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  • M36 Heer tunic for a artillery Hauptfeldwebel Spiess


    Stunning M36 field blouse for a Spiess in a Artillerieabteilung. Nicely tailored M36 tunic with fully originally sewn insignia. The tunic is a nice tailored medium size, double loops for a ribbon bar and holes evidence for the wear of several awards. The tunic has a nice lighty worn appeal that would nicely compliment any collection. The nap in the wool retains nearly fully except for some of the rough edges of the pockets. The tunic has a set of privately tailored M36 shoulderstraps for a Hauptfeldwebel der Artillerie. On the bottom of both sleeves two long bands of synthetic Tresse are sewn indicating the Hauptfeldwebel was also the Spiess of the Kompanie. The tunic was manufactured and later tailored in Amsterdam retaining a large stamp with the tailors details. The tunic has been positively discussed on Wehrmacht-Awards. A rare untouched tunic in great condition that is a stunning display base for ribbonbars and awards!

  • EF64 M42 helmet in Three-tone sawdust camouflage


    A one looker original three-tone sawdust camouflage helmet in very good, used condition. The helmet retains up to 90% of its original sawdust camouflage paint. The helmet retains its original liner in size 56. The helmet is a nice example of a sawdust camouflage helmet with good strong colours!

  • Westinghouse M1 helmet liner named Peckmann


    Nice original wartime M1 helmet liner by Westinghouse named R-1 Peckmann. The liner is in very good, lightly worn condition. There is one crack in the liner which is common on these fiber based liners. Nice example!

  • Westinghouse M1 helmet liner named Snyder


    Nice original wartime M1 helmet liner by Westinghouse named Snyder. The liner is in very good, lightly worn condition. Nice example!

  • Handscreened Waffen-SS plane tree 1/2 zeltbahn


    A very nice Waffen-SS Zeltbahn with nice bright colours. The handscreened Plane Tree 1/2 is a nice and rare camouflage type. The Zeltbahn is in very good condition with strong and vibrant colours.  The Zeltbahn retains all of its buttons but some of them and two grommets are in my opinion replacements. Other then that it’s a very nice display piece and would very nicely decorate a mannequin!

  • Sumpftarn non reversible parka with trousers and suspenders


    Stunning condition non reversible hard edged ’43 Sumpftarnmuster pattern camouflage parka complete with trousers and suspenders. Complete with their original rayon based camouflage braces original to the parka. The jacket and the trousers are in very good condition with strong colours and material. The jacket has a few small damages but is otherwise in mint/unissued condition! Hard to find complete set!

  • Felt winter overboots


    A nice and unissued pair with considerable moth damage to the felt. A good mannequin size and a great set for a mannequin. Complete with the often missing leather snow studs.

  • Complete box with 120 unissued tunic buttons


    Rare to find complete and unopened box of 120 mint unissued blue tunic buttons.

  • Early pattern MP38 and MP40 ammunition pouch


    Nice early pattern MP38 and MP40 ammunition pouch with the D-ring in the far corner. Nice to combine with a holster. A nice original MP38 ammunition pouch, unmistakingly combat worn!

  • M31 Splittertarn Zeltbahn named Leginski


    A very nice M31 Zeltbahn in Splittertarn camouflage. Hard to upgrade with strong colours, all ropes and most if not all originally sewn buttons. Nicely named Leginski Zeltbahn in very good, uncleaned condition.

  • Late war m44 breadbag / equipment strap


    Late war M44 type breadbag / equipment strap.

  • M38 Gasmask named Oberzahlmeister A Rothe


    A great example of a M38 Gasmask named Oberzahlmeister A Rothe. Complete with all straps and accessories as issued.

  • EF66 subtle ex netted camouflage Luftwaffe M40 helmet


    Stunning M40 subtle field division Ex-netted camouflage helmet. A great original Luftwaffe camouflage helmet camouflaged with green and brown tones externally. Looking between the liner one can see the remnants of a Tarnnetz that once addorned the exterior of the shell. A nice large sized helmet in very good condition! The helmet retains its original liner and toned Luftwaffe decal.

  • Dienstglas binocular case strap


    Hard to find spare 6×30 Dienstglas case strap in very good and supple condition. This long piece is always missing, whilst the short piece mostly still retains to the case. Impossible to find as a spare!

  • M35 ET60 Heer reissue helmet


    A typical reissue M35 helmet that has been reconditioned during the war. The helmet retains its original double layer Rautarn finish up to 99%. The helmet is marked ET60 indicating production by Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale and has a reinforced, 1938 dated size 53 liner. Size 60 helmets are twice as rare as size 68 helmets. They are a great display next to a huge helmet showing the variety in sizes. Possibly one of the nicest reissued helmets I’ve seen with a very nice rough finish!

  • Late war mapcase with partial contents


    Nice late war mapcase in good used condition. Complete with some of its original contents. The mapcase is a late war variant in thin rough leather. Hard to find!

  • Minty mid/late war Heer/Waffen-SS breadbag


    A nice mid to late war Heer / Waffen-SS breadbag in mint condition.

