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  • Rare pre war 5l gasoline container


    Prior to the Jerrycan being invented and issued these small triangular gasoline containers where typical. Easily seen on early and pre war pictures strapped on the back onto motorcycles and other vehicles. The container is in near mint condition with 99% of the zinc finish and paint. Hard to upgrade in this minty condition and perfect accessory for any pre 1942 vehicle!

  • Pre war straight E-tool marked RH 35


    Pre war straight E-tool marked RH 35 and a Waffenamt. Hard to find pre war straight E-tool in good used condition!

  • M43 Drillich tunic in untouched condition


    A very nice M43 field tunic made from HBT linnen or Drillich. It comes with its original factory applied Litzen and breast eagle. The jacket is a nice medium size and marked  0/0150/0041 which dfers to the maker M. Michovius, Uniformfabrik, Cottbus. The jacket has been worn in the field and still has dirt in the pockets and stains on the elbows and the back. The tunic has multiple small mud/dirt stains. The jacket was found on the attic of a Belgian hospital around 20 years ago together with 3 other identical HBT m43 tunics from the same maker with the exact same insignia configuration.

  • Mid war German helmet net


    Mid war German helmet net made of rough, brown string. Unlike the late war variant this mid war type is hard to find! The helmet net would easily compliment any German army helmet. This early type of camouflage net is very hard to find!

  • Mint M44 type trouser braces


    Mint late war trouser braces as used and issued with the M43 or M44 trousers. Very rare set that fits perfectly with a M44 uniform!

  • Brown leather soft shell P38 holster


    A brown leather P38 holster in strong used condition. One of the loops on the back has a period repair. If you’re looking for a combat worn holster, this is it!

  • Tan Presstoff MG42 tool pouch by OaZ


    A rare tan Presstoff MG42 tool pouch marked OaZ 4. The pouch is in good condition with all straps and D-ring intact. The pouch is complete with the full internals. Very hard to find complete with internal dividers!

  • Late war steel blue tunic belt hooks


    A perfect mint set for a mid to late war Heer or Waffen-SS M43 tunic in blue paint. Hard to find spare set!

  • Heer M44 Panzergrenadier Shoulderstraps in Italian wool


    Nice pair of late war EM Schulterklappen for a Panzergrenadier in mint condition. Rayon piped and lined textbook construction but in Italian wool. This is the first ever pair I saw in Italian wool. A perfect pair to match with a minty Italian M43 or M44 tunic!

  • M31 messkit marked HRE 41


    A nice early M31 messkit marked HRE41 indicating production by Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen. Still retaining up to 99% of its original factory paint, mint!

  • Pre war Fargel & Possmanith compass


    Rare pre war compass by Fargel & Possmanith ; one of the rarer makers to find. Hard to find pre war compass by Fargel & Possmanith in good working condition!

  • Late war 4-panel Splittertarn Heer zeltbahn


    A late war Heer Splittertarn 4-panel zeltbahn in good used condition. The Zeltbahn is nicely marked R.B.N.R. 0/0835/0001 and has most of its originally sewn buttons. Interestingly, the two corner panels on the Zeltbahn are visibly made out of Carbon Overprint fabric if one takes a closer look. One or two small damages, other then that a nice late war zeltbahn!

  • Late war gasmask canister


    Very nice complete late war gasmask. The canister is in very good condition with most of its original paint. The straps are a interesting late war set with a late war wire hook. The gasmask is a size 4 in black rubber with blue fittings and contrasted lenses. The Gasmask is complete and in very good condition, hard to upgrade!

  • Stunning pair of 6×30 binoculars by Carl Zeiss


    A stunning and complete pair really! Complete with strap, button flap and bakelite cover. The set is in very good condition with good clear optics with Strichplatte in the right lens. Can’t be upgraded!

  • Dutch Waffen-SS poster dated 1942


    Rare original Dutch Waffen-SS poster dated 1942. The poster is large (108 x80cm) and in good condition with strong colours. There are some minor damages and tears in the folds. But still a very nice original Dutch Waffen-SS poster that would very nicely display in a collection!
    The poster reads:

  • Scarce original Waffen-SS smock drawstring


    A scarce original Waffen-SS Tarnjacke drawstring. Typical flat woven rayon construction. Full length 130 cm. Downright impossible spare to find that was used in all types of Waffen-SS Tarnjacken from pre war to 1945!

