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  • Wehrmacht cutlery set marked 86


    A very nice set with all the pieces marked 86. These where issued to enlisted men, NCO’s and officers. The set is in good condition and would normally be one of the standard breadbag items!

  • Late war A-frame made out of recycled materials


    A very nice original late war A-frame made from recycled canvas. The A-frame is complete with all three originally mounted straps and is in near mint condition. A nice late war A-frame in a uncommon but very interesting design!

  • Short tropical trousers


    A very nice pair of short tropical trousers. One of the buckles on the side is missing but other then that this pair is perfect. Would very nicely compliment a Saharina tunic for instance!

  • Fallschirmjäger bandoleer marked Anton Kiefer 1942


    A very nice mint condition Fallschirmjäger bandoleer marked Anton Kiefer 1942. The bandoleer is in very good unissued condition with all press studs and pockets in tact. Hard to find original Fallschirmjäger from the maker Anton Kiefer !

  • Early aluminium unit marked MG34 ammunition box


    A very nice 1940 dated ammunition box with the subtle brown camouflage that is typical for the early equipment and vehicles. The box is complete with all leather handle protectors and with a working hinge and closing latch. The box is marked for the third Kompanie, the third Zug, the third Gruppe. A nice early box in very good condition with most of its original paint!

  • Waffen-SS Oak Zeltbahn


    A very nice original Oak zeltbahn with most of its original buttons. It has a few small repairs and a few missing buttons but it has great colours and displays very nicely!

  • Pre war Reichswehr belt buckle


    A nice pre war Reichswehr belt buckle in strong used condition. These buckles where issued until the Heer buckle with swastika was introduced. A few wore these buckles throughout the war but they are hard to find in good used condition like this!

  • M31 messkit marked e.m.k. 41


    A nice early messkit marked e.m.k. 41 indicating production by Aluminiumwerke Göttingen, GmbH. The messkit retains up to 85% of its original field grey paint and is in very good condition. This maker mark is only scarcely encountered!

  • Waffen SS Plane tree 5/6 overprint zeltbahn


    A truly mint plane tree 5/6 overprint Waffen-SS zeltbahn dated 1943. The zeltbahn still retains all of its original sewn buttons and the fabric is still very bright, nicely coloured! Very hard to find a better one!

  • White bakelite butterdish


    A very rare white bakelite butterdish in good condition. Orange and black butterdishes are relatively easy to find, but the white bakelite butterdishes are very rare!

  • Rare silver painted steel Heer belt buckle by Overhoff


    These buckles where made alter in the war and finished exactly like the unmarked Waffen-SS buckles by Overhoff. The catch on the buckle is bent, other then that it is a rare variant in very good condition with up to 90% of the original silver paint remaining!

  • Rare Dutch “Verblifa” made canteen


    A very nice Dutch made canteen by the VerBliFa factory. A hard to find variation in nice used condition!

  • Wehrmacht cutlery set marked FBCM 42


    A very nice matching set marked FBCM 42 indicating production by F.R. BURBERG & CO. A-G. METTMANN-SOLINGEN. These where issued to enlisted men, NCO’s and officers. The set is in good condition and would normally be one of the standard breadbag items!

  • Late war Luftwaffe breadbag with riveted buttons


    A very nice, late war breadbag with riveted buttons on the top. Nicely RBNR marked on the middle support strap. I’ve never seen these riveted buttons before!

  • Kriegsmarine M35 camouflage helmet


    A nice original Kriegsmarine camouflage helmet. The helmet is marked ET66 indicating production by Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale and has a non reinforced, 19378 dated size 58 liner. The helmet retains its original Kriegsmarine decal and is still in a dusty untouched condition. The helmet was repainted 2 or 3 times during the war and had two, not one decals applied. If you look at the closeup you can clearly see the overlaying of the decals and the clear golden feathers of the Kriegsmarine decal, not to be confused with a toned Heer decal. The national or tricolor decal was removed wartime, as per regulation. The helmet still retains most of its tan and green spray painted camouflage. The rivets are, like the liner, original to the helmet and have not been removed.

