Rare Heer Afrikakorps grouping with cufftitle, album and more

A fantastic Set that came out of the Son of the Veteran, last October (2022), The Veteran s name was Lothar Schauer, member of the 164.Leichte AFRIKA Division. Lothar apparently Died around 2005. I borrowed the text from the consignor who, in my opinion, did a great job at describing the set.

The set Includes a Lothar’s

– Fantastic Erel Schirmmütze marked “Offizier Kleiderkasse Berlin Erel Sonderklasse Extra” with photo proof of Lothar Schauer wearing it
– Afrika Cufftitle Uniform removed with photo proof of him it
– Original Afrika CT Award Document
– Photo Album of Lothar with circa 220 very nice Photos including his RAD Armband glued in the Album and also Photo proofed of him wearing it
– Lothar’s Grundschein
– Lothar’s Letter from his Captain in 1941 about the Greek Campaign and congratulating him about the job done there also attacking the Metaxas line.
– Lothat’s Russian POW Letter to the Family from Moscow – Lothar’s father Kennkarte – Lothar s Brother GOTTFRIED Driving License
– Letter about Lothar’s Brother GOTTFRIED Death in December 1944 and photo of Gottfried.
– Feldpost Letter From Lothar to his Brother 4 Days after He died.
– Two copies of photos with his wife as the son apparently decided to keep the originals; Photos of Lothar and his Wife where the Schirm and the Afrika Cufftitle of this Estate are worn
– Copy of his Wound Badge in Black Award Document
– Copy of his Westwall Award Document. Lothar Joined the Rad in late 1939 until early 1940, After the RAD,Around December 1940 and January 1941 He was then sent to the Infanterie Regiment 382 of the 164.Infanterie Division. He Participated in the 1941 Greek Campaign Where the 164.I.D. Attacked from the North east of Greece while attached to the XXX.Army Corps. The Album shows all the Locations in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and from January to July 1942 in KRETA (where the 164.Infanterie Division was Briefly renamed FESTUNGS DIVISION KRETA before Being finally renamed again into 164.Leichte AFRIKA Division) and Then was sent to North Afrika. He was wounded in North Afrika and then I think he was Promoted to Leutnant Between October and December 1942 basing myself on the Dates of the photos in the Album. After The Afrika Campaign He was sent to the Grenadier Ersatz und Ausbildungs Bataillon 104 first and then with Grenadier-Ausbildungs-Bataillon 414 based in Plauen which is beside Where he was from in Oelsnitz. As He was in Eastern Germany he likely was sent with his units to the front facing the Red Army towards the end of the war and Was taken POW by the Russians as confirmed from the Russian POW Letter. His Brother Gottfried was part of the Grenadier Regiment 1084 of the 544.Volksgrenadier Division and Died on 16 December 1944 in southern Poland near Debica. There s a Letter that Lothar wrote to his Brother on 20 December 1944 not knowing that his brother was already dead 4 days before he wrote the letter.

A spectacular group that would be hard to upgrade!

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