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  • Waffen-SS belt and rare buckle marked JFS

    A stunning original belt and buckle set marked JFS. The buckle is marked J.F.S. indicates production by Josef Feix & Söhne, Gablonz. The buckle by JFS is one of the rarest SS buckles, much rarer then the green RODO buckles. The belt and buckle have always been together as can easily seen by the imprint left on the belt by the buckle. The buckle is in good condition with most of its original factory wash remaining. If you are looking for a rare SS belt and buckle, this is it!

  • Untouched Heer M41 combat tunic

    Nice and rare original Heer M41 tunic with all factory sewn insignia. The tunic is in good, lightly worn condition and is complete with two non matching infantry shoulder straps that came with the tunic. The beast eagle is machine sewn on the top, flipped over with the lower portion handsewn. The litzen are all machine sewn. The tunic is a nice large size and would be perfect for a mannequin setup. The lower pockets have been sewn flat and shortened a short bit. Some minor moth damages but overall a very nice and hard to find tunic with factory sewn EM insignia!

  • Mint condition MP40 pouch marked CLG 43

    A very nice mint condition green MP40 pouch. This is truly one of the nicest green CLG pouches I have ever encountered and would make a nice addition to the collector of equipment. The pouch is marked CLG 43 indicating production by Ernst Melzig Lederwaren, Liegnitz. The leather is supple and in perfect condition. If you are looking for a MINT mp40 pouch, this is it!

  • Late war leather MG34/MG42 tool pouch marked gyb1943

    A very nice mid/late war MG34 and MG42 tool pouch with the complete interior. The pouch has the late war spider sight compartment that can take both the MG34 and MG42 spider sights. Rare to find in leather!

  • Combat worn, uncleaned as found tropical Y-straps

    A combat worn, uncleaned and as found tropical Y-strap. The Y-strap is a nice late war variant also featuring British brass buckles in the front. One of the auxiliarry D-rings is gone. A nice Y-strap for a combat mannequin!

  • Q64 M40 double decal Polizei helmet

    A very nice late war double decal M40 Polizei helmet. The helmet is nicely marked Q64 indicating production by Quist with the lot number T3339. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap that are original to the helmet. On the chinstrap loop a small brass tag is attached that was found on the helmet. The original decals still retain up to 99%. A very nice and near mint Polizei helmet that would be a very nice addition to any helmet collection!

  • Rare left facing heer buckle

    A great original buckle in the rare transitional variant with the eagle facing the left. The buckle is in mint condition. The left facing buckle was only made between January and March 1936. A rare and desirable buckle that is a must have for every buckle collector!

  • Waffen-SS Dot44 HBT camouflage tunic

    A very nice Dot44 or Erbsentarn camouflage HBT combat tunic. This tunic is in very good condition and has nice colours. The sleeve does show signs of a sleeve eagle being removed. The size is big and good for most mannequins. The tunic is marked 0/0793/0101 indicating production by Textil und Bekleidungswerke GmbH Becker. The collar still has the factory pressed collar and seems to be unwashed. Clearly a original Waffen-SS camouflage tunic!

  • Late war Waffen-SS Panzer M43 field cap

    Late war Dachau made Waffen-SS M43 cap. Textbook late war cardboard brim construction cap in size 56. The embroided Dachau trapezoid insignia is factory zig-zag sewn to the cap. The cap is in mint, unissued condition and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Late war Italian made single button Heer M43 field cap

    A original Italian made late war single button Heer M43 field cap. One of several collectible and rare to encounter variants. This variant, with machine sewn embroided trapezoid is made fully out Italian made materials. The button, fabric and insignia are all Italian made. A rare to find original M43 field cap!

  • Heer EM field upgraded officers sidecap


    A stunning and mint Heer sidecap which has been upgraded from EM to Officers by hand sewing a thick silver cord to the top. The cap is in mint condition and is a nice big size 60. Nicely dated 1940, this cap was manufactured by Hermann Naubert Mützenfabrik Erfurt. The cap has the dark green Waffenfarbe on the front indicating administration. The cap doesn’t have a eagle, but could easily be restored. This garment was recently discovered in a cloth processing plant and has never been in a collection before and comes with a set of matching collar tabs!

  • Low turret mount tan sniper scope case

    A very scarce original low turret tan sniper scope case marked jvb. Still retaining up to 40% of its original factory tan paint. In a sea of fakes, here is a real one in obvious, combat used condition!

  • Mid to late war Y-strap marked 0/0396/0027

    A typical example of a mid to late war Y-strap marked 0/0396/0027 in great, imo lightly used, condition.

