Untouched pink piped second pattern Heer Panzer wrapper


Stunning and untouched pre war pink piped panzer wrap in light worn condition. The Panzer wrap or Panzerjacke was recently found in a household clearing in Germany. The garment is un untouched, as found condition and comes without any alterations. The garment comes with a set of early wool piped Panzer collar tabs that were very clearly once sewn onto the collar and found together with the garment. The breast is adorned with two award loops and a period sewn iron cross ribbon. The collar is the early type with the pink wool piping all round. The jacket is in a good medium size and nicely dated 1938. The unique thing about this wrap is that it has never been in a collection before and that the jacket was featured on a TV-show about household clearers. The garment is a superb and textbook example that would be very hard to upgrade!

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm