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  • Patronenkasten 34 or MG34 ammunition box for 300 S.m.K.


    A nice pre war ammunition box for the MG34 machinegun. Still with a lot of original paint remaining. The box has the very subtle pre war brown camouflage applied to it which is hard to photograph. On top its marked with the contents. This was done so it was easy to choose a different ammunition type in the field. The ammunition type that was in this box can be read as 300 Schuss S.m.K. 4. Zug indicating 300 rounds of steel cored or armor penetrating bullets for the 4th Zug. Finding ammunition boxes marked for specific ammunition types is very hard, especially the S.m.K. marked cases!

  • Heer EM field upgraded officers sidecap


    A stunning and mint Heer sidecap which has been upgraded from EM to Officers by hand sewing a thick silver cord to the top. The cap is in mint condition and is a nice big size 60. Nicely dated 1940, this cap was manufactured by Hermann Naubert Mützenfabrik Erfurt. The cap has the dark green Waffenfarbe on the front indicating administration. The cap doesn’t have a eagle, but could easily be restored. This garment was recently discovered in a cloth processing plant and has never been in a collection before!

  • Waffen-SS Plane tree 1/2 camouflage Zeltbahn


    A stunning Waffen-SS plane tree 1/2 Camouflage Zeltbahn in lightly worn condition. The Zeltbahn retains most if not all of its originally sewn buttons and has a few period repairs. The Zeltbahn is made up out of a nice and unique variety of camouflage patterns; early handscreened plane tree 1/2, late plane tree 1/2 overprint and Handscreened 5/6 on the sides. The colors are strong and vibrant, hard to find a better one! The Zeltbahn is all in great condition and surely one of the best ones I’ve had to offer!

  • Kustenartillerie M43 field cap marked 0/0520/0017 Hermann Potthoff Coesfeld


    Stunning mint Coastal Artillerie Nicely marked RBNr. 0/0520/0017 indicating production by Hermann Potthoff Coesfeld. The cap is a exceptional large size 61 and is a textbook example of a Einheitsfeldmütze fuhr Küstenartillerie. The cap features its factory sewn insignia and full lining. Underneath the cap has a few moth nips, but otherwise its just perfect. Can’t be upgraded!

  • Late Litzmannstadt made Rucksack with captured British material


    Late war Heer/Waffen-SS rucksack made from captured British webbing parts. The rucksack was made in the infamous ghetto of Litzmannstadt. Nicely named inside Wirtschaftsamt Litzmannstadt. The rucksack is a nice compilation of small details; from the blue edge to the British rope and Lee Enfield sling used on top. A nice late war rucksack, for sure the best I’ve had so far.

  • Taktisch richtiges Fahren mit Schützenpanzerwagen Merkblatt 75/10 Guderian 1944


    A stunning original manual by Guderian on the tactical movement and usage of the German armored personnel halftracks or Schützenpanzerwagen. A very rare manual that was printed in 1944 and distributed to Panzergrenadier units. These manuals where mostly kept in vehicles and are therefor very scarce to find. The manual is in very good condition and is very hard to find!

  • Rare pioneer leather pickaxe carrier


    Scarce original and rare pickaxe carrier in leather. Early variant with light wear and complete with the carrying loop! Scarce bit of field gear in lightly used condition with supple leather! Super scarce!

  • MP38 u. 40 magazine pouch in very good condition marked Otto Koberstein 1942


    A great original MP38 u. MP40 pouch in good imo unissued condition. This one has only seen storage wear and is complete with all straps in very good condition. The pouch is nicely marked Otto Koberstein Landsberg 1942. A nice original MP40 ammunition pouch in very good condition!

  • Late war grey webbing equipment belt


    A nice late war grey equipment belt marked RBNR inside the leather tongue. Hard to upgrade piece in a good mannequin size!

  • Late war mixed material gaiters


    A nice late war matching pair of Gamaschen to be worn on top of the M37 Schnürschuhe. Nice mint pair with brown leather – hard to upgrade!

  • Blue (!) Steel Waffen-SS beltbuckle marked Rodo


    A nice original Waffen-SS belt buckle marked Rodo indicating production by Robert Dold, Offenberg. This was the final colour of Waffen-SS belt buckle by Rodo. Usually Rodo buckles are finished in green paint. Looking at the head of the eagle one can observe no pebbling besides it and the rope clear indicating this is still a type 1 rodo buckle as named by Jean Pierre Redeuilh. Blue painted Waffen-SS buckles are amongst some of the rarest SS buckles out there!

  • Pre war 6×30 Dienstglas by Hensoldt


    A very nice pre war Dienstglas by Hensoldt, Wetzlar. The Dienstglas is complete with all straps and its bakelite rain shield and finished with brass. The vision is clear and the right eyepiece still retains the Strichplatte. A nice used set in good, combat used condition!

