Unique original Battledress to the 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade

Unique offering of a original Period altered battledress to a member of the First Polish Independent Parachute Brigade. The battledress is a typical Polish used example with period altered pointed and opened collar, the shoulderstraps with aluminum Tresse in the rank of Sergeant is also period sewn to the garment. The collar insignia are a neat fit and fit exactly into the narrowed collar points which is typical when we look at period portrait photographs of Polish paratroopers. The collar tabs are of a early pattern and in good condition with the felt backing. The qualification badge is in good condition and is marked TOBIE OJCZYZNO 451 which is a very low number which is also seen with Arnhem veterans. The badge ring is marked Kirkwood & Son Edinburgh. The badge had its combat jump wreath soldered on at some point; but it broke off as can be seen on many original badges. The badge is affixed through the breast with a reinforced hole with backing wool. The shoulder titles Poland are nice original printed examples and are quite rare examples. They are handsewn to the sleeves. The Battledress is slightly altered; the collar points are narrowed and the front buttonholes are removed and sewn shut. There is a small hook underneath the waistband and the shoulders are slightly taken in and have been reinforced. The Battledress was found together with the blue grey beret when it was obtained from a Veteran approximately 38 years ago. The Beret is not the textbook Polish issue type, but is a wartime example with a original Polish capbadge. The Battledress looks to have all insignia period applied and has the typical Polish paratrooper modifications. A very hard to obtain battledress, even if you’re only counting the insignia – surely a once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain a full set!

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