    The helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap which are original to the helmet! The lot number in the helmet is 3678 and according to the lot number reference by Brian Ice it is exactly as it should: M35 ET66 3678 DD KM 37NRAB BS.

    The helmet has a lot of patina and makes a great display piece, hard to find a original Kriegsmarine camouflage helmet!



  • P08 Luger takedown load tool


    A nice original P08 Luger takedown tool in good condition. Hard to find spare and nice to complete your holster with.

  • MG34/42 barrel changing mitt


    Rare wartime barrel changing mitt for the MG34 and MG42. When firing the MG34 and MG42 continuously the German soldiers where presented with a harsh and difficult task: changing the barrel. The MG34 and MG42 where both made with a quick-change barrel and to help in the changing of the barrel these gloves where invented and issued. These gloves where issued with the accessories of the MG34 and MG42. It is simply used by placing the hand under the strap and using the pad to cover your hand when you grab the hot, sometimes even glowing barrel. The barrel is then placed in the Laufschützer to cool down and a cool new barrel is inserted. According to regulations, the barrel had to be changed after 150 rounds fired continuously. Hard to find item!

  • Luftwaffe M31 breadbag Ernst Melzig, Liegnitz 1941


    A very nice Luftwaffe M31 breadbag marked Ernst Melzig, Liegnitz 1941 with matching strap. Hard to find one matching with the strap in good condition. On the inside the initials P.W. are marked. A typical Luftwaffe M31 Brotbeutel in great condition!

  • Prewar breadbag in good used condition


    A nice pre war breadbag in very good condition with aluminium hardware. Nicely maker marked on the centre strap. A typical breadbag as issued to the Wehrmacht/Waffen-SS.

  • Luftwaffe EM/NCO visor cap named Uffz. Heinrich Schnuer KIA over U.K.


    A nice Luftwaffe EM/NCO visor cap worn by Uffz.(Unteroffizier) Heinrich Schnuer. The cap is slightly moth damaged to the crown but otherwise in great condition. The cap comes together with a framed wartime picture of what is said to be Heinrich Schnuer and a picture of his grave today.

    This cap belonged to Uffz.(Unteroffizier) Heinrich Schnuerborn 11.3.1923 in Ilsenburg and lost his life in the night of 24.4.1944 over Dorset, United Kingdom.

    On this night the KG 2 or Kampf Geschwader 2 was on a bombing mission to Bristol, UK.
    117 bombers from IX Fliegerkorps were to take part in this mission.
    4 aircraft were lost from KG 2.
    Schnuer was acting as observer in Ju 188 E1 “U5+GH”, Werk Nr. 180414 with 1 Staffel, I Gruppe, Kampfgeschwader 2.

    Their plane was shot down by 3.7 inch AA guns and was was seen to crash at 02:30 in Arne, Dorset, UK.

    Heinrich Schnuer is buried in the cemetery of Warehem, United Kingdom. Position of the grave is block B, row O and grave 35.

    A nice named and ID’ed visor cap with a interesting history!

  • Late war SS-Soldbuch to Heinrich Hunsinger, 5. SS-Ausb. Abt.


    A late war Waffen-SS Soldbuch to Heinrich Hunsinger a member of 5. SS-Ausbildungs Abteilung. The soldbuch has all the pages as far as I can tell and has some interesting information, worthy of further research. The soldbuch has entries between 1944 and 1945. A nice and original late war Waffen-SS Soldbuch!

  • Set of blue rifle grenade pouches


    A nice late war set of original rifle grenade pouches in very good, unissued and undamaged condition. These pouches where issued to carry the heavy rifle grenades and the special rifle grenade blanks to shoot these. These bags are finished in blue canvas with untanned, riveted leather parts. The inside of these pouches feature small sections in which the rifle grenade cartridges where kept. The pouches are marked underneath the flap but it is hard to tell what the stamp says exactly. I have attached a picture of soldiers of SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment 25, with the SS-Schütze Ernst Molter, armed with Kar98K Schießbecher and the same pouches around his neck.

