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  • Mint tropical Coconut canteen marked HRE 43


    A nice coconut canteen marked HRE 41 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. The canteen is in very good condition together with its matching cup. Hard to upgrade textbook coconut canteen.

  • Rare pair Waffen-SS issued jackboots


    A rare and stunning pair of mint unissued Waffen-SS issue jackboots. The Jackboots are marked VA 104/41 ᛋᛋ on the soles and on the top. The pair is a nice matching set and a nice average mannequin size. The pair was recently found in household clearing in Germany and has never been in a collection before. The boots are still a bit dusty form being stored for 75 years. Impossible to find a better pair of boots for a Waffen-SS mannequin!

  • Pre war brown mapcase Henschel & Co Ulm 1936


    A very nice brown mapcase marked Henschel & Co Ulm 1936. 

  • Pair of Gebirgsjäger boots in used condition


    A nice matching pair in a good large mannequin size. Nice matching pair in good used condition. The pair comes with a extra set of mint issue laces.

  • Tan 6×30 Dienstglas marked CAG


    A nice tan painted 6×30 Dienstglas or army issue binoculars. These where issued to all branches in the Wehrmacht. The binoculars retain their original tan paint up to 75%. The binoculars are marked CAG indicating production by Swarovski. The binoculars are in working condition without a Strichplatte. The leather strap is old but in my opinion added to the piece.

  • Wehrmacht model B headset for Panzer troops


    Hard to find model B headphones for Panzer troops in unissued condition. Perfect for a armored vehicle display!

  • Luftwaffe NCO Oberfeldwebel Fliegerbluse


    Luftwaffe NCO Fliegerbluse for a Oberfeldwebel flight/paratrooper. The garment is in really good condition with most of the nap in the wool and all of its originally sewn buttons. All of the insignia on the garment are original but restored. Still a very nice uniform for a very nice price!

  • Mint condition MP40 pouch CLG 44


    A very nice mint condition MP40 pouch. This is truly one of the nicest CLG pouches I have ever encountered and would make a nice addition to the collector of equipment. The pouch is marked CLG 43 indicating production by Ernst Melzig Lederwaren, Liegnitz. The leather is supple and in perfect condition. If you are looking for a MINT mp40 pouch, this is it!

  • Combat boot knife or Stiefelmesser


    A very nice original combat boot knife or Nahkampfmesser. The knife is in good sharp condition and has never been issued, cleaned or sharpened post war. Perfect combat mannequin accessorie!

  • Nice pioneer saw with presstoff marked kkd 1942 / Marke Steigo


    A very nice 1943 pioneer saw with Presstoff scabbard marked kkd 1942. The saw has a nice wooden handle which is pretty rare as they are usually always broken or missing! The saw is nicely marked also. A nice original pioneer saw with its original cover complete with bayonet loop.

  • Wehrmacht Model (Fu.) B Throat Microphone


    Wehrmacht Model (Fu.) B Throat Microphone or Kehlkopfmikrofon. The set is complete with it’s original wire and plug. Nice complete set in very good condition, hard to find piece of equipment!

  • Late pattern MG42 ammunition box carrying bags


    Incredibly scarce set of two ammunition carrying bags for the MG34 and MG42 ammunition boxes. Manufactured from late war material same as used for MP44 pouches and reinforced with Presstoff. These carrying bags where designed to carry a set of two ammunition boxes. Two cells made out of canvas with a H shaped harness in between. There are roughly two different types of these pouches produced, one is with releasable and one is with fixed straps/harness. The straps are stitched onto the pouches with a piece of Presstoff reinforcement on the inside. These pouches are the second type, with permanently affixed straps. Nicely RBNr marked inside. These sets where mostly used by Fallschirmjäger and Waffen-SS troops later in the war. These bags are incredibly scarce and the first and only set I’ve ever encountered. Can’t be upgraded!

  • Webbing flare ammunition pouch


    Rare late war flare ammunition pouch in unissued condition. The case is made from green webbing and comes with its original removable sling. The pouch is complete with all internal dividers and wooden reinforcement. Nicely marked on the side. Quite hard to find a better one!

  • Canteen filling funnel


    A unusual, late war canteen filling funnel. These funnels where used in field kitchens and together with the 5, 10, and 18 liter aluminium “Trinkwasser” drinking water containers to fill canteens. These funnels had the capacity of exactly one standard 0.8 liter canteen. They are wide enough at the top for a 5, 10 or 18 liter drinking water  container to easily poor. It is used by holding a finger underneath the small hole underneath the funnel and then filled to the top. The funnel is then placed above a canteen and the finger is removed. The canteen will be filled quick and without spillage! The funnel is made out of enameled steel like many of the late war canteens. A nice unusual item!

