Wehrpass grouping to SS-Rottenführer Heinz Dörr Westland and Wiking


This is the Wehrpass of Karl Heinz Dörr (feldpostnummer 31465), born in Sachsenhausen (Kassel) on 23 september 1922.

“Angenommen als Freiwilliger für die Waffen-SS am 16.5.1940” (Accepted as a Volunteer for the Waffen-SS on the 16.5.1940) at Wehrbezirkskommando Korbach.

On 6.6.1940 found fit by a docter and assigned to 5./Ers. Btl. SS-Germania where he would be a part of untill 29.8.1940.

On 7 July 1940 “Vereidigt” (sworn in).

On 30.8.1940 assigned to 7./SS. Westland, untill 11.9.1940

On 22.9.1940 untill 11.9.1941 assigned to 15/SS-Westland


On 24.5.1941 promoted to SS-Stürmmann

On 1.8.1941 promoted to SS-Rottenführer


On 9.7.1941 awarded the Iron Cross Second Class

On 5.9.1941 awarded the Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen (hard to decifer what is written, but i think it is an GAB)

From 22.6.1941 till 23.9.1941 active during many batlles at the Eastfront. The information from Lexicon der Wehrmacht corresponds nicely to what is written in the Wehrpass:

22.6. bis 28.6.: Bereitsstellung für den Ostfeldzug
29.6 bis 12.7.: Grenzschlachten in Galizien, Vorstoß auf Tarnopol, Durchstoß auf Proskurov und Starakonstantinow
13.7. bis 28.7.: Kämpfe im Raum südostwärts Shitimor (a) Vorstoß über Shitimor auf Bialacerkiew, b) Kämpfe im Raum Taraschtscha-Boguslaw)
28.7. bis 25.8.: Verfolgungskämpfe bis Dnjepropetrowsk
26.8. bis 28.9.: Abwehrkämpfe im Brückenkopf Dnjepropetrowsk

On 11.9.1941 fell Karl Heinz Dörr during the “Abwehrkämpf im brückenkopf Dnjepropetrovsk” and was then buried in Kamenka near Dnjepropetrovsk.

Also included in the Wehrpass is a Feldpostletter with envelope adressed to Dörr and three foreign banknotes.

This is an extremely rare Wehrpass of a very interesting SS Regiment, that was from december 1940 onwards part of SS Divison Wiking!!!! It is in amazingly good condition.


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