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  • Rare Waffen-SS M44 pattern trousers marked 910


    Incredible and rare wool Waffen-SS pattern M44 trousers in stone mint condition. The trousers in stone mint condition, the trousers have zero issues and would be perfect for a mannequin. The trousers come with its originally attached m44 trouser belt. The trousers are a good mannequin size and would be impossible to upgrade. Unlike the M44 pattern trousers in Gaberdine, these elusive trousers are virtually never encountered. Superb trousers in superb condition!

  • Luftwaffe breadbag strap dated 1943

  • German issue trikot undershirt


    A textbook original undershirt in good condition. These shirts are the finishing touch to a mannequin and are becoming very hard to find. The shirt is in good used condition and has a few small period repairs. The size is a nice medium fitting most modern mannequins. The shirt is of the first field gray model with pockets and dates between 1942 and 1945.

  • Rare Luftwaffe issue flare cartridge bag


    Late war Luftwaffe issue flare cartridge storage bag made from heavyweight red lined canvas. The zipper has big metal fittings that can be used wearing thick flying gloves. The thick RK marked zipper is in good working condition. Exceptionally rare bag that could hold 4 boxes of flare ammunition.

  • Clear mapcase insert Otto Koberstein 1938


    Clear mapcase insert. These where issued with map cases and used to keep maps dry in the rain and folded on the right place. These where also used to draw on to the smooth see through surface to keep the maps unmarked. Nicely marked Otto Koberstein 1938.

  • U-boot Kriegsmarine Ditty box


    Small wooden Ditty box. These small wooden boxes where issued to every sailor in the Kriegsmarine serving on a ship or submarine. These small boxes where used to keep personal effects and kept locked. This was one of the only spaces that sailors had on a ship!

  • Matching k98 bayonet marked Carl Eickhorn 1939


    A nice matching numbers bayonet with frog marked Carl Eickhorn 1938 indicating production by Waffenfabrik Carl Eickhorn, Solingen. The bayonet is in very good condition!

  • Heer pre war pointed shoulderstraps for a Unteroffizier


    Beautiful pre war pointed style M35 shoulder straps for a Unteroffizier. The straps come with the period attached yellow braids most probably indicating he was part of the Aufklärung section.

  • A-frame pouch in good used condition


    A very nice lightly used A-frame pouch in very good condition. Nicely marked and dated inside.

  • Tan vinyl G43 pouch marked ros 1944


    A tan vinyl G43 magazine pouch. This pouch is marked ros 1944 indication production by E. G. Leuner, Bautzen. A nice G43 pouch in very good condition!

  • Short pioneer wire cutters with short presstoff pouch


    A extremely rare short presstoff carrier complete with the short wire cutters. The pouch is made of presstoff. The short wire cutter pouches made out of Presstoff are extremely rare!

  • M36 NCO shoulderstraps for Unteroffizier Infanterie


    Textbook original pair of M36 shouldestraps for a Unteroffizier der Infanterie. Nice lightly worn condition and hard to find!

  • Brown P08 Luger holster marked Gebrüder Klinge Dresden 1937


    A textbook brown P08 Luger holster in very good condition. Nicely marked Gebrüder Klinge Dresden 1937.  The holster is complete with all loops, straps and buckle. The leather is supple and not dry. Hard to upgrade this brown holster!

  • SE64 M40 double decal Polizei helmet


    Excellent and textbook example of a M40 Polizei helmet, made to M35 specs. The shell is marked SE64 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. The helmet is a rarer example being made to the M35 specs; one of the first made with the M40 shell and its factory installed zinc single banded liner. The helmet retains its factory applied smooth green paint up to 90% with both decals in excellent condition. The dome of the helmet retains a name. Very nice and textbook example of a Polizei helmet that would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Complete Artillerie-Rechenstab in Presstoff pouch


    Rare complete Artillerie-Rechenstab der deutschen Wehrmacht in its original Presstoff pouch. The calculator is in good working condition and nicely marked CME indicating production by Gebr. Wichmann, Berlin.

  • Matching K98 bayonet marked 43 asw


    A nice matching bayonet marked 43 asw indicating production by E. & F. Horster & Co. Solingen. The blade has not been sharpened or polished retaining up to 95% of its original blueing. The tip is slightly damaged; please see the detailed close up. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 2497 and has nice clean red bakelite grips and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Matching K98 bayonet marked 43 asw


    Hard to upgrade matching bayonet marked 43 asw indicating production by E. & F. Horster & Co. Solingen. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 3389 and has nice clean wooden grips and its original leather frog. The bayonet is in very good uncleaned and matching (!) condition.

