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  • Tunic removed shoulder boards for a SS-Obersturmführer der Pioniertruppen


    A very nice matching set of tunic removed shoulder boards for a SS-Obersturmführer der Pioniertruppen. These shoulderstraps have had the pips or cyphers removed. Nice and salty set in obvious uniform removed condition!

  • Erkennungsmarke Stamm-Komp. Pi. Ers. Btl. 16 – 16. Panzerdivision


    Nice original Erkennungsmarke or ID disc marked Stamm-Komp. Pi. Ers. Btl. 16 indicating Stamm-Kompanie Pionier Ersatz Batalion 16 which was later reformed into an armoured pioneer unit and renamed to Stamm Kompanie Panzer Pionier ersatz Battalion 16. This unit was under the 16. Panzerdivision which predominantly saw action on the east. Rare original Erkennungsmerke for a Panzer-Pionier unit!

  • Tabbed Heer steel belt buckle Bruder Schneider Wien 1942


    Textbook steel tabbed Heer belt buckle maker marked and dated Brüder Schneider Wien, 1942 with most of its factory paint remaining.

  • Pre war tall issue Luftwaffe issue EM/NCO jackboots


    Textbook pre war Luftwaffe issue EM/NCO jackboots unit marked Fliegerhorst Westendorf Fl. Herst-Komp. III which is in Wesendorf, Niedersachsen. The jackboots are a nice large size and are in good worn condition. Very hard to find in good condition!

  • Rare leather tab for the parade belt


    Rare original leather cloth protector that was worn on the tongue of the belt and kept the buckle from fraying up the tunic. These are virtually always missing from the parade belts and this is the first one I’ve ever encountered!

  • Mint late war Y-straps with angled D-rings marked 0/0485/0002


    Textbook late war Y-straps with angled D-rings maker marked 0/0485/0002. Hard to upgrade!

  • Lightweight Y-straps marked LLG 1943


    A nice and minty pair of lightweight Y-straps as issued to Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine personnel. Nicely maker marked LLG and dated 1943. Hard to upgrade!

  • Mint carrying straps for large food container


    Scarce mint black leather strap for the large Wehrmacht issue food container. Impossible to find spare when you have the food container!

  • Tabbed aluminum Heer belt buckle Gebr. Albert Menden 1936


    Textbook tabbed aluminum Heer belt buckle maker marked and dated Gebr. Albert Menden 1936 which is one of the rarest belt Heer belt buckles!

  • Rare field phone extension cable

  • Brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holster bnz 1943


    A very nice brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holsterThe holster is in good lightly used condition. Inside its nicely named and marked bnz P35(p) 1943.

  • Ardennes Death Card KIA Eifel 27.12.1944 


    Death card of  Stabsgefreiter Valentin Schmidt was born in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany and part of a Panzerjäger RegimentWas killed in action during the Ardennes offensive on 27.12.1944Was later burried in Wittlich, Germany.  

  • Hürtgenwalt Death Card KIA Steinstrass 8.12.1944


    Death card of Obergefreiter Johann Singer. Was killed in action during the Battle of the HürtgenwaltSinger was 35 years and killed in action in Steinstrass near lich, Germany on 8.12.1944. Was later burried in Vossennack, Germany.   

  • Ardennes Death card KIA Prüm-Eifel 23.12.1944


    Death card of Gefreiter Ludwig Langgartner. Was killed in action during the Ardennes offensiveLanggartner was 21 years old and was killed in action in Prüm-Eifel, Germany.  


  • Ardennes Death Card KIA Bastogne 26.11.1944


    Death card of Gefreiter Josef Viehböck. Was killed in action during the Battle of the Bulge.            Viehböck was 18 years old an was killed in action in Grandrue near Bastogne, Belgium on 26.11.1944. Was later burried in Recogne, Belgium.  


  • Stone mint M40 Luftwaffe trousers with factory tag


    A stone mint pair of Luftwaffe M40 trousers or Fliegertuchhose. The trousers are a good mannequin size and still retain most if not all of the nap on the wool. The garment still retains its original factory paper tag indicating production by August Sauer Uniformfabrik. Inside nicely size marked and LBA(S). A stunning pair in stone mint condition that would look great on a mannequin and is truly impossible to upgrade.

  • US M1 Carbine cover Goss Canvas Products 1943


    Original US M1 Carbine cover marked Goss Canvas Products 1943. The zipper is in good usable condition.

