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  • Leather A-frame strap


    Rare leather A-frame strap in good used and supple condition. Hard to find spare for any A-frame!

  • Large German National flag 100 x 150 cm


    This flag was manufactured by a company in Amsterdam in 1940 shortly after the Germans invaded. Nice large flag sized 100 x 150 cm.

  • MG42 tool pouch marked fuq 1945 with canvas strap


    Hard to find minty black Presstoff MG42 tool pouch with a webbing/rayon closing strap. The pouch is nicely marked fuq 1945 indicating production by Curt Vogel, Cottbuss. The pouch is in mint condition and complete with its original wooden and steel inserts. First one I’ve found with this rare original closing strap!

  • MG34 and MG42 wrench


    Nice original MG34 and MG42 wrench marked bhm indicating production by Gustav Auerswald, Besteckfabrik, Grünhain/Sa. This tool is a standard item from the MG tool kit.

  • Matching pair of infantry EM shoulderstraps


    A original minty and matching pair of Infantry EM Heer shoulder straps. The shoulderstraps have the early style white wool piping indicating production between 1940 and 1942. The straps are a perfect matching pair for a M40 or M41 tunic and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • Surgeons M36 shoulder straps Oberfeldwebel

    Sale! 115.00 70.00

    Nice M36 pair of Artztliche or medical shoulderstraps for a Sanitäter Oberfeldwebel. Matching pair in good condition.

  • Waffen-SS named Three tone camouflage gasmask canister


    Stunning original three-tone Normandy camouflage gasmask canister. Still retaining up to 85% of its original vibrant camouflage paint. The canister retains its original strap and mask that are original to the piece. The original wartime field applied camouflage paint retains a lot of contrast and would nicely attribute to a Normandy camouflage helmet.

    Inside the lid it is named and identified to a SS soldier with a feldpostnumber. The numbers and name are hard for me to make out exactly but there is a Feldpostnumber and with some further inspection it would surely be a very nice piece to further research!

    A stunning gasmask with lots of character and original camouflage. Hard to upgrade piece!

  • Czech VZ-24 bayonet


    Pre war Czech bayonet for the VZ 24 rifle in very good, untouched condition.

  • Heer EM/NCO M43 field cap marked 0/1316/0014


    A superb M43 EM/NCO field cap or Einheitsfeldmütze.The cap is nicely marked RBNr. 0/1316/0014 dated 1943 and in size 56 which is a great average size for Hindsgaul mannequins. The cap has all the details that one would like to see on one of these textbook caps! The BeVo trapezoid is originally sewn to the piece and has never been removed from the piece. Finding a cap like this is very hard, especially in very good condition like this one.

  • Unissued pair of late war Gebirgsjäger boots


    A killer pair of late war Gebirgsjäger lowboots in unissued condition. The pair is matching and complete with all its original laces, original hobnails and cleats to the soles. The boots would make a perfect addition to a Gebirgsjäger or late war Waffen-SS setup. Rare to find in this condition!

  • Mars pencil boxes


    A nice set of two boxes with various types of pencils. Mostly Kopiërstift which is the typical purple pencil one can find used as marking on equipment.

  • Tan straight E-tool cover marked bla 1944 with straight e-tool


    A stunning original Tan straight E-tool cover with E-tool. The cover is nicely marked bla 1944 indicating production by  E. G. Leuner GmbH, Bautzen. The cover is in good original condition with supple brown(!) leather without any issues. The Shovel is matching to the cover and marked AB&CThe E-tool is nicely matching to the cover and fits nicely. A stunning set and very hard to upgrade!

  • Minty EF62 M35 reissue


    A nice and minty M35 reissue helmet with perfect decal, liner and chinstrap. The helmet is simply one of the cleanest examples I’ve found! The helmet is nicely marked EF62 indicating production by Emaillierwerke Fulda. The helmet is complete with its original minty chinstrap and liner. Inside the dome stamp clearly shows the helmet was assembled in 1937. The helmet still retains up to 99% of its wartime paint and both of its minty decals of which one is overpainted. Nice helmet!