    Hard to upgrade original pouches in nice blue/gray canvas as issued to members of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS

  • German field kitchen coffee sifter


    Unusual, but a nice display piece. This enamel sifter was used to make coffee in the German infantry field kitchen or Gulashkanone. I’ve never seen one before and I doubt I will again soon.

  • Y-strap marked RBNr. 0/0156/0013 with late wire hook


    A nice original Y-strap in good used condition marked RBNr. 0/0156/0013. The Y-strap is a late war type with a late war backstrap with the “wire” hook. It has a post war Czech depot stamp underneath one of the auxiliary straps. The strap is a nice supple and complete example, typical as issued to the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS.

  • Rare set of MP40 pouches marked eqr 41


    A very rare set of unissued blue gray MP40 pouches marked eqr 41 indicating production by G. Passier & Sohn, Sattlerwarenfabrik, Hannover. Both pouches are nicely marked on the back in white ink eqr 41 – MP38 u. 40. The pouches are in very good IMO unissued condition and the brown leather straps are nice and supple. A pair of matching pouches is very hard to find, especially in this near perfect condition!

  • Mint condition CLG 43 MP40 pouch


    A very nice mint condition MP40 pouch. This is truly one of the nicest MP40 pouches I have encountered and would make a nice addition to the collector of equipment. The pouch features some interesting details as described in the full description.

  • Brown G43 ammunition pouch marked CNY44


    A very nice unissued K43 / G43 ammunition pouch marked CNY44 indication production by C. Pose, Wehrausrüstungen, Berlin. The pouch is a nice variation in brown leather.

  • Italian issued turtleneck sweater


    These sweaters, originally Italian manufacture, where captured from Italian stocks after their surrender in 1943. There are many original pictures showing such a sweater. The sweater is in good, lightly worn condition.

  • Pre war breadbag in good used condition dated 1937


    A nice 1937 dated Wehrmacht/Waffen-SS breadbag. The breadbag has a small hole on the back, other then that it is in very good used condition!

  • Brown WH issue soap box with original soap in as found condition


    A small brown bakelite soap container as issued in the Wehrmacht. The container still retains the original soap that was found in it. The soap container is in nice uncleaned “as found” condition.

  • Black bakelite 6×30 binocular case


    A nice black bakelite 6×30 binocular case in very good condition. The case is complete with all straps and is undamaged. Hard to find a better one!

  • Beautiful brown unissued textbook jackboots


    A beautiful pair of textbook jackboots in untanned leather. They are nicely maker marked Meyer and dated 1941. They are in size 26 which at that era was a very common size. The jackboots have some minor stains from storage but have never been worn!

    A beautiful pair that would nicely attribute to a Luftwaffe or Heer mannequin!

  • German wartime staff map of Ardennes region (Bastogne, La Gleize etc)


    A very nice and large wartime map of the Ardennes region. La Gleize, Bastogne, Houffalize, Bertogne Cobru and many other important Ardennes offensive battlefields are on it. The map is in very good condition and still is because it was archived for the Belgian army postwar. There is a small blue stamp on the back indicating that. But you can’t see that on the front of course!  A desirable original Wehrmacht issue map of the ardennes region in very good condition!

  • Mint Luftwaffe M42 helmet with perfect decal


    A mint M42 helmet with its original and perfect Luftwaffe decal. The helmet is complete with its original size 55 “spliced” liner. Very hard to find a better one then this exceptional example!

  • Luftwaffe M38 gasmask named Anton Juszczak L50375 (Antwerp, Den Bosch and Arnhem related)


    A very nice M38 gasmask with straps and mask named to Anton Juszczak L50375 .

    The feldpost number L50375 refers to a flak unit originally stationed in Antwerp, Belgium.
    (12.3.1943-7.9.1943) 3. Batterie leichte Flak-Abteilung 691,
    dann 3. Batterie leichte Flak-Abteilung 691 (v).