  • Pre war short gasmask canister strap CA 1940


    Rare pre war short gasmask canister strap with painted hardware. Marked and dated CA 1940.

  • Rare Erkennungsmarke marked 62899 for Fallschirmjäger Regiment 2 and 4


    Rare original Luftwaffe Erkennungsmarke or ID tag marked 62899 which was the MOB code used for troops in 12. Kompanie Fallschirmjäger Regiment 2 and 4. The tag is in good condition with its original cord and is a early example manufactured from aluminum. This base material dates the Erkennungsmarke to around 1940. Fallschirmjäger Regiment 2 was dropped over Den Haag at airfield Ypenburg in 1940.

  • Pre war fuze setter pouch Georg. A. Lerch Berlin 1939


    Rare pre war fuze setter pouch marked Georg. A. Lerch Berlin 1939. The pouch comes with a relic fuze setter inside.

  • Rare heer aluminum belt buckle marked LKO or Louis Keller, Oberstein


    Nice and rare Heer aluminum belt buckle marked LKO indicating production by Louis Keller, Oberstein.

  • Tabbed aluminum Polizei belt buckle Friedrich Linden Lüdenscheid 1940


    Textbook tabbed aluminum Polizei belt buckle marked FLL 40 indicating production by Friedrich Linden Lüdenscheid in 1940. The buckle comes with the wide leather cloth protector on the back.

  • Deutsche Jungvolk DJ buckle


    Beautiful original DJ or Deutsche Jungvolk buckle in near mint condition – very hard to upgrade this buckle!

  • Rare pre war smooth leather mapcase dated 1936


    Rare pre war leather mapcase in smooth leather. One of the rarest mapcases to encounter in very good condition. Nicely dated 1936 and named inside the lid.

  • K43/G43 ammunition pouch in tan presstoff marked bla 1944


    A tan vinyl G43 magazine pouch. This pouch is marked bla 1944 indication production by E. G. Leuner, Bautzen. A nice G43 pouch in very good condition!

  • Original Waffen-SS M40 pattern sidecap in size 59/60


    Textbook original Waffen-SS m40 pattern sidecap with clear ghosting of a SS skull and eagle. The cap is in good work condition and comes in a very good large size most probably 59 or 60. The cap would be a perfect restoration base. Very rare to find a original large sized Waffen-SS sidecap in the textbook banana shape, with false piping and a single line of stitching in the lining!

  • Rare Hitlerjugend crank catch belt buckle RZM M4/39


    Textbook Hitlerjugend crank catch belt buckle in very good condition. The belt buckle is the rare crank catch variant and is nicely maker marked RZM M4/39  indicating production by Assmann & Sohne.

  • Rare original period German condoms by Blausiegel – Tropenfest


    I’ve acquired a small lot of original Blausiegel Edel condom packages all containing 3 original condoms. These original condoms are some of the hardest to find personal equipment as they where single use only. I’ve found 10 packs and the price is for a single pack with 3 condoms.

  • MG34/42 tool pouch in tan pressstoff marked gut 4


    A nice late war Tool pouch for the MG34 and MG42 machinegun. It is made out of the late war Presstoff material and is in good condition with all internal fittings and leather straps. The leather is nice and supple and the Presstoff is nice in colour. The pouch is marked inside the closing flap gut 4. Interestingly the leather parts are stitched and riveted! A rare late war pouch in good, unused condition!

  • Wehrmacht handaparrat HAP2


    Nice original bakelite handset for the field phone. This special handset was developed so that the soldier could wear a helmet whilst operating a field phone or radio. Very rare equipment piece!

  • Rare wartime French produced trench periscope Handsehror 6×20(f)


    Rare issue periscope made in France under the German occupation. Originally a pre war model for the French army; this is the first and only example I’ve seen produced under the German occupation. Nicely marked Handsehror 6×20(f) H/6400 Car 567 SRP Puteaux. Superb piece with good optics that is a first for me!

  • Pre war K98 ammunition pouch dated 1937


    Pre war K98 ammunition pouch dated 1937. Nice example with all internal dividers.

  • Straight leather E-tool carrier marked gyo 42


    Hard to find leather straight E-tool carrier in unissued condition marked gyo 42 indicating production by Hans Dinkelmaeyer, Lederwarenfabrik, Nuernberg. The leather is plyable and complete with all straps. One of the better early carriers I’ve been able to offer.

