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  • MG34 / MG42 barrel carrier or Laufschützer 43

    A very nice original Laufschützer 43, a barrel carrier designed to carry both the MG34 and MG42 barrels. The barrel carrier comes with its originally attached sling in full length. The paint still retains up to 80% on this piece and it would be very hard to upgrade this piece. Most barrel carriers on the market have replaced slings, been repainted or even stripped and blued postwar. This one is a fully untouched late war example in very good used condition!

  • NS66 single decal Luftwaffe M42 helmet

    A simple, untouched single decal M42 helmet in excellent condition. Marked NS66 indicating production by Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte. Inside a minty liner complete with a partial domestamp. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. A stunning original helmet with a size 58 liner.

  • Aluminum Heer belt buckle in stone mint condition

    Superb 1940 dated stone mint tabbed Heer belt buckle by H. Arld Nuernberg. Impossible to upgrade!

  • Heer Belt buckle marked RODO

    A top mint late war Heer belt buckle in blue color or Einheitskoppelschloss by RODO.

  • Late war mint tropical Heer belt buckle

    Typical late war tropical buckle in mint condition. Hard to upgrade example!

  • Mint condition Luger P.08 holster marked DKK 42

    A minty P.08 Luger holster marked DKK42 indicating production by Friedrich Offermann u. Söhne, Lederwarenfabrik, Bensberg.

  • Pioneer tool pouch marked Karl Busse 1939

    A nice leather tool pouch for fuze setters, crimp tool and some other small items. Nicely marked Karl Busse Mainz 1939. Hard to find in good condition with the original sling attached!

  • Olive tropical equipment belt marked LLG baden 1942

    A nice early tropical equipment belt marked L.L.G. HESSEN 1942.  Large sized 100 cm example in stone mint condition!

  • EF64 M42 helmet in Three-tone geometrical camouflage

    A one looker original three-tone geometrical camouflage helmet in very good, used condition. The helmet retains up to 90% of its original camouflage paint. The helmet retains its original liner in size 57. The helmet was originally found in a private household in the neighborhood of Arnhem, The Netherlands. The helmet is a nice example of a geometrical camouflage helmet with good strong colours.

  • Y strap marked R.B.Nr. 0/0675/0122 and named to Haars

    Hard to upgrade pair of late war Y-straps marked R.B.Nr. 0/0675/0122 named to Haars. Nice example!

  • MG34/42 barrel changing mitt

    Rare wartime barrel changing mitt for the MG34 and MG42. When firing the MG34 and MG42 continuously the German soldiers where presented with a harsh and difficult task: changing the barrel. The MG34 and MG42 where both made with a quick-change barrel and to help in the changing of the barrel these gloves where invented and issued. These gloves where issued with the accessories of the MG34 and MG42. It is simply used by placing the hand under the strap and using the pad to cover your hand when you grab the hot, sometimes even glowing barrel. The barrel is then placed in the Laufschützer to cool down and a cool new barrel is inserted. According to regulations, the barrel had to be changed after 150 rounds fired continuously. Hard to find item!

  • Matching pair of tan CLG 43 MP40 magazine pouches

    A nice original pair of MP40 magazine pouches marked CLG44 in good unissued condition.

  • Mint steel Heer belt buckle marked M4/44

    A mint steel Heer belt buckle marked RZM M4/44 indicating production by Paul Cramer & Co., Lüdenscheid. Hard to find RZM marked Heer buckle.

  • Pioneer Sturmgepäck marked R.B.Nr. 0/1001/0238

    A nice late war pioneer Sturmgepäck marked R.B.Nr. 0/1001/0238 worn together with the two small side pouches this is the rarest of the three pouches as worn by Pioniertruppen. The pouch is in mint/unissued condition!

  • Large tropical M31 canteen marked MN42

    A nice matching large tropical canteen marked MN42 indicating production by Metallindustrie GmbH. Neunkirchen-Saar (MENESA). Hard to upgrade matching and stone mint example!

  • Late war German helmet chinstrap

    A nice chinstrap in good used condition. Manufactured from pig skin leather and still supple! Nicely maker marked and dated 1944.

  • Aluminum Heer belt buckle by Dr. Franke & Co 1937

    A superb Heer aluminum belt buckle by Dr. Franke & Co manufactured in Lüdenscheid, 1937. The buckle still retains most of its factory green paint which is a rare attribute for these aluminum belt buckles. The buckle is easily graded near mint! A rare buckle in very good condition!