  • Officers M43 Heer field cap

    Nice original Heer officers field cap in good, lightly worn condition. The cap retains its original factory sewn trapezoid and buttons which are interestingly RZM marked examples. The cap is in good lightly worn condition which shows in the liner. Outside the nap is still nearly fully present. The cap is marked inside RBNr. 0.0560/0117 and dated 1944. The cap is nicely sized 57 which is a great average mannequin size. Inside the bill of the cap, a small area has a small glue stain, see the last picture. Original and attractive Heer officers M43 field cap in great condition!

  • Set of 3 matching equipment straps

    A great set of three original equipment straps in unissued condition. Nicely dated 1941 and all matching!

  • Three tone Normandy camouflage gasmask canister

    A great textbook example of a original three-tone camouflage canister with loads of character! The canister was found in Normandy and is in great used condition with its original mask and straps. Inside the lid this canister is named to Thür. Hard to find original normandy camouflage gasmask in great combat used condition!

  • Two matching tropical equipment straps

    A nice matching set of two tropical webbing equipment straps. These are both the same length and in great mint condition.

  • Rare bakelite 6×30 Dienstglas CXN

    One of the rarest bits of German army equipment. A stunning pair of 6×30 Dienstglasbinoculars marked CXN indicating production by Emil Busch. The binoculars have clear lenses without scratches. The binoculars still retain all of their zinc and bakelite without any serious defects. The oculars can easily be removed from the mount. The binoculars are nicely adjustable. They lack the Strichplatte and the sight is very slightly double and clear, nice to use! They are fitted with a adjustable strap that is affixable to two sets of bales on the reverse of the main body. I have added two pictures of these type of binoculars in use. Bakelite binoculars can be seen on the left hand side of the picture worn by the Unterscharführer in Kampfgruppe Knittel at the Kaiserbaracke crossroads. The straps are original and exactly the type that should be on this binocular. Can not be upgraded!

    A very rare pair of binoculars in very good condition!

  • 4 mint matching equipment straps

    4 matching equipment straps. A great set more then enough for a full equipment setup! Hard to find a pair of 4 matching equipment straps!

  • Zeltbahn accecoiries

    A nice set of original Zeltbahn accessories. Exactly the amount as was issued to every soldier with a single M31 Zeltbahn.

  • Late war green camouflage paint

    Rare late war green Tarnpaste or camouflage paint. One of three colours in the iconic three tone Normandy camouflage. This original paint container still contains most of its original content. The content is a paste/powdered paint that was to be thinned with water or gasoline to apply to camouflage vehicles or equipment. The container is nicely marked RBNr. 0/1005/0013. A very nice centerpiece in any camouflage collection, imo!

  • Untouched Heer Infanterie Obergefreiter M43 tunic

    A completely untouched original Heer M43 field blouse for a Obergefreiter in a Infanterie unit. The tunic is in great nearly unworn condition. The tunic is complete with all of its period factory sewn insignia, a set of white piped infantry shoulder boards and a period handsewn Obergefreiter rank insignia. The tunic still retains 99% of its fluffy nap and shows little to no wear. This tunic has not been tailored or shortened and still retains the clean combat look. The tunic retains all of its period sewn buttons. Inside the tunic we can see a ink stain under one of the breast pockets. Most probably left by a pen in the breast pocket. Inside the shoulders it is noticable that this tunic hung in a closet on a hanger which left its mark on the lining. The tunic is a medium size which displays best, imo. Finding a totally untouched tunic like this is very hard and replacing or upgrading would be hard. This would be the centre point in a late war equipment setup!

  • Leather equipment belt dated 1942, size 105

    A nice unissued example of a enlisted mens equipment belt. The belt is nicely marked Kimnach Brunn Kaiserslautern 1942 and sized 105 which is the a average mannequin size for overcoats and parkas!

  • Tan Presstoff MG42 tool pouch by OaZ

    A near mint MG42 tool pouch marked OaZ 4. The pouch is in good condition with all straps and D-ring intact. Like most of these pouches made by OaZ the internals are missing. Very nice pouch!

  • ET64 M35 Single decal Heer helmet

    Rare M35 helmet produced to M40 specifications! This M35 helmet was produced in 1940 during the switchover to the M40 type helmet. Hence it was produced with one decal and a dull and slightly textured finish. These helmet where only produced for a few months and are not to be confused with a reissue type helmet. The helmet is in very good used condition with 99% of the decal remaining. The helmet is complete with its original untouched aluminum double banded liner and period shortened chinstrap. A great and rare helmet!

