Unique German Splittertarn B paratrooper smock

A nice original and combat worn German paratrooper smock or KnochensackManufactured from heavy material with parts out of Splittertarn B smock material. The smock is unique; as it is made from double sided Splittertarn B material. Most probably due to a error in the printing factory during the war the material was printed on both sides, not just the outside. This is a unique feature and I’ve never ever seen a second one that has this feature. The smock retains 5/6 of its period sewn buttons and functional press studs. The zippers are marked Rapid and are all in functioning condition. The smock retains nice and vibrant colours with a nice light use just perfect for a combat mannequin. The breast eagle is period removed. The smock is a nice large size fitting for most if not all mannequins. This smock was surely worn during the war and has loads of character. Hard to upgrade original Fallschirmjäger Knochensack in good worn condition! The smock is a unique piece that would probably fit right into the most advanced collections.

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