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  • Stunning M40 SE64 Luftwaffe textured Normandy camo helmet


    Truly a stunning textured three tone Normandy camouflage helmet. The helmet is a real stunner; named, loads of patina, vibrant colours and a Luftwaffe decal peaking through the paint! The helmet is marked SE64 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap and is in untouched condition. The short part of the chinstrap is damaged but would still be easily fixed without further damage with a spare or a piece of wire. The helmet is named to Obergefreiter Hohmann. 

    If you’re looking for a killer camouflage helmet that will tick all your boxes this is it!

  • Battle worn German paratrooper jump smock


    A fantastic third pattern paratrooper jump smock or Knochensack in combat worn condition. The smock is complete with original factory sewn breast eagle on a Grünmeliert base and all originally sewn buttons. The smock was a war trophy to a US soldier who brought it home after the war. After that it has been in a single collection for a very long time. The garment is in uncleaned, unaltered condition which is a rare condition to find. There are some small holes and two, in my opinion period “depot” repairs with zigzag stitching. The inside of the smock has some stains in various tints of brown. The press studs are lightly rusted or in working condition. Two of the zippers are in working condition, two are damaged through time. On the back portion a small 3 is stamped, inside, on the back of the left top pocket a faint RBNR can be seen. The size is a medium, which would fit most old hindsgaul mannequins easily. Other then the mint condition smocks on the market or those without insignia, this one is a actual battle worn smock that still retains the character of war. The smock is a perfect example of a smock that saw action.

  • Mint M37 gaiters


    Perfect pair of Heer/Waffen-SS gaiters to be worn on top of the M37 lowboots. Hard to find in this condition without major rust on the buckles. All straps are nice and supple.

  • MG34/42 tool pouch in tan pressstoff marked gut 1943

    Sale! 500.00 400.00

    Textbook late war MG42 tool pouch in tan Presstoff marked gut 1943 of interesting mixed riveted and sewn construction. The pouch is in good used condition. The internals in the pouch have been removed which in this case, in my opinion, was a wartime conversion. The pouch was used and left behind in Normandy and came out of a old local collection.

  • Mid-war German helmet net


    A hard to find mid war German helmet net in mint condition. Not to be confused with the late war helmet nets with the open ends. Hard to find mid war helmet net with all the original hardware. Can’t be upgraded!

  • Untouched two tone camouflage gasmask canister

    Sale! 475.00 400.00

    A recent French barnfind, this two tone camouflage gasmask is in very salty condition. The two tone camouflage is applied on top of a blue grey overpaint indicating luftwaffe issue and use. The canister is in untouched, uncleaned condition which would very nicely display next to a helmet in the same camouflage!

  • MP38 u. 40 magazine pouch marked gmn 41


    A nice original MP38 u. MP40 pouch in combat used condition. The pouch is nicely marked gmn 41 indicating production by Phillipp Riebel & Söhne, Sattlerwaren- u.Sportartikelfabrik. This is one of the earliest of factory produced MP38 u. 40 pouches in good slightly used condition.

  • Lightweight Y-straps marked A. Fischer 1939


    A very nice original lightweight Y-strap as issued and used by the Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and Kavallerie. Marked A Fischer Berlin C.2
     Hard to find a 1939 dated variant in mint condition!

  • Q66 double decal M40 Polizei helmet


    A stunning double decal M40 Polizei helmet. The helmet retains both of its original decals and its liner and chinstrap it was found with. The helmet was brought back by a US 3rd division veteran out of Italy and has not been altered. The helmet is a nice big 66cm size. A nice original police helmet!

  • Untouched Early 66 M35 Rautarn camouflage helmet


    A killer untouched early M35 helmet with rough sand/sawdust camouflage repaint. The helmet retains up to 95% of its wartime applied paint and decal. The helmet has multiple layers of paint and multiple decals. The shape of the national decal can be seen through the paint on the right side of the helmet. The left side of the helmet shows the reissue Heer decal and multiple layers of paint. The camouflage paint contains traces of sawdust and sand and would be attributed as being Rautarn or Zimmerit . The helmet is one of the earliest M35’s to being produced with the hand rolled rim. The first model single band liner is a large size 58 and dated 1937. The liner and chinstrap have never been removed and are original to the helmet. Inside the liner a name Regen can be seen. The dome stamp of the helmet is still visible. A all-round stunning helmet in untouched condition that would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Steel tabbed Kriegsmarine belt buckle Dr. Franke & Co 1941


    A nice original Steel tabbed Kriegsmarine belt buckle marked Dr. Franke & Co 1941. Tabbed steel Kriegsmarine belt buckles are hard to find and this one is in good, used condition!

