Wehrpass grouping to Franz Beckschäfer KIA 10.10.44 in Vochem


Original Wehrpass grouping to Munitions Unteroffizier Franz Beckschäfer killed in action 10.10.44 in Vochem/Brühl. Beckschäfer served several Flak units during the war but his last transfer was to 3. Batterie Schwere Flakabteilung 246 which was a part of the 7. Flak division. This was a motorized unit and equipped with heavy 10,5cm Flak guns. His battery took positions at Vochem near Köln in October 1944 to protect the city and the Ruhrgebiet against Allied air bombings. He was killed during a allied air attack on 10.10.1944. Beckschäfer was trained on the Karabiner 98, 2cm Flak 30 and the 10,5cm flak 39. The grouping comes with the period transparent cover, Kennkarte and the WASt death notice dated 1948(!).

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