  • Late war pair of M43 Infantry shoulderstraps

    As found together on a tunic in dusty, lightly used condition. A late war pair with the typical white rayon piping indicating Infanterie.

  • Bakelite Zeiler 4842 flashlight

    Hard to find Zeiler 4842 bakelite flashlight. Made out of bakelite these torches are easily damaged. Finding a undamaged one is hard! The flashlight is complete with the button strap manufactured out of Presstoff.

  • MG34/42 tool pouch in pressstoff marked epf 1944

    Textbook late war pouch in mint condition. Marked epf 1944 indicating production by Königs- u. Bismarckhütte A G’, Huettenwerk Falvahuette in Schwientochlowitz, Kreis Kattowitz. Hard to upgrade mint condition pouch!

  • Medical M36 shoulder straps Oberfeldwebel

    Nice M36 pair of medical shoulderstraps for a Sanitäter Oberfeldwebel. Matching pair in good condition.

  • Rare left facing heer buckle

    A great original buckle in the rare transitional variant with the eagle facing the left. The buckle is in mint condition. The left facing buckle was only made between January and March 1936. A rare and desirable buckle that is a must have for every buckle collector!

  • Luftwaffe two tone camouflage gasmask canister

    Killer two tone camouflage gasmask canister in good condition. Hard to find original example with a bluegrey and green camouflage scheme. The canister is in uncleaned “as found” condition. and still retains its original straps. The gasmask itself is not present. Hard to upgrade!

  • Late war german helmet chinstrap marked 0/1151/0005

    In good supple condition and marked 0/1151/0005. Ideal if you have that unissued M42 without chinstrap!

  • M44 trouser belt

    A late war M44 trouser belt in good condition. These trouser belts where issued with a pair of M44 trousers and are impossible to find as a spare. Nicely marked 0/0390/032? and a large size 110.

  • Late war soft shell P38 holster in mint condition

    A very nice late war P38 soft shell holster. The holster is nicely maker marked 0/0833/0007 indicating production by Hans Römer, Neu-Ulm. Simply a superb late war P38 holster in mint condition, can not be upgraded!

  • Lightbrown M37 lowboots in unissued condition

    A textbook pair of M37 Schnürschuhe in unissued condition. The leather is strong and very supple on these boots and they are complete with their original laces. Nicely marked and size 27 1/2 . Both boots are made out matching shades of leather. Hard to upgrade textbook pair of lowboots!

  • Matching K98 bayonet with tropical frog marked asw 42

    Hard to upgrade matching bayonet marked 42 asw indicating production by E. & F. Horster & Co. Solingen. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 7440 and has nice clean bakelite grips. The bayonet is in very good uncleaned, unsharpened and matching (!) condition and is complete with its tropical frog.

  • Two tone camouflaged MG34 and MG42 ammunition box

    Hard to find original two-tone camouflaged MG34 and MG42 ammunition box. Very hard to upgrade!

  • Late war tropical Y-straps marked 0/0676/0038

    A very nice late war pattern tropical Y-strap in lightly used condition. Marked 0/0676/0038 on the centre O-ring cover. The fabric is strong and is complete with all straps, loops and buckles. The rearstrap is of typical construction with woven holes but has a interesting leather end piece. This is a original factory variation! A interesting variation made out of various materials, perfect for a combat mannequin!

  • Splitter pattern Fallschirmjäger bandoleer

    A nice original late war splitter pattern German paratrooper or Fallschirmjäger K98 ammunition bandoleer. In nice used condition with one damage on the bottom. The bandoleer still retains its nice and vibrant colours!

  • Stunning light brown equipment belt marked L.L.G. Baden 37

    A stunning light brown equipment belt in mint condition. Nicely marked L.L.G. Baden 11 1937. Cant be upgraded!

  • Tan 6×30 Dienstglas marked DDX

    A very nice late war 6×30 power binoculars or Dienstglas in yellow colour. These late war binoculars are fitted with their original strap which is in good supple condition. The binoculars are clear but could be cleaned. The Strichplatte is still visible in the right eyepiece. A very nice pair of late war binoculars still featuring most of its wartime tan paint!

