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  • Hürtgenwalt Death Card KIA Steinstrass 8.12.1944


    Death card of Obergefreiter Johann Singer. Was killed in action during the Battle of the HürtgenwaltSinger was 35 years and killed in action in Steinstrass near lich, Germany on 8.12.1944. Was later burried in Vossennack, Germany.   

  • Ardennes Death card KIA Prüm-Eifel 23.12.1944


    Death card of Gefreiter Ludwig Langgartner. Was killed in action during the Ardennes offensiveLanggartner was 21 years old and was killed in action in Prüm-Eifel, Germany.  


  • Ardennes Death Card KIA Bastogne 26.11.1944


    Death card of Gefreiter Josef Viehböck. Was killed in action during the Battle of the Bulge.            Viehböck was 18 years old an was killed in action in Grandrue near Bastogne, Belgium on 26.11.1944. Was later burried in Recogne, Belgium.  


  • Normandy death card 10.7.44 in Caen possible 12th SS PzDiv


    Death card of Anton Pommer, Soldat in a Artillerie Regiment. Anton was killed 10.7.1944 south west of Caen in the vicinity of Carpiquet and Hill 112. Anton Pommer was most probably a member of the 12. SS Panzerdivision Hitlerjugend.

  • Death Card KIA Denmark 26.3.1945


    Original death card of Gefreiter Otto Scheuble. Killed in action in Denmark. Scheuble was 40 years old and was killed in action on 26.3.1945 in Denmark.

  • Death Card Unteroffizier KIA Hürtgenwald 11.10.1944


    Death card of Unteroffizier Willy Leonhard Hüweler. Killed in action during the Battle of the HürtgenwaldHüweler was 24 years old and was killed in action on 11.10.1944 in The Hürtgenwald, Germany.

  • Death Card KIA of 2 brothers Kharkov and Hürtgenwald


    Death card of 2 brothers, Soldat Albert Hütter and Gefreiter Franz Hütter. Albert Hütter was 19 years old and killed in action on 6.9.1943 on the eastern front near Kharkov, Ukraine. Franz Hütter was 19 years old and killed in action on 28.9.1944 in the Battle of the Hürtgenwald near Brandenberg, Germany.

  • Normandy Death Card KIA La Ferriére-Bochard 6.8.1944


    Death card of Unteroffizier Georg Mix serving in Grenadier Regiment 898, 343. Infanterie Division. Killed in action during the Battle of NormandyMix was 28 years old and was killed in action on 6.8.1944 in La Ferriére-Bochard near Alencon, Normandy. Later to be reburied in Champigny-St.André, Normandy France. The archive card containing his information is not a part of the offering.

  • Award document black wound badge 731 Grenadier Regiment 22.08.1944


    Verwundeten Abzeichen im Schwarz document to Obergefreiter Josef Dallmeier, 8. Kompanie Grenadier Regiment 731 . His unit was part of the 711 Infanterie Division which was located on the Atlantikwall east of Caen in Normandy. During D-day Elements of the division where engaged with allied paratroopers. The division held its positions throughout June, July and mid August. Josef Dallmeier was wounded on 22 August 1944 when the division was engaged with the 6th Airborne Division in the region of Annebault/ Cabourg in Normandy.

  • Photograph lot with 45 photos of Railway guns and their crew


    A great set of +/- 45 photographs with 10 photographs of railroad guns in use of the Wehrmacht. Several large calibre sized railroad guns are pictures; one is named Wir Fahren Gegen Engeland. The pictures also show a large artillery ammunition stash. Most probably these pictures are taken somewhere in France behind the Atlantikwal. The pictures are all in the standard photo size of 9x6CM.

  • Wehrpass ObGf. Normandy, Lothringen, Oberrhein 243 ID


    Nice Wehrpass to Josef Mouhler, Pionier in Pionier Btl 243, 243 Infanterie Division. The Wehrpass indicates Josef took part in the following battles;

    6.6.44 Invasionsfront
    .44 France
    .44 Lothringen
    .45 Oberrhein

    All in all a very nice Wehrpass with a impressive list of attended battles and a great base for further resource.


  • Period interlinking maps of Leningrad and Novgorod area


    Two original maps showing the area between Leningrad and Novgorod. The place where some of the fiercest battles on the eastern front where fought. The maps are drawn onto and show the HKL or HauptkampfLinie. Very hard to find original maps of Leningrad with drawn in positions and most interestingly; the maps are interlinked. They can be placed on top of each other with a interlinking line of positions.

Showing 301–312 of 312 results