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  • Unit marked M31 canteen marked FWBN37 named Sauter


    A very nice M31 canteen marked FWBN37 and FWBN38 indicating production in January 1938 by F.W. Brockelmann Aluminiumwerk GmbH KG,Neheim/RuhrThe canteen cup is nicely named Sauter. The canteen strap is unit marked Bekl. L. im L. K. 2

  • Long K98 dress bayonet Puma Solingen


    Nice period K98 dress bayonet in good used condition. The bayonet is marked Puma indicating production by the well known Puma factory in Solingen which also produced Nahkampfmesser for the Wehrmacht.

  • Pair of Italian brown lowboots


    These late war Italian made boots where issued and worn throughout units in the Heer and especially in the Waffen-SS who reissued many Italian type uniforms. These boots would be perfect for a late war mannequin. The boots come with a mint pair of metal tipped Wehrmacht issue laces. The boots are in good, worn condition and would be a nice addition for a combat mannequin!

  • Pre war pair of Heer EM Artillerie Regiment 51 shoulder straps


    Stunning pre war pair of pointed style EM Artillerie shoulder straps in mint condition. Nicely red embroided 51 for Artillerie Regiment 51. The straps are matching and would be impossible to upgrade.





  • Combat worn non reversible Sumpftarn parka


    A very nice obviously combat worn non-reversible Sumpftarn parka in salty condition. The parka is a nice desirable size 2. The jacket has a few replaced buttons, a few holes and some obvious wear. If you’re looking for a combat jacket – this is it!

  • Lightweight Y-straps marked 1/0348/0022


    A nice and minty pair of lightweight Y-straps as issued to KavallerieLuftwaffe and Kriegsmarine personnel. Nicely maker marked 1/0348/0022. Hard to upgrade!

  • Waffen-SS M42 plane tree 1/2 camouflage smock


    A stunning original Waffen-SS plane tree 1/2 overprint smock in mint/unissued condition. The smock is a typical M42 type 1 smock with straight pockets. The pockets are lined with field grey Drillich material with blurred edge pocket flaps. The garment is typically sewn on the sides with a double needle seam and the rest finished with a single needle machine. The rayon drawstring is woven through handsewn holes. All of the foliage loops are fully intact. The sleeves are finished with hand screened 5/6 plane tree. The elastic on the sleeves and waist is still in functional condition and has never been removed or replaced. The smock does not have any damages or holes. The camouflage print is strong and full of contrast and the colours very vibrant. The smock would be a prime piece in any camouflage collection and would be very hard to upgrade.

  • Mint Heer/Waffen-SS M31 Breadbag


    Hard to upgrade mint late war breadbag. Nicely maker marked and dated 1944. The D-rings are painted blue which is a uncommon but typical late war feature. The buttons on the belt straps have never been attached, truly mint!

  • Brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holster bnz 1943


    A very nice brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holsterThe holster is in good lightly used condition. Inside its nicely named and marked bnz P35(p) 1943.

  • LP34 flare gun marked AYF 43 in very good condition


    A very nice LP34 in working condition. The LP34 still has the full anodization finish and never has been repainted. The finish still remains for 99% and this is one of the nicest LP34 flare guns I’ve ever owned.  The LP34 is marked AYF 43 which indicates production by “Erma”, B. Geipel, G.m.b.H., Waffenfabrik, Erfurt.

    These flare guns are legal and free to own without permit in the Netherlands for everyone over 18 years of age. Please conduct your local laws before purchasing this product. I am not responsible for any legal concequences if shipped outside of the Netherlands.

  • Pioneer Sturmgepäck Wirtschaftsamt Litzmannstadt


    A nice late war pioneer Sturmgepäck worn together with the two small side pouches this is the rarest of the three pouches as worn by Pioniertruppen. The pouch is made at Wirtschaftsamt Litzmannstadt utilizing parts of captured British equipment items. These British equipment items where left in 1940 when the British Expeditionary Force evacuated to the United Kingdom. The Germans sent these for recycling and a lot of work was put in disassembling every British equipment piece and recycling the individual parts into German army equipment. The pouch is in good lightly used condition!

  • Picture set of Rudi Klingelberger


    A nice picture set of Rudi Klingelberger who served in 1 Fernaufklärerstaffel 123. Rudi was killed in action on 27.03.1944 and rests on the German military gravesite in Pomezia, Block R Grab 1209. The front shows a very nice picture of him with a white covered helmet in the snow.

  • Second pattern Afrikakorps tropical pith helmet R&C 1942


    A nice second pattern Afrikakorps pith helmet in unissued condition. The helmet is dated 1942 and is size 56. The helmet is complete with its chinstrap and its zinc insignia.