  • Q68 M35 reissue shipboard grey camouflage helmet


    Typical M35 shipboard grey reissue helmet. The helmet is marked Q68 indicating production by Quist. A great example of a shipboard grey camouflage helmet with 85% of the original camouflage paint still remaining. Under the shipboard grey helmet one can see a green and textured paint finish which indicates the helmet was reissued two times. Also the former decal can easily be spotted right through the paint. The helmet is fitted with a late war M31 liner which has a newspaper sewn inside for insulation. The liner was marked with Kopierstift to the name Stockinger. The chinstrap was found on the helmet and is most likely a locally made replacement strap. The helmet is a great example of a reissue helmet finished in shipboard grey which was a colour attributed to coastal artillery personnel!

  • Pre war Straight E-tool with leather carrier dated 1936


    Scarce 1937 dated straight E-tool with 1936 dated carrying case. The leather is supple and the E-tool can easily be moved in and out of the piece. Very hard to find a pre war one!

  • Late war Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in Oak camouflage


    Nice late war Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in Eichenlaubmuster or Oak A and B camouflage. On the top corner and the head opening a few bits of Plane Tree camouflage can be seen. The Zeltbahn is in very good condition and has most if not all of its originally sewn buttons but missing two grommets. The camouflage material used is all in very good, bright and vibrant condition.

  • Named British made US musette bag


    A very nice minty British made Musette bag. Named on the back and dated 1944.

  • Italian camouflage Heer/Waffen-SS M31 Zeltbahn


    A rare Telo Mimetico camouflage M31 Zeltbahn as issued to Heer and Waffen-SS units. The Zeltbahn is in near mint condition and retains most of its buttons. A very rare Zeltbahn!

  • Nice brown Police holster


    In very good condition and very nicely marked with a police eagle. These holsters where intended for a range of 7,65mm pistols such as the PPK and HSC. A nice mint holster!

  • Leather carrying strap for Bakelite 6×30 Dienstglas


    Scarce leather carrying strap for the CXN bakelite 6×30 Dienstglas. Unlike all other wartime optical carrying straps, these have a second set of holes where a specific rain cover with its own set of studs would be attached. Scarce strap that is impossible to find!

  • Lightbrown Luftwaffe 37M pistol holster in mint condition


    Scarce mint Lightbrown Luftwaffe 37M pistol holster marked cdc 42 indicating production by Kern Klager & Co. Lederwaren, Berlin. Impossible to upgrade mint holster!

  • Matching K98 bayonet F.W. Höller 1938


    A nice and matching K98 bayonet marked F.W. Höller 38 with its original scabbard and frog. The bayonet is unsharpened and in good condition with its original leather frog. The bayonet is nicely numbered 926 l and is matching to its scabbard.

  • Late war unfinished M31 Zeltbahn


    Nice late war Zeltbahn in very good condition. This example never had grommets installed!

  • MG34/42 barrel changing mitt


    Rare wartime barrel changing mitt for the MG34 and MG42. When firing the MG34 and MG42 continuously the German soldiers where presented with a harsh and difficult task: changing the barrel. The MG34 and MG42 where both made with a quick-change barrel and to help in the changing of the barrel these gloves where invented and issued. These gloves where issued with the accessories of the MG34 and MG42. It is simply used by placing the hand under the strap and using the pad to cover your hand when you grab the hot, sometimes even glowing barrel. The barrel is then placed in the Laufschützer to cool down and a cool new barrel is inserted. According to regulations, the barrel had to be changed after 150 rounds fired continuously. Hard to find item!

  • 6×30 Dienstglas marked ddx in very good condition


    A very nice 6×30 Dienstglas complete with strap and bakelite rain guard marked ddx indicating ddx indicating production by Voigtlaender u. Sohn AG, Braunschweig.  The binoculars are in good clear condition with the rangefinder or Strichplatte still retaining in the right reticle. A nice piece in good condition!

