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  • Tropical A-frame messkit strap in used condition

    Hard to find in used condition. Nice original A-frame messkit strap. A A-frame in used condition is easily found, but finding a matching used strap is hard!

  • Steel tabbed Kriegsmarine belt buckle Dr. Franke & Co 1941

    A nice original Steel tabbed Kriegsmarine belt buckle marked Dr. Franke & Co 1941. Tabbed steel Kriegsmarine belt buckles are hard to find and this one is in good, used condition!

  • Wool Waffen-SS officers service tunic

    A nice original Waffen-SS officers service tunic in very good condition. This is the perfect base for a restoration. The tunic is a textbook Waffen-ss type officers service tunic and does not show any signs of Heer insignia ever being applied. The ghosts and traces of the SS insignia are easily seen; a sleeve eagle, collar tabs and a cuff title. The tunic is a small to medium size but would be a very good base to restore. These tunics are very hard to find as most are either restored as SS or wrongly as Heer.

  • Scarce original Waffen-SS smock drawstring

    A scarce original Waffen-SS Tarnjacke drawstring. Typical flat woven rayon construction. Full length 150cm. Downright impossible spare to find that was used in all types of Waffen-SS Tarnjacken from pre war to 1945!

  • MG34/42 barrel changing mitt

    Rare wartime barrel changing mitt for the MG34 and MG42. When firing the MG34 and MG42 continuously the German soldiers where presented with a harsh and difficult task: changing the barrel. The MG34 and MG42 where both made with a quick-change barrel and to help in the changing of the barrel these gloves where invented and issued. These gloves where issued with the accessories of the MG34 and MG42. It is simply used by placing the hand under the strap and using the pad to cover your hand when you grab the hot, sometimes even glowing barrel. The barrel is then placed in the Laufschützer to cool down and a cool new barrel is inserted. According to regulations, the barrel had to be changed after 150 rounds fired continuously. Hard to find item!

  • Zeltbahn accecoiries

    A nice set of original Zeltbahn accessories. Exactly the amount as was issued to every soldier with a single M31 Zeltbahn.

  • Two green webbing DAK equipment straps in good unissued condition

    A typical pair of webbing equipment straps in mint, unissued condition. Typical green early tropical or DAK material. One of the hardest equipment items in green webbing to find!

  • Early MP38 u. MP40 ammunition pouch marked gaq 41

    A nice early MP38 u. MP40 pouch with the D-ring in the top corner. The pouch is in very good, lightly used condition. Nicely marked gaq 41 indicating production by Otto Stephan, Leder- u. Lederwarenfabrik, Muehlhausen. A great grey MP38 u. MP40 pouch!

  • Wehrmacht M43 combat trousers or Keilhosen

    A very nice example of a pair of Wehrmacht Heer M43 combat trousers or Keilhosen. In good lightly used condition with most if not all of all its original sewn buttons. The wool is in great condition without damages, repairs or insect damage and still has most if not all of the nap and full contrasted field grey color remaining. The size is large and would fit most if not all mannequins. The leg ties have been wartime replaced with elastic, a alteration often seen. The trousers are in very good only lightly worn condition! A great pair for a mannequin that is very hard to find in this condition and size!

  • Hassia flashlight

    Near mint Hassia flashlight in near mint condition. Very hard to upgrade!

  • FN Hi Power pistol holster marked CGN 4

    A very nice original light brown leather holster for the FN made Hi Power pistol or Pistole 640(b). The holster is marked cgn 4 indicating production by Rohrbacher Lederfabrik, Josef Poeschels Soehne, Rohrbach. The holster is in mint condition.

  • Mint M31 messkit marked HRE38

    Perfect pre war M31 messkit marked HRE 38 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The messkit retains its original factory paint up to 99% and would be impossible to upgrade.

  • Named Heer M42 overseas cap in untouched condition

    A nice untouched EM/NCO M42 field cap. The cap retains its wartime hand applied cocade and eagle. The cap is in good worn condition and shows signs of use. The nap of the wool still remains at most places. The shadowing of the unused parts of wool is obvious and natural. The size of the cap is roughly a 57/58. A beautiful untouched cap, really!

  • Rare tan G43 ammunition pouch marked qkv 44


    A rare variation of pouch marked qkv 44. Unlike the Ros/Fuq marked examples that where found in large numbers in the Ukranian stocks this is a rare beast. The pouch is in light used condition. One of the rarest of original G43 pouches!

  • Complete gas warning flag set

    Complete set of gas warning flags with 15 flags and tape. Hard to find complete set with its original Presstoff pouch marked cga 40. 

  • Blue Luftwaffe MP38 u. MP40 ammunition pouch

    Nice pouch in honest used condition. The pouch shows use and age. Ink marked on the back MP38. U. 40.