  • Speckled brown bakelite 6×30 Dienstglas container


    A stunning speckled brown bakelite 6×30 binocular case. Later in the war when the Germans ran out of pigment for bakelite they switched over to different fillers. Sawdust was one of the filling materials used, creating a interesting speckled finish. The brown bakelite dienstglas containers where mostly found with tan 6×30 binoculars. The case is in very good, undamaged condition and has a very aesthetic and vibrant light brown colour which would nicely attribute a late war uniform setup.

  • US McCord M1 helmet with Lieutenant bars


    A very nice and salty M1 helmet by McCord with its original Lieutenant bars. The helmet is in salty, uncleaned condition. The shell is marked 288 and retains its original Fixed bale chinstrap loops. The liner is a type 3 westinghouse variant with press studs for the liner band. A nice and salty M1 helmet with liner and Lieutenant bars!

  • Leather equipment belt cqr42 size 85


    A very nice and supple leather equipment belt marked cqr42 in size 85. The marking cqr indicates production by Lederwerk Sedina Joachim Schell, Finkewalde Bez. Stettin.

  • Late war 4-panel Waffen-SS Oak zeltbahn


    Late war 4-panel zeltbahn in Waffen-SS Oak camouflage. The Zeltbahn is nicely made up out of different colours of camouflaged material, typical for a late war manufacture. What makes this zeltbahn rare is that its in good condition, but also that it is of a late war “4 panel” construction. That means that on both far ends of the left and right side a extra triangle is sewn on. The material is stunning and very vibrant and looks like the day it was made. Some minuscule small holes, a damaged buttonhole and some paint spots. The zeltbahn retains most if not all of its originally sewn buttons. The Zeltbahn would be a very nice example to cover the wall, rolled up on a A-frame or on a mannequin as it has very nice and strong colours!

  • Scarce untouched winter camouflage gasmask canister


    A stunning(!) original winter camouflage gasmask canister in untouched condition. The canister still retains most of its original winter camouflage   that has various stains from dirt and blood. The canister retains its original straps and closing mechanism that have never been removed or replaced from the canister. Inside is a nice canvas covered gasmask with filter, spare lenses and a polishing cloth. Untouched winter camouflage items are extremely hard to find as most where overpainted as the snow melt. If you after a real, untouched winter camouflage gasmask canister this is the one for you. You will definitely not find a better one!

  • Pre war Luftwaffe mapcase Flak Regiment 5

    Sale! 180.00 130.00

    A very nice pre war Luftwaffe map case in light brown leather. The mapcase is dated 1935 and is unit marked to Flak Regiment 5. Nice pre war mapcase!

  • Three matching equipment straps


    A very nice set of three unissued and matching leather equipment straps. All three identically ink marked RBNR and dated ’44. The straps are all nice and supple.

  • Luftwaffe tropical field blouse with Kreta cuff title


    A very nice Luftwaffe tropical field blouse for a flight or paratrooper Unterfeldwebel. The field blouse is complete with a machine sewn original Kreta cuff title and a set of tropical yellow piped shoulderstraps for a Unterfeldwebel. The breast eagle is machine sewn to the field blouse but is restored to the piece. The field blouse is in good, lightly worn condition and would be a very nice display tunic!

  • Named and matching pair of K98 ammunition pouches


    Nice matching pair of K98 ammunition pouches named inside the lids. The pouches are complete with internal dividers. A nice set!

  • Complete gas warning flag set


    Complete set of gas warning flags with 15 flags and tape. Hard to find complete set with its original cloth pouch marked gdn. 

  • Brown leather mapcase with period contents


    A nice mapcase that was found with the items inside. The small wallet has a set of shoulder straps numbers indicating the individual soldier was a member of Infanterie Regiment 19. The mapcase is in strong used condition but still nice and supple and more importantly, with its original contents!

  • Pre war breadbag in good condition


    A very nice pre war Heer breadbag. The breadbag is in unissued nice condition. Inside one of the buttons is missing. Otherwise a very nice and typical pre war Heer breadbag.

  • Mint late war breadbag with strap


    A very nice and mint late war Heer/Waffen-SS breadbag complete with strap.

  • Late war M37 lowboots marked 0/0441/5032


    A nice pair of late war M37 lowboots marked 0/0441/5032 in lightly worn condition. A nice large size fitting most if not all mannequins and complete with a set of leather laces. Marked 0/0441/5032 on the top. These lowboots where issued to most personnel in the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS. A nice and textbook set with the shark type nose! A matching pair of typical M37 lowboots in good condition is hard to find!

