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  • M43 pattern Heer EM infantry schouderstraps


    Late war M43 pattern Heer EM infantry shoulderstraps. Hard to find matching pair for M42/M43 and M44 tunics.

  • US M1C paratrooper helmet with Westinghouse liner


    Nice original Fixed bale M1 helmet with M1C Westinghouse paratrooper liner. The helmet is in good used condition and comes with its original chincup and helmet net. The helmet is a typical example of a helmet worn by soldiers in parachute operations in Europe during world war two. The liner is nicely marked W indicating Westinghouse with its typical OD A-straps. Hard to upgrade helmet in good, used condition!

  • Last ditch MG42 tool pouch marked bdt 45


    Unique last ditch MG42 tool pouch from captured Italian leather. The pouch was made without internal dividers from the factory and issued as such. The pouch is nicely marked bdt 45 indicating production by Salewa, Lederwarenfabrik G.m.b.H., München. Hard to find variant, the second one I’ve ever seen!

  • M42 canteen marked MN44


    A very nice mint M42 canteen marked MN44 indicating production by Menesa Metallindustrie GmbH. Neunkirchen-Saar. Nice canteen in light grey felt with light grey painted press studs!

  • Pair of Gebirgsjäger boots


    A nice pair of Gebirgsjäger boots in good used condition with a pair of original laces. The size is a nice average size, not too small or big. A nice pair to finish a mannequin with!

  • Stunning M35 EF62 Wire band camo helmet


    Stunning original M35 single decal wire band camouflage helmet. Nicely marked EF62 indicating production by Emaillierwerke Fulda with its original size 55 liner. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap, original to the helmet. The helmet was addorned with a spring wire band around the shell mounted inside the vent holes. The wire shows lots of interaction between the shell and the wire and is original to the helmet since the war. The helmet still retains up to 90% of its original paint and Huber- Jordan & Körner Heer (army) decal. The helmet is a very nice uncleaned and untouched original wire camouflage helmet that would be very hard to upgrade.

  • Heer M36 NCO Infantry Unteroffizier shoulderstraps


    Nice original and unissued pair of M36 bottle green NCO shoulderstraps for a Unteroffizier der Infanterie.

  • Luftwaffe combat boot knife or Stiefelmesser


    A very nice original Luftwaffe combat boot knife or Nahkampfmesser. Nicely marked with the Luftwaffe 6 Waffenamt. The knife is in good sharp condition and has never been issued, cleaned or sharpened post war. Perfect combat mannequin accessorie!

  • US world war two period 48 star flag


    Small period American 48 star flag size 70x43cm. These flags are often found in mint condition but this is a nice salty example that shows age. Hard to find in this condition.

  • Period converted Waffen-SS winter panzer coveralls


    A uniform set consisting of a period modified Waffen-SS Winter Panzer coveralls with a first pattern mouse grey wool Waffen-SS pattern reversible parka trousers. The jacket and trousers are both in equal strong worn condition. The reversible Waffen-SS winter Panzer coveralls have been shortened below the waist pockets and are in salty condition. They are incredibly rare, as most original Waffen-SS Panzer uniforms. As most Waffen-SS coveralls they are designed for short people. This was most probably worn by someone tall, incapable of wearing the coveralls as is. I believe the set could be put together but I’ve found them as a set and they both show equal wear. The set would be very nice for a early eastern front Waffen-SS Panzer mannequin!

  • Matching Waffen-SS dot pattern uniform in Erbsentarn camouflage marked Betr. Ra.


    Outstanding unissued matching M44 dot pattern Waffen-SS Erbsentarnmuster camouflage marked Betr. Ra. The blouse is a nice unissued example with all originally sewn buttons and strong contrasting Erbsentarn colours. Nicely marked Betr. Ra. indicating production by Betriebswerk Ravensbrück (Texled). The jacket has some small holes due to storage through the years. Otherwise its in mint unissued condition! The trousers are in equal condition without holes or wear. One of the leg ties is incomplete. The trousers have all originally sewn buttons. The trousers are also marked Betr. Ra. and match the jacket in pattern and camouflage, they would instantly dress a mannequin! Finding a loose jacket or loose trousers can be done, but finding a minty maker matching set is extremely difficult!

