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  • Pre war pioneer saw Böttcher & Renner 1937


    Hard to find near mint pre war pioneer saw with leather scabbard. The scabbard is nicely marked Böttcher & Renner Nürnberg-O 1937 and the saw itself VBW 1939 H. This is the best pre war set I’ve found!

  • Mint K98 bayonet marked 43 fnj


    A mint bayonet marked 43 fnj indicating production by Alexander Coppel GmbH (aka Alcoso), Solingen. The bayonet has never been sharpened or reblued. The bayonet is matching to its phosphatised scabbard with the serial 3466 t and has nice red bakelite grips. The bayonet is in exceptional uncleaned, unsharpened and matching (!) condition.

  • German military issue wristwatch or Dienstuhr


    Typical issue wristwatch in good used condition. The watch is made in Switzerland by the Record Watch Co. The watch is serialized D 422769 H (Dienstuhr Heer). The wristwatch is a typical Wehrmacht issue, not private purchase piece. The watch still carries its original supple period strap which are mostly replaced, removed or simply damaged. As far as I know the piece is not in working condition so it is sold as is. A real Dienstuhr can be the finishing touch on a mannequin!

  • Heer tropical pullover shirt

    Sale! 600.00 400.00

    Rare Heer tropical pullover shirt. Typical Afrikakorps type pullover shirt or Diensthemd für Tropen. The shirt is made from a olive coloured cotton with olive coloured paper buttons. The shirt has buttonholes for shoulderboards. Ink stamped in the collar area and in a nice large size. Rare and textbook tropical shirt in mint condition!

  • Tan 6×30 Dienstglas marked CAG


    A nice tan painted 6×30 Dienstglas or army issue binoculars. These where issued to all branches in the Wehrmacht. The binoculars retain their original tan paint up to 75% and can easily be graded near mint. The binoculars are marked CAG indicating production by Swarovski. Extremely hard to find a pair with this amount of paint. The leather strap and lens cover are original to the binoculars and have the textbook tan painted studs.

  • Tropical Heer belt buckle Gustav Brehmer 1940


    A very nice example of a tropical Heer belt buckle by Gustav Brehmer as intended for wear with members of the Afrikakorps. Marked and dated under the prongs GB 40 surely the earliest tropical belt buckle I have seen!

  • Tropical gasplane marked Tp/Ark


    A very rare tropical Gasplane in unissued/mint condition. The gasplane is nicely marked gch 11/44/7 indicating batch 11 in July 1944. Op indicates Oppanol : a transparent versatile polymer, impervious to water and many different gases and resistant to chemicals. (Tp/Ark) indicates these where made for Tropical or Arctic use. One of the rarest gascapes to find!

  • Tropical A-frame pouch marked REP 42


    A nice tropical A-frame pouch in unissued condition. There are some traces from storage such as dust. Nicely marked REP 42.

  • Rare first model tropical rucksack with straps

    Sale! 200.00 150.00

    A rare full webbing 1942 dated tropical rucksack with aluminium hardware. Hard to find with the two frontal straps that are normally gone!

  • Heer/Waffen-SS/ Polizei equipment belt J. De Valk Amsterdam


    A nice and minty Dutch made equipment belt made by J. De Valk Amsterdam. The belt is roughly a size 100 and would nicely fit most mannequins. Foreign made uniforms and equipment are highly sought after, especially Dutch made items!

  • Unit marked pioneer belt equipment hanger


    Rare pre war pioneer equipment belt hanger marked C. Riese Berlin 1937 and 1./A.R. 12 II. These are essential for displaying large pioneer equipment items such as shovel or pickaxe carriers. Hard to upgrade!

  • Matching K98 bayonet marked 44 asw


    Hard to upgrade matching bayonet marked 44 asw indicating production by E. & F. Horster & Co. Solingen. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 9751 g and has nice clean wooden grips. The bayonet is in very good uncleaned and matching (!) condition.

  • Tabbed aluminum Heer belt buckle G. Brehmer 1938


    Nice aluminum Heer belt buckle marked G. Brehmer Markneukirchen 1938 in good worn condition.

  • P38 softshell holster marked KKD 1944


    A very nice near mint holster marked KKD 1944 indicating production by Wilhelm Stern, Lederwarenfabrik, PosenHard to find a P38 holster marked KKD!