  • Waffen-SS M40 mantel with factory sewn eagle


    A stunning original M40 Waffen-SS Mantel or overcoat in good used condition. The mantel is not to be confused with the Heer/Army type; this cut of Mantel is different in shape, cut, marking and is specifically made for the Waffen-SS. The eagle is wartime factory sewn to the sleeve. The Sturmmann insignia is period hand applied. The mantel is nicely marked in the back which is a specific Waffen-ss detail. These overcoats are very scarce and this is only the second one I’ve found with factory sewn insignia!

  • M44 trouser belt


    A late war M44 trouser belt in good condition. These trouser belts where issued with a pair of M44 trousers and are impossible to find as a spare. The belt is 97cm long.

  • Near mint P38 hardshell holster


    One of the best P38 holsters in near mint condition we’ve had the chance to offer. Hard to find a better one!

  • Tan Italian shelter quarter

    Sale! 155.00 100.00

    A very nice late Italian shelter quarter in mint condition.

  • Late war tan Luftwaffe paratrooper k98 bandoleer


    A nice original late war tan Fallschirmjäger bandoleer in good used condition. A typical example with many different materials used. A small damage to one of the flaps, other then that a nice used example with all press studs in working condition!

  • Tan presstoff straight E-tool carrier marked cey 4


    A very nice original Tan Presstoff straight E-tool carrier marked cey 4 indicating production by Karl Budischovsky u. Soehne, Oesterreichische Lederindustrie AG, Vienna. The E-tool carrier retains its original straps in brown leather in good condition. Unlike many of these on the market today this one has no repairs or restorations!

  • Rare aluminum Heer belt buckle by Lehmann & Wundenberg


    Scarce Heer belt buckle in Aluminum by Lehmann & Wundenberg, Hannover; one of the rarest Heer buckles to find! The buckle retains up to 99% of its wartime factory finish. Easily one of the best Heer buckles I’ve had to offer in many years!

  • M36 tunic hook support straps


    A nice set of two M36 uniform belt support hook straps. Near matching set from the same maker but slightly different in detail. These where however found together!

  • M42 Heer field blouse with factory sewn insignia


    Nice enlisted mens M42 field blouse with factory sewn insignia and hand applied Obergefreiter rank insignia and a ribbon for the Medaille Winterschlacht im Osten. The blouse is in very good condition with some minor moth damage here and there. The blouse is marked RB.Nr. 0/1103/5026 and dated 1943. Hard to upgrade original M42 field blouse with factory sewn insignia!

  • Rare Wehrmacht artillery trigger firing lanyard


    One of the rarest accessories to any Wehrmacht artillery piece, for sure always missing! These lanyards with a pullweight where attached to the breech of the gun to create a safe space between the breech and the gunner. The breech would fly back with a high velocity breaking anything in its path such as limbs. Firing a artillery piece live without one would result in heavy injuries. For sure one of the rarest items I’ve had to offer!

  • Minty early M31 Zeltbahn E.G. Leuner 1940


    Very nice 1940 dated Zeltbahn in near mint condition. The Zeltbahn retains most if not all of its originally sewn buttons and is nicely marked E.G. Leuner Bautzen 1940. The Zeltbahn is executed in early Splittertarn pattern on a yellow spotted background. Superb early Zeltbahn!

  • Mint set of pre war Gasmask canister straps


    Scarce mint condition straps for a gasmask canister. Executed in coarse linden with all aluminum hardware in mint condition. Impossible to find spare!

