Unique blood stained Heer EM M40 tunic

Unique Heer EM M40 tunic with a bullethole gone right through the garment, with the lining fully blood soaked. The garment is a typical early M40 with first pattern Einheitskragenlitzen dating pre May 1940. The Einheitskragenlitzen are factory sewn to the garment, the breast eagle is in my opinion resewn. The garment has a small hole to the front and the back, at the shoulder hight. This is a genuine bullet hole that went straight trough and wounded the wearer. The area around the hole is blood-soaked inside and out. Other then these holes on the top there are shrapnel damages with period repairs on the bottom pockets indicating the wearer (probably) survived the ordeal. The garment was found in Magdeburg at some point. The garment is a unique example of a blood-soaked jacket that would be a prime historic piece in any collection.

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