EF66 M35 Heer Reissue ex Waffen-SS double decal helmet


Pre war M35 helmet marked EF66 indicating production by Emaillierwerke Fulda. The helmet is a interesting, pre war manufactured example that was repainted several times. Studying the paint and the decal area one can observe three layers of decals. The top layer is a Reissue Heer decal on top of a typically brush applied textured reissue paint. Underneath that one can observe two layers of decals on the right side of the helmet. One can see remnants of a Tricolor peaking through the cracks in the paint but underneath that one can see the bold silver decal area indicating this helmet started its life out as a Waffen-SS Double Decal helmet. The helmet is in very good, untouched condition with factory installed liner and period installed first pattern, clip on chinstrap. The helmet is a very nice study object as is and is nicely named inside the lin

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