  • Tan MG34 barrel carrier


    When firing the MG34 and MG42 continuously the German soldiers where presented with a harsh and difficult task: changing the barrel. The MG34 and MG42 where both made with a quick-change barrel and to help in the changing of the barrel these gloves where invented and issued. These gloves where issued with the accessories of the MG34 and MG42. It is simply used by placing the hand under the strap and using the pad to cover your hand when you grab the hot, sometimes even glowing barrel. The barrel is then placed in the Laufschützer or barrel carrier to cool down and a cool new barrel is inserted. According to regulations, the barrel had to be changed after 150 rounds fired continuously. Every MG team had one or two spare barrels in spare barrel carriers with their field equipment. The MG34 barrel carrier is in very good condition with 95% of the original tan colour remaining. The carrier was once overpainted in blue grey over the original tan factory paint. The carrier is nicely marked beq 1943 indicating production by Framo-Werke G.m.b.H., Hainichen/Sachsen. The carrier is complete with its original LUX marked strap and in very good condition. One of the rarest spares to find for the MG34!

  • Paratrooper grenade bags with white plastic RiRi zippers marked R.B.-Nr. 0/0836/0025


    A superb set of Fallschirmjäger grenade bags with working white plastic RiRi zippers. Nicely marked R.B.-Nr. 0/0836/0025. 

  • Waffen-SS officers M43 field blouse


    Stunning original Waffen-SS M43 Officers field blouse converted from a Enlisted mens tunic. The base tunic is a great unissued garment which was tailor modified with a bottle green collar with typical pointy ‘dragon tooth’ shape. The garment is executed in grey German wool and lined in grey rayon hbt. The blouse is in mint condition without repairs. Nicely Waffen-SS marked 2072. There are a lot of field blouses on the market with restored insignia, of plain naked officers tailor made tunics – but finding a Waffen-SS officers field tunic is very rare! This tunic would be perfect in a display under a smock or a centerpiece restored with high end SS insignia!

  • LP34 flare gun marked 237 1939


    A very nice LP34 in working condition. The LP34 still has the original anodization finish and never has been repainted. The finish still remains for 95%. The grips are a nice black bakelite. The LP34 is marked 237 1939 which indicates production by Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabriken Bernhard Berghaus. The flare gun has one internal spring which has been restored to the piece. This does not detract the functionality and doesn’t show externally. Although I could pass this detail I feel its fair to mention to the buyer. It is however still a great flare pistol in very good and working condition!

    These flare guns are legal and free to own without permit in the Netherlands for everyone over 18 years of age. Please conduct your local laws before purchasing this product. I can only ship this item within the Netherlands.

  • Belgian made Waffen-SS Infanterie EM shoulder straps


    A very nice set of Infanterie EM Waffen-SS shoulderstraps manufactured in Belgium during the war. A textbook Belgian made set crudely made with white rayon piping. White piped Waffen-SS Infanterie EM shoulderstraps are the hardest to find and highly searched for!

  • Combat worn M43 field blouse

    Call for Price

    Great example of a combat worn and unwashed Heer M43 field blouse. The garment retains multiple period repairs and its wartime applied factory sewn insignia.

  • Matching K98 bayonet marked 43 asw


    A nice matching bayonet marked 43 asw indicating production by E. & F. Horster & Co. Solingen. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 4049 SS and has nice clean red bakelite grips.

  • Tabbed aluminum Heer belt buckle marked R. Sieper & Sohne 1939


    A nice aluminum Heer belt buckle marked R. Sieper & Sohne Lüdenscheid 1939. Hard to find in good condition with most of the original paint remaining!

  • Tabbed aluminum Heer belt buckle marked R. Sieper & Sohne 1938


    A nice aluminum Heer belt buckle marked R. Sieper & Sohne Lüdenscheid 1938. The buckle still retains most of its factory green paint which is a rare attribute for these aluminum belt buckles. The buckle is easily graded near mint! A rare buckle in very good condition!

  • Late war Waffen-SS Plane Tree 4/5 Zeltbahn


    A nice and rare Zeltbahn in the late war plane tree #4 with 5/6 hand screened sides. The Zeltbahn is in very good condition with none of its buttons. It retains all of its strong contrastful colours and would be a nice addition to any combat mannequin!

