by Hermann Naubert Mützenfabrik Erfurt. The cap has the dark green Waffenfarbe on the front indicating administration. The cap doesn’t have a eagle, but could easily be restored. This garment was recently discovered in a cloth processing plant and has never been in a collection before!

  • Kustenartillerie M43 field cap marked 0/0520/0017 Hermann Potthoff Coesfeld


    Stunning mint Coastal Artillerie Nicely marked RBNr. 0/0520/0017 indicating production by Hermann Potthoff Coesfeld. The cap is a exceptional large size 61 and is a textbook example of a Einheitsfeldmütze fuhr Küstenartillerie. The cap features its factory sewn insignia and full lining. Underneath the cap has a few moth nips, but otherwise its just perfect. Can’t be upgraded!

Showing all 7 results