Superb EM Heer M40 field blouse and trousers


A stunning set consisting of a M40 field blouse and the trousers it was issued with. The set is completely untouched and is how I bought it straight from a german household clearer in in 2013. Both the tunic and trousers are in the same minty condition and both in a desirable large size suitable for most if not all mannequins. The field blouse is of the M40 type with all of its original factory sewn insignia. The early style breast eagle has been machine sewn on the top, flipped over and the bottom handsewn. The early style Litzen are also factory applied. The shoulder boards are white rayon piped indicating Infanterie. All of these insignia are original to the tunic, and have not been added, restored or anything like it. The early style breast eagle and Litzen indicate production prior to May 1940 when they switched to the lightgrey Litzen and field grey breast eagle. Inside the collar is a 1940 dated Kragenbinde and the bandage pocket is also filled with a 1940 dated bandage. The tunic has not been shortened, modified, or restored in any way. I can not see any damages be it moth or repairs. Imo this tunic has never been worn

The trousers are equally mint but have minor storage wear to them. I can see one small moth hole on the bottom that is approximately 2mm. It would easily be masked with any boot. The trousers have their original suspenders by Herkules and marked DRP on the leather tabs. The trousers are a nice big size, just like the tunic.

This set has been found together, has not been owned by any other collector and would make a killer early war display. Finding a original set is hard, especially a early M40 like this with the early style insignia configuration.

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