  • Nice matching k98 bayonet marked cof 41


    A nice matching numbers bayonet with frog marked cof 41 indicating production by Waffenfabrik Carl Eickhorn, Solingen. The bayonet is in very good unsharpened and uncleaned condition. Found together with the leather frogA nice matching set in very good condition!

  • Late Sanitätstruppen Unteroffizier shoulder straps


    Rare matching pair of m43 pattern Sanitäter shoulder straps in unissued condition. The pair is nicely dark blue rayon piped indicating Sanitätstruppen and finished with late subdued Unteroffizierstresse with the rank of Unteroffizier. There are a few small moth holes on the top, otherwise a mint exceptionally rare pair of shoulder straps.

  • Luftwaffe belt buckle marked Hermann Aurich 1940


    A stunning original steel Luftwaffe buckle with leather tab. The tab is nicely marked Hermann Aurich 1940. Hard to find mint condition buckle in stunning condition!

  • P08 Luger holster marked dtv 41


    A textbook P08 Luger holster in very good condition. Nicely marked dtv 41 indicating production by C. Otto Gehrckens, Leder- u. Riemenwerke, Pinneberg. The holster is complete with all loops, straps and buckle. Hard to upgrade piece!

  • Heer / Waffen-SS M43 field cap


    A textbook M43 field cap that has been stripped of its insignia. Finished in mid war German made wool with a full rayon lining. The caps retains two of its period sewn buttons. The cap bears a ghost of a trapezoid type insignia used by both the Heer and Waffen-SS. The cap is in nice lightly worn condition and would easily be restored with worn insignia. The cap is roughly a size 57 which is a great mannequin size!

  • Lightweight Y-straps marked cft 41


    A nice and minty pair of lightweight Y-straps as issued to Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine personnel. Nicely maker marked cft 41 indicating production by Paul Klopfer, Wehrmachteffekten, Wien 107, Jörgerbadgasse 8. Hard to upgrade!

  • Stunning ET64 M35 ex winter three tone camouflage helmet


    Truly stunning ET64 M35 three-tone on top of a winter white wash camouflage helmet. The helmet is nicely marked ET64 indicating production by Eissenhuttewerke ThaleThe helmet is complete with its original liner and chinstrap that are original to the helmet. The helmet retains up to 85% of its original camouflage paint. Looking at the helmet it is obvious the helmets finish consists of several layers of camouflage paint. The base of the helmet is a double decal Luftwaffe M35 helmet with a reinforced aluminum liner and EA 41 marked chinstrap. On top of that externally a winter white wash camouflage. This is covered up with a dark blue Luftwaffe Reissue paint which also sits on the aluminum liner band. This is finished with a three-tone spray paint camouflage paint that is normally referred to as Normandy camouflage. Another feature in these thick layers of paint is that one can see the imprint of a wire or string that once adorned the top of the shell. The helmet was recently found in Norway. The helmet bears a pencil marking on the left side that resembles the Norwegian royal symbol indicating possible resistance use. The helmet is a great example of usage throughout the war, featuring multiple wartime repaints and finally finished in brightly colored and contrastful three-tone camouflage. Finding a better one that “has it all” would be hard!

  • Mint tropical Coconut canteen marked HRE 43


    A nice coconut canteen marked HRE 41 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The canteen is in very good condition together with its matching cup. Hard to upgrade textbook coconut canteen.

  • Pioneer belt equipment hanger XELA Augsburg 1938


    Rare pre war pioneer equipment belt hanger marked XELA Augsburg 1938 These are essential for displaying large pioneer equipment items such as shovel or pickaxe carriers. Hard to upgrade!

  • First pattern felt overboots


    Rare first pattern felt overboots dated 1941. A good mannequin size and in good, unissued condition. One of the boots has a whole in the shaft.

  • Period converted Waffen-SS winter panzer coveralls


    A uniform set consisting of a period modified Waffen-SS Winter Panzer coveralls with a first pattern mouse grey wool Waffen-SS pattern reversible parka trousers. The jacket and trousers are both in equal strong worn condition. The reversible Waffen-SS winter Panzer coveralls have been shortened below the waist pockets and are in salty condition. They are incredibly rare, as most original Waffen-SS Panzer uniforms. As most Waffen-SS coveralls they are designed for short people. This was most probably worn by someone tall, incapable of wearing the coveralls as is. I believe the set could be put together but I’ve found them as a set and they both show equal wear. The set would be very nice for a early eastern front Waffen-SS Panzer mannequin!

  • German issue mosquito net or Mückennetz


    A very nice wartime mosquito net in good condition. It is nicely made in the typical textbook light green colour and large enough to fit over a helmet.

  • Pioneer Sturmgepäck marked R.B.Nr. 0/1005/0173


    A nice late war pioneer Sturmgepäck marked R.B.Nr. 0/1005/0173 worn together with the two small side pouches this is the rarest of the three pouches as worn by Pioniertruppen. The pouch is in unissued condition!

Showing 31–60 of 386 results