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  • Textbook Waffen-SS M42 camouflage cap in Plane tree


    Extremely scarce and textbook M42 camouflage cap in excellent condition. The cap is a typical early example with sewn vents made in the plane tree overprint camouflage pattern. The cap is approximately a size 57. The cap is of textbook construction with all seams just as they should be with the centre seam flipping halfway. A perfect and textbook piece without repairs or alterations that would be very hard to upgrade.

  • Issue fur hat marked Franz Meyer 1943


    Textbook issue fur hat marked Franz Meyer Co. Schelleingasse 8, Wien. Nicely dated 1943 and size 56.

  • Rare Waffen-SS infantry officers sidecap


    Excellent and rare Waffen-SS officers side cap in untouched condition. The cap retains its full wartime insinigia and the typical silver piping and white soutache to the front. The cap retains its wartime applied BeVo eagle and skull. The cap is in textbook construction with false piping on the top with a reinforced centre seam. The cap is nicely marked 56. The cap is in nice lightly worn condition with a nice light wear. Classic original Waffen-SS sidecap in the finest Gaberdine that would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Blue Kriegsmarine sidecap named Wolf 037421T


    Textbook blue Kriegsmarine sidecap with factory sewn insignia. Nicely size marked 57. Nicely named inside to Wolf with his personal ID 037421T.

  • Late war Luftwaffe officer visor


    Excellent and minty late war officers visor or Luftwaffe Schirmmütze fuhr Offiziere. The cap is a nice medium size 56/57 and the cap retains its beautiful embroided insignia. A stunning example that would be very hard to upgrade.

  • Matching late war Heer shoulderstraps for a Feldwebel der Infanterie


    A Beautiful pair of late war Heer NCO shoulder boards for a Feldwebel der Infanterie with late war subdued (!) tresse and white rayon piping. The straps are identical and a perfectly matching pair in perfect condition.

  • Italian made EM/NCO Heer M43 field cap


    A original Italian made late war double button Heer M43 field cap. One of several collectible and rare to encounter variants. This variant, with machine sewn embroided insignia is made fully out Italian made materials. The buttons, fabric and insignia are all Italian made. A rare to find original M43 field cap!

  • Mint non-reversible Splittertarn hood


    Mint unissued non-reversible Splittertarn camouflage hood or Kopfhaube. The hood is a mint unissued example that would be impossible to upgrade.

  • Converted Heer EM/NCO M43 field cap


    Stunning example of a untouched Heer EM/NCO field cap. The cap is a great example of a wartime converted EM/NCO M42 field cap with a added visor. The cap retains its originally triangular sewn T-eagle and retains its two buttons from which the top one is loose but held in place by a nail in the buttonhole. The cap is nicely lined in rayon showing remnants of the markings in the crown. The cap is a nice medium size most probably 56. The cap shows loads of character; to me this cap really has it all.

  • Officers visor chinstrap


    Nice original officers visor cap chinstrap in good condition. Textbook example!

  • FK34 flight cap marked Reichs-Betriebs-Nummer 0/1200/747


    Nice original flight cap marked Reichs-Betriebs-Nummer 0/1200/747 in good condition. The cap has Czech army depot stamps where it kept in storage post war.

  • Rare Küstenartillerie officers visor


    Rare original Küstenartillerie or coastal artillery visor with he gold chinstrap for for the rank of Admiral. Excellent example in good worn condition with loads of character. The cap is a nice medium to large size 57-58 and retains its original insignia. Very rare and original coastal artillery visor in great untouched condition!

  • Pre war high quality ribbed private purchase officer sidecap


    Excellent pre war quality Heer officers sidecap in ribbed material. Whilst tunics can often be observed in this material this is the first cap I’ve seen. The cap is a good size around 58.

  • Rare Dutch made SS sidecap


    Rare original Dutch made black SS sidecap. This sidecap is a typical example fully made from Dutch wool and rayon. The rayon lining is typical to that of Dutch military headgear and uniforms. The sidecap retains its wartime sewn cap eagle which is factory machine stitched to the side. The cap is in mint, unissued condition and would be hard to upgrade. The cap has been discussed on Wehrmacht Awards Forums in 2013.

  • Rare single button Polizei Bergmütze


    Scarce untouched Polizei single button mountain cap or Bergmütze. The cap is in very good, lightly worn condition with wartime applied insignia and a nice patina all over. There is some moth damage to the cap; but nothing severe. Very hard to upgrade this original issue police mountain cap!

  • Stunning Waffen-SS Panzer sidecap with factory sewn insignia


    Excellent and textbook Waffen-SS Panzer sidecap in mint condition. The cap retains its factory sewn insignia and is in the textbook construction with the false piping on top and the typical banana shape. The cap is a mint example that would be impossible to upgrade.

  • Superb branch piped Waffen-ss officers visor cap for Kavalerie or Panzer-Aufklärung


    Extremely scarce original Waffen-SS yellow branch piped visor for officers serving in the Kavalerie or Panzeraufklärung. The visor is a textbook and very rare original example that for sure will be a draw dropper in any collection. The cap is made from high quality doeskin cloth with the typical black velvet band bordered with a set of yellow piping and the piping on the top of the cap in a slightly thicker form – just how its supposed to be. The cap comes with a set of cupal insignia with equal wear. The 55/56 sized cap was originally veteran acquired with just the eagle attached to the cap with one prong. The skull was matched and attached to the cap post war and is made from the same material and similar wear. The chinstrap sits nicely with a minor imprint on the visor. The visor and sweatband are factory attached to the cap without repairs. The lining in the cap is in good condition and does not show any signs of tampering. There is one moth damage externally, otherwise it is a pristine example in good worn condition. These branch coloured caps are extremely scarce due to regulations stating that after december 1940 all branches would wear white piping. This rule was not always followed as this example clearly shows. This example is a real stunner that would be a prime piece in any headgear collection, a original and extremely scarce visor for a armoured recon officer that would be impossible to upgrade!

  • Rare pre RZM Hitlerjugend service cap


    Scarce pre RZM era cap in mint condition. This Hitlerjugend cap is wool piped for Oberbann 1 and was worn by the rank Kameradschaftsführer to Oberstammführer. The cap is a textbook example with factory placed insignia. The cap is without the RZM label which makes it a super early example around 1930. The cap is a superb example that would be impossible to upgrade!

  • Blue Kriegsmarine Tellermütze cover


    Textbook Kriegsmarine Tellermütze cover in blue wool. Hard to find as a spare!

  • Heer tropical EM/NCO artillery sidecap


    Superb mint example that would be hard to upgrade. The cap is nicely maker marked and dated 1942 and retains its factory sewn insignia.

  • Heer tropical EM/NCO recon sidecap


    Superb mint example that would be hard to upgrade. The cap is nicely maker marked and dated 1942 and retains its factory sewn insignia.

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