  • Hassia flashlight


    Near mint Hassia flashlight in near mint condition. Very hard to upgrade!

  • FN Hi Power pistol holster marked CGN 4


    A very nice original light brown leather holster for the FN made Hi Power pistol or Pistole 640(b). The holster is marked cgn 4 indicating production by Rohrbacher Lederfabrik, Josef Poeschels Soehne, Rohrbach. The holster is in mint condition.

  • Rare tan G43 ammunition pouch marked qkv 44

    Sale! 300.00 225.00

    A rare variation of pouch marked qkv 44. Unlike the Ros/Fuq marked examples that where found in large numbers in the Ukranian stocks this is a rare beast. The pouch is in light used condition. One of the rarest of original G43 pouches!

  • Mint Daimon 2233 flashlight


    Simply the best Daimon 2233 I’ve ever had to offer. Stone mint textbook Wehrmacht  issue flashlight in field grey paint.

  • Blue grey Luftwaffe MP38 u. MP40 magazine pouch


    A nice example of a Bluegrey MP40 magazine pouch. Nicely marked on the back in white ink MP38 u. 40. and dated 1942. The pouch is in very good condition and the brown leather straps are nice and supple. Hard to find example!

  • Mint webbing equipment belt sized 100


    Hard to upgrade mint condition web equipment belt. Never had a buckle installed! This webbing belt is a nice large size 100cm.

  • Tropical equipment belt marked Jobra 1943


    Nice original webbing equipment belt marked Jobra 1943. Sized 85 cm.

  • Pre war Waffen-SS/Political marked RZM M6/43/39

    Sale! 150.00 100.00

    A very nice Prewar RZM M6/43/39 marked messkit in mint condition. Unlike many tall prewar RZM messkits in black, this Messkit is executed in Feldgrau indicating production for the Waffen-SS. Nicely named on the back to Helmut Dittrich.

  • Mid war German helmet net


    Mid war German helmet net made of rough, brown string. Unlike the late war variant this mid war type is hard to find! The helmet net would easily compliment any German army helmet. This early type of camouflage net is very hard to find!

  • Heer Belt buckle marked RODO


    A top mint late war Heer belt buckle in blue color or Einheitskoppelschloss by RODO.

  • Pioneer tool pouch marked Karl Busse 1939


    A nice leather tool pouch for fuze setters, crimp tool and some other small items. Nicely marked Karl Busse Mainz 1939. Hard to find in good condition with the original sling attached!

  • Patronenkasten 34 or MG34 ammunition box


    A nice pre war ammunition box for the MG34 machinegun. A interesting field repaint in blue grey on top of a three tone camouflage. A small wooden label installed to most probably describe the contents. On top the serial number of the corresponding gun is handpainted. A very nice, untouched MG34 ammunition case!

  • Low turret mount tan sniper scope case

    Sale! 575.00 400.00

    A very scarce original low turret tan sniper scope case marked jvb. Still retaining up to 40% of its original factory tan paint. In a sea of fakes, here is a real one in obvious, combat used condition!

  • Patronenkasten 34 or MG34 ammunition box

    Sale! 130.00 90.00

    A nice pre war ammunition box for the MG34 machinegun. Still with a lot of original paint remaining.

  • Non reversible Splittertarn parka trousers


    In nice lightly worn condition with a few repairs. Strong vibrant colours and a good size for a mannequin!

  • Matching K98 bayonet with tropical frog marked asw 42


    Hard to upgrade matching bayonet marked 42 asw indicating production by E. & F. Horster & Co. Solingen. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 7440 and has nice clean bakelite grips. The bayonet is in very good uncleaned, unsharpened and matching (!) condition and is complete with its tropical frog.

  • Esbit model 9 stove with tablets


    A nice original Model 9 Esbit stove in good condition. Complete with its original box with fuel tablets. Hard to find!

  • Esbit model 9 stove with tablets


    A nice original Model 9 Esbit stove in good condition. Complete with its original box with fuel tablets. Hard to find!

  • Pre war Busch compass with sling

    Sale! 180.00 150.00

    Nice pre war compass with its rare sling, hard to find in this condition!

Showing 271–300 of 412 results