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  • Private purchase trousers in similar cut to Waffen-SS assault gun model


    Private purchase made trousers made in the same cut as the Waffen-SS assault gun trousers. These period made trousers are in heavily worn condition with missing buttons, damages, repairs and alterations. The trousers are cut from a rough wool, cut in a small size. The fly is secured with buttons and a hook in the top. The example is similar to those depicted in Michael Beaver’s Uniforms of the Waffen-SS, vol. 3, page 783. A salty pair of trousers!

  • Presstoff Straight E-tool carrier


    A nice original Presstoff E-tool carrier in good, lightly used condition. The leather is supple and it can easily be displayed on a mannequin. Nicely maker marked and dated. Textbook mid- to late war variation made out of Ersatzmaterial!

  • Gasplane with pouch in good used condition marked bhp 44


    A very nice bhp 44 marked gasplane with its original pouch in unissued condition. These capes where to be worn in combination with the gasmask in a event of a gas attack. Belongs to every gasmask!

  • Folding E-tool marked AGO


    A very nice original folding E-tool marked AGO indicating production by Heinrich Jung & Sohn, Gesenkschmiede, Halver. The shovel is in good working condition.

  • Folding E-tool marked ekz 40


    A very nice original folding E-tool marked ekz 40 indicating production by Rich. Henkel, Werkzeugfabrik, Viernau/Thüringen. A rare maker! The shovel is in good working condition.

  • Folding E-tool marked AGO


    A very nice original folding E-tool marked AGO indicating production by Heinrich Jung & Sohn, Gesenkschmiede, Halver. The shovel is in good working condition.

  • Combat boot knife or Stiefelmesser


    A very nice original combat boot knife or Stiefelmesser. The knife is in good sharp condition and has never been issued, cleaned or sharpened post war. Perfect combat mannequin accessorie!

  • A-frame pouch marked Jean Weipert Offenbach am Main 1940

    Sale! 165.00 140.00

    A very nice original A-frame pouch in good used condition. Complete with all straps and ropes. Nicely marked Jean Weipert Offenbach am Main 1940.

  • Small M31 canteen marked ESB42


    Small canteen meant for Weibliches Personal. These small canteens are very hard to find in good unissued condition like this one. Nicely marked ESB42 indicating production by Eduard Sommerfeld, Berlin.

  • Chocolate brown Luftwaffe mapcase with partial contents


    A nice mapcase in honest used condition. Nicely marked LBA inside and with the partial original contents. Only needs a map or two to complete!

  • Damon Telko flashlight in good used condition


    A nice wartime Daimon Telko torch in good used condition. The torch is complete with all buttons, leather flaps and the original bulb. Perfect specimen to display on a tunic!

  • Mint condition Petrix 679 flashlight with original factory box


    A very nice Petrix 679 with original box in very good condition. The Petrix 679 has a blue filter.

    A very nice torch that would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Jongens met pit melden zich allen by de Waffen SS – Waffen-SS Poster


    Nice original Waffen-SS poster sized 66 x 55.9 cm. This poster is in very good, original condition and would make a great backdrop to any Waffen-SS collection. The text urges strong and tough Dutchmen to enlist in the Waffen-SS.


    The poster is in very good condition as you can see on the pictures.

  • Black pre war M31 messkit marked HWP 34

    Sale! 175.00 125.00

    Black M31 Kochgeschirr marked HWP 34 indicating production by Hermann Wuppermann, Pinneberg. The messkit retains up to 95% of its original factory paint. The top loop for the strap is the first open model. One of the rarest manufacturers/types of messkits in near mint condition!

  • Late war Y-strap in good used condition marked RFNR. 0/0494/0008


    Late war Y-strap in good supple condition marked RFNR. 0/0494/0008. The Y-strap has the late model simplified front hooks and the simplified wire back strap hook. Rare to find late war Y-strap!

  • Second pattern Afrikakorps tropical pith helmet


    A nice second pattern Afrikakorps pith helmet in unissued condition. The helmet is dated 1942 and is size 57. The helmet is complete with its chinstrap and its zinc insignia.

