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  • Mint M40 pattern HBT or drillich combat trousers


    Scarce mint condition M40 type field combat trousers in HBT or Drillich material maker marked and dated 1940. A nice big size for mannequins and in stone mint condition. Can’t be upgraded!

  • Matching pair of Rieker made officers boots


    Hard to find matching pair of genuine officers boots made by Rieker which was one of the large boot manufacturers for the German army during world war two. The boots are in good used condition and are marked inside just like the issued military boots produced by Rieker.

  • Pre war Czech shovel with cover


    A nicely 1937 dated Czech straight E-tool. The complete stock of Czech uniforms and equipment was taken in by the German army at the beginning of the occupation in 1938. A large portion of these shovels was straightly re-issued into the Waffen-SS which up till 1940 could not rely on the issue of equipment through the OKW. Hence you can see these a lot of pictures of the Waffen-SS in the early campaign. These shovels where used and issued within all branches of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS from 1940 onwards. I’ve included a few pictures of these shovels in German use.

    A great unusual spade with cover in great condition perfect for a mannequin!

  • Luftwaffe Chocolate K98 bayonet frog LBA(S)


    Nice original Chocolate brown bayonet frog maker marked Paul Klopper 1937. The frog is also marked LBA(S) and unit marked 1./Flak.R.25. Hard to find Luftwaffe chocolate brown leather bayonet frog!

  • Late war webbing equipment belt marked 0/0250/0712


    A typical late war webbing equipment belt marked 0/0250/0712. The belt comes with a movable belt loop. The size is 95 which is a typical modern mannequin size!

  • Webbing flare ammunition pouch


    Rare late war flare ammunition pouch in unissued condition. Nicely marked gaq 43 indicating production by Otto Stephan, Leder- u. Lederwarenfabrik, Muehlhausen. The case is made from green webbing and comes with its original removable sling. The pouch is complete with all internal dividers and wooden reinforcement. Nicely marked on the side. Quite hard to find a better one!

  • Unissued Sumpftarn reversible parka trousers


    A mint unissued pair of non-reversible parka trousers in Sumpftarnmuster camouflage fabric. Minty reversible Sumpftarn parka trousers with nice and vibrant colours!

  • Matching pair of M36 Nebelwerfer EM shoulderstraps


    Hard to find textbook pair of Heer EM shoulderstraps for Nebelwerfer troops. These shoulderstraps have the dark purple wool piping typical for the Nebelwerfer. Extremely hard to find pair of shoulderstraps, especially in this M36 type!

  • Tunic removed 4th pattern original Großdeutschland cufftitle


    A nice original Großdeutschland cufftitle in very good tunic removed(!) condition. The cuff title is in good used condition with minor fraying to the so called Russian braid. The cufftitle is unlike many unissued cufftitles; it has clearly seen use and is tunic removed!

  • Aluminum Waffen-SS belt buckle marked RZM 36/40 ᛋᛋ


    A scarce buckle! The aluminum buckle is marked RZM 36/40 ᛋᛋ indicating production by Overhoff in 1940. These buckles in aluminum where only produced for one or two months when the order came to halt the production in aluminum and switch to steel early in 1940. Rare and hard to find buckle and a essential piece for the specialized buckle collector!

  • Mint tabbed aluminum Luftwaffe belt buckle L.B.A. Paulmann & Crone, Lüdenscheid 1937


    A very nice original aluminum Luftwaffe buckle marked Paulmann & Crone, Lüdenscheid 1937 LBA. Hard to upgrade buckle from a rare maker in very good condition!

  • Luftwaffe wrist Compass Armkompass 39


    Nice Luftwaffe wrist compass or Armkompass 39 (AK39). The compass is in mint and working condition with its often missing original strap. The base material of the compass is in good, clear condition. Hard to upgrade mint piece!

  • Rare Splittertarn Zeltbahn with rotating button holes marked 0/0578/0026


    Rare late war M31 Splittertarn Zeltbahn with rotating button holes nicely marked Reichsbetriebsnummer 0/0578/0026. This Zeltbahn was produced in a small experimental batch between May and July 1944. The Zeltbahn is in very good condition with most if not all of its originally sewn buttons and one or two small damages. The Zeltbahn has a few small stains but is otherwise in mint/unissued condition. One of the rarest Zeltbahns to find!

  • Luftschutz Gladiator helmet


    A nice original Luftschutz gladiator type helmet in good condition. The original decal still retains up to 90%.

  • MG34 ammunition drum HASAG 39


    Nice original MG34 and MG42 ammunition drum in its full original finish. Hard to find spare part that will finish a display. The drum is missing its internal spring but is in good, working condition. The bottom has the handpainted weapon serial 8139.

  • Late war 10×50 Panzer bmj binoculars


    A great set in good working condition with its rare original carrying case. The binoculars are in good usable and adjustable condition with the Strichplatte in place in the right eyepiece. Hard to find as a complete set!

