That men might live – The story of the Medical department in the ETO

This booklet, a small format (approximately 10 cm x 13 cm, or 10 1⁄2 cm x 13 1⁄2 cm) pocket version, is one of a series of G.I. Stories of the Ground, Air and Service Forces in the European Theater of Operations, issued by the Orientation Branch, Information and Educa- tion Division, ETOUSA. These handy booklets, cover a particular unit or service branch, and were mostly distributed by the units, around the end of WW2 (late 1944-course 1945). They were intended to be taken along, or sent home, by members of that particular unit (passed by Army censors). Most stories were printed in France (after its Liberation), while only a few were printed in Germany (during Occupation).

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