  • Dutch war souvenirs

    Sale! 125.00 90.00

    A nice set of period collected artifacts that where found together with a German helmet. The set consists of a Hembrug M95 barrel shroud, a Dutch M27 helmet shield with a lion, a button, belt hook and a empty shell casing. These items are as is very hard to find. The barrel shroud or Loopbeschermer is a rare to find extra to a Dutch Hembrug rifle. The helmet shield seems to be removed from a helmet with a blunt object.

  • Patronenkasten 34 or MG34 ammunition box


    A nice pre war ammunition box for the MG34 machinegun. Still with a lot of original paint remaining. The box has the very subtle pre war brown camouflage applied to it which is hard to photograph.

  • Gasmask spanner dated 1936


    A very nice pre war gasmask spanner. These where used in barracks and bunkers to keep the mask in shape. This was very important because if the mask dried out it became unusable. Rare to find!

  • Mid war breadbag with original sling


    A very nice original mid war breadbag in unissued condition. Complete with strap!

  • Waffen-SS issue EM/NCO breeches


    A nice pair of unissued Reiterhose made from rough Italian wool. A affordable and issued pair of Waffen-SS issued EM/NCO breeches. The garment has most if not all of its originally sewn buttons and is in unissued condition. There are one or two holes and a faulty stitch. Otherwise, imo, mint!

  • M31 Labeflasche 1 liter medical canteen marked cfl 42

    Sale! 200.00 150.00

    A nice ESB 41 marked M31 Labeflasche in unissued condition. The canteen, strap and cover are nicely marked cfl 42 indicating production by
    Carl Feldhaus Aluminium-und Metallwerke, Lüdenscheid
    . The canteen is in unissued condition with pigskin leather. The long strap is original to the piece and is made out of two different parts of leather. This is not a repair but a late war necessity. A great midwar medical canteen in great condition!

  • Rare G43 pouch marked RME 43


    A rare ammunition pouch marked RME 43. This pouch did not come from the hoard find of G43 / K43 pouches that flooded the market. Original G43 pouches that do not come from the Ukranian army stock are rare! The pouch is in very good condition and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Hassia flashlight


    A nice wartime torch in good used condition. Nice personal effect, awesome on a mannequin!

  • K43 / G43 ammunition pouch marked fuq 1945


    Nice variant in thick vinyl. This pouch is marked fuq 1945 indication production by Curt Vogel, Cottbuss. A nice G43 pouch in very good condition!

  • Late war mixed material breadbag


    A interesting late war breadbag made with mixed materials. Botch canvas and different colours of leather are used.

  • Rayon piped M40 infantry boards in very good condition


    A very nice original pair of rayon piped M40 shoulder boards intended for a Infanterie soldier. These boards are hard to find and are always missing on tunics. The boards are made out of captured Dutch wool. Scarce to find spares in very good condition!

  • M31 Labeflasche marked HRE40

    Sale! 200.00 150.00

    A nice HRE 40 marked M31 labeflasche in unissued condition. Its nicely marked HRE 40 on the cup indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The canteen is in good unissued condition!

  • Pre war Reichswehr era Messkit marked SMM 28


    A very nice pre war messkit marked SMM28 indicating production by Süddeutsche Metallwarenfabrik, Mussbach in 1928. This is the first inter war period messkit I’ve found. It still retains up to 80% of its original grey paint.

  • Soldbuch to Panzer Grenadier Richard May


    Panzer Grenadier Richard May born on 12.10. 1903

    The Soldbuch opens at 14-3-1945 with Grenadier Ersatz und Ausbildungs Battalion 191. After this basic trainings he became part of the Stabskompanie of Panzergrenadier Regiment 1314 of the 156. Feldausbildungs Division.

  • Pre war compass with lanyard, scale and manual

    Sale! 200.00 150.00

    A rare to find pre war compass with its original lanyard. These compasses where issued to NCO’s and CO’s within the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. The compass still retains the original lanyard which is pretty hard to find. The mirror on the compass has a small brass portion soldered to open it up, this is a nice wartime modification. A rare pre war compass with a original map reading manual!

  • Tan vinyl G43 pouch marked ros 1944


    A tan vinyl G43 magazine pouch. This pouch is marked ros 1944 indication production by E. G. Leuner, Bautzen. A nice G43 pouch in very good condition!