  • Kriegsmarine / Küstenartillerie heavy fur lined Wachmantel


    Heavy fully lined Kriegsmarine or Küstenartillerie guard coat or Wachmantel in very good condition. This garment was recently discovered in a cloth processing plant and has never been in a collection before. It’s missing one button on the shoulder and has a few moth holes. Otherwise a very nice garment in lightly worn condition. The coat is fully lined with thick sheepskin creating a very good insulation for the sometimes arctic temperatures at for instance many of the Küstenartillerie batteries in Norway. Hard to find!

  • HKP64 M42 small mesh half basket chickenwire helmet


    A spectacular M42 half basket chickenwire helmet. The helmet is marked hkp64 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. in the shell size 64. The helmet retains its wartime installed half basket chickenwire camouflage netting which has never been removed from the helmet. The helmet retains up to 90% of its original fieldgrey paint. The liner and chinstrap are original to the helmet and are both in strong used condition. The helmet and its camouflage netting are a one looker original set. Chickenwire camouflage helmets are highly sought after and are key parts of every helmet collection. Simply a stunning chickenwire camouflage helmet that would be véry hard to upgrade.

  • First pattern earliest known MP38 pouch


    Super rare first pattern MP38 magazine pouch in light used condition. This first pattern pouch was made prior to 1940. Interesting and typical to the construction of these pouches is the white webbing ammunition belt material used for the belt loops and D-ring. The pouch is extremely scarce to find, especially in this good, undamaged condition. These pouches are seen typically with Fallschirmjäger along with the 6 cell variant of these pouches. For sure the rarest type of MP38 magazine pouch in very good lightly used but undamaged condition!

  • Pioneer saw in presstoff carrier


    Nice original Pioneer saw in good lightly used condition. The carrier still retains the bayonet loop!

  • Second pattern Afrikakorps tropical pith helmet


    A nice second pattern Afrikakorps pith helmet in unissued condition. The helmet is dated 1942 and is size 56. The helmet is complete with its chinstrap and its zinc insignia.

  • Presstoff MG34 and MG42 tool pouch


    Nice presstoff MG34 and MG42 tool pouch in very good, lightly used condition. Not visibly maker marked. Complete with the wooden board and Kreiskornbehalter.

  • Straight E-tool with Presstoff carrier marked jwa 4


    A very nice original straight E-tool with a tan presstoff carrier marked jwa 4 indicating production by Moritz Stecher, Lederwerk, Freiburg. The E-tool and its carrier where found together and are both in very good, lightly used condition. The carrier retains all leather straps and loops and is supple. The shovel is strong and nicely marked REX 1943. A nice and textbook set which is hard to come by nowadays.

  • Wehrmacht issue fur hat with eagle


    A nice fur issued Heer fur hat in mint condition. Nicely dated 1943 and size 55 which is a common size for the time period. The cap is in good condition and the fur still retains most of its hairs. Can’t be upgraded!

  • Early pattern tropical belt


    A nice early pattern tropical belt with woven, not stitched adjustment holes in nice used condition. Hard to find this early pattern for Heer and Luftwaffe troops!

  • M40 Heer/Waffen-SS breadbag


    A bit dusty but unissued. Textbook, nicely dated and maker marked.

  • Waffen-SS plane tree 5/6 Zeltbahn


    A nice original plane tree 5/6 overprint Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in strong used condition. Nicely marked with number 5 and a manufacturer stampThe Zeltbahn retains its colours and contrast and some of its originally sewn buttons. The Zeltbahn shows wear and some damages. A very strong used Waffen-SS plane tree zeltbahn with holes and damages. Not the nicest, but a original plane tree zeltbahn priced to sell!

  • Brown pre war tall jackboots


    A nice textbook pair of pre war tall brown jackboots in good light worn condition. The soles retain all of their hobnails and steel heel pieces. Nice pair for a mannequin!

  • Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse


    Nice original unissued Fliegerbluse with all factory sewn insignia for a flight or Fallschirmjäger. The Fliegerbluse is unissued condition with all of the nap remaining in the wool. The blouse has a few moth damages on the back where the belt would sit. Otherwise a perfect Fliegerbluse for a Fallschirmjäger!

  • German period national flag


    Nice original flag in mint condition 85 x 115 cm. One small damage. Stitched on both sides.

  • Kriegsmarine marked P08 Luger holster Vogels Köln 1939


    A scarce original P08 Luger holster with Kriegsmarineacceptance stamp. The holster is nicely marked Vogels Köln 1939 on the back with in addition a Waffenamt and a Kriegsmarine acceptance stamp. Kriegsmarine P08 holsters are very scarce!

  • Mint M44 breadbag


    Mint late war M44 breadbag in mint condition.

  • Brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holster


    A very nice brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holsterThe holster is in good lightly used condition. Inside its nicely named to Hirsch followed by a gun serial number.

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