    More information on the unit can be seen here. The mother unit (18. Flak Brigade) retreated from Lille to Antwerp, Den Bosch and eventually Arnhem/Xanten as the front moved to Germany.

    The lid of the canister is slightly dented but it still closes and opens without problems. A very nice named gasmask with strap and possibility for further research. I will include a original short strap to supplement the long strap.

  • Combat used pre war breadbag with interesting period repairs


    This breadbag has seen a lot of action and has many period repairs to make it serviceable again. A lot of equipment pieces where repaired like this during the war as the Germans never threw anything good away. A interesting breadbag in strong used condition.

  • Equipment belt marked gfg 43 size 95


    A nice equipment belt in a good mannequin size 95 cm. The belt is nicely maker marked and dated gfg43 indicating production by Karl Hepting u. Co., Leder- u. Guertelfabrik, Stuttgart. 

  • Unissued 1940 dated M31 breadbag


    Maybe a dusty, but a never been used or unissued M31 breadbag, nicely maked marked and dated 1940. The loops have never been buttoned up before. The breadbag would be very hard to upgrade!

  • German reissued Italian messkit


    The Italian army messkit (Gavetta Modello 1930) was a commonly seen item within the German army. Prior to re-issue in the German army they where mostly painted green by the Germans. This Italian messkit is the best one I’ve ever seen!

  • Large German medical field hospital flag


    A rare original German field hospital flag. These flags where used to mark field hospitals but where also used on vehicles and positions.

  • Presstoff shovel carrier marked nju


    A nice original Presstoff shovel carrier in very good condition. Marked nju indicating production by G. Hertter & Co, Fellbach. Hard to upgrade!

  • Gebirgsjaeger rucksack


    A nice original Gebirgsjaeger rucksack in very good condition. The rucksack has a few small holes and a name on the top and strap. It is nicely RB numbered on the back and the leather is all in very good condition. A nice sturdy rucksack!

  • Rare late war ration bag Zusatzverpflegung für Frontkämpfer im Infanterieverband


    A rare original cellophane bag for extra rations issued to infantry troops serving on the front line. The bag is nicely marked Zusatzverpflegung für Frontkämpfer Im Infanterieverband indicating these where issued with rations such as bread, sausage, chocolate or crackers to infantry troops serving on the front line. These extra rations where a small addition on the scarce ration served during the war. A nice small addition in a diorama or mannequin setup, easily filled with modern equivalents!

  • Unusual late war breadbag made of captured material


    A very nice late war breadbag made out of captured rough cloth, most probably Russian! A very nice unusual breadbag in good unissued condition.

  • Brown Luftwaffe K98 bayonet frog marked LBA and dated 1938


    In very good, supple condition. Nicely marked LBA(S), maker marked and dated 1938 (hard to photograph) and aluminum fittings.  Hard to find a Chocolate brown Luftwaffe frog!

  • Pre war Y-strap with aluminum fittings named Oberjäger Georg Neuhof


    A very rare and early Y-strap named to Oberjäger Georg Neuhof. This Y-strap was made between 1938 and 1940 and is made in brown or untanned leather which was later blackened by the individual wearer during the war as ordered. The Y-strap has another nice early feature which is that the fittings on the Y-straps are made out of aluminum indicating pre 1940 production. The Y-strap is in complete condition with supple leather and nicely named. A very nice early Y-strap that would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Skin decontamination flask with rare carrier


    A rare Hautentgiftungsmittel box with all contents. Rare to encounter with the red pressed paper box and the original label on the flask!

  • Deactivated ar43 K98 rifle made by Mauser


    A beautiful k98 made by Mauser AG, Oberndorf. Unlike many others this one has not been re-issued postwar in other countries. It is not reblued, rechambered or restamped. It is in original condition and comes complete with the original strap. The k98 is completely matching but the stock. This was often taken of for maintenance and since this was often done in groups it is a common thing to see these mismatch to the rest of the rifle. The K98 is complete with all the accecoiries one would encounter on these rifles. A sight hood, cleaning rod, sling and barrel cap are all together with the rifle. Other then the stock it is completely numbered 3826. Finding a K98 that did not have a postwar army life without alterations these days is very hard. Nowadays most K98’s on the market have been tampered with. This would make a great addition to any German display!