  • Sumpftarn reversible parka trousers


    Late war reversible Sumpftarn parka trousers. The camouflage pattern featured is the early style so called ‘ hard-edged Sumfptarn ‘ with nice contrast and strong colours. The trousers are a good large mannequin size.

  • Mint condition P38 softshell holster marked jwa 4


    A very nice P38 softshell holster marked jwa 4 indicating production by Moritz Stecher, Lederwerk, Freiburg in 1944. The holster is in mint condition and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Steel Waffen-SS beltbuckle marked RZM 155/40 ᛋᛋ Type 4


    A nice original Waffen-SS belt buckle marked RZM 155/40 ᛋᛋ indicating production by Assmann & Sohne, Lüdenscheid. The buckle is marked under the prongs which was only done for a short period in 1940. This was the final and 4th type of Waffen-SS belt buckle by Assmann in 1940. The buckle is in really good condition with most of the original paint remaining!

  • Complete Pioneer side pouches and rucksack


    Hard to find complete pioneer pouches, complete with rucksack in mint condition. The set is nicely finished with dark green course webbing straps.
    Scarce set that can not be upgraded – the best I’ve had!

  • Complete pre war EM34 JD Moeller Range Finder


    A complete pre war EM34 or Entfernungsmesser 34 in complete condition. These where issued with all sorts of artillery pieces and machine guns. They where used to zero in these heavy weapons to shoot accurately on long distances. The range finder comes complete with all the accessories it should have and is expected to be issued with. All carrying straps, slings, covers and even the adjustment tool are there. The optics are clear and give a nice 11 times magnification. The set is still in this pristine condition because it after the war it was reissued and kept in a Norwegian army depot. It has always been stored well! The set is complete with tripod and cover, range finder and cover and the Justierlatte and its rare to find cover. It is hard to find a complete range finder as they are often incomplete.

  • Wehrmacht model B headset for Panzer troops


    Hard to find model B headphones for Panzer troops in unissued condition. Perfect for a armored vehicle display!

  • Late pattern EM issue Panzer wrap


    Stunning and rare late war EM Panzer wrap in unissued condition. Nice rich wool, rayon lined example for a Panzer EM. The wrap is nicely made and with all of its buttons. The Wrap is still in the original length and is without tailor done alterations. The breast eagle and chevron are handsewn. The garment is unworn but the back(only) appears to be lighter due to exposure to UV light. These Panzer wraps are very rare because the armored corps made up only a small percentage of the whole Wehrmacht. The high amount of losses in the Panzer units is another reason remaining original examples are scarce. The collar tabs are said to be late war examples but in my opinion they are reproductions with original skulls. They are hand sewn on and I’ll leave them on for the buyer to decide.The garment is a textbook original in a sea of fakes! The garment would be a centerpiece in any uniform display and one-looker original panzer wraps like this one are very, very scarce!

  • Feldgendarmerie gorget


    A stunning field police gorget or Feldgendarmerie Rinkragen. Hard to find in good unissued condition like this one. The luminous paint still lights up in the dark. The Gorget is a nice mid to late war example with a cardboard back. Very hard to find in this condition and a centerpiece in any Feldgendarmerie display!

  • Luftwaffe M40 trousers


    A nice unissued pair of Luftwaffe M40 trousers. The trousers are a nice mannequin size and still retain most if not all of the nap on the wool. There are a few minimal moth nips on the bottom which is normal for these garments after being stored for so long. A great pair in unissued condition that would look great on a mannequin!

  • Notek vehicle blackout light with mount


    Nice original Notek blackout light that was on every German army vehicle during the war. Hard to find with a large amount of original paint, especially with the original camouflaged mount. Nice display piece, restoration part or a possible new desk light!

  • Pioneer tool pouch with crimp setting tool

    Sale! 500.00 400.00

    A very nice and rare Pioneer tool pouch made from Presstoff complete with its original fuze setting crimp tool. Hard to find complete with the tool!

  • Steel Waffen-SS Belt buckle marked O&C ges. gesch.


    A textbook original Waffen-SS belt buckle marked O&C ges. gesch. indicating production by Overhoff & Cie, Lüdenscheid. This buckle is in good condition and would be hard to upgrade!

  • Scarce set of MKB-42 ammunition pouches


    A extremely scarce set of two magazine pouches for the MKB 42 assault rifle.  Probably one of the rarest magazine pouches produced during the second world war. These magazine pouches for the MKb 42 are as rare as the weapons itself. Interestingly these seem a in between model between the first and third type. The first type of pouches has the same direction of the magazine compartments pointing inwards. In the later models these where the magazines curved out of the way of the body. Most probably due to the magazines sticking into ones abdomen whilst going prone. Nicely marked Mkb 42 – jwa 4 indicating production by Moritz Stecher, Lederwerk, Freiburg. A unique set that I’ll most definitely never find another set of. A no-brainer if you own a extremely rare MKB 42 !

