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  • P38 hardshell holster jln 1943


    A nice original Hardshell P38 holster marked jln 1943 indicating production by Deutsche Lederwerkstaetten GmbH, Pirmasens. The holster is in great condition and would be hard to upgrade!

  • Short apple green gasmask canister named Bartels Hans


    A nice pre war complete gasmask canister named Hans B Bartels. The gasmask is complete with straps, filter, cleaning cloth, spring and spare lenses. The canister still retains up to 95% of its apple green paint.

  • Bakelite flare container


    Very nice bakelite flare container for 6 green star flares in very good condition with its original (often faked(!)) label.

  • LP34 flare gun marked AYF 43 in very good condition


    A very nice LP34 in working condition. The LP34 still has the full anodization finish and never has been repainted. The finish still remains for 99% and this is one of the nicest LP34 flare guns I’ve ever owned.  The LP34 is marked AYF 43 which indicates production by “Erma”, B. Geipel, G.m.b.H., Waffenfabrik, Erfurt.

    These flare guns are legal and free to own without permit in the Netherlands for everyone over 18 years of age. Please conduct your local laws before purchasing this product. I am not responsible for any legal concequences if shipped outside of the Netherlands.

  • LP34 flare gun marked AYF 41 in very good condition


    A very nice LP34 in working condition. The LP34 still has the full anodization finish and never has been repainted. The finish still remains for 99% and this is one of the nicest LP34 flare guns I’ve ever owned.  The LP34 is marked AYF 41 which indicates production by “Erma”, B. Geipel, G.m.b.H., Waffenfabrik, Erfurt.

  • Matching K98 bayonet F.W. Höller 1939

    Call for Price

    A nice and matching K98 bayonet marked F.W. Höller.

  • Italian made late war mountain boots


    These late war Italian made boots where issued and worn throughout units in the Heer and especially in the Waffen-SS who reissued many Italian type uniforms. These boots would be perfect for a late war mannequin. The boots are in good, unworn condition and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • K98 rifle sling marked N Waldow Prag 1943


    A nice brown K98 sling in very good lightly used condition. Nicely marked N Waldow Prag 1943. The strap is supple and would be a very nice addition to any K98, K43 or MP44. Hard to upgrade!

  • Mauser 1934 pistol – EU Deactivated!


    A small Mauser 1934 pistol deactivated in 2018 following the EU-Deactivation guidelines with certificate. Often issued to Police and Kriegsmarine troops, this small pocket sized pistol was also privately purchased by many soldiers. The pistol is in good lightly used condition with most of its original blueing. The Mauser can be cocked and dry fired. There is a crack in the grip on the back of the pistol, but it’s still in one piece. A nice pistol to complete that holster!

    Shipping within the Netherlands is possible. Other then that, pickup is preferred!

  • M31 tropical Labeflasche marked G&CL 43


    A nice minty and matching M31 Labeflasche marked G&CL 43 indicating prodution by Gehardi & Co, Lüdenscheid. Hard to upgrade tropical canteen in mint condition!

  • Black leather mapcase named Uffz. Rimke


    A nice mapcase complete with a map cover and a GKS planzeiger.

  • ET66 Luftwaffe single decal M42 helmet


    Luftwaffe single decal M42 Stahlhelm marked ET66 indicating production by Eisenhüttenwerke-Thale. The helmet has a nice large size 66 liner which is original to the helmet. The helmet retains its original paint and decal up to 90%.

  • Enwell type Wehrmacht issue flashlight


    Typical Wehrmacht issue flashlight in good, unissued condition. Nicely finished in blue grey paint.

  • Battledamaged Heer M40 helmet


    A black painted Heer single decal Q64 M40 helmet. The black colour is often referred to as Flak and is applied on top of the factory textured fieldgrey paint with Heer DecalThe helmet was recently obtained straight from the woodwork in Antwerp, Belgium. The helmet has a bullet/shrapnel damage to the front of the helmet. This also damaged the black paint indicating the helmet was already painted black when it was hit. The helmet is in very good, lightly worn condition and has its original liner and chinstrap. Behind the liner we find newspapers that where added by the soldier for a more comfortable wear. The helmet is nice and uncommon but most of all a honest damaged helmet and priced to sell!

  • Picture set of Rudi Klingelberger


    A nice picture set of Rudi Klingelberger who served in 1 Fernaufklärerstaffel 123. Rudi was killed in action on 27.03.1944 and rests on the German military gravesite in Pomezia, Block R Grab 1209. The front shows a very nice picture of him with a white covered helmet in the snow.