  • Perfect pair of issue cavalry riding boots


    A perfect pair of issue riding boots or Reitstiefel. The pair is in mint unissued condition and retains all of its wartime applied hobnails and heels. This mint pair would be perfect for a cavalry or combat officer display!

  • Dutch pre war overcoat in mint condition


    Mint pre war Dutch overcoat with unit tag sewn in the collar. The overcoat has been reissued in the German army and has as such received a set of German buttons. Otherwise it is unchanged and could really easily be converted back to the Dutch pre war specs with some buttons. The Dutch pre war overcoat in rough wool like this is one of the rarest pre war Dutch uniform items!

  • Skin decontamination flask with rare carrier

    Sale! 100.00 70.00

    A rare Hautentgiftungsmittel box. Rare to encounter square variant with the red pressed paper box with the original label on the flask!

  • Late war Heer M44 rucksack

    Sale! 100.00 75.00

    A mint late war M44 Sturmgepäck. This rucksack is in very good condition and would be a nice addition to any equipment collection. The black leather is in good condition.

  • 6×30 Dienstglas E. Leitz


    Minty 6×30 Dienstglas binoculars with bakelite rain cover and minty strap. Both the cover and strap are nicely marked. The strap is dated 42. The sight is perfect and still retains the Strichplatte. Very hard to upgrade!

  • Late war A-frame pouch

    Sale! 160.00 125.00

    A nice late war A-frame pouch in good used condition.

  • 6×30 Dienstglas binocular case strap


    Hard to find spare 6×30 Dienstglas case strap in mint, unissued condition.

  • Leather equipment belt marked RBNR size 85


    A very nice late war equipment belt marked RBNR and size 85.

  • Second pattern Afrikakorps pith helmet


    A nice second pattern Afrikakorps pith helmet in unissued condition. The helmet comes with typical lightweight dust goggles often seen on these helmets. The helmet is dated 1942 and is size 57. The helmet is complete with its chinstrap and its zinc insignia.

  • Late war steel blue tunic belt hooks


    A perfect mint set for a mid to late war Heer or Waffen-SS tunic in blue paint. Hard to find spare set!

  • Late war M31 Zeltbahn with Italian buttons


    A nice and minty late war Heer Zeltbahn with Italian painted zinc buttons and a nice and bright print. The Zeltbahn is complete with most if not all of its period sewn buttons. It is undamaged and complete with the two stake ropes. Finding a nicer M31 Zeltbahn would be very hard!

  • Waffen-SS Bevo cap eagle


    Original Waffen-SS Bevo cap eagle in unissued condition.

  • Waffen-SS Bevo cap eagle


    Original Waffen-SS Bevo cap eagle in good unissued condition.

  • Combat used MP38 u. MP40 pouch


    A true combat used MP38 u. MP40 pouch that recently surfaced from a Belgian attic. The D-ring attachment has been period removed, otherwise a real combat worn MP40 pouch in good condition!

  • M35 double decal Luftwaffe Turtle camouflage helmet


    A stunning Luftwaffe M35 double decal camouflage helmet found in Leersum, the Netherlands. The helmet retains 90% of its original three-tone turtle-like camouflage scheme with bright and vibrant colours. Easily seen are the two Luftwaffe decals peeking through the paint! Also the helmet retains its original liner and chinstrap in good untouched condition. The helmet would make a very nice example for any camouflage collection!

  • Mint late war belt and blue Heer Noelle & Hueck buckle


    A perfect mint late war belt with a late blue buckle marked N. & H. L. indicating production by Noelle & Hueck, Ludenscheid. The belt is nicely RBNR marked and size 90. The belt and buckle are both in amazing mint condition and would be impossible to upgrade.

  • Grey Wehrmacht issue blanket


    A original German army issue blanket. These blankets where issued and used members of the Heer and Waffen-SS. The importance of blankets in a war is very underestimated and where more then often the only comfort a soldier would have.

    This blanket is in near mint condition, it has no rips, holes or repairs. This is a original Wehrmacht issue blanket that would be perfect for a personal effects display and very nice correctly folded or strapped onto a Tornister or Rucksack!

  • Matching pair of infantry EM shoulderstraps


    A original minty and matching pair of Infantry EM Heer shoulder straps. The shoulderstraps have the early style white wool piping indicating production between 1940 and 1942. The straps are a perfect matching pair for a M40 or M41 tunic and would be very hard to upgrade!

