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  • Rare tan Presstoff 10×50 binocular case


    Rare original Tan Presstoff 10×50 Dienstglas binocular case dated 1944. Made nearly fully out of tan Presstoff this is the rarest variant to encounter. Only a handful of examples remain worldwide and this particular one is pictured and published in the book Pickering, R. (2015) Ausrüstung – Field Equipment of the German Forces in WW2 – Vol. 2. – page 170 and 171. The case has one wartime modification where the D-rings on the side have been moved lower on the case. This is one of the rarest pieces of equipment to find!

  • Early German helmet chinstrap with aluminum hardware


    Hard to find early German helmet chinstrap with aluminum hardware in mint condition.

  • MG42 tool pouch marked fuq 1945 with canvas strap


    Hard to find minty tan Presstoff MG42 tool pouch with a webbing/rayon closing strap. The pouch is nicely marked fuq 1945 indicating production by Curt Vogel, Cottbuss. The pouch is in mint condition and complete with its original wooden and steel inserts. First one I’ve found with this rare original closing strap!

  • Late war Waffen-SS equipment belt with Rodo buckle


    Late war Waffen-SS belt set with late war steel Rodo buckle. The belt is a nice large size fitting most if not all mannequins and is nicely dated 1943.

  • M35 ET64 Heer / Waffen-SS reissue helmet


    A stunning ET64 Heer / Waffen-SS Reissue helmet. Over 95% of its original finish and decal in very good condition. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap. The helmet is a great and stunning example of a textbook ET M40 Heer / Waffen-SS Reissue helmet.

  • PUMA combat boot knife or Stiefelmesser


    A very nice original PUMA combat boot knife or Nahkampfmesser or officially; Infanteriemesser 42. The handle is made out of typical red speckled bakelite which is hard to capture in image but even more vibrant in hand. The knife is in good sharp condition and has been used and issued! Perfect combat mannequin accessorie!

  • Waffen-SS plane tree 1/2 overprint zeltbahn


    A very used condition plane tree 1/2 overprint Waffen-SS Zeltbahn. This particular example has nice strong colours, most of its originally sewn buttons and many repairs.

  • Scarce Q66 M40 Waffen-SS battle damaged three-tone camouflage helmet

    Call for Price

    A truly stunning combat relic; A authentic Q66 M40 single decal Waffen-SS three-tone camouflage helmet with battle damage. One of the rarest helmets in any helmet collection would be the Waffen-SS camouflage. Extremely scarce to obtain, especially in large sizes, even rarer with a name and battle damage. This unmolested example is in uncleaned/untouched condition and retains its original liner and partial chinstrap. The camouflage paint to the exterior which was immatucally painted around the decal remains up to 85%. The original decal also remains for approximately 85%. The helmet would be a key item in any camouflage collection and would be near impossible to upgrade. Extremely scarce piece!

  • Second pattern Waffen-SS helmet cover in Oak camouflage

    Call for Price

    Scarce original second pattern Waffen-SS Oak camouflage pattern cover in combat used condition. The cover retains all of its originally sewn loops and vibrant colours in the camouflage pattern. The cover is photographed on a size 66 shell making it a very desirable size. The cover is in very good condition and unlike many “mint” oak covers flooding the market today – this is a actually worn piece with loads of patina that is very hard to find.

  • Metal Nebelhandgr. box


    A nice original Nebelhandgranaten box in very good condition with 90% original paint and its original labels. Hard to upgrade!

  • Late war Italian pullover


    Hard to find Italian pullover as issued and worn by many Waffen-SS and Heer troops. These turtleneck jumpers where very popular in 1944 and can be seen worn from June 1944 until the end of the war. The pullover is very stretchy and can easily be applied to most modern mannequins without hassle.

  • Original pictures of Waffen-SS Officers, NCO’s and Enlisted men in Norway 9x6cm


    A very nice picture lot with original pictures of Waffen-SS Officers, NCO’s and Enlisted men in Norway. Very rare to find pictures of Waffen-SS men in Norway.

  • Original pictures Waffen-SS Officers, NCO’s and Enlisted men 10x7cm marked Oslo


    A nice set of pictures marked Oslo Norway. Lots of interesting details!

  • Original Waffen-SS Pictures Officers in Warschau 11x7cm


    Nice original Waffen-SS Pictures of a group of officers visiting Warschau West in Poland.

  • Original Waffen-SS picture EK2 award 10x7cm


    A very nice early war picture of a Totenkopf NCO and EM standing with a freshly awarded Iron Cross second class. Nice details such as a SS-VT cap, Totenkopf collar tab, M38 VT plane Tree smocks and cover. A very nice picture with loads of interesting details that would go perfectly next to a EK2 in display!

  • Original Waffen-SS picture Officer trench Camouflage MP35 Bergmann 10x7cm


    A very nice early war picture of a Officer sitting in a slit trench covered with a Early plane tree Zeltbahn , a Kartenbrett, What looks like a radio antenna, helmet with M38 cover and a Cocked MP35 Bergmann machine pistol ready to go. A very nice picture with loads of interesting details!

  • Early Dutch Waffen-SS volunteer sleeve shield


    Rare early pointed style Dutch volunteer sleeve shield for use with the Freiwilligen Legion Niederlande. This is one of the first patterns hand embroided sleeve shields for use with the Freiwilligen Legion Niederlande. This is the rarest and most desirable type; only a handful of these have survived!

  • Dutch Waffen-SS cufftitle Freiwilligen Legion Niederlande


    Stunning and rare cuff title for the Freiwilligen Legion Niederlande in very good uniform removed condition. Nice second pattern RZM style construction as first introduced in 1941. The cufftitle still retains its full length and is in good used condition. There are two notable holes; one small one on the top of the letter ‘a’ and another at the near the end of the cuff. This is one of the rarest cufftitles to find in very good worn condition!

  • Waffen-SS collar tabs for Hauptsturmführer


    Stunning pair of Waffen-SS officers collar tabs for the rare rank of Hauptsturmführer in uniform removed condition. A very nice matching pair with black wool on a off-white buckram base. Hand embroided runic insignia with a hand sewn silver border. Very nice pair!

  • Waffen-SS M42 plane tree 5/6 camouflage smock marked 933


    A stunning original Waffen-SS hand screened plane tree 5/6 smock or Tarnjacke in very good, untouched condition. The smock is nicely marked 933 on the left pocket flap. The smock is in very good, lightly worn and untouched(!) condition. The smock was found 25 years ago in a old school in central Germany. There is still dust and dead insects on the back of the smock reminiscent of this time. The smock is a typical M42 type 1 smock with straight pockets. The pockets are lined with field grey Drillich material with overprint pocket flaps. The pocket is lined with 3/4 plane tree. The garment is typically sewn on the sides with a double needle seam and the rest finished with a single needle machine. The rayon drawstring is original to the piece and woven through handsewn holes. All of the foliage loops are fully intact. The sleeves are finished with hand screened 5/6 plane tree. The elastic on the sleeves is no longer functional and has never been removed or replaced. The elastic is tunneled in late war plane tree and has never been opened. The smock has two small holes but there are no repairs. The camouflage print is strong and full of contrast and the colours very vibrant. This untouched combat smock would be a prime piece in any camouflage collection and would be very hard to upgrade.

  • Uniform removed Waffen-SS RZM pattern sleeve eagle


    Very nice uniform removed original Waffen-SS RZM pattern sleeve eagle. The sleeve eagle is in very good, worn and uniform removed condition. The sleeve eagle is not to be confused with the hoard finds from Dachau. The eagle would be a very nice addition to any SS EM/NCO uniform!

  • Waffen-SS Panzer shoulder boards for Hauptsturmführer


    Stunning pair of Waffen-SS shoulder boards for a Hauptsturmführer der Panzertruppen u. Panzerjäger. The pair is in matching condition and shows two pairs of pips, most probably a wartime promotion. The pair is in good condition and shows very light oxidation to the metal wire.

  • Luftwaffe combat boot knife or Stiefelmesser marked L5


    A very nice original Luftwaffe combat boot knife or Nahkampfmesser. Nicely marked with the Luftwaffe 5 Waffenamt. The knife is in good sharp condition and has never been issued, cleaned or sharpened post war. Perfect combat mannequin accessorie!

  • German helmet liner drawstring


    Hard to find spare in good used condition. Length approximately 50cm. Often missing from many helmets, this is a perfect addition to a helmet with some patina.