  • Late war Enamel M42 messkit marked AEMA 44


    A very nice late war Enamelled M42 messkit in good, lightly used condition. The messkit still retains most of its original enameling and is a typical late war messkit in very good condition!

  • Second pattern Afrikakorps tropical pith helmet R&C 1942


    A nice second pattern Afrikakorps pith helmet in unissued condition. The helmet is dated 1942 and is size 56. The helmet is complete with its chinstrap and its zinc insignia.

  • CZ 27 pistol with original holster – EU Deactivated!


    Nice CZ 27 pistol with its original minty holster. The CZ27 is nicely deactivated according to the new EU regulations and comes with a deactivation certificate. These small CZ pistols where captured by the Germans and later also produced on their behalf. The CZ can be cocked and dry fired. This is a pre war CZ with a ’41 dated holster. A great set !

    Shipping within the Netherlands is possible. Other then that, pickup is preferred!

  • Kriegsmarine / Küstenartillerie heavy fur lined Wachmantel


    Heavy fully lined Kriegsmarine or Küstenartillerie guard coat or Wachmantel in very good condition. This garment was recently discovered in a cloth processing plant and has never been in a collection before. It’s missing one button on the shoulder and has a few moth holes. Otherwise a very nice garment in lightly worn condition. The coat is fully lined with thick sheepskin creating a very good insulation for the sometimes arctic temperatures at for instance many of the Küstenartillerie batteries in Norway. Hard to find!

  • HKP64 M42 small mesh half basket chickenwire helmet


    A spectacular M42 half basket chickenwire helmet. The helmet is marked hkp64 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. in the shell size 64. The helmet retains its wartime installed half basket chickenwire camouflage netting which has never been removed from the helmet. The helmet retains up to 90% of its original fieldgrey paint. The liner and chinstrap are original to the helmet and are both in strong used condition. The helmet and its camouflage netting are a one looker original set. Chickenwire camouflage helmets are highly sought after and are key parts of every helmet collection. Simply a stunning chickenwire camouflage helmet that would be véry hard to upgrade.

  • First pattern earliest known MP38 pouch


    Super rare first pattern MP38 magazine pouch in light used condition. This first pattern pouch was made prior to 1940. Interesting and typical to the construction of these pouches is the white webbing ammunition belt material used for the belt loops and D-ring. The pouch is extremely scarce to find, especially in this good, undamaged condition. These pouches are seen typically with Fallschirmjäger along with the 6 cell variant of these pouches. For sure the rarest type of MP38 magazine pouch in very good lightly used but undamaged condition!

  • Uniform grouping of Heinz Pressing Gebirgsjäger regt 98


    A nice grouping that was found in the household of Heinz Preissing several years ago. The grouping consists of a M40 tunic and a Soldbuch with a large amount of paperwork. Also there is a nice large picture of Heinz, sitting next to his equipment. The M40 tunic has its factory machine sewn litzen and breast eagle. The breast eagle is machine sewn, then folded flat and finished by hand. The shoulder boards retain the cyphers for Gebirgsjäger Regiment 98. The Unteroffizierstresse is machine sewn to the collar. The Gebirgsjäger Edelweiss is handsewn. The breast pocket has 4 sets of wartime sewn loops for awards and a small spange above it. The tunic is not shortened or tailored but has several wartime machine sewn repairs. The Soldbuch has many, many entries and a picture in the front. Heinz carried a French or Dutch pistol with 16 rounds of ammunition. He entered service in 1938. Heinz was awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen Im Schwarz in 1941. The Soldbuch corresponds with the Erkennungsmarke. Heinz was a part of the Staff of the unit, possibly later in the war he was the Zahlmeister.

    Gebirgsjäger Regiment 98 was one of the first units to enter Poland in 1939. Then following up in the 1940 campaign attacked France, moving through Luxembourg. More information on the unit here.

    Although the grouping could bring more if split up, I have no wish to split this group up. The grouping is large and has lots of research possibilities. I wish I had more time to go more into the paperwork; its really a interesting group!

  • Pioneer saw in presstoff carrier


    Nice original Pioneer saw in good lightly used condition. The carrier still retains the bayonet loop!

  • Pair of Waffen-SS (Sturm)Artillerie Unterscharführer shoulderstraps


    Nice matching mid war pair of shoulderstraps for a Waffen-SS Unterscharführer der (Sturm)Artillerie. The set is in very good, lightly worn condition with red rayon piping. Would be perfect to match to a lightly worn tunic. These shoulderstraps are very hard to find!

