Cased Frequenzprüfgerät b – Signal Generator for Ukw. E. e


Rare Fprüf. b or Frequenzprüfgerät b für Sender und Empfänger der Typen 10W.S.a,b,c/ 20W.S.b,c,d & Ukw.E.b1,c1,d1 was a single-frequency signal generator that was used to calibrate the local oscillator of the 10W.S.a,b,c/ 20W.S.b,c,d transmitters & Ukw.E.b1,c1,d1 receivers; 25 – 48 MHz, Quarz 2.830 kHz. This signal generator employed a quarz 2.830 kHz.crystal to generate the necessary test frequency. The Fprüf. b was powered from the same source as the receiver and used a special power connector shown below. Different frequency quarz crystals could be used with this device. Text and more information;


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