  • Named black mapcase to Sanitäts Oberjäger Bernhard


    A nice black named mapcase to Sanitäts Oberjäger Bernhard. The rank Oberjäger is as a Unteroffizier but was in use with the Jägertruppen such as Fallschirmjäger and Gebirgsjäger. Nice named mapcase!

  • Minty M44 breadbag


    Mint late war M44 breadbag in mint condition with nice brown leather!

  • Dutch made M36 field blouse for a Leutnant Der Artillerie


    A nice original M36 field blouse made in Amsterdam, 1940. Fully made from course Dutch wool and with its original insignia. The garment has moth damage which is typical to this coarse Dutch wool. The wear in the collar area indicates this garment was surely worn in the field. A very nice worn display tunic for a nice price!

  • MP38 u. MP40 ammunition pouch


    Nice early, mid war type in good used condition. All leather is supple, light wear to the top. Hard to find one in this nice honest condition!

  • Late war mixed material gaiters


    A nice late war matching pair of Gamaschen to be worn on top of the M37 Schnürschuhe. Nice mint pair with brown leather – hard to upgrade!

  • Blue steel Luftwaffe belt buckle marked N&H 1942


    A very nice mid war belt buckle marked N&H 1942 indicating production by Nolle & Hueck, Lüdenscheid.  The buckle retains up to 95% of its Blaugrau paint.

  • M42 ckl62 wire camouflage helmet


    Rare original M42 wire camouflage helmet marked ckl62. The helmet exhibits a nice cohesion with the wire between the wire and the shell. The wire is tight, original and wartime applied. The liner is also tight and original to the shell. The soft size 55 leather liner is in good, used condition. The chinstrap shows wear and nicely marked on the end. The helmet is marked CKL62 indicating production by Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale. The helmet still retains up to 90% of its original factory textured paint. Authentic wire camouflage helmets like this one are hard to find, and this one is in great condition.

  • Rare type MP38 u. MP40 pouch marked bdr 43


    Nice original MP38 u. MP40 pouch marked bdr 43 indicating production by Richard Ehrhardt, Lederwarenfabrik, Poessneck, Thuringia. The pouch is in nice used condition and is a rare type made out of several types of material. Hard to find type!

  • Three tone camouflage gasmask canister Uffz Pfeiffer


    Original three-tone Normandy camouflage gasmask canister. Still retaining up to 85% of its original vibrant camouflage paint. The canister retains its original strap and mask that are original to the piece. The original wartime field applied camouflage paint retains a lot of contrast and would nicely attribute to a Normandy camouflage helmet.

    Inside the lid it is named to H. Pfeiffer, a Unteroffizier in Schnell-Kampf-Geschwader 10 which was stationed in Southern Italy.

    A stunning gasmask with lots of character and original camouflage. Hard to upgrade piece!

  • Hand held microphone for wireless sets


    Nicely marked Feind hört mit! in red and with its original cable, with 3 connectors in the plug. Hard to find spare complete with the rare small leather retaining strap.

  • Hardshell P39 holster by Budischowski Wien 1940


    Considerably rare hardshell P39 holster marked C. Budischowski, Wien 1940. The holster is in good used, undamaged condition. The P39 holsters are rare to find, and only scarcely encountered!

  • Gasplane with pouch in good used condition marked sjy 45


    A very nice sjy 45 marked gasplane with its original pouch in unissued condition. These capes where to be worn in combination with the gasmask in a event of a gas attack. Belongs to every gasmask. I have never seen a 1945 dated gascape before!

  • Second pattern folding E-tool with carrier


    Nice second pattern folding E-tool with E-tool marked AGO. Nice set in used condition that would be great for a combat mannequin!

  • Tan 6×30 Dienstglas marked CAG


    A nice tan painted 6×30 Dienstglas or army issue binoculars. These where issued to all branches in the Wehrmacht. The binoculars retain their original tan paint up to 75%. The binoculars are marked CAG indicating production by Swarovski. The binoculars are in working condition without a Strichplatte.

  • Mint tropical Coconut canteen marked HRE 43


    A nice coconut canteen marked HRE 41 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The canteen is in very good condition together with its matching cup. Hard to upgrade textbook coconut canteen.

  • Pre war brown mapcase Henschel & Co Ulm 1936


    A very nice brown mapcase marked Henschel & Co Ulm 1936. 

  • Wehrmacht model B headset for Panzer troops


    Hard to find model B headphones for Panzer troops in unissued condition. Perfect for a armored vehicle display!

  • Ammunition pouch set for a G43


    A nice set exactly as would be issued to a G43 rifleman. One magazine pouch for two G43 magazines and one pouch for additional stripper clips for reloading. As the war progressed and materials became scarce it meant that the G43 was issued with only two magazines and one pouch from the start. Both pouches are nicely maker marked and are in the same unissued condition!

Showing 61–90 of 386 results