  • Waffen-SS officers breeches in Italian gaberdine and HBT rayon lining


    A nice pair of worn Waffen-SS officers breeches. They are in good worn condition. The lining and material is Italian and typical to that of Waffen-SS uniforms. On the front of the trousers sunlight has made some areas of the trousers somewhat lighter. This looks more drastic in the pictures! The pair is in a good mannequin size and would be hard to find another one. A very nice pair of breeches fitting for a Waffen-SS officer!

  • Complete set of interior buttons for a M36 and M40 tunic


    A set of 10 small horn buttons including two internal suspender hooks which where standard for every M36 and M40 tunic. You get 10 buttons and two hooks, exactly the amount needed for a M36 or M40 tunic. Rare buttons to find and all in good usable condition! Free envelope shipping!

  • Gasplanetasche, late war, unissued.


    A nice original late war gasplane pouch in good unissued condition. I have 4 pouches in the same good condition, price is for one. A nice extra for a gasmask display, free shipping!

  • Original first pattern experimental M1 carbine hip holster


    Original 1943 dated M1 carbine hip holster. This holster was designed so the wearer could wear the M1 carbine on the hip. Only produced in small numbers it was never put in large scale production. This holster was only produced in 1943 by JQMD. The holster is in mint unissued condition!

    A super rare accessory for the M1 Carbine enthousiast!

  • Two late war M43 cap or Einheitsfeldmütze buttons


    A great set of original buttons for a Heer or Luftwaffe M43 field cap or EinheitsfeldmützeRare buttons to find and all in good usable condition! Free shipping!

  • Complete set of buttons for a Italian tunic


    A great set of original buttons, enough for one Italian ww2 tunic Rare buttons to find and all in good usable condition! Free shipping!

  • Complete set of buttons for M40 trousers or Langhosen


    A great set of original buttons, enough for a set of M40 trousers or Langhosen. Rare buttons to find and all in good usable condition complete with the original adjustment buckle! Free shipping!

  • Complete set of buttons for M43 trousers or Keilhosen


    A great set of original buttons, enough for a set of M43 trousers or Keilhosen. Rare buttons to find and all in good usable condition! Free shipping!

  • German issue trikot undershirt


    A great original undershirt in mint condition. These shirts are the finishing touch to a mannequin and are becoming very hard to find. The shirt is in unissued condition and has no holes or tears. The size is a nice large fitting most Hindsgaul or John Nissen mannequins. There is a minor stain on the front from the age where it has been folded for a long time. The shirt is otherwise in mint, unissued condition! The shirt is of the first field gray model without pockets and dates between 1940 and 1942.

    A great original shirt in as new condition which are becoming hard to find!

  • Two Waffen-SS eastern front pictures with the early Charkov Parka


    A set of two original pictures of the same man wearing the first model Charkov Parka in the Russian winter of 1941/1942. The pictures are nicely marked Rußland 1941/1942 on the back. A nice set of photos with the first model Charkov parka and a modified Heer M42 Schiffchen with a added skull.

    Standard padded envelope shipping is included in the price, if you want tracking with your order simply select it upon checkout!

  • 3 Bakelite artillery spare charge containers dated 1944


    A set of three bakelite spare charge containers. These containers contained spare charges for different kinds of mortars. These where issued and carried in the 8cm ammunition boxes. The bakelite containers are nicely dated 1944.


  • Prewar French Y-straps converted for the Wehrmacht


    A rare pair of French prewar Y-straps reworked for use in the Wehrmacht. These Y-straps can sometimes be seen on original pictures, easily identified through the riveted ends near the O-ring on the back. These Y-straps are rare to find in very good condition like this. This is the second pair I’ve ever encountered!
    A rare pair in very good condition, a great addition for the specialized equipment collector!

  • M1910 messkit marked RZM M6/2/40


    This tall, pre war model was most probably made and used by the Waffen-SS. Nicely marked RZM M6/2/40 and HRE indicate production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen in 1940The usual prewar political models for the HitlerjugendAllgemeine-SS and SA where finished in a black paint. This one, being produced in Olive paint was most probably produced and used by the Waffen-SS as can be seen on many wartime pictures. Nice condition!

  • Period cloth Erkennungsmarke pouch


    A nice cloth pouch for the Erkennungsmarke. These small pouches came in different sizes and materials and are a private purchase item. You can see these on many original pictures. A nice variation on the usual leather variant. With tan presstuds.