  • Green ZF41 scope can


    A very scarce original ZF41 sniper scope case marked jvb. Still retaining up to 80% of its original factory green paint. In a sea of fakes, here is a real one in obvious, combat used condition!

  • Ammunition pouch set for a G43


    A nice set exactly as would be issued to a G43 rifleman. One magazine pouch for two G43 magazines and one pouch for additional stripper clips for reloading. As the war progressed and materials became scarce it meant that the G43 was issued with only two magazines and one pouch from the start. Both pouches are nicely maker marked and are in the same unissued condition!

  • Ammunition drum for the Zwillingslafette MG34


    A rare pre war ammunition drum for the MG34 Zwillinglafette. These ammunition drums are often found with a late war modification on which the hooks for the Lafette connection are sawn off and the bare metal covered in tan paint. The drum is in very good condition with up to 50% of the original factory paint still present. The drum is nicely dated 1940.

  • Matching pair of K98 pouches marked RBNr. 0/0575/0122


    A nice pair in unissued condition marked RBNr. 0/0575/0122. The pouches are in good condition with all dividers intact.

  • Aluminum tunic belt hooks


    A perfect mint set for a pre war Heer or Waffen-SS M36 or M40 tunic in aluminum. Hard to find spare set, especially in aluminum!

  • Rare Heer twill wool M43 EM tunic

    Sale! 1,350.00 1,000.00

    A late war twill wool M43 Heer field blouse in good used condition. This is a rare variant M43 tunic made of a rough twill wool. The tunic is a nice large size and in good used condition. The tunic comes with machine sewn Litzen and a handsewn breast eagle. The tunic hasn’t been shortened or repaired and is marked F44. Rare late war combat tunic in great condition!

  • German army issue Marschkompass


    A nice issue compass marked cjy indicating production by Neag,Norddeutsche Elektro-Akustik Gesellschaft, Berlin. The compass comes with its original cord and is in working condition. The compass is without the letter A on top indicating production prior to may 1944 and a counter clockwise 64 Mills direction.

  • Pair of Heer signals Feldwebel shoulderstraps


    Nice pair of original privately purchased M36 shoulderstraps for a Feldwebel in a Nachrichtenabteilung.

  • Heer M43 Panzergrenadier Shoulderstraps Panzergrenadierregiment 15


    Nice pair of late war EM Schulterklappen for a Panzergrenadier in mint condition. Rayon piped and lined textbook construction. The shoulderstraps are complete with a set of chainstitched cyphers indicating Panzergrenadier Regiment 15. Nice set!

  • Lamp, Electric No4


    Nice variant for the flashlight collector; a British Lamp, Electric No4 marked D.B. LtD LEN 4 in mint condition. This flashlight was directly copied of the German flashlight types during the second world war.

  • Late war soft shell P38 holster in mint condition


    A very nice late war P38 soft shell holster. The holster is nicely maker marked 0/0833/0007 indicating production by Hans Römer, Neu-Ulm. Simply a superb late war P38 holster in mint condition, can not be upgraded!

  • Nice NCO pair of shoulderstraps for paratroopers or flying personnel


    A very nice pair of yellow piped Luftwaffe NCO shoulderstraps for a Unteroffizier in the paratroopers or flying personnel. The shoulderstraps are complete with their yellow rayon piping and silver Unteroffizierstresse. Hard to upgrade set, perfect to complete a Fliegerbluse.

  • Late blue Heer belt buckle marked JFS


    A very nice late war blue belt buckle (Einheitskoppelschloss) in mint condition. Nicely marked JFS indicating production by Josef Feix & Söhne, Gablonz an der Neiße. The belt buckle has a typical brown painted set of prongs and still retains 100% of it’s original factory paint! A very nice Heer belt buckle that would be hard to upgrade!

  • Leather equipment belt marked Jelinek 85


    A nice supple leather equipment belt marked Jelinek 1944. The size of the belt is 85 cm. A nice and typical equipment belt.

  • Three tone Normandy camouflage gasmask canister


    A great textbook example of a original three-tone camouflage canister with loads of character! The canister was found in Normandy and is in great used condition. Inside the lid this canister is named to Grenadier Josef Gahler. Hard to find original normandy camouflage gasmask in great used condition with vibrant colours!

  • Two M42/M43 cap buttons marked BJ 41


    Hard to find early buttons for the M42 field cap. The price is for a set of two unissued buttons including worldwide shipping!

Showing 271–300 of 469 results