    This rifle has been deactivated according to the Dutch law and can only be purchased by Dutch citizens older then 18 years of age. It comes with the original certificate of deactivation.

  • K98 sling dated 1938


    A nice prewar K98 sling dated 1938. Hard to find spare if you have a pre war k98!

  • Stunning Heer belt buckle with tab marked Dr. Fr. & Co. 1940


    Simply a stunning Heer buckle with 99% of its original finish remaining. Very hard to upgrade!

  • Late war soft shell P38 holster in mint condition


    A very nice late war P38 soft shell holster. The holster is nicely maker marked 0/0833/0007 indicating production by Hans Römer, Neu-Ulm. Simply a superb late war P38 holster in mint condition, can not be upgraded!

  • Matching pair of K98 pouches marked 0/0396/0027


    A very nice matching pair of K98 ammunition pouches. Hard to find in a matching pair, especially in this condition! Nicely marked 0/0396/0027  on the back. The pouches still retain all of their internal dividers.

  • Presstoff pouch for the Messdreieck 34

    Call for Price

    A rare presstoff pouch for the Messdreieck 34. Nicely marked and dated and in good condition!

  • Extremely rare M33 Reichswehr EM/NCO jackboots


    A extremely rare pair of M33 EM/NCO Reichswehr marching boots or Schnallenstiefel. These where discontinued in 1935 but still in use in the early stages of the war. Many pictures of the invasion in Czech, Poland, the Netherlands and France show these boots in wear. The leather is in very good supple condition and has a few period repairs. The boots are a nice average size. I will include a pair of wartime laces with these boots.

    A truly rare pair of boots in good used condition, very hard to find!

  • Mid/Late war Y-strap in good used condition


    A nice mid to late war Y-strap in good used condition. The RBNR marking has became unreadable through the time. Otherwise a nice original Y-strap in good condition!

  • Rare late war Riveted Y-strap marked RBNr. 0/0576/003


    A nice original Y-strap marked RBNr. 0/0576/003. This Y-strap is a rare latewar “riveted” variant. On multiple places rivets are used in stead of stitches. Another interesting feature is the angle on which the auxiliary D-rings on top are sewn. These are typical features for this maker but sadly the RBnr. can not be traced. A name “Vollmer” was written underneath the auxiliary strap. A very rare late war Y-strap!

  • Stunning salty grouping to a Leutnant in a Nachschub unit


    A stunning salty grouping to a Leutnant in a Nachschub unit. Read the full description to see what is in this exciting grouping that was found in Belgium with as a centre piece a period converted EM Drillich tunic!

  • Straight shovel carrier marked E. G. Leuner, Bautzen 1941


    A nice original shovel carrier marked E. G. Leuner, Bautzen 1941 manufactured in Presstoff. This shovel carrier is in very good unissued condition. This is the first time I encounter this type and one of the earlier straight shovel carriers in Presstoff.  

  • Brown pre war mapcase with J.R. 11 unit marking (Poland and Holland campaign)


    A very nice and rare pre war mapcase with the original contents it was found with. On the inside it is nicely maker marked and dated 1925. Next to that, it has a bunch of interesting unit markings to J.R. 11 indicating this mapcase once belonged to Infanterie Regiment 11. More information of this unit can be found here. Infanterie Regiment 11 was one of the spearhead units to head into Poland in 1939. In May 1940 it was also again one of the first units to attack the Netherlands and Belgium. A interesting mapcase with a very interesting unit history, a conversation piece!

  • Late war woven rubber pulling strap


    A rare late war pulling strap for the cargo bearing snow sled or Akja. These straps where most probably also used to pull other light devices such as Infanteriekarren. The strap is made from late war woven rubber or Ersatz material. The rope is sadly broken but that does not deter for the rarity of this item!

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