Waffen-SS issue EM/NCO M43 keilhosen


Scarce original pair of Waffen-SS M43 Keilhosen for enlisted man and non commissioned officers in good worn condition. The trousers retain most if not all of their originally sewn buttons and full leg ties. There is a well-executed period repair on the front of the trousers under the left front pocket. The trousers are otherwise in good, used condition. The inside of the trousers are nicely finished with herringbone rayon material typical for Waffen-SS issue garments. The cut is typical for Waffen-SS issue Keilhosen with straight cut pockets and the back reinforcement ending at the side seams. Not to be confused with Heer/Kustenartillerie trousers! A textbook Waffen-SS M43 Keilhosen, much harder to find then a pair of Erbsentarn camouflage trousers!

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