  • NCO/CO issue signal whistle with lanyard


    A very hard to find detail to finish a NCO or CO display. This original German army issue signal whistle made from bakelite with its original field gray knotted lanyard is in mint condition. Many commands where given with whistles during combat and the use and recognition of the different signals was something most soldiers would have known.

  • Bakelite 6×30 rain/dust cover


    A very nice bakelite rain/dust cover for the 6×30 Dienstglas. Hard to find spare in great condition. The bakelite has no cracks and the leather is good and supple.

  • Late war Italian made double button Heer M43 field cap


    A original Italian made late war double button Heer M43 field cap. One of several collectible and rare to encounter variants. This variant, with machine sewn embroided insignia is made fully out Italian made materials. The buttons, fabric and insignia are all Italian made. A rare to find original M43 field cap!

  • Late war Enamel M42 messkit marked WJ44


    A very nice late war Enamelled M42 messkit in good, lightly used condition. The messkit still retains most of its original enameling and is a typical late war messkit in very good condition!

  • Late war size 57 M31 helmet liner


    German M31 helmet liner in light used condition. The liner is a size 57 fitting for a late war size 64 helmet shell. The liner has one damage but is otherwise in very good condition complete with the original liner string.

  • Waffen-SS Dot44 HBT camouflage tunic


    A very nice Dot44 or Erbsentarn camouflage HBT combat tunic. This tunic is in very good condition and has nice colours. Inside and on one sleeve a few dark green stains can be seen. The tunic has a few machine sewn repairs (see pictures). The sleeve does not show signs of a sleeve eagle being removed. The size is big and good for most mannequins. The tunic is marked 0/0793/0101 indicating production by Textil und Bekleidungswerke GmbH Becker. Clearly a original Waffen-SS camouflage tunic in lightly worn condition.

  • M40 Heer mantel for a Gefreiter


    A very nice Heer M40 mantel dated 1940. Inside the lining pocket a name stamp can be seen to Helmut Dänn from Stettin. The overcoat is complete with all its originally sewn buttons and Gefreiter rank on the sleeve. The mantel is in very good only lightly worn condition with most if not all of the original nap in the wool. The size is a nice medium.

  • Complete armoured navy binoculars marked 7×50 beh

    Sale! 750.00 650.00

    A nice complete set of armored Kriegsmarine 7×50 power binoculars. Nicely marked beh indicating production by Leitz. The binoculars are complete with the rubber armor which has been personalized by the individual Kriegmarine soldier. The set is clear and the rubber armour is nice and supple. The optics are clear and very usable but not completely undamaged because one of the top lenses has a hairline crack. This does not deduct from the usability as it is very clear and usable! These binoculars are great for a Kriegsmarine collection!

  • Steel Feldgrau tunic belt hooks


    A perfect mint set for a mid to late war Heer or Waffen-SS tunic in blue paint. Hard to find spare set!

  • Mint ET65 M35 double decal Heer helmet


    A double decal Heer M35 helmet in mint condition. Nicely marked ET64 indicating production by Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale. The non reinforced liner band is dated 1935 and comes with the 1931 dated Schuberth leather. The helmet still retains 99% of its original Gus Abel decals and paint.The helmet is truly one of the best apple green M35 helmets that I’ve seen out there and would be a crown in any helmet collection. Simply a textbook M35 in the best possible condition!

  • Canteen filling funnel


    A unusual, late war canteen filling funnel. These funnels where used in field kitchens and together with the 5, 10, and 18 liter aluminium “Trinkwasser” drinking water containers to fill canteens. These funnels had the capacity of exactly one standard 0.8 liter canteen. They are wide enough at the top for a 5, 10 or 18 liter drinking water  container to easily poor. It is used by holding a finger underneath the small hole underneath the funnel and then filled to the top. The funnel is then placed above a canteen and the finger is removed. The canteen will be filled quick and without spillage! The funnel is made out of enameled steel like many of the late war canteens. A nice unusual item!

  • 72,5 cm antenna Tornister Feldfunkgerät B, B1, and B2


    72,5cm long wire band antenna for the Tornister Feldfunkgerät B, B1, and B2. The antenna is in good, imo working condition. The antenna can be folded into a shorter transport mode and still is very flexible. Hard to find spare for the Feld Funk B!

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