  • US WWII D-Day assault vest


    A scarce and iconic Assault Vest as worn during D-day by members of  the 1st, 4th, and 29th Infantry Divisions as well as the 2nd Ranger Battalion. The vest is a stunning original mint example marked Harian 1944 and in a good size Medium to fit most if not all modern mannequins. There are no repairs or modifications on the vest. The vest is a textbook example in mint condition in OD3, would be impossible to upgrade and the centerpiece for any D-Day themed collection!

  • Tropical breadbag strap


    Very nice original tropical breadbag strap

  • Luftwaffe M43 cap in lightweight material marked RBNR


    Stunning untouched Luftwaffe M43 cap marked RBNR 0/0454/. The cap retains its factory sewn Luftwaffe trapezoid. Very rare original lightweight Luftwaffe M43 cap in very good used condition.

  • M31 breadbag with rayon straps marked RBNr.0/0750/3572


    A stunning mint breadbag marked RBNr.0/0750/3572. Interestingly the straps are made of webbing and rayon, a uncommon and very late war feature. Exceptional breadbag!

  • Mint unissued breadbag


    Superb breadbag in mint condition. For sure the best one I’ve had to offer. If you just want one mint example and want the nicest one out there; this is it.

  • Rare Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger issue ski boots


    Scarce original Waffen-ᛋᛋ Gebirgsjäger issue boots in very good used condition. The boots come with their original insoles. The boots are matching and marked 42 – 11 – 1570 ᛋᛋ 1942. These boots where worn mostly on the eastern front by ᛋᛋ-Gebirgsjäger and ᛋᛋ-Skijäger. Very rare and typical pair of Waffen-ss issue boots

  • Mint M31 breadbag


    M31 breadbag in mint condition. Excellent piece that would be hard to upgrade.

  • German mapcase block note marked Stenogramm heft


    One of the rarest mapcase accessories; a original paper block note for map sketching and message noting. The block note has 50 lined pages and is in mint unissued condition. I have a small stock; you will get one in mint condition as the pictured examples.

  • Matching K98 bayonet E.u.F. Hörster 1939


    A very nice 1940 dated bayonet with leather frog. Nicely marked E.u.F. Hörster and dated 1939. The bayonet is matching and with most of its original blueing. Hard to upgrade 1939 dated matching bayonet with original pre war frog!

  • Matching M42 canteen marked CFL 43


    A very nice matching M42 canteen with a black strap in good supple condition. Nicely marked CFL43 indicating production by Carl Feldhaus Aluminium-und Metallwerke, Lüdenscheid. Hard to find or upgrade M42 canteen with black leather strap!

  • Pre war brown leather k98 bayonet frog


    Nice unblackened example of a pre war K98 bayonet frog in very good condition. The frog is dated 1937 which is more obvious in hand and hard to photograph. The leather is supple and the hardware is all aluminum. Textbook pre war piece.

  • Italian wool Heer M43 EM tunic


    A late war Italian wool M43 Heer field blouse in good used condition. The tunic is a nice large size fitting most if not all modern mannequins. The tunic comes with factory machine sewn Litzen, a restored breast eagle and a set of late war shoulderstraps with repaired tongues. Late war combat tunic in good used condition complete with shoulderstraps!

  • Mint Waffen-ss RZM pattern flatwire cufftitle Deutschland


    Superb and textbook original RZM-pattern officers flatwire cufftitle for SS-Verfügungstruppe Deutschland. Nice early early RZM-pattern flatwire production with the Gothic style script. The cufftitle is in full length mint condition. Very nice original Waffen-SS cufftitle!

  • NSB ring Goud om Staal 1940


    Nice original ring for members of the Dutch National Socialist Movement. As the moment was low on funds in 1940 they started a campaign where members could trade in precious metals as gold or silver for this ring. Nice small period item!