  • Late war webbing equipment belt marked 0/0250/0712

    A typical late war webbing equipment belt marked 0/0250/0712. The size is 90 which is a typical modern mannequin size!

  • Wehrmacht M43 combat trousers in mint condition

    A very nice mint example of a pair of Wehrmacht Heer M43 combat trousers or Keilhosen. In good mint condition with all its original sewn buttons. The wool is in great condition without damages, repairs or insect damage and still has all of the nap and full contrasted field grey color remaining. The size is large and would fit most if not all mannequins. The leg ties are fully intact. A great pair for a mannequin that is very hard to find in this perfect condition and size!

  • Matching K98 ammunition pouches marked 0/1032/0001

    A very nice and matching pair of K98 ammunition pouches. The pouches are complete with all straps, dividers and markings. The leather is in good supple condition. The pair is nicely maker marked 0/1032/0001. Nice to find a matching pair which is hard to find!

  • Unit marked map of Russia, south of Leningrad

    Nice wartime unit marked map of Russia. The area is just south of Leningrad!

  • Steel Waffen-SS Belt buckle marked O&C ges. gesch.

    A very clean textbook original Waffen-SS belt buckle marked O&C ges. gesch. indicating production by Overhoff & Cie, Lüdenscheid. This buckle is rare and near mint condition and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • M36 Mantel

    A nice and typical M36 mantel in great condition. The wool retains most of its nap and is in good condition. Some moth damage to the back of the mantel however! The shoulderstrap buttons have been replaced with “3” buttons indicating the owner was a member of the third company. Nice original mantel in good condition. Great for a equipment display!

  • M36 Wachmantel with Infanterie Major shoulder boards


    A very nice early war Wachmantel with Major shoulderboards. This mantel was the choice winter garment prior to the two piece reversible parkas where issued. The greatcoat is fully blanket lined and very heavy. One or two small moth holes but otherwise in mint condition! A very nice and typical Ostfront garment!

  • Blue steel Heer belt buckle marked N&H 1942

    A very nice mid war belt buckle marked N&H 1942 indicating production by Nolle & Hueck, Lüdenscheid.  The buckle is finished in Blaugrau paint thats also known as Einheitsfarbe. The buckle is the earliest example of a blue painted Heer buckle that I’ve found. These early blue buckles are referred to as being made and issued to the Kriegsmarine. Later in the war the blue Heer buckles started being issued to other branches and officially labeled Einheitskoppelschloss. Hard to find a early blue buckle!

  • Rayon white piped infantry M44 shoulderstraps

    A stunning mint pair of M44 shoulderstraps with white rayon piping indicating use by Infanterie. Finding a matching pair of infantry shoulderstraps is hard, especially the late war simplified type!

  • Superb Heer EM/NCO M43 field cap marked 0/0843/0012

    A suberb original Heer EM/NCO M43 field cap marked RB-Nr. 0/0843/0012. The cap is a desirable size 57 and in great mint condition. The cap retains its factory sewn trapezoid handsewn at the top, machine sewn down the sides. The buttons are also factory sewn. The cap does not show signs of actual wear. The nap of the wool is still present 100%. A nice and textbook detail in this cap is the stitching lines in multiple colours, running all over the place like it should in a late war manufactured garment. Surely the best Heer M43  cap I’ve had to offer in stone mint condition!

  • Kriegsmarine uniform

    A nice original Kriegsmarine uniform set consisting of a mess jacket and a pair of trousers.  The jacket is nicely dated 1939 and Id’ed with a Nordsee number. The trousers are marked BAK 1942. This is however hard to photographed as it is stamped in black. This is however clearly readable in hand! A nice original uniform set for a nice price.

  • Three tone camouflage MG34 ammunition box

    A nice Patronenkasten 34 in original three tone camouflage. Nice example with lots of patina.

  • set of 5 unit marked maps 8 june 1940 Belgium/France

    A stack of 5 maps found together named to a Unteroffizier. These maps where used in june 1940 during the battles of Belgium and France. Maps are easily found but unit marked (and dated) ones to significant are scarce! Nice item to frame or use in a diorama.

  • Set of two maps 81. I.D. Demjansk battle

    A nice set of maps belonging to the 81. Infanterie Division at the time of the Demjansk pocket battles. The maps depict the defensive line for that the 81. Infanterie Division held during the Demjansk breakout south of lake Ilmen. A very nice Demjansk related set of maps!