  • Unissued M42 helmet NS62


    A nice unissued M42 helmet marked NS62 indicating production by Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke, Schwerte. The helmet retains its original liner. The helmet has no chinstrap, and most likely it was never fitted as it is unissued. The helmet retains up to 95% of its original field grey paint. If you are looking for a unissued M42 helmet, this is it.

  • M35 Heer Battledamaged textured three-tone EF62 camouflage helmet


    Stunning original battle damaged M35 three-tone camouflage helmet. Nicely marked EF62 indicating production by Emaillierwerke Fulda with its original size 55 liner. The helmet retains up to 85% of its original wartime field applied camouflage paint. The helmet has a small shrapnel damage on the rear skirt that most probably was a lucky catch to the wearer. The helmet is a nice and typical three-tone camouflage helmet with a nice battle damage!

  • Rare M40 ET66 Heer double decal helmet


    Rare original Heer M40 double decal Heer helmet in very good condition. Helmet retains both of its period factory applied decals and most of its original factory paint. The helmet retains its liner and chinstrap and is marked DRP 1940. The Helmet itself is marked ET66 indicating production by Eisenhuttenwerke, Thale. The helmet is a truly rare example of a double decal M40. The helmet has been discussed before on German Helmet Walhalla. The helmet would be a great addition to any helmet collection!

  • Rare brown leather K98 grenade launcher pouch


    A pebbled brown leather pouch for the K98 grenade launcher with its original sling. Nicely marked CXB 44 indicating production by Moll, Lederwarenfabrik, Goch, Rheinland. Incredibly rare piece; only a handful are known to exist in brown leather, this is the first one I’ve seen in pebbled leather and is most probably a unique piece!

  • Female M31 Brotbeutel with small canteen for Helferinnen


    A very nice M31 canteen and breadbag for Helferinnen in the Wehrmacht. Rare to find complete!

  • Matching M31 canteen marked WWE 37


    A nice fully matching M42 canteen marked WWE 37 on all parts indicating production by a scarcely encountered maker W. Wagner, Esslingen. Hard to upgrade early canteen with a nice brown strap in unissued(!) condition.

  • Unissued brown Gebirgsjäger rucksack strap connectors


    Nice original set of Gebirgsjäger carrying strap connectors. These are virtually missing from most if not all Gebirgsjäger rucksacks and connect the carrying straps to the ammunition pouches.

  • EU deactivated Enfield No.2 MK1


    A very nice 1940 dated Enfield No.2 MK1 hammerless service revolver. Nicely EU-Deactivated; can only dry fire and open up. Great for a mannequin!

  • Late war M43 mantel 0/0688/0018


    A late war M43 mantel in very good condition. The mantel has nearly all of the nap in the wool remaining! The mantel has a damage that went through the sleeve and the right hip. The mantel is constructed of a late war coarse wool and is marked 0/0688/0018 dated 44. A nice medium sized late war mantel!

  • 2cm flak magazine pouch


    A very nice late war 2cm Flak magazine pouch with a Kriegsmarine acceptance stamp.

  • Mint late war lowboots dated 1945


    A very nice mint pair of M44 lowboots. The boots are in a nice large size and have never had hobnails or steel heels attached. A perfect pair for a late war mannequin, can’t be upgraded!

  • Waffen-SS Oak camouflage zeltbahn in good used condition


    A very nice oak zeltbahn in very good condition. Missing some buttons, some minor repairs that would be expected of the age! Other then that a nice Waffen-SS Zeltbahn in good used condition!

  • Exceptional matching late war bayonet with Litzmannstadt frog


    Exceptional late war bayonet in unissued condition with a very nice Litzmannstadt made webbing frog. The bayonet is marked  42 asw indicating production by E. & F. Horster & Co. Solingen. The bayonet is matching to its scabbard with the serial 0124 and has nice clean wooden grips. The bayonet is in very good minty and matching condition!

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