  • Rare webbing/leather P.37(u) holster


    Rare German made holster for the P.37(u) Femaru. The holster is constructed from a mix of webbing and leather. These holsters are sometimes referred to as being tropical issue as these first came at the same time with the webbing equipment. The holster is in very good condition and nicely marked cdc 41 indicating production by Kern, Klager u. Co., Lederwaren, Berlin. The holster was also used and worn with the P.27(t).

  • Second pattern Afrikakorps tropical pith helmet


    A nice second pattern Afrikakorps pith helmet in unissued condition. The helmet is dated 1942 and is size 56. The helmet is complete with its chinstrap and its zinc insignia.

  • Presstoff MG34 and MG42 tool pouch


    Nice presstoff MG34 and MG42 tool pouch in very good, lightly used condition. Not visibly maker marked. Complete with the wooden board and Kreiskornbehalter.

  • Complete LP34 holster with sling and cleaning rod


    Complete Presstoff holster with its original sling and cleaning rod. The pouch is nicely marked fuq 1942, and the cleaning rod is marked GL38. The set is in very good lightly used condition. Hard to find complete set!

  • Afrikakorps tropical breeches


    A excellent pair of Breeches in unissued condition. Hard to find!

  • Lightbrown german helmet chinstrap


    Hard to find lightbrown German helmet chinstrap. Nice supple construction with steel hardware

  • Leather Y-strap marked R.B.Nr. 0/1001/0236


    Nice and typical late war original Y-strap with simplified backstrap in very good condition. The backstrap is typical for a 44/45 production with a gasmask strap hook.

  • Straight E-tool with Presstoff carrier marked jwa 4


    A very nice original straight E-tool with a tan presstoff carrier marked jwa 4 indicating production by Moritz Stecher, Lederwerk, Freiburg. The E-tool and its carrier where found together and are both in very good, lightly used condition. The carrier retains all leather straps and loops and is supple. The shovel is strong and nicely marked REX 1943. A nice and textbook set which is hard to come by nowadays.

  • MG15 AA sight or Kreiskorn


    Hard to find spare that fits on the front of a MG15. These belong to the standard equipment of the MG15.

  • Wehrmacht issue fur hat with eagle


    A nice fur issued Heer fur hat in mint condition. Nicely dated 1943 and size 55 which is a common size for the time period. The cap is in good condition and the fur still retains most of its hairs. Can’t be upgraded!

  • Webbing Y-straps


    Nice original webbing Y-strap in good used condition!

  • P38 hardshell holster marked gcx 1941


    Hardshell P38 holster, nicely marked gcx 1941 indicating production by Ing. Karl Brettschneider, Maehrisch-Schoenberg. The holster is in good lightly worn condition with a imprint of the gun that was carried inside.

  • Straight E-tool carrier in mint condition


    Typical late war unmarked E-tool carrier in mint condition. Typical model which is always found unmarked. Typical late war construction mix of Presstoff and leather. The leather is strong and supple. Perfect for a mannequin! Impossible to upgrade!

  • Early pattern tropical belt


    A nice early pattern tropical belt with woven, not stitched adjustment holes in nice used condition. Hard to find this early pattern for Heer and Luftwaffe troops!

  • Waffen-SS Oak B camouflage zeltbahn in good used condition


    A very nice oak-B Zeltbahn in very good condition. Missing some buttons, some repairs that would be expected of the age! The Zeltbahn retains its rich and strong colours and really stands out! A nice original Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in good used condition!

  • M40 Heer/Waffen-SS breadbag


    A bit dusty but unissued. Textbook, nicely dated and maker marked.

  • Brown K98 frog LBA(S) 1938


    A nice brown Luftwaffe bayonet frog maker marked and dated 1938. The leather is dry and should be dressed. Otherwise it is undamaged and would probably be very nice once treated. Hard to find pre war LBA(S) marked Luftwaffe bayonet frog in good condition!

  • Heer/Waffen-SS pullover shirt


    Rare Heer/Waffen-SS pullover shirt. Typical type pullover shirt or Diensthemd. The shirt is made from a grey grey coloured material with paper buttons. Nice medium size. Rare and textbook Heer/Waffen-SS shirt in good used condition!

  • Waffen-SS plane tree 5/6 Zeltbahn


    A nice original plane tree 5/6 overprint Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in strong used condition. Nicely marked with number 5 and a manufacturer stampThe Zeltbahn retains its colours and contrast and some of its originally sewn buttons. The Zeltbahn shows wear and some damages. A very strong used Waffen-SS plane tree zeltbahn with holes and damages. Not the nicest, but a original plane tree zeltbahn priced to sell!

  • German period issue scarf


    A nice and typical issue scarf in rough grey wool. Most probably issued together with a sweater, socks and gloves. Hard to find period cold weather item!