  • Pre war P08 Luger holster Gebrüder Klinge Dresden 1936


    A textbook pre war P08 Luger holster in very good condition. Nicely marked Gebrüder Klinge Dresden 1936. The holster is complete with all loops, straps and buckle. One of the loops has a period repair at the bottom. The holster is in nice used condition and comes with its original tool which is very hard to find!

  • Small collection of third reich era tobacco


    Nice small collection of 8 filled cigarette packs in good condition. The packs are of a small variety of different brands as smoked and issued in the Wehrmacht.

  • Unique last ditch Y-straps manufactured from bread bag strap material


    Possibly the scarcest last ditch type Y-strap I’ve had to offer. This late war Y-strap is completely made out of breadbag strap material. The steel hooks are simplified as on late war A-frames. I’ve never seen another one like this one and I can’t find another one online. Very scarce, a must for the late war equipment collector!

  • German army Sanitäter medical recognition vest


    Super rare German army medical or Sanitäter red cross recognition vest. These vest where issued and worn by Sanitäter and Krankenträger to be easily recognized in battle. The vest is in good unworn condition and nicely marked Wk. V. Ulm. A centerpiece to any Sanitäter mannequin!

  • Mint pair of Heer infantry EM shoulderstraps


    A original minty and matching pair of white rayon-piped Infantry EM Heer shoulder straps. The straps are a perfect matching pair for a Heer tunic and are very hard to come by.

  • Pre war pair of Heer EM Panzerjäger shoulderstraps

    Sale! 300.00 250.00

    Stunning pre war pair of pointed style EM Panzerjäger shoulder straps in mint condition. Nicely pink embroided P and unit marked inside. The straps are matching and would be impossible to upgrade.

  • Minty late war Y-straps


    A great late war Y-strap with simplified backstrap. Nicely RBNr marked and in good, supple condition. Can’t be upgraded!

  • K98 bayonet frog marked Stecher Freiberg 1940


    A nice and supple K98 bayonet frog marked Stecher Freiberg 1940 with aluminum hardware! Hard to find as a spare in this condition.

  • P08 Luger holster marked bml 42


    A textbook P08 Luger holster in very good condition. Nicely marked bml 42 indicating production by Hans Römer, Neu-Ulm. The holster is complete with all loops, straps and buckle. Hard to upgrade piece!

  • Blue Luftwaffe Gamaschen


    Hard to find matching pair of Luftwaffe Gamaschen or gaiters to match a nice pair of M37 Schnürschuhe. 

  • Minty M31 Splittertarn Zeltbahn


    A very nice minty Splittertarn M31 Zeltbahn in unissued condition. The Zeltbahn is free of damages and has most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. The colors are nice, bright and full of contrast. Hard to find in this condition!

  • Matching pair M40 shoulderstraps for a Heer EM Kradschütze


    Hard to find pair of Heer EM shoulderstraps for Kradschützen. These shoulder boards where worn by Kradschützen, troops mounted on motorcycles with sidecars. These troops where one of the first fast response units which saw lots of action early in the war. These shoulderstraps have the copper brown rayon piping typical for the Kradschützen. Extremely hard to find pair of shoulderstraps!

  • Kradmelder dustgoggles marked PW 43


    A very nice original pair of dust goggles marked FD 42. The elastic in the band is still strong and the glass is still in one piece. A very nice and textbook pair as seen on the two original photographs. The central nut has been replaced which is a common treat to these goggles. A nice pair of goggles to add to a helmet.

  • Rare medical wound tag booklet


    Rare to find Wundzettel book with 20(!) wound tags. These paper tags where to be worn on the uniform when wounded. Hard to find in good condition, this booklet is a important part of the Sanitäter equipment!

  • Waffen-SS Plane tree 5/6 M31 zeltbahn


    A stunning Waffen-SS hand screened plane tree 5/6 Zeltbahn in great condition. The Zeltbahn retains most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. The colours are nice, bright and full of contrast. The Zeltbahn has one or two small damages but is otherwise gradable near mint. The Zeltbahn would be a awesome backdrop for any collection or a nice addition to a A-frame. It is a true stunner and must have for the Waffen-SS camouflage collector!

  • Lightbrown late war Y-straps


    Scarce late war brown Y-straps in lightly worn condition. Hard to find brown pair of Y-straps nicely RBNR marked inside the O-ring leather. Scarce!

  • M38 gasmask canister


    A nice and named long M38 gas mask canister with straps, mask and filter. The canister is nicely named to Obergefreiter Juckel. 

  • Light brown bakelite butterdish dated 1944


    A deep chocolate coloured butterdish in good condition. The bakelite is free of cracks and is a nice light brown colour. The butterdish opens in a 1/3 turn as it should and dated 1944.

  • Card of 24 mint tunic buttons marked BJ 42


    Original 1942 dated Blaugrau buttons for Heer, Luftwaffe and SS. In 1943 a new einheitsfarbe meaning colour for all branches was introduced and used on all garments. This was never fully implemented but a large portion of the M43 and most if not all M44 tunics received these. From that date onwards Graublau was the new textbook colour for pebbled buttons on uniforms. These can be seen on original m42, m43 and m44 tunics, mantels and caps. Also the M43 tropical uniforms and Fliegerblusen featured these!

    The price is for one card of 24 perfect mint buttons.

  • Unit marked M31 canteen marked FWBN37 named Sauter


    A very nice M31 canteen marked FWBN37 and FWBN38 indicating production in January 1938 by F.W. Brockelmann Aluminiumwerk GmbH KG,Neheim/RuhrThe canteen cup is nicely named Sauter. The canteen strap is unit marked Bekl. L. im L. K. 2

  • Long K98 dress bayonet Puma Solingen


    Nice period K98 dress bayonet in good used condition. The bayonet is marked Puma indicating production by the well known Puma factory in Solingen which also produced Nahkampfmesser for the Wehrmacht.

  • Straight E-tool dated 1944


    Straight E-tool in used as found condition. Nicely maker marked for Dahlmann & Sohn 1944.

  • Pair of Italian brown lowboots


    These late war Italian made boots where issued and worn throughout units in the Heer and especially in the Waffen-SS who reissued many Italian type uniforms. These boots would be perfect for a late war mannequin. The boots come with a mint pair of metal tipped Wehrmacht issue laces. The boots are in good, worn condition and would be a nice addition for a combat mannequin!

  • Pre war pair of Heer EM Artillerie Regiment 51 shoulder straps


    Stunning pre war pair of pointed style EM Artillerie shoulder straps in mint condition. Nicely red embroided 51 for Artillerie Regiment 51. The straps are matching and would be impossible to upgrade.





  • Combat worn non reversible Sumpftarn parka


    A very nice obviously combat worn non-reversible Sumpftarn parka in salty condition. The parka is a nice desirable size 2. The jacket has a few replaced buttons, a few holes and some obvious wear. If you’re looking for a combat jacket – this is it!

  • Wehrmacht issue fur hat with eagle size 58 marked RB-Nr. 0/0035/0095


    A nice fur issued Heer fur hat in mint condition. Nicely marked RB-Nr. 0/0035/0095 1943 and size 58 which is a large size for the time period. The cap is in good condition and the fur still retains most of its hairs. Can’t be upgraded!

  • Pistole 35(p) Radom holster bnz 1943


    A very nice Pistole 35(p) Radom holsterThe holster is in good lightly used condition. Inside its nicely marked bnz P35(p) 1943.

  • Lightweight Y-straps marked 1/0348/0022


    A nice and minty pair of lightweight Y-straps as issued to KavallerieLuftwaffe and Kriegsmarine personnel. Nicely maker marked 1/0348/0022. Hard to upgrade!

  • Luftwaffe rucksack


    A nice blue Luftwaffe rucksack in unissued condition. There are a few small holes in the bottom, but otherwise this would look awesome on a display fully filled and equipped!

  • M43 Heer Wachmantel in very good condition


    A very nice hooded Heer M43 Wachmantel. The Wachmantel is a nice medium size. Many of these overcoats where issued and used a lot during the Ardennes offensive. The overcoat has a few moth holes here and there but shows only minimal use. It is a very nice M43 Wachmantel in very good condition!

  • Waffen-SS M42 plane tree 1/2 camouflage smock


    A stunning original Waffen-SS plane tree 1/2 overprint smock in mint/unissued condition. The smock is a typical M42 type 1 smock with straight pockets. The pockets are lined with field grey Drillich material with blurred edge pocket flaps. The garment is typically sewn on the sides with a double needle seam and the rest finished with a single needle machine. The rayon drawstring is woven through handsewn holes. All of the foliage loops are fully intact. The sleeves are finished with hand screened 5/6 plane tree. The elastic on the sleeves and waist is still in functional condition and has never been removed or replaced. The smock does not have any damages or holes. The camouflage print is strong and full of contrast and the colours very vibrant. The smock would be a prime piece in any camouflage collection and would be very hard to upgrade.

  • Mint Heer/Waffen-SS M31 Breadbag


    Hard to upgrade mint late war breadbag. Nicely maker marked and dated 1944. The D-rings are painted blue which is a uncommon but typical late war feature. The buttons on the belt straps have never been attached, truly mint!

  • Brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holster bnz 1943


    A very nice brown Pistole 35(p) Radom holsterThe holster is in good lightly used condition. Inside its nicely named and marked bnz P35(p) 1943.

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