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  • Nice brown 1942 Police holster


    In very good condition and very nicely marked Schambach & CO Berlin 1942. These holsters where intended for a range of 7,65mm pistols such as the PPK and HSC. A nice mint holster!

  • Stunning ET66 M38 single decal paratrooper helmet


    A very nice single decal Fallschirmjäger or paratrooper helmet. The helmet is in very good condition and complete with its original liner, chinstrap and bolts. The helmet still retains up to 90% of its wartime paint and decal. Nicely marked ET66 indicating production by Eisen- u. Huettenwerke, Thale, Harz. The helmet is a size 66 shell with a size 54 liner. The liner is supple and in good condition. The straps are also supple with functional snaps and buckle. The helmet would be a great addition to any helmet collection!

  • Unissued straight E-tool cover marked gxc44


    This is a very nice and unissued straight shovel carrier marked gxc44 indication production by Adam Reinhold, Sattlerwaren Fabrik, Oberursel (Taunus). This is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Late war pebbled leather CZ 27 holster


    Typical black late war holster for the CZ27 pistol in pebbled leather. Nicely marked on the carrying loop!

  • Minty late war M31 Zeltbahn R.B.Nr. 0/0156/0018


    Nice near mint late war Zeltbahn with nice strong colours. Most if not all of its originally sewn buttons and nicely marked R.B.Nr. 0/0156/0018. 

  • Matching pair of K98 ammunition pouches RBNr. 1/1009/0095


    A nice matching pair in very good condition. The pair is maker matching marked RBNr. 1/1009/0095. The pouches are complete with all internal dividers.

  • Rare pre war Heer NCO/Officers breadbag with internal mapcase


    Incredibly scarce pre war Heer breadbag with leather pouch for maps and pencils. This pre war breadbag designed for NCO’s and Officers was meant to be worn in the field without having to have both a mapcase and a breadbag. These where only produced and issued for a very short time just prior to the 1939 campaigns. The breadbag is complete with its original strap. There are two missing buttons and one piece with faulty stitching. This is only the second breadbag of this type I have ever seen and the first one I’ve seen for sale. A must have for the equipment collector!

  • Late war Luftwaffe pilot goggles Ultrasin


    Very nice and scarce to find late war Ultrasin pilots goggles complete with their original case. These late war plastic based Splitterschutzbrille or splinter protective goggles where meant to be worn with the leather flight helmet. Incredibly scarce to find in good used condition and complete with their case!

  • Scarce ET62 M35 double decal Kriegsmarine helmet


    Minty and extremely scarce M35 ET62 double decal Kriegsmarine helmet. This helmet is a stunning and prime example of a near mint Kriegsmarine double decal M35 helmet. These helmets are extremely scarce as the three colour national shield was ordered removed very early in the war. The helmet retains its textbook ET Kriegsmarine decal and national shield up to 99%. The original paint surface on the helmet is smooth and still retains up to 99%. The helmet retains its original untouched liner with 3 tight liner pins all with full original paint. The helmet would be a prime piece in any Kriegsmarine collection! For sure the best Kriegsmarine I’ve had to offer!

  • Near mint brown pattern M31 Splittertarn Zeltbahn


    Rare brown pattern Splittertarn Zeltbahn. These Zeltbahnswith brown colours where only made for a short period, probably for a trial run. It retains most if not all of its originally sewn buttons and all three ropes. Otherwise it is in near mint condition with nice strong colours! These brown pattern Splittertarn Zeltbahns are hard to find and this one is the best one we’ve ever acquired!

  • Q66 M40 Luftwaffe three-tone camouflage helmet with sweetheart picture


    Stunning original M40 Luftwaffe helmet in three-tone Normandy camouflage with a sweetheart picture found in the liner. The helmet retains up to 80% of its original camouflage paint and its original liner and chinstrap. The helmet is marked Q66 indicating production by Quist. The liner is nice size 58 and original to the helmet. I looked inside the helmet and felt a piece of paper behind the leather of the liner. The picture of a Nachrichtenhelferin named Irene was tucked inside; most probably his sweetheart as a good luck charm. The helmet is named to Obergefreiter Brandt in the skirt of the helmet and the liner. The chinstrap is a nice early brown LBA marked example with aluminum buckle. The helmet is a very nice example of a three-tone camouflage helmet with a very nice extra that I found inside!

  • Superb Heer EM/NCO M43 field cap marked 0/0560/0461


    A suberb original Heer EM/NCO M43 field cap marked RB-Nr. 0/0560/0461. The cap is a desirable size 56 and in stonemint condition. The cap retains its factory sewn trapezoid machine sewn at the top, folded over and machine sewn down the sides. The buttons are also factory sewn. The cap does not show any signs of actual wear. The nap of the wool is still present 100%. A nice and textbook detail in this cap is the stitching lines in multiple colours, running all over the place like it should in a late war manufactured garment. Surely the best Heer M43  cap I’ve had to offer in stone mint condition!

  • Late war Luftwaffe breadbag with riveted buttons


    A very nice, late war breadbag with riveted buttons on the top. Nicely RBNR marked on the middle support strap. I’ve never seen these riveted buttons before!

