Unique D-Day used Bergen rucksack named Captain Marrow, D. Coy with invasion markings


Rare and unique British Bergen rucksack as issued to Royal Marine Commando’s, Glider Pilots and other special ops units. These large Rucksacks were the tell tale equipment piece for any Commando as they were intended for use by troops that were not followed by transport vehicles and whose mission demanded that they take equipment which could not be carried in the large pack or haversack. This Bergen rucksack is exactly the type as used on D-Day, but this one has the proof it was actually there; the tell-tale invasion markings on the back of the bergen show it was used by a Royal Marine Commando or a Glider Pilot. The exact unit for these invasion markings is not known but would be a great base for further study that is worthy of this rucksacks history! The rucksack was originally obtained from a Vide-Greniers or flea market east of Caen, around 1995. This is a unique D-Day item that would be the prime piece in any Commonwealth D-Day display!

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