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  • Early gasmask with canister in very good condition


    A really nice pre war gasmask canister with mask with over 95% of its original green paint remaining. The early straps with brass hook are also present and original to the canister. The leather reinforcement tabs are nicely dated 1940. The soldier probably received a new filter in 1944 though. A really nice early set!

  • Late war Heer M44 rucksack


    A mint late war M44 Sturmgepäck. This rucksack is in mint condition and would be a very nice addition to any equipment collection. The black leather is in good supple condition. The carrying straps have been made from internal suspender straps.

  • Bakelite Zeiler 3450 Torch


    Probably the nicest Zeiler 4350 I’ve ever encountered. This variant comes in a very diverse and vibrant bakelite colour. The torch still remains the original “Daimon” bulb. A mint, unissued bakelite flashlight in a very attractive colour.

  • Wehrmacht issue blanket


    A original German army issue blanket. These blankets where issued and used members of the Heer and Waffen-SS. The importance of blankets in a war is very underestimated and where more then often the only comfort a soldier would have.

    This blanket is in used condition, it has a small rip, holes and repairs. None the less, this is a original Wehrmacht issue blanket that would be perfect for a personal effects display and very nice correctly folded or strapped onto a Tornister or Rucksack!

  • Handpainted Hinsdgaul mannequin


    A freshly painted Hindsgaul mannequin. A wonderful oldskool characteristic head sculpt. The mannequin is in a realistic laying pose and has a small head for small sized (56cm) helmets and caps.  A waist size of 84cm and a shoulder width of 46 cm. This mannequin sports a nice relaxed pose which would do very good in a diorama. It’s been a while I had such a nice mannequin to offer and mannequins like this are hard to come by.

    Pickup only, the mannequin is located in Tilburg, the Netherlands ! 

    If you want to buy it simply order it through the webshop and I will contact you. Off course, the mannequin comes without clothing!

  • M31 zeltbahn in nice condition


    This zeltbahn is in nice condition with the strings and most of the buttons. Nice vibrant colours!

  • Pre/Early war photo album of a Heer soldier


    A nice original pre/early war photo album belonging to a soldier in the Heer. The album consists of many training pictures and a few pictures of the French countryside and all sorts of sights in Paris. The album consists of many interesting picture with early or obsolete equipment such as the MG 08/15, reissued M16 helmets and the prewar Jackboots. A nice album with many interesting pictures worthy of a further research!

  • Tropical gascape pouch in mint condition


    Tropical pouch for the Gascape that was worn on the strap of or strapped onto the gasmask canister. The pouch is a nice variant with tan painted press studs and is maker marked gdn on the inside. This tan or Tropical gascape is in perfect condition and would be hard to upgrade!

  • Pre/Early war Luftwaffe photo album


    A nice album with many interesting pictures depicting the daily life of the Flak soldier. The front of the album is nicely embossed with the pre-war “Droop tail” Luftwaffe decal. The owner of the album knew its way around a camera which resulted in a album with nicely composed photographs. Really a nice photo album with good pictures!

  • Nice 1937 dated Czech shovel with cover


    A nicely 1937 dated Czech straight E-tool. The complete stock of Czech uniforms and equipment was taken in by the German army at the beginning of the occupation in 1938. A large portion of these shovels was straightly re-issued into the Waffen-SS which up till 1940 could not rely on the issue of equipment through the OKW. Hence you can see these a lot of pictures of the Waffen-SS in the early campaign. These shovels where used and issued within all branches of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS from 1940 onwards. I’ve included a few pictures of these shovels in German use.

    A great unusual spade with cover in great condition perfect for a mannequin!

  • Wehrmacht protractor

  • IT01 – 20 brown bakelite Italian shelter half buttons


    20 Italian buttons as factory applied on late war German Zeltbahns, Italian camouflage coveralls, Erbsentarn Keilhosen and many other garments! These bakelite buttons are all in great condition and have a nice deep brown colour. I have a few sets available.

  • 20 Original urea buttons


    20 Urea (artificial resin) buttons as factory applied on tropical Gasplane pouches, coveralls and many other garments! These Urea buttons are all in great condition and have a nice deep tan colour with dark brown spots. These are great spare buttons!

  • 20 bakelite Italian shelter half buttons


    20 Italian buttons as factory applied on late war German Zeltbahns, Italian camouflage coveralls, Erbsentarn Keilhosen and many other garments! These bakelite buttons are all in great condition and have a nice deep brown colour.

    The price is for 20 buttons including worldwide shipping.

  • 20 Urea buttons


    20 Urea (artificial resin) buttons as factory applied on tropical Gasplane pouches, coveralls and many other garments! These Urea buttons are all in great condition and have a nice deep tan colour with dark brown spots.

    The price is for 20 buttons including worldwide shipping.

  • Original card of 14mm pressed paper buttons


    A great original set to have as a spare, these paper buttons where used on numerous items! For instance; most if not all German service shirts have pressed paper buttons. These where also used in the sleeves of hooded smocks and winter parkas. The size of the buttons is 14 mm.

    A complete card with 72 buttons for 25 euro including worldwide shipping.

  • Original “last ditch” Feldgrau m43 cap buttons.


    These are mint, unissued M42 / M43 “Einheitsfeldmütze” buttons. These are executed in “Feldgrau” and imo of the last wartime model. I’ve never encountered these before!

  • Original black M43 cap buttons


    Two unissued M42 / M43 “Einheitsfeldmütze” buttons. These are marked “42”. The colour black is meant for caps for members in armoured units. These buttons are very hard to find!

    The price includes standard shipping!

  • Belt support strap hooks for m36/m40 tunics


    These small hooks are always missing in m36/m40 reproduction tunics. They are not belt hooks but keep the belt hook support straps in place. Every m36/m40 tunic had two of these sewn to the inside. I will pick out matching sets when I ship them. The price is for two hooks!

Showing 451–469 of 469 results