Uniform grouping of Heinz Pressing Gebirgsjäger regt 98


A nice grouping that was found in the household of Heinz Preissing several years ago. The grouping consists of a M40 tunic and a Soldbuch with a large amount of paperwork. Also there is a nice large picture of Heinz, sitting next to his equipment. The M40 tunic has its factory machine sewn litzen and breast eagle. The breast eagle is machine sewn, then folded flat and finished by hand. The shoulder boards retain the cyphers for Gebirgsjäger Regiment 98. The Unteroffizierstresse is machine sewn to the collar. The Gebirgsjäger Edelweiss is handsewn. The breast pocket has 4 sets of wartime sewn loops for awards and a small spange above it. The tunic is not shortened or tailored but has several wartime machine sewn repairs. The Soldbuch has many, many entries and a picture in the front. Heinz carried a French or Dutch pistol with 16 rounds of ammunition. He entered service in 1938. Heinz was awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen Im Schwarz in 1941. The Soldbuch corresponds with the Erkennungsmarke. Heinz was a part of the Staff of the unit, possibly later in the war he was the Zahlmeister.

Gebirgsjäger Regiment 98 was one of the first units to enter Poland in 1939. Then following up in the 1940 campaign attacked France, moving through Luxembourg. More information on the unit here.

Although the grouping could bring more if split up, I have no wish to split this group up. The grouping is large and has lots of research possibilities. I wish I had more time to go more into the paperwork; its really a interesting group!

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