  • Waffen-SS issue EM/NCO M43 keilhosen in mint condition


    Scarce original pair of Waffen-SS M43 Keilhosen for enlisted man and non commissioned officers in stone mint condition. The trousers retain all of their originally sewn buttons and full leg ties. The inside of the trousers are nicely finished with herringbone rayon material typical for Waffen-SS issue garments. The cut is typical for Waffen-SS issue Keilhosen with straight cut pockets and the back reinforcement ending at the side seams. The trousers have zero damages, repairs, missing buttons or any hidden issues. The size is a nice medium fitting most modern mannequins. Not to be confused with Heer/Kustenartillerie trousers! A textbook Waffen-SS M43 Keilhosen, much harder to find then a pair of Erbsentarncamouflage trousers!

  • Lightweight Y-straps Pinneberg 1941


    Excellent lightweight Y-straps in very good, unissued mint condition. Nicely marked Pinneberg 1941.

  • Pre war P08 Luger holster dated 1938


    A textbook pre war P08 Luger holster in good used condition. Nicely mdated 1938.  The holster is complete with all loops, straps and buckle. The leather is supple and not dry. Hard to upgrade pre-war piece!

  • Rare German made (!) square Telo Mimetico Zeltbahn alter Art für technische Zwecke


    A rare Telo Mimetico Zeltbahn alter Art für technische Zwecke. These where made after the pre war model as the triangular model was not suitable enough for the purpose of radio equipment. This one must not be confused with the Italian or French post war Zeltbahn which are also square and photographed in comparison in the last photograph. The zeltbahn is in good near mint condition and has most if not all of its originally sewn buttons and ropes. I have only ever seen 1 of these and one could say these are very rare!

  • Italian Telo Mimetico shelter quarter


    Very nice original Italian Telo Mimetico camouflage square shelter quarter in unissued condition.

  • Pre war straight E-tool Sedina Lederwerke 1937


    Very nice pre war 1937 dated straight E-tool in good used condition with its original leather carrier marked Sedina Lederwerke 1937.

  • Rare EM/NCO issue riding breeches in lightweight summer cloth


    Rare Heer EM/NCO issue riding breeches in lightweight summer cloth in very good condition. Probably the rarest cavalry garment around!

  • Sumpftarn reversible parka trousers


    Late war reversible Sumpftarn parka trousers. The Sumpftarn camouflage pattern nice contrast and strong colours. The trousers are a good large mannequin size and are in very good condition with some light storage wear.

  • 10 Klarscheiben für Gasschutzhauben


    Nice metal box for 10 Klarscheiben für Gasschutzhauben.

  • Large Pioneer side pouch


    Very nice late war variant with leather pull throughs which is less common to find.

  • Unit marked untouched M36 Heer NCO tunic to a Unteroffizier in Artillerie Regiment 42


    Stunning unit marked M36 tunic for a Unteroffizier der Artillerie Regiment 42. The garment retains all full wartime sewn insignia and is modified to the wearer. The garment has pockets moved, waist and length tailored and period added cyphered shoulderstraps for a Unteroffizier in Artillerie Regiment 42. The Unit is a good medium size and is nicely maker, size and unit stamped inside. The left breast pocket retains a set of period sewn loops for a award. The garment was sourced directly from the woodwork in Germany a few years ago and has only been in one collection ever; some of the original pocket litter still retains inside the pockets. A very nice garment that would be a choice display piece!

  • Heer Sturmgeschütz/ Panzergrenadier portrait postcard size


    Great original large portrait picture on a postcard size 13x19cm. The soldier is seen wearing the field grey wrapper with insignia for Sturmgeschutz/Artillerie or late war Panzergrenadier. Very hard to make out the exact Waffenfarbe on a black and white picture.

  • Army issue headphones Dfh.a.


    Great example in near mint condition. Nice example with original cording, yellow and markings and a full original Presstoffheadband cover. Hard to upgrade piece.

  • Early pattern green tropical rucksack R.Z.f.H.1942


    Unissued tropical rucksack marked R.Z.f.H.1942. A bit dusty from storage!

  • German issue trikot undershirt


    A textbook original undershirt in good condition. These shirts are the finishing touch to a mannequin and are becoming very hard to find. The shirt is in good used condition and has one or two small period repairs that are barely noticeable. The size is a nice medium fitting most modern mannequins. The shirt is of the first field gray model with pockets and dates between 1942 and 1945.

  • Textbook German helmet net


    Textbook German helmet net made of rough, brown string. Unlike the late war variant this mid war type is hard to find! The helmet net would easily compliment any German army helmet!

  • Late war gaiters or Gamaschen


    A nice late war matching pair of Gamaschen to be worn on top of the M37 Schnürschuhe. Nice pair with brown leather – hard to upgrade!

