Rare bakelite 6×30 Dienstglas CXN

One of the rarest bits of German army equipment. A stunning pair of 6×30 Dienstglasbinoculars marked CXN indicating production by Emil Busch. The binoculars have clear lenses without scratches. The binoculars still retain all of their zinc and bakelite without any serious defects. The oculars can easily be removed from the mount. The binoculars are nicely adjustable. They lack the Strichplatte and the sight is very slightly double and clear, nice to use! They are fitted with a adjustable strap that is affixable to two sets of bales on the reverse of the main body. I have added two pictures of these type of binoculars in use. Bakelite binoculars can be seen on the left hand side of the picture worn by the Unterscharführer in Kampfgruppe Knittel at the Kaiserbaracke crossroads. The straps are original and exactly the type that should be on this binocular. Can not be upgraded!

A very rare pair of binoculars in very good condition!

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