  • Waffen-SS RZM155/40 ᛋᛋ marked belt buckle with original paper tag

    A very nice original Waffen-SS Belt buckle marked RZM155/40 ᛋᛋ indicating production by Assmann. The buckle retains the original finish over 95% and also the original paper RZM label. A excellent A-grade buckle for your advanced collection!

  • Untouched m42 combat field blouse for a Infanterie Obergefreiter

    A stunning untouched M42 combat field blouse with all factory sewn insignia. The field blouse is in good used condition with traces of wear. It comes complete with its infantry shoulder boards that are original to the tunic. The tunic itself is slightly shortened. The sleeves are their original length. The size is a medium to large that would fit most mannequins great. Finding a untouched EM Infanterie field blouse is very hard nowadays. They are highly sought after and 99% have their insignia reapplied. The tunic is named in the back to Löble. A stunning infantry field blouse in obvious combat used condition with all original factory sewn insignia! Impossible to find!

  • MG42 tool pouch marked fuq 1945 with rayon strap

    Hard to find minty black Presstoff MG42 tool pouch with a webbing/rayon closing strap. The pouch is nicely marked fuq 1945 indicating production by Curt Vogel, Cottbuss. The pouch is in mint condition and complete with its original wooden and steel inserts. First one I’ve found with this rare original closing strap!

  • Rare pre war A-frame with aluminum hardware

    A nearly impossible to find pre war A-frame with its pouch in good used condition. The straps have never been removed or replaced and the stitching is all intact. All metal parts on this A-frame are made of aluminum. Very rare!

  • German helmet chinstrap marked G.SINGER KLATTAU 1943

    Nice original helmet chinstrap marked G.SINGER KLATTAU 1943. In good supple condition, easily added to a helmet!

  • Brown pattern M31 zeltbahn in used condition

    A rare brown M31 Heer Zeltbahn in strong used condition with many period repairs.

  • Heer M44 Panzergrenadier Shoulderstraps

    Nice pair of late war EM Schulterklappen for a Panzergrenadier in mint condition. Rayon piped and lined textbook construction.

  • Pre war german helmet chinstrap dated 1938

    Pre war German helmet chinstrap with aluminum buckle and pips.
    Nicely marked R Larsen Berlin 1938. Impossible to find if you have that nice double decal helmet without a strapThe strap is in very good near mint condition!

  • Mint condition M43 hbt field blouse

    Simply cant be upgraded! A mint original Drillich hbt M43 Feldbluse or field tunic in perfect condition. All originally sewn insignia. All buttons present. No stains or damages! A nice large size for a mannequin. Simply does not get better!

  • Mint Daimon 2233 flashlight

    Simply the best Daimon 2233 I’ve ever had to offer. Stone mint textbook Wehrmacht  issue flashlight in field grey paint.

  • Late war helmet chinstrap marked 0/0750/0100

    A nice original chinstrap in good lightly used condition. Marked 0/0750/0100. The chinstrap is playable and easily installed on a helmet! Hard to find original chinstrap for a mid to late war helmet!

  • Mint tropical Coconut canteen marked HRE 41

    A minty coconut canteen marked HRE 41 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The canteen is in mint condition together with its matching minty cup. Hard to upgrade textbook coconut canteen. If you just need one coconut canteen, this is it!

  • Mint equipment belt size 100

    Hard to find minty equipment belt in a nice and big size 100cm!

  • Mint webbing equipment belt sized 100

    Hard to upgrade mint condition web equipment belt. Never had a buckle installed! This webbing belt is a nice large size 100cm.

  • Tropical equipment belt marked Jobra 1943

    Nice original webbing equipment belt marked Jobra 1943. Sized 85 cm.

  • Stunning EF66 M42 camouflage helmet

    A stunning two tone camouflage helmet in very good used condition. The camouflage has a lot of character in the paint and nice strong colours that are even better in hand. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap. It’s been named in the skirt but the names have been scratched out. One looker original camouflage helmet really!

  • Named gasmask to UFFZ Brauwer Artillerie Regiment 1716

    A interesting German gasmask and its canister in very good condition. It is named to Unteroffizier H. Brauwer of ArtillerieRegiment 1716. Artillerie Regiment 1716 played a vital role in the battle for Normandy. Spread on the rear flank of Omaha– and Sword beach. Also stationed in Breville and Merville where the British 6th Airborne division landed. One or two kilometers from the beaches or in the middle of the British drop zone they must have had a lot of action on June 6, 1944. A can from my personal collection, in very good, lightly used condition with a VERY interesting unit marking! A must have for any D-day collector!

