Wehrpass grouping to Oberleutnant F. Nadrowski Eisenbahn Pionier, Don, Kuban, Nahkampftagen

Excellent Wehrpass grouping to Oberleutnant Franz Nadrowski serving in a Eisenbahn-Pionier-Bataillon. The grouping consists of his wartime and post war Wehrpass with additional paperwork. The Wehrpass has MANY interesting entries of units he served in with the addition of a long list of battles fought ranging from the 1939 campaigns in the east, the 1940 campaigns in the west, Kanalkuste, Litauen, Leningrad, Don, Kuban and more. He served in a Eisenbahn-Pionier-Bataillon which is a very rare unit to find. He was awarded the Eisernes Kreuz II and I klasse, Ostmedaille, Verwundetenabzeichen Schwarz. Nadrowski was probably also awarded the Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen due to the noted Nahkampftagen at the Don and Kuban but this was not noted in the Wehrpass. A very interesting Wehrpass grouping that would be a great base for further research.

(Mobilmachung-1.1.1940) Stab Eisenbahn-Pionier-Bataillon z.b.V.
(2.1.1940-27.4.1940) Stab II Eisenbahn-Pionier-Regiment 1
(1.3.1942-7.9.1942) Eisenbahn-Pionier-Bataillon Stab z.b.V. 9
(8.9.1942-11.3.1943) Eisenbahn-Pionier-Regiment z.b.V. 9,
dann Eisenbahn-Pionier-Regiment Stab z.b.V. 9 u. Stahlbauzuge
Stumpf 31 (= 51),
Krupp-Druckenmuller 33 (= KD) u. Kolsch-Fulzer (= KF),
dann Regimentsstab Eisenbahn-Pionier-Regiment 3 u. Stahlbauzuge
Stumpf 31 (= ST),
Krupp-Druckenmuller (= KO) 33 u. Kolsch-Fulzer (= NF),
dann Regimentsstab Eisenbahn-Pionier-Regiment 3,
[Stahlbauzuge 31 wurden Fp.Nr. 33234 ST, 33 = Fp.Nr. 33234 KD u.
39 (Kolsch-Fulzer) = Fp.Nr. 33234 KF].

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