  • French pre war trench periscope


    A very nice camouflage painted trench/sniper periscope. The periscope is in good working condition with clear optics. The periscope is nicely marked and complete with its original carrying case. These periscopes where produced pre war for the French army and used during the war by the German army.

  • K98 bayonet Friedrich Herder 1940 in mint condition


    A mint bayonet marked Friedrich Herder 1940 indicating production by Friedrich Herder Abr.Sohn, Solingen. The bayonet has not been sharpened or reblued.

  • Matching K98 bayonet marked 42 asw


    Hard to upgrade mint and matching bayonet marked 42 asw indicating production by E. & F. Horster & Co. Solingen. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 5043 and has nice clean wooden grips. The bayonet is in very good minty and matching (!) condition!

  • M40 NCO Heer Pionier feldwebel shoulderstraps


    A very nice pair of M40 Heer NCO shoulder boards for a Feldwebel der Pioniertruppen. 

  • Pre war short gasmask ID’ed to F. Reibstein SS-Totenkopf


    Rare and exceptional pre war short gasmask canister with its original straps, mask and ID paper. The small paper ID tag inside the lid reads F. Reibstein 31110 – the latter indicating the Feldpostnummer to the SS division Totenkopf. It is very hard to find SS-ID’ed items and especially in this condition. The canister and its gasmask are both in very good condition.

    (Mobilmachung-1.1.1940) 2.(Funk-) Batterie
    (28.4.1940-19.9.1940) 2. Batterie SS-TK-Nachrichten-Abteilung
    (28.2.1941-29.7.1941) 2. Kompanie SS-TK-Nachrichten-Abteilung
    (8.9.1942-11.3.1943) 2. Kompanie Nachrichten-Abteilung
    SS-Panzergrenadier-Division TK.
    (12.3.1943-7.9.1943) 2. Kompanie SS-Nachrichten-Abteilung
    (8.9.1943-22.4.1944) 7.2.1944 2. Kompanie Nachrichten-Abteilung 3
    (3. SS-Division)
    (23.4.1944-24.11.1944) 29.7.1944 2. Kompanie
    Panzer-Nachrichten-Abteilung 3 (3. SS-Division).

  • Rare 1943 dated reinforced aluminum liner size 58


    Rare 1943 dated reinforced aluminum liner size 58, the last year that the reinforced liner was made. Rare liner for a size 66 helmet shell in size 58.

  • Minty M31 messkit marked OHW 43


    A nice mint M31 messkit marked OHW 43 indicating production by Otto Honsel-Werke, Aluminiumwerk, Werdohl. The messkit still retains up to 95% of its original factory paint and would be very hard to upgrade this minty example.

  • Black equipment belt dated 1941


    A nice black equipment belt in mint condition. Nicely maker marked and dated 1941. A good mannequin size!

  • Canadian MKII helmet C.L.C. 1942


    Nice untouched Canadian MKII helmet marked CLC 1942 indicating production by Canadian Lamp Company. The helmet is complete with its original chinstrap which has been treated with KG03 Blanco as was all webbing equipment for commonwealth troops during the war! Hard to find a nicely worn and untouched Canadian helmet.

  • Matching K98 bayonet 43 ffc


    A mint bayonet marked 43 ffc indicating production by Friedrich Herder Abr.Sohn, Solingen. The bayonet is lightly(!) sharpened at some point but is otherwise exactly how it left the factory. The bayonet has not been reblued and has a minty look to it with most of the original grey finish remaining. A very nice late war bayonet with very nice red brown grips!

  • Black issue mapcase manufactured in Presstoff marked RZM L2/600/41


    A nice black issue mapcase marked RZM L2/600/41. The mapcase is completely manufactured from Presstoff!

  • M31 messkit marked RFI 41


    A nice M31 messkit matching and marked RFI 41 indicating production by Rudolf Fissler GmbH, Idar-Oberstein. Hard to find a nice pre war messkit in good condition with most of its original finish.

  • 1941 dated zinc coated steel liner size 58


    1941 dated zinc coated steel liner size 58. Rare to find a used liner for a size 66 helmet shell in size 58.

  • K43 / G43 ammunition pouch marked fuq 1945


    Nice variant in thick vinyl. This pouch is marked fuq 1945 indication production by Curt Vogel, Cottbuss. A nice G43 pouch in very good condition!

  • Silk Escape map Holland, Belgium, France, Germany


    A silk escape map issued to pilots, SOE agents and paratroopers. Nice original map of Holland, Belgium, France, Germany

  • Patronenkasten 34 in stunning condition


    Exceptional Patronenkasten 34 ammunition box for the MG34 machine-gun. This case is in minty condition with over 99% of its original field grey factory applied paint. These cases are exceptionally hard to find in this condition and this is for sure the best one I’ve found yet!

  • Heer M43 Keilhosen in good worn condition


    Nice combat worn Heer M43 Keilhosen in good worn condition. Made from a coarse Italian wool, nicely dated 1944. Hard to find pair in used, not abused condition. Perfect for a combat mannequin!

  • Aluminum Waffen-SS belt buckle marked 822/38


    A original Waffen-SS belt buckle marked 822/38. The buckle has a crack in the material on top of the right wing adding character to the piece in my opinion. . The buckle is in good, combat used condition.

  • Tan straight E-tool cover marked fuq 1943 with straight e-tool


    A stunning original Tan straight E-tool cover with E-tool. The cover is nicely marked fuq 1943 indicating production by Cottbusser Lederwarenwerk Curt Vogel K.G., Cottbus. The cover is in good original condition with supple leather without any issues. The Shovel is matching to the cover and marked REX 1943 indicating production by Schwarzwälder Unternehmen der Schmiedetechnik, Baiersbronn – Friedrichstal. The E-tool is nicely matching to the cover and fits nicely without stress. A stunning set and very hard to upgrade!

  • Nice pre war M31 messkit marked RZM M6/1/39 RZM


    A very nice pre war M31 messkit marked RZM M6/1/39. The messkit still retains up to 90% of its original field grey paint. These RZM quality messkits where issue to all sorts of political organizations. This short M31 model is a typical military messkit. This M31 messkit was most probably made and used by the Waffen-SS. The usual prewar political models for the HitlerjugendAllgemeine-SS and SA where finished in a black paint and are of the large M1910 model. This one, being a short military model produced in Feldgrau was most probably produced and used by the Waffen-SS.

    A nice messkit for a early SS-VT setup and very rare to find!

  • Minty M44 breadbag marked RB-Nr. 0/0750/0072


    Mint late war M44 breadbag in mint condition with brown leather nicely marked RB-Nr. 0/0750/0072.

  • Stunning Sturmartillerie crusher visor cap by Alfred Krebs


    A stunning Sturmartillerie officers crusher visor cap by Alfred Krebs. The cap is in great, near mint condition with most if not all of the nap in the wool. The cap is a nice size 57/58 that would fit most modern mannequins. These caps where modeled after the very popular Alter Art crusher caps but are most probably manufactured later in the war. Unlike normal officers visor caps this cap does not and never had a chinstrap! The visor is made of a rigid pressed paper construction. The cap retains both of its bullion insignia of which the eagle is resewn to the piece. Otherwise the cap is in original condition without restorations. The cap has its original label Alfred Krebs Mützen-Werkstätte Halle A/S Gr. Ulrichs. 10 Telefon. 35759. The cap would be a great addition to a Stug wrap display as these caps where highly preferred by armoured vehicle crews. Hard to find cap in great condition!

  • Blue Luftwaffe paratrooper k98 bandoleer


    A nice original mid war blue Fallschirmjäger bandoleer in good used condition. A small damage to one of the flaps, other then that a nice used example with all press studs intact!

  • Superb Sumpftarn Fallschirmjäger jump smock with white plastic RiRi zippers


    A fantastic unissued Fallschirmjäger jump smock with white plastic RiRi zippers and factory sewn breast eagle. The garment is made out of nice heavy quality cloth. The ‘hard edged’ Sumpftarn camouflage pattern is vibrant and full of contrast. The smock is nicely marked smock is well marked with RBNR. 0/0708/0001, size IIb and dated 1945 (!). The smock is a excellent example of a late war jumpsmock as worn and issued to troops early 44 and onwards. The smock is untouched and perfect and not modified in any way. If you’re looking for a mint late war smock, this is it!

  • Luftwaffe M40 trousers


    A nice issued pair of Luftwaffe M40 trousers. The trousers are a nice mannequin size and still retain most of the nap on the wool. There are a few surface moth nips on the bottom which is normal for these garments after being stored for so long. A great pair in lightly worn condition that would look great on a mannequin!

  • Spectacular M40 Heer tunic with factory sewn insignia


    A stunning Heer M40 EM Feldbluse in mint/unissued condition. The tunic is not shortened or restored in any way. The grey Einheitslitzen are period factory sewn to the collar. The breast eagle is period factory machine sewn on the top, flipped and finished by hand. The picture coming after the breast eagle shot shows the stitch line, underneath the lining. The tunic comes with a set of wool piped M36 type EM infantry shoulder straps  in mint condition that have been with the tunic. The tunic is missing the bandage pack which is neatly removed, not visible from the outside. This is really a stunning textbook EM M40 tunic in mint condition!

  • Mint pre war equipment belt marked Otto Koberstein 1938


    Mint pre war equipment belt marked Otto Koberstein 1938, hard to upgrade mint belt!

  • Rare German military issue stretcher with carrying strap


    Rare German military issue Sanitäter stretcher or Krankenträge. The stretcher is in very good, imo only lightly used condition complete with all straps, strings and canvas. Very hard to find military issue stretcher with its original set of issue carrying straps – rarer then the stretcher itself!

  • Stunning pair of late war M44 lowboots


    A stunning(!) pair of M44 Schnürschuhe in mint condition. These where the last model of footwear introduced in 1944. The boots are still in a very nice unblackened, light brown colour. The boots are in a good mannequin size and are in absolutely unworn condition. These where first issued late in 1944 right in time before the Ardennes Offensive. A textbook M44 pair, in good unworn condition!

  • Late war speckled enamel M42 messkit marked AWC


    A very nice late war enamelled M42 messkit in good, lightly used condition. Inside shows a nice speckled enamel finish. The messkit still retains most of its original enameling and is a typical late war messkit in very good condition!

  • Brown Luftwaffe mapcase LBA 1940


    Nice brown Luftwaffe mapcase marked LBA and dated 1940. Comes with a set of pencils. Nice set!

  • Used M44 breadbag


    Nice original M44 breadbag in good used condition. Hard to find in field used condition!

  • Mint M40 pattern HBT or drillich combat trousers


    Scarce mint condition M40 type field combat trousers in HBT or Drillich material. A nice big size for mannequins and in stone mint condition. Can’t be upgraded!

  • Rare M31 Splittertarn Zeltbahn with green bakelite buttons!


    Rare M31 Splittertarn Zeltbahn with factory sewn green bakelite buttons. This was only made in a small experimental batch!

  • Shrapnel damaged M16 camouflage helmet


    A typical and surely textbook M16 camouflage helmet. The helmet is marked SI66 indicating production by Eisenhuette Silesia, Paruschowitz Oberschlesien. The helmet still retains its full original camouflage scheme and its partial liner. On the top of the helmet a small shrapnel hole can be seen which worked its way through the helmet hitting the liner band on the inside. The helmets leather liner is gone, most probably due to severe blood staining. The rear skirt of the helmet shows pencil writing which is hard to make out but easier to read in hand. This is a textbook world war one camouflage helmet in very good condition!

  • Complete late gasmask in very good condition


    Nice complete 1944 dated gasmask. Hard to find in this condition with 99% of its original paint and complete contents.

  • Mint late war Y-strap marked 0/0355/0018


    Mint late war Y-strap nicely marked 0/0355/0018. Hard to upgrade mint Y-strap!

  • M31 messkit marked OHW 40


    A nice early messkit marked OHW 40 indicating production by Otto Honsel-Werke, Aluminiumwerk, WerdohlThe messkit retains up to 85% of its original field grey paint and is in very good condition.

  • M31 tropical Labeflasche marked G&CL 43


    A nice minty and matching M31 Labeflasche marked G&CL 43 indicating prodution by Gehardi & Co, Lüdenscheid. The cup has a crack but is in one piece. Hard to upgrade tropical canteen in mint condition!

  • Heer Artillery or Artillerie EM shoulderstraps


    A great original set of shoulder boards intended for a Kanonier (EM) in a Artillerie unit. A nice set in very good condition.

  • Matching K98 bayonet marked 42 asw and red blueing


    Hard to upgrade matching bayonet marked 42 asw indicating production by E. & F. Horster & Co. Solingen. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 6033 and has nice clean wooden grips. The bayonet is in very good uncleaned and matching (!) condition with a sought after red blueing to the blade!