  • Luftwaffe blue tropical belt, buckle and bayonet frog

    A stunning and very rare Luftwaffe tropical belt, buckle and bayonet frog. downright impossible to find spare, let alone in a set. These where one of the first models of tropical issue equipment for the Luftwaffe and only produced in a short run. Very, very, very rare!

  • Aluminum Waffen-SS Belt buckle marked RZM 155/39 ᛋᛋ

    A stunning aluminum Waffen-SS belt buckle marked RZM 155/39 ᛋᛋ indicating production by Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid . The buckle still remains up to 80% of its original silver wash. Very hard to upgrade!

  • MG34/42 tool pouch in tan pressstoff with riveted straps

    A nice late war Tool pouch for the MG34 and MG42 machinegun. It is made out of the late war Pressstoff material and is in good condition with all internal fittings and leather straps. The leather is nice and supple and the Pressstoff is nice in colour. Interestingly the leather parts are not stitched but riveted! A rare late war pouch in good, lightly used condition!

  • Named Luftwaffe blue camouflaged gasmask canister

    A blue camouflaged Luftwaffe gasmask canister named to Gefreiter Pleith. The strap on the mask is marked: 0563 LDS. SCH. ZG. 4/VI Gefr. Pleith. This is probably the inscription on his Erkennungsmarke. The container retains it blue Luftwaffe paint up to 95%. It is very hard to find a Luftwaffe blue gasmask in this condition!

  • Ammunition carrying frame for 5cm light mortar

    Rare to find complete rack for carrying the leGrW 36 or 5cm mortar grenades. Nice to find complete rack with all straps that are often missing. These racks are often seen with Norwegian paint covering the metal but this one still retains all of its wartime paint. Hard to find a better one!

  • Complete K.W. 27 with all grids and pouch

    A wartime issued K.W. 27 or Kartenwinkelmesser 27. This set of of map grids used to calculate distances and angles on maps. These where issued together with the mapcase! The set is complete with all 3 grids and the pouch in near mint condition.

  • Esbit model 9 stove with tablets

    A nice original Model 9 Esbit stove in good condition. Complete with its original box with fuel tablets. Hard to find!

  • Late war non isolated short handled wire cutters

    Late war pattern non isolated short handled wire cutters. Nice pioneer or Gruppenführer/Nco item!

  • Straight E-tool with gxy 1944 marked carrier

    A nice original straight E-tool with the original carrier it was found with. The carrier is in honest used condition and nicely marked gxy 1944 indicating production by Gebr. Klinge, Lederwarenfabrik, Dresden-Loebtau. A nice used set in great condition!

  • Complete Pioneer side pouches and rucksack

    Hard to find complete pioneer pouches, complete with rucksack in mint condition. Scarce set that can not be upgraded!

  • Late war M43 tunic Drillich

    A nice original late war M43 field blouse in HBT or Drillich material. The garment is in light used condition and is complete with restored basic insignia. Priced to sell!

  • Esbit model 9 stove with tablets

    A nice original Model 9 Esbit stove in good condition. Complete with its original box with fuel tablets. Hard to find!

  • 5 cm mortar ammunition box

    Still retains original (camouflage) paint and stencills. Internals are missing, priced accordingly!

  • Complete K.W. 27 with all grids and pouch

    A wartime issued K.W. 27 or Kartenwinkelmesser 27. This set of of map grids used to calculate distances and angles on maps. These where issued together with the mapcase! The set is complete with all 3 grids and the pouch in near mint condition.

  • Pre war short gasmask strap

    A nice pre war short gasmask strap. Hard to find replacement!

  • Late war issue protective goggles from Ersatz material

    Late war “Ersatz” sun and dust goggles in good original condition with its original pouch.

  • Original pack of Esbit fuel tablets

    A mint/unissued pack of Esbit stove fuel tablets. Impossible to upgrade, and very hard to find with the original contents!

  • Second pattern Afrikakorps tropical pith helmet

    A nice second pattern Afrikakorps pith helmet in unissued condition. The helmet is dated 1942 and is size 57. The helmet is complete with its chinstrap and its zinc insignia.

  • Cap for Jake

    Rare Dutch wartime Schalkhaar Politie shako in good, as found condition. This shako came out of a household clearing in the north of the Netherlands a few years ago and is in untouched, as found condition. The Schalkhaar Politie was a Dutch police force that collaborated with the Germans. Rare piece!

Showing 15781–15832 of 15832 results