Untouched Field division camouflage gasmask canister


Stunning untouched Luftwaffe field repaint gasmask canister complete with its originally attached straps and gascape. The gasmask and its case are nicely named and ID’ed to Franz Boeser with the Feldpost number 44960 indicating the following units; 44960
(30.7.1941-28.2.1942) Nachschub-Leitstelle der Luftwaffe Triest,
(8.9.1943-22.4.1944) 26.1.1944 Nachschub-Leitstelle der Luftwaffe

His unit was most likely disbanded in 1944 and reformed into a Felddivision. Franz Boeser is not listed on the Volksbund archive indicating he most probably survived the war. The typical green camouflage paint externally covering the gasmask surely indicates this. The canister is a great example of a typical Luftwaffe issued gasmask, complete with its untouched accessories which is very hard to find these days!

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