    The regiment was spread in the following order;

    Artillerie-Regiment 1716 (Oberstleutnant Helmut Knüppe – CP: La Folie/Beuville)
    I./1716 (CP: Colomby-sur-Thaon)
    1./1716 : 4x 10 cm leFH 14/19 (t) (Oberleutnant Raimund Steiner – CP: Merville)
    2./1716 : 4x 10 cm leFH 14/19 (t) (CP: Colleville-sur-Orne, Wn 16)
    3./1716 : 4x 10,5 cm leFH14/19(t) (Hauptmann Schimpf – CP: Bréville)
    4./1716 : 4x 15,5 cm sFH 414 (f) (CP: Ouistreham, Château d’Eau -water tower-/Wn 12)

    II./1716 (CP: Crépon, Wn 35 b)
    5./1716 : 4x 10 cm leFH 14/19 (t) (Oberleutnant Theimer – CP: Wn 36 a)
    6./1716 : 4x 10 cm leFH 14/19 (t) (CP: La Mare-Fontaine, Wn 32)
    7./1716 : 4x 10 cm leFH 14/19 (t) (Hauptmann Wilhelm Franke – CP: Bény-sur-Mer)

    III./1716 (CP: La Cambe)
    8./1716 : 4x 10 cm leFH 14/19 (t) (CP: Maisy La Martinière, Wn 84)
    9./1716 : 4x 15,5 cm sFH 414 (f) (CP: Maisy Les Perruques, Wn 83)
    10./1716 : 4x 15,5 cm sFH 414 (f) (Oberleutnant Rudolf Schaaf – CP: north-east of Bayeux)

  • Pre war Waffen-SS/Political marked RZM M6/43/39


    A very nice Prewar RZM M6/43/39 marked messkit in mint condition. Unlike many tall prewar RZM messkits in black, this Messkit is executed in Feldgrau indicating production for the Waffen-SS. Nicely named on the back to Helmut Dittrich.

  • Trikot undershirt with pockets

    A nice mint undershirt as issued to all service members in the Wehrmacht and Waffen-ss. The shirt is a nice large size and the fabric is strong. Hard to find textbook Trikot/Unterhemd in mint condition!

  • Pre war breadbag named Peter Schmitt

    A typical pre war breadbag in good used condition. Inside nicely named to Peter Schmitt.

  • Matching M43 NCO field uniform set marked WB44

    If you have been looking for a matching M43 uniform here is your chance. A M43 field blouse with Keilhosen for a Oberfeldwebel der Infanterie. The tunic is in very good, lightly used condition complete with a whistle with cord, a set of shoulder straps and bandage in the pocket. The collar tabs and Unteroffizierstresse are machine applied. The breast eagle is handsewn. In my opinion all insignia are wartime sewn to the tunic!
    The tunic is a nice large size fitting most mannequins easily. It has not been shortened or altered like many other tunics. The tunic has one or two small moth holes that have been repaired. The tunic is marked WB44 indicating the depot of Würzburg. It seems the tunic has hardly been worn and retains most of the nap in the wool!

    The Keilhosen are equally a large mannequin size and are also marked WB44. They are in light worn condition and have a few moth holes. The trousers retain their original strings at the bottom and are a very good colour match to the tunic.

    It is very hard to find a model, size, colour, and rank or branch appropriate matching set in a large size and good condition! This is the first time I see a tunic match with a pair of trousers and I’ll most probably regret selling this set from my collection!

  • Late war brown enamel canteen with brown strap

    M42 Feldflasche by Annweiler Email-u.Metall-Werke, Annweil. The canteen is a late war (M42) type with a enameled steel body and cup. The cup is the last model without the handles and solely a small loop for the strap. The brown leather strap is a two piece M42 type with a buckle without roller. The cover is made out of gaberdine and has 3, not 4, grey painted press studs. The canteen is in very good condition. Possibly one of the rarest canteens to find!

  • MG34/42 tool pouch in tan pressstoff with riveted straps

    A nice late war Tool pouch for the MG34 and MG42 machinegun. It is made out of the late war Presstoff material and is in good condition with all internal fittings and leather straps. The leather is nice and supple and the Presstoff is nice in colour. The pouch is marked inside the closing flap gut 4. Interestingly the leather parts are not stitched but riveted! A rare late war pouch in good, unused condition!

  • Aluminum Waffen-SS belt buckle marked 822/38

    A original Waffen-SS belt buckle marked 822/38. The buckle has a crack in the material on top of the right wing adding character to the piece in my opinion. . The buckle is in good, combat used condition.

  • Battle damaged ET64 M35 Double decal Heer helmet

    A stunning battle damaged M35 double decal helmet marked ET64 indicating production by Eissenhuttewerke Thale. The helmet retains both of its original decals. It was struck by a bullet on the top that probably knocked out whoever was wearing this helmet. The helmet was kept by the individual soldier as a souvenir and was found in a household clearing in Germany, 2 years ago. A stunner!

  • Waffen-SS EM/NCO M43 Gaberdine Field cap

    Minty original Waffen-SS EM/NCO M43 Gaberdine field cap. Nice with originally sewn BeVo trapezoid. Marked inside with 58 which is a considerably nice large size!

  • Tan presstoff straight E-tool carrier marked JWA 4

    A very nice original Tan Presstoff straight E-tool carrier marked JWA 4 indicating production by Moritz Stecher, Lederwerk, Freiburg. The E-tool carrier retains its original straps in brown leather in good condition.

  • Officers tunic for a Oberleutnant Infanterie regiment 64

    A well worn tunic for a Oberleutnant in Infanteriegeriment 64. A custom tailored tunic with handsewn details. The insignia are handsewn to the tunic and show the same aging as the tunic itself. Stitching of the bottom of the swastika is a bit loose but firm, but no serious damages to be noted. The tunic is a snug medium fit that would be a nice base to display awards.

  • Binocular strap marked bmj 43 and button flap

    Hard to find spares in good condition. Nicely marked 43 bmj on the strap!

  • Mid war German helmet net

    Mid war German helmet net made of rough, brown string. Unlike the late war variant this mid war type is hard to find! The helmet net would easily compliment any German army helmet. This early type of camouflage net is very hard to find!

  • Named CFL44 M42 canteen with green bakelite cup

    Nice original M42 canteen marked CFL44 with green bakelite cup dated 1943. The canteen is nicely named on the back to Liebenau 4. Kompanie.  The green bakelite cup is in very good condition!

  • Late war DDX tan Dienstglas

    A very nice late war 6×30 power binoculars or Dienstglas in yellow colour. These late war binoculars is fitted with its original strap, rain shield and late war button flap. The binoculars are usable but could be cleaned. The Strichplatte is not visible. A very nice pair of late war binoculars still featuring most of its wartime yellow paint complete with the rare single stud button flap in untouched, uncleaned condition.

  • Two tone brush applied camouflage gasmask canister

    A killer original two tone camouflage canister in very good condition. The canister retains up to 90%% of its original wartime paint and both its carrying straps. Observing the brush applied two-tone camouflage one can easily see sand and fingerprints embedded. Nice details on a nice can. This was one of my first camouflage gasmask cans that would nicely match up with the helmet in todays update!

  • Mint equipment belt marked L Heyden Köln 1942

    Nice mint condition belt marked L Heyden Köln 1942. The size is small/medium in 85 centimeters. Nice to match that mint buckle with!

  • Waffen-SS RZM cufftitle 2. SS Panzerdivision Das Reich

    2. SS Panzerdivision Das Reich Cufftitle in very good condition. RZM pattern EM / NCO cufftitle. 40cm length. Complete with its original paper RZM label. Hard to find original early pattern SS cuff title in very good condition!

  • 1944 dated German helmet liner size 60 for size 68 helmet shells

    Nice original liner with its original drawstring. Named Steinkopf and in light worn condition. Hard to find spare for a size 68 shell. The liner itself is sized 60, which is a great size for big mannequins!

  • Worn set of M40 infantry shoulder straps

    Something missing on most if not all tunics often offered for sale. Hard to find spare set in nice and honest worn condition. Rayon piped with white Waffenfarbe for Infanterie troops.

  • Tropical compass lanyard

    Hard to find small webbing compass lanyard. Nicely ink marked. Hook in functional condition.

  • Aluminum Heer belt buckle by Klein & Quenzer 1937

    A superb Heer aluminum belt buckle by the rare maker of Klein & Quenzer. The buckle still retains most of its factory olive paint which is a rare attribute for these aluminum belt buckles. The buckle is easily graded near mint! A rare buckle in very good condition!

  • Tabbed Heer belt buckle Josef Feix & Söhne

    A stone mint buckle marked JFS on the buckle indicating production by Josef Feix & Söhne, Gablonz an der Neiße. The tab indicates that it was made in 1941. Hard to upgrade mint buckle with interesting blackened/unblackened tab!

  • Private purchase overcoat for a Oberleutnant zur See

    Scarce, near mint condition Kriegsmarine dress overcoat for a Oberleutnant zur See. Complete with all original sewn buttons and insignia. Nicely named and dated 1938 on a tag inside the pocket. Nice, clean garment!

  • Near mint early Y-straps marked Franz Brehme 1940

    Stunning, near mint 1940 dated Y-strap made by Franz Brehme. Hard to find first pattern Y-strap with hidden stitches on the front and lightgrey painted metal. In good supple condition. Very hard to find a 1940 dated Y-strap in supple condition!

  • Matching pair of K98 ammunition pouches

    Nice matching pair in good condition. Sadly the dividers inside the individual partitions have been removed. Still great for a mannequin!

  • Leather equipment belt marked R.B.Nr 0/0850/0189 size 105

    A nice large sided mint mid to late war equipment belt marked R.B.Nr 0/0850/0189. In good supple condition, would be very hard to upgrade!

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