  • Pre war hand screened SS-VT Plane tree 5/5 with green and brown anodized buttons


    Very rare 1939 dated hand screened SS-Verfügungstruppe plane tree 5/5 Zeltbahn. This pre war pattern plane tree is in very good condition and retains most if not all of its originally sewn green and brown anodized buttons. The Zeltbahn is in untouched condition and shows one stain in the middle. This is a typical stain from using when the Zeltbahn was rolled up and worn on the equipment. The Zeltbahn is nicely marked Warei Zeltbahn D.R.P. 1939 and Warei Petent Reichert Walter Reichert Berlin NW 40. Rare pre war SS-Verfügungstruppe Camouflage items are some of the rarest and most searched for items! Would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Minty M41 Heer tunic with factory sewn insignia


    A stunning Heer M41 EM Feldbluse in unissued condition. The green Einheitslitzen are period factory sewn to the collar. The breast eagle is period factory machine sewn on the top, flipped and finished by machine. The picture coming after the breast eagle shot shows the stitch line, underneath the lining. The insignia are all wartime factory machine sewn and it does not show any signs of moved, replaced or restored insignia or stitch holes. The garment was most probably kept for walking out and has only one modification that is that two seams at the back waist have been taken out to make some more room in the waist. This was most probably done because the soldier became well-fed. The garment retains up to 99% of the wool fluff. One button on the shoulder is replaced. This is really a stunning and textbook EM M41 tunic in near mint condition that would be very hard to upgrade!

  • EU-Deactivated P38 AC 42 complete with mint holster


    Nice original Walther made P38 deactivated to the new EU specifications with proofmarks and certificate. The P38 can be cocked and has a moving trigger and hammer but does not dry fire. The magazine is detachable and nicely marked P38. The holster is marked jwa 4 indicating production by Moritz Stecher, Lederwerk, Freiburg in 1944. Simply a superb late war complete P38 with holster in mint condition, can not be upgraded!

  • Blue Luftwaffe Webbing flare ammunition pouch


    Rare late war flare ammunition pouch in good used condition. The case is made from blue webbing and comes with its original removable sling. The pouch is complete with all internal dividers and wooden reinforcement and some empty casings. Nicely marked WaA on the side. Quite hard to find a better Luftwaffe one!

  • German helmet chinstrap marked ftb 44


    In good used condition, hard to find spare!  Nicely maker marked ftb 44.

  • German helmet chinstrap


    Nice original German helmet chinstrap in good used condition.

  • Late war tan Luftwaffe paratrooper k98 bandoleer


    A nice original late war tan Fallschirmjäger bandoleer in good used condition. A typical late war example in tan colour with black press studs. The bandoleer is nicely marked 0/0510/0052 and dated 1944 with all press studs in working condition!

  • M36 Pair of Heer Artillerie EM shoulderstraps Artillerie Regiment 69


    Nice pair of M36 Heer EM shoulderstraps for a soldier in Artillerie Regiment 69 in unissued condition.

  • Bakelite sulfur container


    Nice original Bakelite sulfur container. This is a standard component from the MG tool kit!

  • M35 Q62 Luftwaffe three-tone camouflage helmet


    Nice original Three-tone M35 Luftwaffe camouflage helmet. Nicely marked Q62 indicating production by Quist. The helmet is named Gabriel in the back of the helmet. The Luftwaffe decal shows cracking through the camouflage paint. The helmet has been discussed on Wehrmacht-Awards. A very nice original three-tone camouflage helmet in very good condition!

  • EU-Deactivated P38 AC 43 complete with mint holster


    Nice original Walther made P38 deactivated to the new EU specifications with proofmarks and certificate. The P38 can be cocked and has a moving trigger and hammer but does not dry fire. The magazine is detachable and nicely marked P38. The holster is nicely maker marked 0/0833/0007 indicating production by Hans Römer, Neu-Ulm. Simply a superb late war complete P38 with holster in mint condition, can not be upgraded!

  • Late war Gasmask canister straps


    Nice complete set of the long and short strap. Typical late war material as used with the ‘ebd’ marked straps.

  • MP38 u. MP40 magazine loading tool bte 41


    A very nice original MP38 and MP40 magazine filling tool, nice piece to fill a left MP40 pouch with or for using!

