US M1938 ‘Parsons’ field jacket named Schulz


Rare original US M1938 parsons jacket with pocket flaps. One of the rarer to find garments this is the predecessor of the M1941 field jacket. US M1938 ‘Parsons’ field jacket named Schulz and laundry codes; 7846C-68 and 353 C 21373. The jacket is a very nice example in my opinion only lightly worn condition. The garment is a nice medium to large size. The garment has all originally sewn buttons and factory sewn zipper. Normally the Parsons jackets come without epaulettes but this example looks to have them integrally sewn into the garment. This in my opinion possibly a period made privately purchased example made by Bancroft. The jacket is in very good condition and is in my opinion one of the rarer US army issue garments to find!

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