  • Pre war LP34 holster in leather dated 1937


    Nice leather pre war LP34 holster in good used and supple condition. The holster comes with the cleaning rod dated 1938.

  • Heer/Luftwaffe hooded ’44 Sumpftarn sniper smock with veil


    Stone mint original ‘soft edged’ ’44 Sumpftarn sniper smock. Mid war smock designed for wear and use by Scharfschützen in all branches of the Wehrmacht. The smock is in mint condition and retains its original rayon face veil and factory tag. The smock is a nice large size fitting most if not all mannequins. The smock is complete with both of its rayon drawstrings. The rayon drawstring at the top is a rare and textbook example for Waffen-SS smocks! A very nice surely mint smock with strong and vibrant colours which would be impossible to upgrade for a combat mannequin!

  • Wehrmacht handaparrat HAP2


    Nice original bakelite handset for the field phone. This special handset was developed so that the soldier could wear a helmet whilst operating a field phone or radio. Very rare equipment piece!

  • Small headset pouch for FF33


    Rare small pouch for the headset of a 1933 pattern field phone.

  • Death card 1. Geb.Jg. Div. 12.9.1939 in Lemberg/Lviv


    Very early death card. The death card of Adolf Schmelz; killed in action 12.9.1939 in Lemberg/Lwow/Lviv in Poland. Not two weeks in the war Gebirgsjäger Schmelz was killed in action in Lemberg. The battle of Lemberg was fought by the 1. Gebirgsdivision. Most probably the earliest death card I’ve seen.

  • Ardennes Death Card Panzerknacker KIA Eifel 26.1.1945


    A very nice set of three death cards to Egon Paul Loibl and his brother Karl Loibl. Egon Paul Loibl was born 6.6.1922 and was killed in action in Daleiden/Eifel on 26.1.1945. Egon Paul was awarded the Panzervernichtigungsabzeichen, Iron class first and second class and the Panzerkampfabzeichen. He was a Leutnant and Kompanieführer in a Panzerjäger-Regiment. His Erkennungsmarke reads; 710 4. Pz. Jg. E. A. 17. Next to this is another set of two death cards of his brother Karl Loibl ; Batterie Chef in a Artillerie Regiment. Born 10.12.1917 and killed in action 20.8.1944.

  • A-frame with matching pouch, Zeltbahn and Messkit – as found


    A very nice A-Rahme in good issued condition complete with the Kochgeschirr and Zeltbahn it was worn with. The A-frame was found like this in household clearing some time ago. The A-frame is a very nice 1941 dated example marked Max Müller Nürnberg. The messkit is marked G&CL40. The Zeltbahn is a late war single grommet example in good condition with most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. The set has always been together and it’s a rare opportunity to buy a complete A-frame!

  • Rare named as found K43 belt set with ammunition pouches


    Very rare combat used K43 belt set with a very rare worn G43 ammunition pouch! The G43 pouch is nicely marked cxb 4 indicating production by Moll, Lederwarenfabrik, Goch, Rheinland. The pouch is in good used condition but has some defects on the metal pips. The belt was found with these two pouches and is named H Weinkath. The name H. Weinkath most probably refers to Heinrich Weinkath who was killed in action 18.12.1944 and is buried in Lommel, Belgium. The belt and its pouches are a vet bring back and found in the US. A very nice and very rare occasion to buy a equipment set that is in as found condition, especially with a original and field worn G43 pouch!

  • M42 messkit named Haag


    Very nice issued M42 messkit named Haag. Nicely marked L&SL 43 indicating production by Linnepe & Schiffer, Lüdenscheid.

  • M40 pattern Kriegsmarine breadbag with strap


    Textbook Kriegsmarine M40 pattern breadbag with its wide carrying strap in very good condition.

  • Speckled grey enameled M42 messkit


    Rare grey speckled enameled steel M42 messkit. Typical production with the green painted handle. Very nice variation for the messkit collector!

  • Late war K98 bayonet 44 ffc with mint light brown frog


    A very bayonet marked 43 ffc indicating production by Friedrich Herder Abr.Sohn, Solingen. The frog is in mint condition and nicely marked 0/0560/0156. The bayonet is exactly how it left the factory. The bayonet has not been reblued and has a minty look to it with most of the original grey finish remaining. A very nice late war bayonet with very nice red brown grips and a mint light brown frog!

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