    A nice original period extra for a Erkennungsmarke!

  • GL01 – 5 glass 22mm buttons for smocks and coveralls


    5 nice glass buttons as used on FJ smocks, Fliegerblusen, coveralls, reversible parkas and many other garments. Rare buttons to find and all in good usable condition!

  • IT03 – 20 gray bakelite Italian shelter half buttons


    20 gray Italian buttons as factory applied on late war German Zeltbahns, Italian camouflage coveralls, Erbsentarn Keilhosen and many other garments! These bakelite buttons are all in great condition and have a nice deep gray colour. I have a few sets available.

  • IT02 – 20 brown bakelite Italian shelter half buttons


    20 Italian buttons as factory applied on late war German Zeltbahns, Italian camouflage coveralls, Erbsentarn Keilhosen and many other garments! These bakelite buttons are all in great condition and have a nice deep brown colour. I have a few sets available.

  • Complete set of J. Vincx & V. Schotanius’s – Nederlandse Vrijwilligers in Europese Krijgsdienst part 1 to 4


    A only scarcely encountered complete set of J. Vincx & V. Schotanius’s – Nederlandse Vrijwilligers in Europese Krijgsdienst. One can find part one to three, but part four is extremely hard to find and contains many pictures and information regarding the Wiking division. The books are in very good condition without damages complete with the original paper backs. A scarce opportunity to buy the whole set, a great documentation on Dutch volunteers in the Waffen-SS!

  • Polizei Gamaschen marked B.A.W. 42


    A very nice pair of gaiters or Gamaschen for Polizei troops. These are meant to be worn above the M37 Schnurschühe.

  • Tropical rucksack in very good condition


    A mid-war tropical rucksack in very good condition. It shows a little age but mostly its just in unissued condition. The rucksack retains all straps, flaps and metal fittings. Hard to upgrade!

  • Late war Bekleidungstasche 31


    The Bekleidungstasche 31 was a standardized piece of equipment meant to carry a spare uniform pieces. Bags like these where often carried into the field and mostly kept together with the Rucksack. A nice late variation without rollers on the buckles and marked with a RB number. It is in very good, unissued condition and all the leather is supple on this bag.

  • 4 pairs of original Wehrmacht shoelaces


    Strong and usable wehrmacht issue boot laces from 1943. These are 100cm long and made of a synthetic ersatz material in stead of the regular leather or cotton laces of that time. The ends are tied dow by metal tips to stop fraying. Allthough these are period laces they are very strong. This is a original bundle of 4 pairs, a great original spare to have when you run into a nice pair of shoes without laces. These are original Wehrmacht issue laces, I included a picture of the original label of the box these came out of.

    Worldwide shipping is included in this price!

  • Awesome late signal whistle with original lanyard


    A very hard to find detail to finish a NCO display. This original German army issue signal whistle made from white horn with its original field gray lanyard is in mint condition. Many commands where given with whistles during combat and the use and recognition of the different signals was something most soldiers would have known.

    Many private purchase or paramilitary whistles can be found for sale but only very little military issue whistles. To top it off this one comes with the original lanyard and is in mint condition!


  • Pre war RZM marked Tornister


    A nice prewar RZM marked tornister executed in field gray canvas. The Tornister is nicely named to Arpad Molnar. These Tornisters where used by all sorts of political organizations but also by the SS-VT in 1940.

  • POA Volunteer Sleeve Shield


    A very nice unissued shield made in BeVo. These shields where worn by Russian volunteers in the Russian liberation army or Русская освободительная армия. The shield is in unissued perfect condition. A nice addition to any insignia collection!

  • RZ20 parachute material scarf


    A nice piece of parachute material as worn by paratroopers during the war. I have several pieces, all the pieces are big enough to use as a scarf and in good condition. Some have a few small holes(under 3 mm) or maybe a small cut. The material is otherwise in very good sturdy condition with nice vibrant colours!
    A nice small detail to a Fallschirmjäger mannequin!

  • Nice Daimon Duo torch in good condition


    A original wartime Daimon Telko Duo flashlight in good used condition.

  • Zeltbahn accessories


    A great set of original Zeltbahn accessories to complete a zeltbahn with! The leather on the strap is in good supple condition and the tent pegs are of the pre/early war type. A nice set to complete a mid war zeltbahn.

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