  • 4 German army maps of Russia

    A nice set of 4 wartime maps of Russia. These German maps are nice mapcase fillers!

  • Rare ammunitiondrum for the Zwillingslafette MG34

    A rare pre war ammunition drum for the MG34 Zwillinglafette. These ammunition drums are often found with a late war modification on which the hooks for the Lafette connection are sawn off and the bare metal covered in tan paint. The drum is in very good condition with up to 75% of the original factory paint still present. Some paper remnants are present, possibly this was used to ship items back home. The drum is manufactured by Hasag and nicely dated 1940.

  • Superb EM Heer M40 field blouse and trousers

    A stunning set consisting of a M40 field blouse and the trousers it was issued with. The set is completely untouched and is how I bought it straight from a german household clearer in in 2013. Both the tunic and trousers are in the same minty condition and both in a desirable large size suitable for most if not all mannequins. The field blouse is of the M40 type with all of its original factory sewn insignia. The early style breast eagle has been machine sewn on the top, flipped over and the bottom handsewn. The early style Litzen are also factory applied. The shoulder boards are white rayon piped indicating Infanterie. All of these insignia are original to the tunic, and have not been added, restored or anything like it. The early style breast eagle and Litzen indicate production prior to May 1940 when they switched to the lightgrey Litzen and field grey breast eagle. Inside the collar is a 1940 dated Kragenbinde and the bandage pocket is also filled with a 1940 dated bandage. The tunic has not been shortened, modified, or restored in any way. I can not see any damages be it moth or repairs. Imo this tunic has never been worn

    The trousers are equally mint but have minor storage wear to them. I can see one small moth hole on the bottom that is approximately 2mm. It would easily be masked with any boot. The trousers have their original suspenders by Herkules and marked DRP on the leather tabs. The trousers are a nice big size, just like the tunic.

    This set has been found together, has not been owned by any other collector and would make a killer early war display. Finding a original set is hard, especially a early M40 like this with the early style insignia configuration.

  • Late war Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in Oak camouflage

    Minty late war Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in Eichenlaubmuster or Oak A,B ánd C camouflage. On the top corner and the head opening a few bits of Oak A can be seen. The camouflage on the right green side of this zeltbahn is said to be Oak C, which is slightly different to B. Oak C is mostly unknown but gets accredited in Waffen-SS Camouflage Uniforms [1]. The Zeltbahn is in minty condition and has most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. The camouflage material used is all in very good, bright and vibrant condition. This is my first encounter with Oak “C” The colours are simply stunning and you’d struggle finding a better one!

    1. Silvestri, L. (2016) Waffen-SS Camouflage Uniforms Volume 2. Schiffer Publishing

  • Minty hidden stitch Y-strap marked Lohmann Werke A.-G. Bielefeld 1940

    A superb early first model Y-strap in unissued condition. Nicely maker marked and dated Lohmann Werke A.-G. Bielefeld 1940. The leather is in good supple condition. This is simply the best 1940 dated Y-strap I’ve seen!

  • Late war breadbag Briel Frankfurt A. M.

    A very nice late war breadbag with light brown leather parts in mint condition. Can’t be upgraded really, a typical late war item!

  • Late war M31 breadbag

    Typical late war breadbag in mint condition. Nicely marked RBNR and dated 1944.

  • NS64 single decal Heer M40 helmet

    A textbook Heer M40 single decal helmet marked NS64 indicating production by Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte. The helmet is complete with its original liner and chinstrap that are original to the helmet. The liner is nicely named to Münch, and the chinstrap is full length, supple and marked G. Vogel, Chemnitz 1940. The helmet retains up to 95% of its original factory paint and decal. All in all a very nice helmet in very good condition.

  • M31 breadbag marked RBNr.0/0750/3572 with rayon straps

    A stunning mint breadbag marked RBNr.0/0750/3572. Interestingly the straps are made of webbing and rayon, a uncommon and very late war feature. Exceptional breadbag!

  • Three-tone camouflage gasmask named to Obgf. Fenz.

    Stunning three tone Normandy camouflage gasmask canister in very good condition. The canister retains up to 90% of its original three-tone camouflage paint and the long carrying strap. Inside the lid a rubber seal is present indicating this is one of the first gasmask canisters with the “D” stamped on the bottom. Inside the lid is also a small paper label naming the lid to Obergefreiter Fenz. The canister is complete with a mask but it is a different number and name to the one on the canister. However, the numbers are just 10 apart and most probably accidentally switched during the war as the canister was found like this in France! The canister is a really nice example of a subtle three tone camouflage scheme and would nicely attribute any camouflage orientated collection!