  • Stunning Crete Fallschirmjäger document and photograph album


    Stunnning photograph and document grouping to Gefreiter Erwin Forkel, 2. Kompanie Fallschirmjäger Artillerie Regiment 1 which is a part of the first Fallschirmjäger-Division. Forkel jumped onto the island of Crete and survived the landing and fierce battles following after. He was assigned with the Fallschirmjäger Artillerie Regiment 1 equipped with the  recoilless 7.5 cm Leichtgeschütz 40. 

    The grouping consists of a number of signed documents, awards and a stunning and highly impressive photo album with over 240 pictures on the Crete campaign.

    The documents are all named to Erwin Forkel and signed by several high ranking and famous members of staff such as GeudensGeneral der Fallschirmtruppe Richard Heidrich and Generalleutnant Sponheimer (21.ID). The documents are both hand signed, manuscript and facsimile. The documents are for the Sturmabzeichen, Verwundetenabzeichen, Eiserne Kreuz 1. Klasse, Ostmedaille, Ärmelband Kreta, Fallschirmschützen Abzeichen and Erdkampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe. The documents come with Forkels original wound badge, EK1 and Kreta cuff title. Erwin Forkel was a highly decorated Fallschirmjäger!

    The photo album is like the document grouping highly impressive. There are over 240 pictures, maps and postcards bound in a thick beaten and battered album that must have travelled with him a lot. The front of the album has the big title KRETA and is loose from the album(!). The album focusses a few pictures on barracks and jump training soon to move to Crete. The Crete invasion is well documented in the album, from the loading of planes to the jumping itself and the following battles. There are many non published pictures that show the combat conditions they where in. Many pictures show destroyed British tanks, dead British soldiers and fully equipped Fallschirmjäger in trenches with equipment and weapons.

    The grouping would be a centrepiece in any Fallschirmjäger collection, especially for those who collect the early war items. The album speaks for itself and is even way more impressive in hand. A stunning grouping to one man that for sure that would be very, very hard to upgrade!

  • Stunning pre war M38 gasmask named Stoewer


    Stunning pre war M38 gasmask with all straps, reinforcements, mask and filter. The canister still retains up to 99% of its original green factory paint. The straps retain their original leather reinforcements. Nicely named to Stoewer. Hard to find in this condition!

  • First pattern hidden stitch Y-straps Franz Brehme 1940


    Hard to find early pattern hidden stitch Y-straps in nice used condition, hard to read but maker marked Franz Brehme and in my opinion dated 1940. The Y-strap is nice lightly used condition and would be a nice addition to a early mannequin!

  • M42 Kochgeschirr marked MKL 42


    A very nice late war M42 Kochgeschirr marked MKL 42. This maker mark is only scarcely encountered!

  • Tan Presstoff MG42 tool pouch by OaZ


    A near mint MG42 tool pouch made by OaZ . The pouch is in good condition with all straps and D-ring intact. Like most of these pouches made by OaZ the internals are missing. Very nice pouch!

  • Battledamaged and named single decal Heer M40 helmet


    A textbook Heer M40 single decal helmet nicely marked EF62 indicating production by Emaillierwerke FuldaThe helmet is complete with its original liner and chinstrap that are original to the helmet. The helmet retains up to 90% of its original factory paint and decal. The helmet has a damage to the rear of the helmet most probably caused by a bullet or shrapnel. The helmet is named to Bauer written in the leather and in the rear of the helmet. The leather has one bit that has one small bit of blood stain near the crown. The rear split pin has been addorned with a leather strap with a carrying D-ring marked DRP or Deutsches Reichs Patent. This D-ring was installed to wear the helmet on the Y-strap. All in all its a great original single decal M40 with great details.

  • Mint M42 canteen marked SMM44


    A stunning M42 canteen marked SMM44 indicating production by Süddeutsche Metallwarenfabrik, Mussbach. The canteen is unissued and would be very hard to upgrade.

  • Issue panzer trousers in strong used condition


    A textbook and issue pair of Panzer trousers in strong used condition. Most of the nap is gone on the wool and there are a few repairs on the back bottom of the trouser leg. The trousers are in good used condition and are a nice mannequin size.

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