  • First pattern reversible parka set


    Nice first pattern Heer or Waffen-SS reversible parka set in strong used condition. The parka set is the first pattern without knee and elbow reinforcements and fully made out of tightly woven Reisewoll. The trousers are typically issued worn, and the white side whitewashed with chalk paint. The rear of the trousers show a Norwegian army depot stamp. The jacket is in good worn condition with many repairs on both sides. The trousers and jacket are a slight mismatch for colour but could well be issued and worn together as is as many wartime pictures suggest. If you want to build a eastern front combat mannequin this set would be perfect!

  • CXN marked MGZ scope with original eyecup


    Stunning tan MGZ40 sight for the MG34 and MG42 Lafette. The sight is clear and in working condition. The rear lens in the eyepiece has a crack, but is still serviceable. Otherwise the lenses are 100% usable. The original rubber eyecup is still present. Perfect usable piece in full original finish!

  • Chocolate brown FN Hi Power holster marked clg 4


    A nice original holster in supple chocolate brown leather for the P35(b). FN High-Power pistol. Nicely marked clg 4 indicating production by Ernst Melzig, Lederwaren, Liegnitz. A nice original holster for the P35(b). FN High-Power pistol in unissued condition!

  • Rare Wehrmacht artillery trigger firing lanyard


    One of the rarest accessories to any Wehrmacht artillery piece, for sure always missing! These lanyards with a pullweight where attached to the breech of the gun to create a safe space between the breech and the gunner. The breech would fly back with a high velocity breaking anything in its path such as limbs. Firing a artillery piece live without one would result in heavy injuries. The weight is nicely marked bzo indicating production by J. F. Kayser, Maschinenfabrik, Nürnberg-O. For sure one of the rarest items I’ve had to offer!

  • Unblackened mapcase dated 1942 with rubberized(!) divider


    Very nice brown leather mapcase dated 1942. The nice and highly interesting part on this mapcase is that the internal divider is not made from cardboard, Presstoff or rawhide but it is made from a Rubberized material. Unique mapcase.

  • SE62 Three tone Normandy camouflage M40 helmet


    A very nice untouched M35 camouflage helmet. The helmet is nicely repainted during the war in the classic three tone Normandy colours. The camouflage still retains up to 80% of its original coverage. The helmet retains its original liner original to the helmet. The helmet was originally found in the woodwork in Dijon, France. A nice untouched camouflage helmet!

  • Straight E-tool with carrier marked OaZ 43


    A nice and untouched set in good condition. The leather straps are all supple. The carrier is nicely marked OaZ 43.

  • Matching K98 bayonet marked ddl 4


    A very nice K98 bayonet marked ddl 4 indicating production by Josua Corts Sohn, Remscheid. The bayonet has never been sharpened or reblued. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 5225 and has nice red bakelite grips. The bayonet is in exceptional uncleaned, unsharpened and matching (!) condition with its original frog marked cgn 43.

  • Rare latewar enameled RB-numbered M42 Kochgeschirr


    A very nice latewar messkit or Kochgeschirr made by Annweiler Email-u.Metall-Werke in late 1944 or 1945. The marking RBNR. 0/0657/0001 was a latewar substitute for AEM.A. which is usually stamped on items from this maker. This messkit is finished with enamel and after that painted over before it left the factory. The messkit retains 90% of its original enamel finish.

    A truly uncommon and interesting latewar messkit!

  • Straight presstoff E-tool with carrier marked eue


    A nice original Presstoff shovel and carrier in lightly used condition. Marked eue/42 indicating production by Otto Reichel, Jnh. Rudolf Fischer, Lederwarenfabrik, Lengefeld. Hard to upgrade nice example with brown and black leather. The E-tool is nicely marked ekz indicating production by Rich. Henkel, Werkzeugfabrik, Viernau/Thüringen. A rare maker!

  • Sanitäter pouches


    Nice lightbrown Sanitäter pouches in very good, unissued condition. One of them is marked dny 1941 indicating production by Karl Bollmann & Co., Lederwarenfabrik, Tuttlingen. There are a few scissors inside the pouch.

  • Ammunition pouch set for a G43


    A nice set exactly as would be issued to a G43 rifleman. One magazine pouch for two G43 magazines and one pouch for additional stripper clips for reloading. As the war progressed and materials became scarce it meant that the G43 was issued with only two magazines and one pouch from the start. Both pouches are nicely maker marked and are in the same unissued condition!

  • Speckled brown bakelite 6×30 Dienstglas container


    A stunning speckled brown bakelite 6×30 binocular case. Later in the war when the Germans ran out of pigment for bakelite they switched over to different fillers. Sawdust was one of the filling materials used, creating a interesting speckled finish. The brown bakelite dienstglas containers where mostly found with tan 6×30 binoculars. The case is in very good, undamaged condition and has a very aesthetic and vibrant light brown colour which would nicely attribute a late war uniform setup.

  • Matching K98 bayonet marked 43 asw


    Hard to upgrade matching bayonet marked 43 asw indicating production by E. & F. Horster & Co. Solingen. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 5387 and has nice clean wooden grips and its original leather frog. The bayonet is in very good and matching (!) condition.

Showing 61–90 of 431 results