  • Waffen-SS breadbag marked SS 348/38 RZM

    Superb Breadbag made especially for the Waffen-SS between 1937 and 1940. In that time the Waffen-SS did not have the luxury of being supplied by the army so it had to produce its own equipment. Breadbags like these are rare and came with slings marked in the same way. It is nicely marked SS 348/38 RZM and has a typical RZM/SS pattern label sewn onto it. This breadbag is one of the rarest Waffen-SS specific equipment items, issued early and worn during operation Fall Gelb. A breadbag from my own collection!

  • Tan MG34 barrel carrier

    When firing the MG34 and MG42 continuously the German soldiers where presented with a harsh and difficult task: changing the barrel. The MG34 and MG42 where both made with a quick-change barrel and to help in the changing of the barrel these gloves where invented and issued. These gloves where issued with the accessories of the MG34 and MG42. It is simply used by placing the hand under the strap and using the pad to cover your hand when you grab the hot, sometimes even glowing barrel. The barrel is then placed in the Laufschützer or barrel carrier to cool down and a cool new barrel is inserted. According to regulations, the barrel had to be changed after 150 rounds fired continuously. Every MG team had one or two spare barrels in spare barrel carriers with their field equipment. The MG34 barrel carrier is in very good condition with 95% of the original tan colour remaining. The carrier was once overpainted in grey by the Norwegian army in 1950. This has painstakingly been removed revealing the full original finish. The carrier is nicely marked beq 1943 indicating production by Framo-Werke G.m.b.H., Hainichen/Sachsen. The carrier is complete with its original LUX marked strap and in very good condition. One of the rarest spares to find for the MG34!

  • Second pattern folding E-tool with carrier

    A very nice second pattern folding shovel with carrier. The carrier is nicely marked cqr 1943 and BAL 162 indicating production by Lederwerk Sedina Joachim Schell, Sportartikelfabrik, Finkewalde Bez. Stettin (Poland). The shovel is marked epd indicating production by Vereinigte Beckersche Werkzeugfabriken, Remechid-Vieringhausen. The E-tool and its carrier are both in exceptional condition, showing no signs of postwar repaints, restorations or what so ever. Simply the best one I’ve found so far!

  • Pre war short gasmask canister named to Grenadier H. Wappler

    A very nice pre war named gasmask named to Grenadier, later Gefreiter H. Wappler. The gasmask is in complete original condition with most of its original paint remaining. The straps and mask are original to the set. The mask, filter and case have been named multiple times. A very nice pre war gasmask in untouched condition.

  • Near mint K98 bayonet marked 44 cvl

    Hard to upgrade matching bayonet marked cvl 44 indicating production by WKC Waffenfabrik G.m.b.H., Solingen-Wald. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 9750 and has nice clean wooden grips. The bayonet still retains up to 99% of its original bluing but has a few dents no the back of the blade. Nothing serious, in my opinion. The bayonet is in near mint uncleaned, unsharpened and matching (!) condition complete with its original frog in equally mint condition. The white string on the frog is original to the piece, presumably to hang it in the barrack lockers.

  • M38 gasmask canister

    A standard pre war, tall gasmask and canister. Complete with its original straps and mask in untouched condition. It is named inside the lid with pencil but it’s hard to read what exactly. A nice and desirable set with most of its original paint, straps and accessories that is hard to find these days.

  • Tropical camouflage 24 Stielhandgranate case


    A very nice empty tropical camouflage case for 24 stick grenades. The case is in very good condition with approximately 85% of the original tropical camouflage paint remaining. These are hard to find in this condition!

  • Pair of webbing equipment straps

    Matching pair of two webbing equipment straps made by V Waldow-Laun Prag. Nice set for a zeltbahn or messkit!

  • Mint M42 canteen marked MN43

    A very nice mint M42 canteen marked MN43 indicating production by Menesa Metallindustrie GmbH. Neunkirchen-Saar. 

  • M42 messkit marked ohw 43

    A nice matching M42 messkit with 95% of its original paint. Nicely marked ohw 43 indicating production by Otto Honsel Werke.

  • Heer HBT M42 tunic

    A nice large sized M42 tunic in hbt or Drillich material. The tunic is a nice large size for most modern mannequins. The tunic is complete with its original factory sewn Litzen. The breast eagle is handsewn to the tunic and as far as I can tell there are no signs of any other eagle applications. A nice tunic for a mannequin in very good unworn condition.

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