M38 communications gasmask with tall canister named to Funker-Gefreiter, Baum, Rudolf


Nice original M38 communications gasmask which comes in its original tall canister. The set is in overall very good condition with all of the accessories still there! The canister and the mask itself are multiply marked/named Baum and the canister features a label on the inside as well reading: Funker-Gefreiter, Baum, Rudolf, Feldpost: 29144. Beautiful communications gasmask which are rather rare in untouched condition with all of the parts matching and named!

(Mobilmachung-1.1.1940) 4. groBe Kraftwagen-Kolonne
Nachschub-Kolonne Abteilung 616
(10.2.1943-23.8.1943) gestrichen
(6.4.1944-9.11.1944) 10.5.1944 Stab u. 1.-3. Kompanie
Kriegsgefangenen-Arbeits-Bataillon 203.

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