  • K43/G43 ammunition pouch in black leather marked cvc 45


    Rare black leather K43 ammunition pouch marked CVC45 in unissued condition.

  • Presstoff E-tool carrier marked gzr 1944


    Textbook Presstoff straight E-tool carrier marked gzr 1944 in good used condition.

  • Complete mint 7×50 dienstglas marked bmk


    Complete, mint and matching 7×50 power binoculars with all parts and straps maker marked bmk indicating production by Srb & Stys Fabrik Praziser Messinstrumente, Prague. The binoculars are very clear and well collimated. The right ocular still has the Strichplatte in place. No double vision, no haze, no mold inside. The case is complete with all straps. These binoculars where favored by combat officers, as they gave a long and clear range. A very nice pair of binoculars complete with its matching case that would be impossible to upgrade!

  • Pre war leather E-tool carrier


    Pre war leather E-tool carrier in good used condition. Hard to find pre war examples!

  • Steel sleeveless Hitlerjugend belt buckle M5/276


    Textbook steel Hitlerjugend belt buckle marked M5/276 indicating production by Klein & Quenzer. Nice design with sleeveless prongs!

  • Tabbed aluminum Heer belt buckle Julius Maurer 1937


    Textbook tabbed aluminum belt buckle marked JMO 37 indicating production by Julius Maurer 1937. Hard to find maker in good used condition!

  • Leather equipment belt RBNr. 0/1079/0031 1943


    Leather equipment belt maker marked RBNr. 0/1079/0031 1943 in size 95.

  • Soldbuch of Unteroffizier Anton Eckert, Infanterie-Regiment 305. 98 Infanterie-Division


    Very interesting Soldbuch of Unteroffizier Anton Eckert who fought with I.R. 305 under the 98 Inf. Div. early in the war. Eckert saw loads of action on the eastern front where the division fought on the Mius and near Rostov. He’s awarded the Eisernes Kreiz 2 Klasse on 28.11.1941 and the Ostmedaille in august 1942. After the division retreats from the Kuban bridgehead in 1943 heavy fightings around the Krim and Sevastopol develop which last until April 1944. In the fightings at the Kuban bridgehead Uffz. Eckert was awarded the Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber. The division was moved to Romania, Croatia and Italy where Eckert was put in the newly formed Grenadier-Lehr-Brigade. During the transfer he is issued interesting equipment under which a Maschinenpistole, Taschenlampe and a bicycle. Most probably he is put to work as a Melder. The Grenadier-Lehr-Brigade is added to the 98. Infanterie Division which at that point is heavily engaged in the fighting around Rimini. Late 1944 the division retreats to the Apennin line and fights back to the Senio river where heavy battles evolve until April 1945. After these fightings his unit retreats over the Po river in the direction of the alps where the division will eventually capitulate.

  • Normandy death card 10.7.44 in Caen possible 12th SS PzDiv


    Death card of Anton Pommer, Soldat in a Artillerie Regiment. Anton was killed 10.7.1944 south west of Caen in the vicinity of Carpiquet and Hill 112. Anton Pommer was most probably a member of the 12. SS Panzerdivision Hitlerjugend.

  • Death Card KIA Denmark 26.3.1945


    Original death card of Gefreiter Otto Scheuble. Killed in action in Denmark. Scheuble was 40 years old and was killed in action on 26.3.1945 in Denmark.

  • Death Card KIA Hürtgenwald 25.11.1944


    Death card of Unteroffizier Walter Büchel. Killed in action during the Battle of the HürtgenwaldBüchel was 34 years old and was killed in action on 25.11.1944 in the Hürtgenwald, Germany. Later to be reburied in Lommel, Belgium.

  • Soldbuch of Obergefreiter Frans Weizenegger, 7. Kompanie of the Grenadier-Regiment 158, Infanterie-Division


    Very interesting Soldbuch (Ersatzausfertigung) from Obergefreiter Frans Weizenegger who served in the 7. Kompanie of the Grenadier-Regiment 158, this unit was part of the 82. Infanterie-Division and experienced very tough fighting on the eastern front. The most interesting thing about this Soldbuch are the enclosed Sturm and Nahkampftage lists which have been completed extensively.