  • LP34 flare gun marked 237 1940


    A very nice LP34 in working condition. The LP34 still has the original anodization finish and never has been repainted. The finish still remains for 75%. The grips are a nice black bakelite. The LP34 is marked 237 1940 which indicates production by Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabriken Bernhard Berghaus.

    These flare guns are legal and free to own without permit in the Netherlands for everyone over 18 years of age. Please conduct your local laws before purchasing this product. I can only ship this item within the Netherlands.

  • EF64 single decal Kriegsmarine M42 helmet


    Textbook original Kriegsmarine M42 helmet marked EF64 indicating production by Emaillierwerke Fulda in very good condition.
    The helmet retains up to 95% of its original textured field grey paint and golden Kriegsmarine decal. The decal is a Kriegsmarine thin wing type manufactured by Huber Jordan u. Koerner. The top of the decal shows a golden line indicating the decal was manufactured in multiple layers and is a textbook Kriegsmarine helmet. The lot number is also noted in the lot number database as a Single Decal Kriegsmarine helmet. The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap. Kriegsmarine M42 helmets are very rare, especially in a exceptional condition as this one. I doubt I will find another soon!

  • Pre war minty Gasmask canister


    A very nice minty pre war gasmask canister with 99% of the original paint remaining.

  • Brown pre war tall jackboots


    A nice textbook pair of pre war tall brown jackboots in good light worn condition. The soles retain all of their hobnails and steel heel pieces. Nice pair for a mannequin!

  • Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse


    Nice original unissued Fliegerbluse with all factory sewn insignia for a flight or Fallschirmjäger. The Fliegerbluse is unissued condition with all of the nap remaining in the wool. The blouse has a few moth damages on the back where the belt would sit. Otherwise a perfect Fliegerbluse for a Fallschirmjäger!

  • MG34 tool pouch contents


    Rare set of three MG34 spares consisting of a spider AA sight, oil can and wrench. Hard to find spares to complete a pouch!

  • Kriegsmarine M38 gasmask with microphone attachment


    Rare Kriegsmarine gasmask with microphone attachment. The mask and its filter are named to Graf. Inside the mask is marked with the Kriegsmarine Acceptance stamp. Hard to upgrade complete gasmask with all accessories and markings you’d like to see.

  • Luftwaffe tropical shirt


    Nice original issue Luftwaffe field shirt with removed breast eagle. A mint breast eagle is part of the deal which would be easily restored to the piece!

  • Sanitäter pouch contents


    Nice lot of items issued with Sanitäter pouches. Hard to find military issued medical accessories and nice to fill a pouch. The contents are void of any medical substances!

  • German period national flag


    Nice original flag in mint condition 85 x 115 cm. One small damage. Stitched on both sides.

  • MG42 tool pouch marked fuq 1945 with webbing strap


    Hard to find minty black Presstoff MG42 tool pouch with a webbing closing strap. The pouch is nicely marked fuq 1945 indicating production by Curt Vogel, Cottbuss. The pouch is in mint condition and complete with its original wooden and steel inserts. First one I’ve found with this rare original closing strap!

  • Large wartime spool of Feldgrau thread


    Hard to find original large spool of Feldgrau thread as used on Heer, Kriegsmarine and Waffen-SS uniforms.

  • Wartime issue trousers suspenders marked DRP


    Hard to find wartime issue personal item. These where issued to the troops and are hard to find in good unissued condition as most have been used up postwar. 99% of the troops wore trouser suspenders like these or used their privately purchased examples.

  • MG34 / MG42 barrel carrier or Laufschützer 43


    A very nice original Laufschützer 43, a barrel carrier designed to carry both the MG34 and MG42 barrels. The barrel carrier comes with its originally attached sling in full length. The paint still retains up to 80% on this piece and it would be very hard to upgrade this piece. Most barrel carriers on the market have replaced slings, been repainted or even stripped and blued postwar. This one is a fully untouched late war example in very good original condition!

  • Webbing equipment belt


    Very nice all webbing construction webbing equipment belt sized 90. Hard to upgrade, mint!

  • Waffen-SS M40 mantel made by 242


    A stunning original M40 Waffen-SS Mantel or overcoat in near mint condition. The mantel is not to be confused with the Heer/Army type; this cut of Mantel is different in shape, cut, marking and is specifically made for the Waffen-SS. The eagle has been removed from the sleeve, other then that its a nice untouched near mint condition Waffen-SS M40 Mantel. There are several small moth holes on the bottom of the coat. These overcoats are very scarce! The mantel is marked 242 which is a specific waffen-ss producer. These overcoats are very scarce!

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