  • Mint K98 pouches marked RB.Nr. 0/0466/0012


    A nice pair in mint condition marked RB.Nr. 0/0466/0012. The pouches are in mint condition with all dividers intact.

  • German helmet liner drawstring


    Hard to find spare in good used condition. Length approximately 50cm. Often missing from many helmets, this is a perfect addition to a helmet with some patina.

  • German helmet liner drawstring


    Hard to find spare in good used condition. Length approximately 50cm. Often missing from many helmets, this is a perfect addition to a helmet with some patina.

  • Dark brown issue jackboots or Knöbelbecher


    A very nice matching pair complete with their original heel irons in a nice size of 25 1/2 with a width of 4. The boots are missing their hobnails which seem to have been removed a long long time ago. A perfect pair for a mannequin!

  • Single decal M35 SE66 Kriegsmarine helmet


    Really clean example of a M35 helmet made to M40 specifications with a single Kriegsmarine decal.

    The helmet still retains 99% of its factory paint and 99% of the golden Kriegsmarine decal. The helmet is marked SE66 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. The helmet still retains its original chinstrap which is nicely maker marked and dated. Factory single decal M35 helmets are rare to find, specially Kriegsmarine and especially in such a nice condition! Can’t be upgraded.

  • Mint condition M42 hbt field blouse


    Simply cant be upgraded! A mint original Drillich or hbt M43 Feldbluse or field tunic in near perfect condition. The garment retains the original factory paper label inside. The garment also still retains the red chalk original sewing lines at the breast pockets. The Einheitslitzen are factory period machine sewn to the collar. The breast eagle is hand applied and in my opinion restored. All buttons are present. No stains and a nice large size for a mannequin!

  • LP34 flare gun marked AC 42


    A very nice LP34 in working condition. The LP34 still has the original anodization finish and never has been refinished. The finish still remains for 99%. The grips are bakelite. The LP34 is marked AC42 indicating production by Waffenfabrik Walther, Zella-Mehlis. Minty flare guns are very hard to find!

    These flare guns are legal and free to own without permit in the Netherlands for everyone over 18 years of age. Please conduct your local laws before purchasing this product. I can only ship this item within the Netherlands.

  • MP38 u. MP40 pouches by BNZ


    A nice set of two MP38 u. MP40 pouches made at the BNZ – Steyr -Daimler – Puch plant which also produced the MP40 itself. A vague ink stamp can be seen on the rear in white ink which is sadly unreadable. These pouches are made out of a variety of materials, different canvas but also at two different tones of leather. The straps that retains the D-ring to connect to the Y-strap are made out of rayon tape. This set is to be considered of mid- to latewar manufacture.

  • Clean pair of winter felt boots


    A great pair of late war felt boots. Typical eastern front footwear worn and issued with the reversible, non reversible and charkov parkas. The pair is a nice large 29 which translates to a modern EU 43. They are in great condition, perfect on a mannequin! Hard to find a great pair in this condition and size!

  • M42 hkp 64 no decal helmet


    A very nice M42 helmet marked hkp64 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. in the shell size 64. The helmet retains its original paint and dome stamp for 95%. A nice untouched M42 helmet.

  • Smooth material Splittertarn camouflage smock

    Call for Price

    A original Splittertarn camouflage smock meant to be worn over the Feldbluse. These smocks where the first type of garment solely meant for camouflage purposes issued to the Wehrmacht / Heer. Modeled after the Waffen-SS smocks with some differences. The smock is a size 1 and nicely fits most mannequins. The smock is lightly tailored which is typical because they are hugely sized. These smocks where first worn by members of the Grossdeutschland division. The smock is in used condition with a few small holes. The smock still retains very strong and vibrant colours.

  • British Windproof camouflage trousers dated 1944


    A nice original British windproof trouser in mint condition. The colours and material are vibrant and strong. Good mannequin size.

  • K98 ammunition battle pack or Trageschlaufe


    A very nice original cardboard ammunition box. The box contains 20 matching 15 round boxes. The boxes where once filled with 300 rounds of 7,92mm SMK munition or Spitzgeschoss mit Kern. This is the standard German armour penetrating ammunition. The boxes are empty and come without munition or parts. A nice addition to a display!

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