    The first Sturmtage started in June 1942 were Weizenegger was appointed as MG-Schütze, his unit then engaged heavy fighting in the region of Belgorod on the eastern front. In 1942 he was injured for which he is awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz. In January and March of 1943 again follow Nahkampftage as Obergefreiter Weizenegger then has been appointed as Zugmelder. This is one of the battle days that took place in the north of Woronesch. After these fights he was awarded the Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber and the Eisernes Kreuz 2. Class. Then again at the end of August and September 1943 the took part in some heavy fighting in the Kiev region. Here he assigned nine Sturm and Nahkampftage. These are Sturm and Nahkampftage were provided  with a date and precise location, which makes this group very suitable for further research. In January 1944 Weizenegger was again admitted to a hospital with a gunshot wound where he stayed until April 1944. After his hospital admission Weizenegger was transferred to the 1059 Grenadier-Regiment.

    This unit was part of the 362 Infanterie-Division and already fought since February 1944 at the Nettuno bridgehead at Cisterna. Northern of Pistoia is then occupied that Apennin position. In September, the division prevent an enemy breakthrough at Firenzulo. After heavy fighting with partisans at Monte La Fine the division fought  on the southern part of the Futa pass from October 1944 in Bologna. The last withdrawal fights were at the Po river at Ro. On May 2. 1945, the 362 Infanterie-Division capitulates. This Soldbuch is with the many Sturm / Nahkampftage and combat history which would nicely fit in any specialized document collection.



  • Death Card Unteroffizier KIA Hürtgenwald 11.10.1944


    Death card of Unteroffizier Willy Leonhard Hüweler. Killed in action during the Battle of the HürtgenwaldHüweler was 24 years old and was killed in action on 11.10.1944 in The Hürtgenwald, Germany.

  • Death Card KIA of 3 brothers Raum Bras


    Death card of 3 brothers, Obergefreiter Johann Progl, Gefreiter Xaver Progl and Gefreiter Josef Progl. All the 3 brothers were killed in action in Raum Bras in 1944 and 1945. These 3 brothers were later to be reburied in Recogne, Belgium.

  • Waffen-SS Oberjunker Death Card KIA 15.11.1943


    Waffen-SS death card of SS Oberjunker Rudi Ronsberger. Killed in action, Ronsberger was 28 years old and was killed in action on 15.11.1943 in Bairak northwest of Kriwoi Rog, Ukraine.

  • Death Card KIA of 2 brothers Kharkov and Hürtgenwald


    Death card of 2 brothers, Soldat Albert Hütter and Gefreiter Franz Hütter. Albert Hütter was 19 years old and killed in action on 6.9.1943 on the eastern front near Kharkov, Ukraine. Franz Hütter was 19 years old and killed in action on 28.9.1944 in the Battle of the Hürtgenwald near Brandenberg, Germany.

  • Soldbuch of Wachtmeister Wilhelm Hentrich, Schwere Artillerie-Ersatz und Ausbildungs-Abteilung 309


    Heavily used Soldbuch by Wachtmeister Wilhelm Hentrich, born on 23.5.1918 in Heldra / Dtsl. Hentrich has served in the Heer throughout the war with the exception of a few hospital admissions. This Soldbuch was issued at the beginning of the war. This Soldbuch  has been carried by him for the entire duration of the war. Very interesting detail is pages 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the original Soldbuch were so worn out that for these pages there is an “Ersatzausfertigung” created on 20.4.1945.

    Normally a completely new Soldbuch was issued (Zweit or Ersatzausfertigung) but this one was given on a very late date during the war, only the first four pages were replaced. These pages are fairly concise, especially when it comes to which units he served during the war. There, however many notes / Eintragungen in the soldbuch which are stamped with “Schwere Artillerie-Ersatz und Ausbildungs-Abteilung 309 ”, and the Zahlmeisterei notes on page 18 (and also EKM data on page 1) we can see that he served in it during the outbreak of the war Artillerie-Regiment 45 and that somewhere in early 1940, probably before May 1940 he was transferred to the Artillerie-Regiment 152. This is a perfect match as many notes in the Soldbuch are stamped “Schwere Artillerie-Ersatz und Ausbildungs-Abteilung 309”, which provided troops for both Artillery Regiments when they were stationed at the Westwall in the early days of the war and took part in the campaign through France in May 1940.