  • Rare webbing/leather P.37(u) holster


    Rare German made holster for the P.37(u) Femaru. The holster is constructed from a mix of webbing and leather. These holsters are sometimes referred to as being tropical issue as these first came at the same time with the webbing equipment. The holster is in very good condition and nicely marked cdc 41 indicating production by Kern, Klager u. Co., Lederwaren, Berlin. The holster was also used and worn with the P.27(t).

  • Late war Ersatz Y-strap grey webbing


    Nice late war Ersatz Y-strap made from light grey webbing. This late war Y-strap is in good used condition and is made utilizing British buckles as seen on the Litzmannstadt type Y-straps. The Y-strap is in good used condition and would be a nice addition to any equipment collector!

  • M35 single decal Heer Q62 reissue helmet with period applied net


    A nice untouched helmet, dusty, as found. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap. The helmet features a rough period overpaint and a period applied helmet net. The helmet shell shows a Heer decal peaking through the paint under the net. Without a doubt this helmet has seen a lot of action during the war. The helmet net shows a lot of interaction with the border of the helmet and the net. The helmet net has been on this helmet a long time! A classic yet very hard to find a original period netted helmet.

  • Near mint Heer M40 mantel


    Exceptional nice original Heer M40 Mantel in great, near mint condition. The mantel is a nice medium size and dated 1940. There are a few moth holes at the absolute bottom of both sleeves about 1mm. Otherwise there are no damages. The inside has a stain in the back which looks considerably less obvious in real life. The mantel retains all of its originally sewn buttons and is a great unissued piece!

  • Pre war Polish WZ31 helmet


    Exceptional pre war Polish WZ31 helmet in near perfect condition. The helmet retains up to 95% of its original grainy Salamandra finish on top of the magnetic shell. The helmet retains all three of its liner pads. The helmet retains its original chinstrap which has a small repair. The crown of the helmet has a ink stamp LUDWIKOW. The helmet is a near perfect example of a pre war Polish WZ31 helmet that are very, very ,very rare!

  • Mint and textbook M40 Heer trousers


    Textbook M40 Heer trousers in wool. All of the nap is remaining to the wool, all buttons are present and originally sewn. I can not find any moth or insect damage to these trousers. These would be perfect for a mannequin as they are in a good size. Hard to find textbook issue M40 trousers in perfect condition!

  • Minty M31 messkit marked SMM35


    Perfect pre war M31 messkit marked SMM35 indicating production by Süddeutsche Metallwarenfabrik, Mussbach in 1935The messkit retains its original factory paint up to 98% and would be near impossible to upgrade. Very hard to find such a early messkit!

  • Complete LP34 holster with sling and cleaning rod dated 1940


    Complete Presstoff holster with its original sling and cleaning rod. The pouch is nicely marked and dated 1940, the cleaning rod is marked GL38. The bottom cup for the cleaning rod has a crack in the Presstoff, otherwise it is void of any damages. The set is in very good near mint condition. Hard to find complete set!

  • PUMA combat boot knife or Stiefelmesser


    A very nice original PUMA combat boot knife or Nahkampfmesser or officially; Infanteriemesser 42. The handle is made out of typical red speckled bakelite. The knife is in good sharp condition and has been used and issued! Perfect combat mannequin accessorie!

  • Brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holster bnz 1943


    A very nice brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holsterThe holster is in good lightly used condition. Inside its nicely initial marked and marked bnz P35(p) 1943.

  • Boxed Luftwaffe wrist Compass Armkompass 39


    Nice Luftwaffe wrist compass or Armkompass 39 (AK39). The compass is in mint and working condition with its often missing original strap and its original factory box! The base material of the compass is in good, clear condition. Hard to upgrade mint piece in its original factory box!

  • Mint M40 Heer breadbag with matching strap RKS 42


    M40 Heer/Waffen-SS Brotbeutel marked RKS42 with matching strap. Perfect and mint.

  • Field repainted Petrix 677


    Very nice field repainted Petrix 677 flashlight in good used condition. Interesting detail is that this one has a nice green field repaint, as common with helmets and gasmask canisters. First time I see it on a flashlight though. Nice personal item.

  • Blue grey Luftwaffe MP38 u. MP40 magazine pouch


    A nice example of a Bluegrey MP40 magazine pouch. Marked on the back gmk42 indicating production by Kroymann & Co. GmbH , Schuh- u. Sportartikel-Fabrik in 1942. The pouch is in very good condition and the brown leather straps are nice and supple.

  • Pre war army issue motorcycle goggles


    A very nice pair of pre war goggles as issued to motorcyclists in the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. The goggles are with a nice set of lenses without cracks. The strap has lost most of its elastic but can easily be displayed on a small sized helmet without falling down. These goggles are the finishing touch to a early war Kradmelder mannequin.

  • Tropical Coconut canteen marked HRE 42


    A nicely used coconut canteen marked HRE 42 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The canteen is in good used condition together with its bakelite cup. Hard to upgrade textbook coconut canteen!

  • K98 bayonet marked ab44


    A mint bayonet marked ab44 indicating production by Mundlos AG, MagdeburgThe bayonet has never been sharpened or reblued. The bayonet is matching to its phosphatised scabbard with the serial 9438  and has nice red bakelite grips. The bayonet is in really good, near mint condition!

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