Kall-Trail deathcard Heinrich Reines KIA 6.11.1944 Vossenack/Kall trail


Rare Original deathcard of Stabsgefreiter Heinrich Reines. Reines served in an Infanterie-Regiment and according to the deathcard was killed in action in the Huertgen Forest on 6 November 1944. Research on Volksbund shows he was killed 2 kilometres south east of Vossenack which is the exact location of the famous Kall-trail which leads to the town of Schmidt. Looking at his date of death and location he most probably served in the 1056. Infanterie-Regiment of the 89. Infanterie-Divison. He was most likely killed in action when his unit was engaged with Taskforce Ripple between 5 and 7 November 1944. Reines unit operated from the Teufelsley wooded area and attacked the American forces along the Kall-trail on numerous occasions in co-operation with the 116. Aufklärungs-Abteilung of the Windhund-Division. Reines is buried in Vossenack.

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