    In 1941 A.R. 152 participated in Operation Barbarossa and  the invasion of Russia. Already in the first month Hentrich was wounded by shrapnel and was hospitalized until October of that year. For his injury he was rewarded with the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz. In August and September of 1942, he was admitted to hospital again but due to damage, the reason is unclear for some reason. His unit fought in 1942 and 1943 on the eastern front in the Orel and Newel areas. The exact date when Hentrich will be transferred to the Artillerie-Regiment 198 is unclear, but I suspect late 1944.

    As a soldier now on the front line, he is submitted to the IV Batterie of the Artillerie-Regiment 198, which is part of the 98 Infanterie-Division. This division was fighting in Italy in the Rimini area and was heavily involved in the fighting in August and September 1944. At the end of 1944 the division then withdraws to the Apennin position and fight back to the Senio River. During this fighting, Hentrich is awarded the KVK II Class on 30.1.1945. In April of 1945 Hentrich was promoted to Wachtmeister, his unit then retreats across the Po river in the direction of the pre-Alps, where the division eventually capitulates.

  • Normandy Death Card KIA Caen 11.8.1944


    Death card of Oberleutnant Josef Nachreiner. Killed in action during the Battle of Normandy at CaenNachreiner was 33 years old and was killed in action on 11.8.1944 in Cean, Normand and is buried at La Cambe.

  • Normandy Death Card KIA La Ferriére-Bochard 6.8.1944


    Death card of Unteroffizier Georg Mix. Killed in action during the Battle of NormandyMix was 28 years old and was killed in action on 6.8.1944 in La Ferriére-Bochard near Alencon, Normandy. Later to be reburied in Champigny-St.André, Normandy France.

  • Kriegsmarine issue Dienstuhr wristwatch


    Rare original Kriegsmarine issue wristwatch with its original issue strap. The watch is in running condition but I have no idea if it will be correct if worn over 24 hours. The watch is in complete and unrestored condition. There are a few cracks in the glass which is typical and otherwise undamaged!

  • ET62 single decal Heer M40 helmet


    A textbook Heer M40 single decal helmet marked ET62 indicating production by Eissenhuttewerke ThaleThe helmet is complete with its factory fitted liner and period shortened chinstrap. The helmet retains up to 90% of its original factory paint and 95% of its decal.  All in all a very nice helmet in very good condition.

  • Rare pre RZM Hitlerjugend service cap


    Scarce pre RZM era cap in mint condition. This Hitlerjugend cap is wool piped for Oberbann 1 and was worn by the rank Kameradschaftsführer to Oberstammführer. The cap is a textbook example with factory placed insignia. The cap is without the RZM label which makes it a super early example around 1930. The cap is a superb example that would be impossible to upgrade!

  • Q64 no decal M40 helmet in three tone Normandy camouflage


    Textbook three tone camouflage helmet marked Q64 indicating production by Quist. This helmet originated from the Falaise pocket where it was picked up after the war. The helmet retains its beautiful three tone camouflage pattern that can surely be considered being a ‘Normandy’ pattern. The helmet retains its factory installed liner and chinstrap. The helmet retains loads of patina and is in very good uncleaned condition.

  • Heer Pionier Leutnant field blouse


    Beautiful late war Heer field blouse for a Leutnant der Pioniertruppen. The garment is in unissued condition but has traces of being stored in a closet for 75 years with some minor moth damage. The garment comes with wartime sewn insignia with the eagle coming semi detached. The garment does not show any traces of previously applied insignia. Nice garment in a typical late war mixed wool.

  • MP44 magazine pouch with square metal tips


    Rare original MP44 or Sturmgewehr magazine pouch in good used condition. Rare late war variant with square metal tips to the straps. The pouch is in good, slightly worn condition without any serious damages or alterations. The sides to the individual magazine sections are made out of black Pressstoff and the lid to the spare parts section in rubberized Ersatz. Textbook late war and scarce magazine pouch in very good condition!

  • Wehrmacht issue carbid container


    A very nice original bakelite Carbide container that belongs with the bakelite carbide lantern or Einheitslaterne. These containers are often in very bad condition with cracks or other damages. This one is the best one I’ve ever found.

  • Rare Heer M40 EM/NCO greatcoat by Hugo Boss


    Rare original Heer issue M40 Mantel in good worn condition. It’s a nice and textbook M40 mantel which is not that special; but what makes it special is that this Mantel was made in the famous factory of Hugo Boss which is still well known for high quality clothing. Very rare to find a garment from the Boss factory!

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